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I won't lie: I was in a state of shock all day. People tried to talk to me but all that came out was: "Lancost…real name…what in Hades?" I give it about a day for rumors to start flying. Finally, Jolene did something very un-Jolene-like: she slapped me across the face. Ever been slapped by an Aphrodite girl with sharp nails? Well let me tell you, it will wake you up from even the strongest of a trance.

"Ok," she started, clearly annoyed. "What's up with you?"

"Well, lets see," I shot back. "I just got slapped by my best friend. Is that what you were looking for?"

"Well, that could be a problem," she smiled, letting me know that she was just playing. "But no. I slapped you to get you out of you little trance. So, how did you get in your trance? Something wrong with a certain Brian Lancost?" Dang, she was good. Ok, lets back it up a bit. I know what you're thinking: Whoa! She's smart for a daughter of Aphrodite! Her dad is a beautician; that's how he caught the attention of the love goddess herself, but he didn't want a child so he gave her to a family friend: Prof. Lily Clayton. Athena probably blessed Miss. Clayton because she was one of the smartest people ever. She was also the nicest person ever. She never yelled, never called anyone a name, had fresh baked cookies all the time, and was always all smiles. One day, Lily got news that her husband died in war. After that, she was never all smiles. In fact, she barely ever smiled. She started getting mad, moody, and cranky. Sometimes she just yelled at random people because they did something that she didn't like. Jolene was only 6 at the time, so she didn't know that Lily would yell at her if she did something wrong. After a couple of times getting yelled at, she learned she had to be perfect. Lily would never be too harsh on her, but one day, she cracked. Jolene was asking for help on a simple math problem and Lily started calling her names but none to harsh. Only one thing fazed her: when Lily called her stupid. Ever since then, Jolene tried to be the smartest at everything. So despite her long caramel hair, tan (and blemish-free) skin, perfect body structure, and lavender eyes, she gave even Athena's kids a run for their money when it came to smarts.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, she asked if it had to do anything to do with Lancost. "How'd you know?"

"First of all, before I slapped you," she smiled at that and I rolled my eyes, trying to contain my smile. "Every time somebody talked to you, you'd say, 'Lancost…real name…what in Hades?' and doesn't it always have something to do with him?"

I guess I was pretty stupid. She did have a point. Well, two points actually. "Oh. Yeah. Heh. Duh." There was a weird silence for a while, only to be disturbed by our laughter. We just stood there laughing like idiots until the pre-curfew bell sounded. That was basically was a warning saying that we either have to be in our rooms in five minutes or be eaten by monsters.

"See ya tomorrow, Iz!" Jolene said with a smile.

"Maybe." We simultaneously frowned at this.

"Why wouldn't you? It's Saturday."

"I got in trouble-"

"No surprise there."

"-So now I have to cleanup Lancost's mess he calls a room."

"I'll sneak you out!" Her excitement was more than I could handle. Her frown morphed into a smile that was easily as big as the Jokers. Heck, maybe even bigger.


"I'll get somebody to take your shift. Oh! Maybe that one guy who has a huge obsession over me. What's his name? Ummm…"


"Yeah! Him! I'll tell him that I'll give him a hug if he does. Then we can sneak out of the school, see a movie, get something to eat, and just have a good time together."

I chuckled and agreed. We then raced back to our rooms. Being eaten by monsters is not high on my Top Ten Things To Do list.


When I got to my room, I was ticked off. You may be asking, why are you ticked off, oh great and amazing Izabell? Ok, maybe not exactly that, but along those lines. Well, lets just say, Brian got me back. Usually, I would shrug it off and go to bed because I was always too tired to do anything but I wasn't able to do that because my bed wasn't there. Where my bed should've been was a note in Brian's sloppy handwriting. It said:

Izabell Crew-

I told you I still hated you with a passion. Do you think I was kidding about that? If you did, you were stupider than I thought you were, and that's saying something! You'll find your bed soon enough. In fact, I'll give it to you! It's not that easy, though. You'll have to do something for me…

When I read the rest, my eyes went wide. There was no way I was going to do what he wanted me to do. Besides, I wouldn't have my bed tonight anyways. Then again, if I didn't do what he wanted tomorrow, then I would never get my bed back and I would get in trouble for not having a bed. I sighed and made up my mind, even though it might be the death of me.

When I went to sleep, I had a dream. It wasn't your normal dream; it was actually pretty scary. I was in a throne room. It looked like any throne room you would see: huge windows with purple and gold curtains, a big floor that echoed with even the lightest of steps, and the floor had a beautiful gold bow and arrow painted onto it, but the weird thing was who was on the throne. I expected it to be Apollo or even Artemis but it was I. I was taking this in when I heard a voice saying: "Lady Izabell, Lady Izabell! We are under attack! Captain Brian Lancost is injured! The…" I zoned out during the rest of the sentence. Brian got hurt? As much as I hated him, I felt bad. He was hurt while I was just sitting here. The creepy voice with no body jarred me out of my (rather depressing) thoughts. "Wake up! Wake up, Lady Izabell!"

"Wait! Where's Brian? Where's Brian?" Then I fell into darkness. Well, not darkness exactly, but my black carpeted floor.

"Brian's in his room," I shuttered, because that voice was eerily similar to the voice in my dream, but this voice was female. "I suppose. Why would I know? Even better question: why do you care? I thought you hated him."

When I opened my eyes, I was looking into the lavender eyes of the one and only, Jolene. "I do hate him! I just- long story. What are you doing here?"

"Good morning to you, too." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. "You were screaming saying stuff like: 'What happened?' and 'No! Not Brian!' So, what happened?" I reluctantly told her about my nightmare, her nodding at random points. I left out my thoughts about how I felt bad. She wouldn't let me hear then end of it. At some point, she got nail stuff. I almost gagged at the stench of nail polish.


"'So…?' yourself. Hey, should I do pink or purple?"

"I really don't care. Were you even listening?"

"Of course!" She seemed hurt that I would think that thought, though I could hear some playfulness in it.

"Prove it." She then proceeded to tell me everything, word for word.

She smirked as a wave of victory rolled over her face. "Proof enough for you?" She laughed at my wordlessness. "Come on, it's breakfast. There serving chocolate-chip pancakes."

Needless to say, I ran the rest of the way.


"Well, well, if it isn't Crew. So, are you going to take me up on my offer to get your bed back? Or are you just gonna chicken out and go tell Mr. Aristotle?" I knew that voice all to well. It was the one and only Brian Lancost. I was really hopping my dream about him being hurt was true now.

I turned around; no doubt a look of disgust and annoyance on my face. "I won't be doing either, Lancost."

"Oh yeah, you can't do anything. You don't have the uniform!"

"Even if I did, I wouldn't do it. It's stupid, immature, and embarrassing! There's no way I would do it. I'd rather face Ares and Athena together in war." Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit. Ok, a lot. The option of facing two war gods who could spontaneously combust you in war is out of the question. All I was trying to do was get the point across that I was not about to do what he wanted me to do.

"Oh poor Izabell, I thought you would have made up your mind once you read the note. I mean, you no daughter of Athena, but anybody would have done that." By now, we had caught most of the cafeteria's attention. Also, (if my eyes and ears weren't fooling me) some people were betting on who would come out alive. "Even Jolene, that stup- dumb daughter of Aphrodite, would know that the wise choice would be what I want you to do."

When he said that, he reminded me that I did make the choice last night. I guess my nightmare scared me so much, I forgot. Now, I have to make it look like I gave in to him. Either way, this was going to end in his victory. So I had no choice but to say: "Fine."

"What?" he said innocently, yet smugly.

"FINE!" My temper was not one to be tested; yet he was testing it! That idiot.

"Your, ah-hem, uniform, is in your room."

"You. Went. In. My. Room. I'm so going to get you for this." He just shrugged and shooed me off.

When I got to my room, I realized he was right. Right on the spot where my bed should be, was a uniform, A.K.A., stage one to Operation: Death of Izabell Crew. I did a double take on the uniform and almost died right there. The "uniform" was a cheer leading uniform.

I put it on and walked to the cafeteria. Before I opened the doors, I took a deep breath, and said my famous last words: "Brian Lancost, kiss my quiver."

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