She called him a 'kid' when she hauled him out of a river, on a seemingly ordinary fishing trip, on a seemingly ordinary afternoon. In which he stole her precious bike, stranded her by that same riverbed as he fled from a massive horde of Spearow, and allowed it to be burned to a blackened crisp minutes later.

He said she was 'scrawny' when he first saw her in a bathing suit, earning him a quick blow to the head. It wasn't the greatest idea, and had the lumps and the headache to prove it.

She termed his training regiment as 'lazy' one day, to which he emphatically denied. But she was right, like always, and they both knew it too.

He called her 'Mist' one day at a Princess Festival, and liked the way it sounded ever since, and he swore he saw her smile as she walked away. Why, he'll never know.

She was called 'scardy-cat' when she scurried up a tree from a innocent family of Metapods. Nobody denied it. He wouldn't let her live it down either.

He called her 'nurse' when he and Tracey were sick, and laughed good-naturedly when she warned him not to get used it.

She scoffed at the mere idea of him ever being her 'boyfriend,' but she couldn't quite explain why she blushed every time Melody brought it up, and wondered why almost losing him at the Orange Islands was the scariest feeling she ever had.

He told her she was his 'best friend' when she had to go, no pretenses. And she almost teared up when he swore they would see each other again someday, and understood with absolute certainty, exactly how he felt about her.

She called him a 'hero' when he saved the world, for the hundredth time. Sure, he heard it before, on a hundred different occasions from a hundred different people, but he liked the way it sounded off her lips, and figured the hundred and first time had nothing to do with it.

He said she was 'awesome' when he re-challenged her for the Cascade Badge, and even though he won, settling that long time argument once and for all, it was the toughest battle he could remember.

She called him 'champion' as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and despite the wailing crowd, the dancing confetti and the dozens of other people vying for his attention, managed to whisper she was proud of him just loud enough for him to hear.

He thought she was 'pretty,' when he caught sight of her at a league function. For once, she wasn't in jean shorts, a yellow t-shirt and red suspenders, but was replaced by a gorgeous elegant woman in a strapless blue dress and three inch heels. Never in a million years would he admit that to her though.

She was scared when she told him how she felt. It probably wasn't the right time, and wasn't like the thousand different scenarios she thought of, but twenty-two long years just wouldn't budge for a twenty-third. And after all the confessions, explanations and questions were over she finally got what she was yearning for. When he asked her what they could call one another - 'boyfriends' and 'girlfriends' - she simply shrugged and said titles weren't really necessary. They were already past all that. They had the nicknames to prove it.

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