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With her usual emotionless mask plastered on her face, Sam breathed in the crisp morning air. The heels of her black, knee high boots clicked on the pavement as she walked. Sam had become quite fond on early morning strolls and the cool breeze cleared her mind and purified her senses, allowing her to think clearly. It was about 4:00 AM and the sun was just peaking over the mountains that ran like teeth along the horizon. The glow of the sun, though faint, lit up the world with a burning light. Its rays spread over the city like paint over a canvas, bringing color to the cold grey shadows lingering from the past night. Sam sighed as she watched the light warp the air around the horizon; it swayed and twisted like waves on the ocean. Her blue eyes focused on this illusion with great intensity. Shaking her head she allowed her mind to wander back to the beginning of the week. The events of the past swam in Sam's mind like koi fish in a pond. But if she let her mind stray her thoughts always rested on him. Sam frowned. She could admit to herself that she liked him, but she new that even if in some alternate universe, he was to return her feeling, they could never be together. It wasn't fair. But of course it was just like her to want what she couldn't have. Sam removed a strand of crimson hair from her face. Why did she like him so much? Thinking hard Sam decided to list all the things she admired about him; he was strong, well built, intelligent, and virtually out of her reach. And his eyes, that's it she thought, its those goddamn eyes, cold and grey, like the moon. Sam shook her head. Stop it, she told herself firmly. But how could she. This… crush infected her mind like a virus, seeping through every vein and clogging every artery until she could no longer focus on anyone or anything other than the object of her desire. Sam stopped and raised her head. Quirking a brow she observed her surroundings. Strange she thought, no it wasn't the odd fact that one topic can be completely smothered by another and forgotten like dust on a windy day. It was that once again her feet had carried her to the same spot as they had for a whole week now. Sam thought it weird that she should feel so drawn to this place. Brow furrowed Sam turned to face the large pink, cake like building that rose up in front of her. Yellow and white hearts encrusted the round icing like walls. What a fitting look for a café Sam thought, because this was indeed a café. With her crush completely forgotten, Sam stepped through the small archway and entered the lush green yard. She walked down the glimmering white marble path that led up to the doors. As she did so the rising sun glinted off her crimson orange hair. Making shine with a fiery glow. Unaware of two cold eyes watching her, Sam flicked her hair aside and promptly knocked on the door. When nothing happened she knocked again. There was loud moan and the sound of a chair scrapping against a freshly polished floor. Sam resisted the urge to wince at the tooth grinding noise. The door opened a crack and a young man, about Sam's age, peered out. His eyes were bright blue, but given the early hour, they were red with weariness, and his light blonde hair was messy and stuck up like pieces of straw.

"We're closed." He said, and then attempted to close the door but Sam's foot was wedged in-between it and the other door, preventing this action.

"I'm not here for tea, I'm here for answers." Sam said calmly. Paying no attention to the wary glance he cast over her shoulder, She tapped her foot impatiently. With a combination of nervousness and irritation on his face the boy, with some reluctance opened the door and leaned against its frame, allowing her to enter. Sam took a step forward, but a strange feeling crept into her blood. It bubbled and slithered like venom. Twisting and writhing around her right wrist. Oh, not again! She thought irritably as her heart started to pound. She whirled around and stared at the sky. There was a flash of green and a blast of light. But before Sam could get a good look at what it was, something struck her in the side. The breath was knocked out of her and she would have fallen. But a gentle yet firm hand grabbed her arm and pulled her inside. Noticing that the blonde was gone and the hand gripping her arm was of the male persuasion, Sam's natural instinct was to kick out; she twisted, trying to get free. Before she realized that the grip was loosening, She had swung her free limb, hand clenched into a fist. Sam heard the crack as her knuckles collided with the soft cartilage of her captors nose. There was a gasp and a crash as the man fell backwards into a table. Sam was breathing heavily, her mind whirled with anger-fueled adrenalin. All of a sudden there was an angry shout and the blonde boy reentered the room, with a phone in hand. He was yelling at someone on the other line. Abruptly he hung up and slammed the phone on a table. Cursing under his breath he looked up and saw the somewhat horrific scene. His bright blue eyes widened in surprise

"Wesley!" he shouted. He bounded over to the man leaning on the table faster than a gazelle flees the clutches of a lion. Wesley was holding his nose tightly, trying without success, to keep the blood from pouring out. Already his hands and the front of his shirt were covered. The blonde threw a venomous glare in Sam's direction. "What did you do?" he shouted angrily. Feeling slightly surprised about how hard she had hit him, Sam barley heard.

"Its ok Elliot," Wesley said through his fingers, Sam looked up. Wesley stood and tried to smile at her. She eyed him suspiciously. "Wow. That hurt. Your very strong." He attempted to smile again but winced. Sam lowered her head, and for the first time took a good look at her hand. It was covered in Wesley's blood, which dripped onto the floor. Her heart skipped a beat. Did I really hit him that hard? This newfound power made Sam feel dizzy. Her head was spinning and the world lurched beneath her feet. She suddenly felt alone, a foreboding feeling that surged through her veins. Then a strange realization that she was different hit her full in the face. Im not like them… the thought popped into Sam's mind before she could stop it. Her knees buckled and she sank to the floor, staring at her hand. Sam suddenly felt guilty.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

"You sure as hell better be!" Elliot snapped at her.

"Don't be so hard on her," Wesley said putting a hand on Elliot's shoulder. Some how he had managed to clear all traces of blood from his face and hands, though his shirt still looked a mess. "I'm very sorry for startling you. But I guess in a way it was for the best. Its obvious that you can fight." Feeling confused and sick, Sam attempted to stand up. Her legs felt weak and she had to use a near by table for support.

"w-what do you mean?" the words came out slow and wavy. Elliot knelt down beside her. Sam met his cold stare with her own.

"I'm sure this is all very confusing. But we will explain." He said calmly.

"Yes," Wesley added, "now, can you tell us why you came here?" Sam returned her gaze to the glossy floor. It was as if there was something very interesting on its surface.

"I don't know," Sam answered "its just… for the past week, every time I go outside, I eventually find myself here."

"Could you explain exactly what happened throughout the week?" Wesley asked. Sam met his gaze confused.

"If we know what's been going on, we may be able to help." Elliot explained. Sam took a deep breath.

"Well, it happened on Sunday…