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"Ok, let's see what I can learn…" Naruto Uzumaki spoke to himself as he read through the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing. According to his teacher, if he could steal the scroll and learn one technique from it, he would finally pass and become a ninja.

"Let's see here…Shadow Clone? Do these things just get put out like this to taunt me? Next!" he said, passing up the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Looking through the scroll, his eyes stopped suddenly on an odd seal on the scroll. Next to the seal, was some scrawled writing, which upon further study, seemed to have been written by…the First Hokage himself! Naruto read the note furiously.

"To whosoever is reading this, I merely ask you a question. What is it that you would wish for? I do not know who you are; I do not know what you want. But only those with a truly worthy heart can see these words and find this seal, and so I congratulate you." Naruto looked confused for a moment. Only those with a worthy heart can see it? What was in here that couldn't be allowed to be in possession of anyone? He just shrugged and continued reading.

"Concealed within is the power to make your greatest dreams come true. But be forewarned. What lies inside may help you, but it is evil in its greatest form. Not I, nor my brother, nor even Madara could stop what lies within, and so, after our dreams were accomplished, we sealed it within this scroll. I can only hope that you who are reading this can manage the power that lies inside, and I wish you the best of luck." The note ended there, followed by instructions on undoing the seal. And so, his curiosity and determination peaked, Naruto began the process of breaking the seal.

An hour later, Naruto was panting as the final seal protecting whatever was inside broke. A giant plume of smoke filled the clearing and a beam of red light flashed toward the sky. When Naruto could finally see what was in the seal, he was…disappointed, to say the least. What sat where the seal once was was what looked like a small, oddly shaped, pure black tea pot.

"This is it? This is what I spent the last hour trying to get? This must be the First's idea of a joke" said Naruto to himself.

"Naruto!" At the shout, Naruto quickly hid the tea pot in his shirt. Not a moment too soon, as Iruka suddenly came into view.

"Hi Iruka-sensei" said Naruto, sounding rather depressed from Iruka's point of view. "I didn't learn a jutsu from the scroll. Guess I fail again, huh?"

Now Iruka was confused. "What are you talking about Naruto? I already told you that you didn't pass the exam earlier. What would make you think you could pass by stealing village property?" he asked.

"What? But Mizuki-sensei told me about this. That it's a special test that is an automatic pass if you can learn one jutsu from this scroll" replied Naruto.

"Mizuki?" said Iruka, before he felt something behind him. Ducking, several kunai and shuriken flew over his head.

"It doesn't matter if you didn't learn a jutsu" said Mizuki, walking up from behind a tree. "You still managed to get the scroll. Now, just give it to me, and you pass Naruto."

"Mizuki, you traitor! Naruto, don't listen to him. He just wants the scroll for himself!" shouted Iruka.

"Oh, please, like he's going to believe you, right Naruto? Iruka has had it out for you since the minute you stepped into his classroom. Why else would he make the final exam your worst jutsu every time" shouted Mizuki.

"Naruto, don't listen to him, he's lying!" shouted back Iruka.

"Oh please… Naruto, he's always hated you, and I'll tell you why" said Mizuki. "Just give me the scroll."

"Mizuki, you wouldn't…It's against the law…a secret-"shouted Iruka, but was cut off by Mizuki.

"Punishable by death…Yes, I know. But I'll be long gone before they can execute me" said Mizuki. "So, Naruto…Do you want to know why everyone hates you? Why the villagers and shinobi can't stand the sight of you?"

Naruto gave him his full attention at that point.

"Naruto, don't listen to him. Take the scroll and run!" shouted Iruka, but Naruto wasn't paying attention.

"15 years ago, on the night of your birth, the Kyuubi attacked the village. As the story goes, the Fourth Hokage sacrificed himself to kill the beast, but anyone who was old enough already at that time knows the real truth…" said Mizuki, a crazed look in his eye. Naruto began to clutch the scroll tighter and back away.

"He didn't kill it!" shout Mizuki. "Instead he sealed it. The Hokage believes that it was sealed in a human, but we all know the truth." As he said this, he pulled a giant shuriken from his back, ready to throw it. "The Fourth Hokage was a great man, why would he use a child to seal the beast? I know the truth. He didn't seal it in a human…he sealed it in a human form. YOU ARE THE NINE-TAILED FOX!" shouted Mizuki, throwing the shuriken at Naruto. The blonde tried to run, but was tripped up by the size of the forbidden scroll. He waited for the shuriken to hit, but suddenly, there was a sound that sounded like it had hit something else. Turning around, Naruto saw Iruka standing in the path of the shuriken, the giant metal star lodged in his back.

"Naruto, get out of here…run" said Iruka.

"But…but I thought you hated me?" said Naruto, only for Iruka to smile.

"I don't hate you Naruto. Sure, the Kyuubi killed my parents. I hate the Kyuubi with as much as anyone can hate something…but you're not Kyuubi. You are Naruto Uzumaki, and you are my friend. You are no more a demon than I am" replied Iruka.

"Well, that's all very touching Iruka, but absolutely wrong. It's such a pity you had to show up here first. Now I have to kill both of you" said Mizuki, taking a second shuriken from his back.

Naruto shook with anger, causing the tea pot in his shirt to fall out. He looked at it on the ground, before remembering what the Hokage said in the note. If it had any power, he had to use it now. Picking it up, Naruto muttered, "Please, if you are as powerful as the First said…help Iruka-sensei and I."

While holding it, his thumb stroked the side, causing the item to turn red hot in Naruto's hand. Dropping it, it began spewing flames, before a dark chuckle could be heard filling the area. "Granted" shouted the voice, as a dark red smoke poured out of the pot, forming a giant, slightly humanoid looking being. It had what appeared to be a long, see through tail for its lower half. Its hair was tied up, and he had a black goatee to match. But what Naruto noticed the most were his eyes…they were yellow. Not the pupils, but the complete eyes. They were nothing but glowing yellow voids.

"Iruka-sensei…do you kn-"Naruto didn't finish that statement however, as Iruka, along with Mizuki, seemed frozen, as if time itself had stopped.

All of a sudden, Naruto heard a ragged coughing. Turning around, he saw what looked like…a bird, trying to pry himself from the pot.

"Ok…That's it" said the bird, in an annoyingly grating voice. "That's the last time…that I go with you…into the lamp."

"Calm yourself, my foul little friend. At least you're not bound to that cursed thing" said the red thing in a more elegant sounding voice, before sparks seemed to jump from his fingers toward Iruka. Before Naruto's eyes, the Shuriken disappeared, and Iruka's back healed. He then shot another set of sparks that hit Mizuki, who disappeared, along with the forbidden scroll.

"Exactly…I'm not bound to this thing" said the bird, finally pulling himself out. "You are. So I'd appreciate it if I didn't have to be crammed in there with you!" shouted the bird, flying up in the face of the large red one.

"Don't you argue with me, you feathered little twit!" said the red giant in a much angrier voice.

"Hey!" shouted Naruto, trying to get their attention.

"What!" they both shouted at the same time, both turning to look at Naruto.

"Um, hi…I guess I'm the guy that set you free…" said Naruto in an unsure voice.

"Ah…so it appears as though I have a new master. I would think after giving my last one his little thief bloodline, he would have attempted to destroy me, or at the very least put me in a place where a child wouldn't be able to get to" said the giant, who slowly shrunk and began to float around Naruto as though looking him over.

"What did you do to Mizuki?" asked Naruto.

"You wished for help did you not?" asked the red one, to which Naruto nodded. "I merely sent him to the nearest authorities, along with the scroll. As you can see, I deemed it necessary to stop time, so once it starts again, the man will be taken down, and this man won't remember a thing."

"Just what are you?" asked Naruto.

"Why don't we go someplace…a little more comfortable…to discuss the situation" said the red one, before flying back into the lamp, as Naruto now knew it was called, and the bird flew out of sight. The lamp then flew back to Naruto, who hid it just as time began again.

"Uh, what happened?" asked Iruka, holding his head. "Where is Mizuki?"

"Well, I tried something I found in the scroll and all of a sudden, he and you fell unconscious. A search party came and found us. I explained the situation. After that, I told them you were just unconscious and that I'd wait until you woke up" said Naruto, lying through his teeth. However, seeing no other feasible explanation, Iruka bought it. Then, to Naruto's surprise, he gave him his own forehead protector, signifying that Naruto had graduated. However, then it was Naruto's time to see the Hokage, and explain the situation.

"Iruka" said Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, "Leave us. I have much to discuss with Naruto."

"Yes Lord Hokage" replied Iruka, before exiting the office.

"ANBU, leave us as well" said Sarutobi, before six ANBU revealed themselves in the office and left as well.

"Now then Naruto…I understand you found an interesting object in the forbidden scroll" he said, holding up his hand to stop Naruto from speaking.

"Naruto, if you were able to find it and able to break the seal, then rightfully the lamp, and its tenants, rightfully belong to you. However, I must ask you to exercise extreme caution. I was trained by the First and Second Hokages. I may not know what power that lamp holds, but I've been told how dangerous it is" he said.

"I'll be careful, Old Man, but I have something else I want to talk about" said Naruto.

"I had guessed as much. Mizuki told you about the sealing?" asked Sarutobi, getting a nod in response.

"He told me that I'm the fox trapped in human form" said Naruto.

"Well, he lied to you Naruto. Not intentionally, as many people assume what Mizuki assumes. However, The Forth Hokage sealed the Kyuubi inside of you, he did not turn the fox into you" said the Hokage, Naruto smiling, feeling slightly better.

"Now" said Sarutobi. "Go home and get some rest. You've got a week before team assignments, so you should do some ninja training. And I'll say this; I sincerely hope that you don't use a wish to get shinobi skills. You wouldn't want to be seen as a slacker or a cheater, would you?"

Naruto's eyes widened and he shook his head, indicating the negative.

"All right then, you may go" said Sarutobi.

Once Naruto got home, he took out the lamp. "Ok you the coast is clear" he said, before the red being flowed from the lamp once again, the bird flying in his open window. Before Naruto's eyes, the red thing from the lamp turned into a more human appearance. He looked to be wearing clothes that spoke as elegantly as he spoke. Alongside him, a staff appeared, the top taking the shape of a cobra's head.

"So, you're going to grant my wishes, right?" said Naruto.

"Actually, I'm made to grant you three. And I already granted one, which puts you down to two, boy. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jafar, and I live to serve" said the now man-like being, bowing. "And this" he said, indicating the bird, "is my companion, Iago."

"Well, Jafar," said Naruto, "I want to know a little more about you before I make a wish" said Naruto.

"As Do I" boomed a voice that seemed to come from Naruto, yet he hadn't spoke. Suddenly, a red aura was cast over the three, and they found themselves in what appeared to be a sewer or dungeon type place. They felt a pulling sensation, before finding themselves standing before a massive cage, two glowing red eyes and a massive set of jaws behind the bars.

"Are you the Kyuubi?" asked Naruto, seemingly unafraid.

"Of Course I Am The Kyuubi, You Mortal Whelp. However, My Business Is Not With You At The Moment, But With The Genie" replied the massive being behind the bars.

"And what exactly are you?" asked Jafar, also unfazed by Kyuubi, who chuckled.

"I AM The Nine-Tailed Fox, The Ruler Of The Nine Hells, Lord of Foxes, Lord Of The Summon Clans, Ruler Of The Tailed Beasts, And One Of The Nine Creators Of The Original Genie" said the fox, much to the interest of Jafar.

"The original Genie? What do you mean, Kyuubi?" he asked.

"Long Ago, The Other Tailed Beasts And I Were Tasked With Keeping Balance In The Multiverse. However, We Are Not Gods, And Cannot Be Everywhere At Once. Thus, We Took The Jinn Of Old, And Granted Them Their Power To Grant The Wishes Of Others" said Kyuubi.

"Huh, that makes no sense" said Naruto, dawning a look of confusion.

"Actually, It does" said Jafar. "After all, what could upset the natural order, than a wish for power, money, fame, prestige? It would drop the world into utter chaos, and in so doing, create a new order."

"Precisely" replied Kyuubi. "We Dropped One, Single Genie In Each World Of The Multiverse. However, As More Jinn Exist Than Worlds In The Multiverse, Some Worlds Ended Up With More Than One. You See, There Are A Near Infinite Amount Of Worlds In The Multiverse, But Each World Has Billions Of People, Which Is How There Were So Many Jinn."

"Yes, I've had a run in with the Genie from my own world" said Jafar, as though the words left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Tell Me Jafar? How Did You Come To Be In Your Position? You're Obviously Not Originally A Genie, Because You Seem To Know Nothing About The Nine" said Kyuubi.

"I was a human sorcerer, and I attempted to obtain the power of my world's Genie. However, I was tricked, by a worthless street-rat, into wishing for the infinite power of a Genie-"said Jafar.

"And Became Bound To A Lamp Yourself" finished Kyuubi. "Tell Me. How Did You Come Across The Lamp of Your World? All Of The Lamps Were Well Hidden."

"Once I had found the resting place of the lamp, the Cave of Wonders, I found the Street-rat who would later trick me. He was the one the cave asked for. The so-called, Diamond in the Rough" said Jafar, practically spitting the name. Kyuubi merely eyed Jafar, before turning his gaze to Naruto.

"I Will Send You And Your Bird Back To The Real World. As For Young Naruto…We Have Matters To Discuss" said Kyuubi, before a giant gust of wind blew Jafar and Iago out of the chamber and out of the mindscape.

Jafar and Iago waited as patiently as they could for Naruto to exit the mindscape, and when he finally did, they were eager to hear what Kyuubi had told him.

"Well, what did he say?" asked Jafar.

"He told me what to wish for" replied Naruto.

"And?" said Jafar.

"I wish to be…The most powerful sorcerer in the multiverse" said Naruto, a dark smirk appearing on his face. Jafar merely shrugged before snapping his fingers, Naruto beginning to glow with power. Electricity cracked over Naruto's body, and he seemed to shine with a light from within. When it died down, Naruto was changed. He now was dressed in clothing similar to what Jafar wore, yet still suitable for a shinobi to wear. Also, he had a staff of his own, only this one had a mini statue of Kyuubi's head for the top, with eyes appearing to be made of rubies.

"And your last wish?" asked Jafar. "Preferably my freedom from this prison."

"How do I use my new power?" asked Naruto, seemingly oblivious to Jafar's questions.

"It's all a matter of will. You merely have to think of what you want" replied the sorcerer turned genie. "Now, as I was saying…my freedom-"

"Is assured Jafar" said Naruto. Now, if you would, back to your lamp for now." He held up his hand, and the lamp began to pull Jafar in, before the Genie disappeared inside it completely, leaving Naruto and Iago alone.

"Hey, what are you doing?" squawked Iago, as Naruto sat the lamp on the floor, and the eyes of his Kyuubi staff seemed to burn with fire.

"I'm doing just as I said. I'm freeing Jafar from his prison. Let's hope he likes Hell better" said Naruto, as a burst of fire shot from the eyes of his staff. The last thing the two heard from Jafar was his screams as the lamp was destroyed and him along with it.

"I'm also following the Hokage's orders. I'm being cautious, and I didn't wish for shinobi skills. I'm pretty sure I can get those on my own." laughed Naruto, and Iago stared in disbelief as his partner was gone.

"Iago!" The parrot looked to see the new sorcerer looking down on him. "I find myself in need of some help. An assistant if you will. You want the job?" asked Naruto casually.

"Ah, what the Hell. I was getting really sick of Jafar anyhow. Never left me any room in that damn lamp" said Iago, laughing at the burned spot on the floor. Soon, Naruto joined in on the laughter, as well as Kyuubi inside of Naruto's mind.

"Soon, we will go to his world. I wish to meet the diamond in the rough, as well as the Genie. But for now, things around here have livened up a bit" thought the Kitsune King, before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter End.

So, what do you think of my response to the challenge. I've always loved Jafar. He is, without a doubt, the greatest of the Disney Villains. And yes, you will see more of him, and I will take Naruto through to the Aladdin world for a while, but it won't be any time soon.

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