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Ron woke with a start, panting violently and looking around the dark room. His clock read 2am, and they were safe in the Order's house. Blinking a bit more his eyes rested on Harry beside him on the floor, sleeping almost peacefully. He looked around to see Hermione and caught her heave with a sob. Moonlight streamed through the window and onto her face that now glistened with tears.

'Hermione?' he whispered, 'You ok?'

'Yeah…' Hermione whispered back croakily, sniffing. 'Yeah I'm fine.'

'You're honestly the worst liar I've ever met Hermione', he smiled awkwardly.

'What's on your mind?' Ron paused. He wasn't much of a comforter, as far as he knew that had always been Harry's forte. Actually, when it came to girls being emotional the worst he'd ever had to deal with was Ginny and even she rarely came to him. He put on his best comforting smile and reached over to wipe away a tear.

'Look… Hermione… we're all really scared, even Harry I reckon… and he's dealt with all the dark stuff twice as much as us.' He paused again, more tears were rolling down her cheeks and he could only assume that meant he wasn't doing terribly well at the comforting thing.

'Hey…just think…this'll all be over soon won't it? 'n we can go back to our families… you know… be normal.' He attempted a smile and Hermione burst into sobs, her whole body crumpling.

'I won't', she managed through the tears. 'My parents wouldn't even remember me if….' She trailed off, floods tears running down her face. Ron pulled her over to him instinctively, not realizing she could easily push him away.

'Hermione, you're brilliant. Nothing's gonna happen. We'll beat 'em, then we can go fix your parents…' She put her head down on his chest sobbing still as he nodded vigorously, attempting to convince both of them at once.

'It's gonna be okay Hermione, we've done this before.' He felt her nod slightly then sit up and look at him.

'I'm sorry…' she said, her voice croaky.

'For what?' he smiled.

'Your shirt's all covered in tears', she smiled back, then lay back down onto her pillows. One hand fell lazily, but oh so carefully next to Ron's hand as he lay down.

'D'you think Harry's really scared?' she asked, looking up at the roof as he began to play with her fingers subconsciously.

They'd both drifted off to sleep playing with each other's fingers and chatting about all the stupid stuff they'd done at Hogwarts. It was the first time they'd just talked in a long time. Despite the Death Eaters searching for them, and the Ministry of Magic being taken over and that tomorrow they would begin to search for a part of the Dark Lord's soul, it was the best night they'd had in a long time

Harry woke up pretty early that morning, his scar burning and his dreams anything but peaceful. Reaching for his wand for some light he looked around the room. It was gloomy, the furniture and wallpaper was old and beginning to fade. He looked down to Ron and Hermione and smiled, their hands were so close together he wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands. Having known them for so long, however, Harry knew not to hold out too much hope for them. They'd been oblivious to each other's true feelings for 6 years, he didn't expect it to change now.