Ok first of all Im not sure if Zoey's school is a middle school or a high school... oh well I sorta made it both or wat ev its a messed school grades school... and i think i got the days of the week messed up to idk but some how it went from Sunday then a week passed then two days passed and now its Monday... so ya any ways ENJOY XD

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Sam felt the anxiety pooling in her stomach. Ever since her fight with Zoey she had not been looking forward to Monday. Because Monday meant school, and school meant another Zoey freak out. Unfortunately today was Monday, and Sam was already on her way to school. Every muscle in her body was screaming 'bad idea'. its only for two more months, Sam thought. It was true; summer vacation was in two months. But for Sam, graduation. Sam was in her last year of high school. It would all be over in two months.

"Sam!" Sam winced, here it comes. She could almost feel the glare stabbing into her back. Sighing she kept walking towards the school entrance. Sam heard Zoey's running footsteps approaching. "Hey!" Zoey shouted. She jumped in front of Sam. Sam flicked her hair out of her face.

"What is it, I'm gonna be late." Zoey's face scrunched up into a scowl. Sam rolled her eyes. "You gonna stand there making faces or you got somthin to say?"

"Ya I got somthin to say! In case you hadn't noticed, you are now technically a bad guy!" Irritation bubbled in Sam's stomach.

"Well in case YOU hadn't noticed, I Don't Care!" Sam stepped around Zoey and fast walked towards her homeroom.

Zoey ran after her. When they were outside the classroom Zoey grabbed Sam's arm.

"You're making a mistake." "Damn it Zoey would you just drop it!" Sam stepped inside then slammed the door in her face. Ignoring the glances from her classmates, she slammed her books down on the desk and sat down. Sam's teacher: Mr. Thomas raised an eyebrow.

"Ok then… um… ok so today's lesson is…" the day seem to drone on and on from that point. At the end of the day Sam headed towards her sisters school and just happened to be walking past the café. Funny how things work that way. Sam thought bitterly. She watched Zoey talking to the bi-polar blonde; Elliot. Zoey's head turned and Sam quickly jumped behind the hedge.

"Um… excuse me. Can I help you with something?" Sam lifted her head and found her self staring at a young girl with short green hair and two long ponytails hanging like thread behind her. Pale green eyes looked back at her behind large circular glasses.

"Um… no I was just uh…" Sam peered around the hedge, Zoey was gone. Sam sighed.

"Excuse me but are you Sam?"

"Yes… why?" the girl shifted then smiled.

"Oh well that's great! Zoey told us about you. She said that you…"


"What?" the girl asked nervously. Sam's eye's narrowed into a glare.

"I've already told Zoey to drop it, how many of you are gonna harass me about a choice I made. From I've heard you don't need me." Sam twisted her feet and started walking again.

"Wait," the green haired girl followed her. "We do need you, um… I don't really know how to explain it but all of us are connected, and according to Elliot whether we want to or not we all have to work together." Sam whirled on the girl, her icy eyes burring with furry. The other girl gave a small scream then fell over and cringed.

"I said no!" Sam shouted at her "how many times do I have to say it? The answer is no and the answer will be no until I have reason to change my mind! Is that clear enough? Or do I have to write it down?" the girl said nothing. Sam's blood started to burn and she wanted to smash a hole in the sidewalk. Of all the problems Sam had her temper was the worst. Anyone who new her new not to get her made. Because then it's like female hulk situation. (Authors note: not the legit hulk but she does tend to put holes in things. ;))

"Hey!" Sam turned her head and saw a young woman with long purple hair and stern lavender eyes. Sam straightened, clenching her fists trying to regain her calm. "Renee." The green haired girl stood up carefully.

"Bridget are you all rights?" she nodded. Then miss high and mighty lav girl turned to Sam. "Your Sam aren't you?" Sam gave an exasperated sigh.

"So all of a sudden everyone knows who I am? Do I have a sign on my back that says: Samantha Vulpes?" she looked over her shoulder. Renee raised a brow.

"No, but Elliot called a few minutes ago and said if I see you that to tell you him and Wesley want to talk to you." Sam huffed.

"Well what makes you think I want to talk to them?" Renee frowned.

"The way he said it, I don't think he was offering you a choice." Sam glared at her then said;

"Well you can tell Elliot that I respectively decline." She flicked her hair out of her face then proceeded to pass the lavender haired girl. Renee's hand shot out and grabbed Sam's arm with strength she didn't think possible for such a thin looking woman.

"Sorry but your going to have to come with me."

"No." Sam said forcefully.

"It was never a choice."

"Back off."

"No." her lavender eyes stared into Sam's icy blue ones. Her veins started to clench. She could feel her pupils thinning and Renee could obviously see them.

"I said Back Off."

"And I said No."

"Back off or I'll make you!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Sam smiled.

"As you wish." She crouched then swung her leg out knocking Renee off her feet. She landed with thud. Dazed she stood up. Sam was standing in a ready position. Renee glared then swung a fist at her, she dodged then kicked her in the stomach. Renee growled then she straightened then pulled out a golden pendent and swiftly brushed it against her mouth. Purple light exploded around her. Sam put an arm in front of her eyes. When she looked again Renee was wearing dark purple shirt that covered her chest, shorts and thigh high boots of the same color. The pendent hang from her neck by a collar. The oddest part was the she had the ears and tail of a wolf. Renee charged Sam grabbing her neck. Bridget, who had been standing there the whole time, gasped. Renee raised her other hand threatening to punch Sam. She grabbed the purple mew's wrist wincing. Her arm swung and Sam's eyes shut. She waited for the impact. Suddenly a hand grabbed Renee's arm.

"Careful wolfy, you might hurt someone." Sam looked up.

"Dren!" Bridget shouted. Renee let go of Sam and swung at Dren who dodged the attack. Sam jumped to her feet. Dren suddenly appeared next to her.

"You ok foxy?" he asked with sly puppy eyes. Sam glared at him.

"I told you not to call me that! Anyways I could have handled it." Dren laughed sitting back in the air.

"Suuuure you could have," Sam frowned "sorry but the last thing I saw was you about to get flattened by her majesty mew." Dren smirked.

"Not that I like to agree with Dren, but he's right." Tarb popped out of nowhere next to Dren. Sam scoffed.

"I can take care of myself."

"If by take care you mean…"

"Oh just shut up!"

"Alien alert! Alien alert!" everyone turned and saw Zoey, Elliot, Wesley, a little girl with short blonde hair and a girl about Zoey's age with black hair done in two buns.

"Dren!" Zoey shouted. The little blonde girl pointed at Tarb.

"And taru-taru!" she squeaked happily. Tarb kicked his arms and legs in the air and blushed.

"Don't call me that you little…" Sam looked at the watch on her wrist.

"Damn it I'm gonna be late!" she turned to run but Elliot called.

"Oh no you don't." (fail) Zoey jumped in front of her, she was already transformed into her pink cat form thing. The blonde girl had transformed and had some kind of yellow circus outfit on and brown monkey tail and ears, and was standing on Zoey's left. The blue girl stood on Zoey's right; she was dressed in a really short dress and had blue bird wings and tail. Renee was next to her and Bridget stood next to monkey girl. Bridget was wearing a green bathing suit thing and had weird white threads coming out of the top of her forehead. All five girls had golden pendants hanging from their necks. Sam stared for a moment.

"Sorry Sam but if your with them then your gonna have to fight us." Zoey's expression was focused and serious.

"But just so it's a little fairer, here." (is fairer even a word?) Elliot threw a pendent at her. She caught it. Examining it in her hand she experimentally touched it to her mouth. Orange light exploded like fire around her. A strange feeling seeped through her; fire circled around her feet and slowly made its way up around her whole body. When the light subsided Sam noticed her clothes had changed, she was wearing a short sleeveless orange dress like thing, ankle high black boots and fingerless brown gloves. She had a collar like the other mews where the pendent hung. Touching her ears she felt fur. Something brushed against her leg, she looked over her shoulder she saw a bushy orange fox tail. Sam looked around in astonishment.


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