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Story rating: M (R)(for adult and sexual themes)
Written: November 2010 -

Summary: Trying Jiraiya's new brand of deodorant, Naruto ends up with lot more than odor protection. NaruTen.

The Smell of Love
Chapter 1: Helping a Friend
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

The sun was shining, providing a warm pleasant day for the citizens of Konohagakure no Sato, the Hidden Village in the Leaves. Everyone war going about their everyday business as usual, whether they're shop keepers, shinobi, teachers, mechanics, etc. Another typical day as any other.

However, if one were a mind reader and focused on one particular man walking down a street, one would be able to see the perverted thoughts he was having. People around him gave him breathing room, and some even bowed to him. Yet some women scowled, especially knowing how big a pervert the man was. For this was Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha and Toad Sennin. Despite his personality, he was one of the strongest ninja in the entire Leaf village.

At the moment, Jiraiya was giving a leering grin, making some wonder what he was thinking. Knowing the shinobi, some thought he was thinking of peeping at the hot springs or writing up the next edition of the Icha Icha book series, which he was mostly known for. Yet no one was close to what the white-haired man was actually thinking.

"Well, Naruto, I can't stick around to wait for you to come back from your mission, but I know you'll be quite surprised with the present I left for you. You'll be the center of attention, if you use it. A lot of female attention."

A perverted giggle escaped his lips as he made way toward the Main Gates. His mind conjured up mental images of his apprentice in compromising positions.

Entering his apartment, Uzumaki Naruto felt tired as he turned on the lights. He was a bit physically drained due to that crazy race Gai-sensei had started from Suna all the way back to Konoha. Not only that, the entire day had been challenging for him to find that third teammate for his team, or else Tsunade-baachan would not allow his team to go on the mission to meet Sasori's spy, who was implanted within Orochimaru's ranks. It would be the first time in years he and Sakura-chan would have a lead to finding Sasuke.

Dropping his backpack at the entrance to his bedroom, Naruto went into the kitchen to pull out a bottle of juice from the refrigerator. After taking a long chug of the refreshing liquid, the blond boy sighed in satisfaction. He thanked Kami he had enough time to stock his kitchen just prior to the mission to rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki. It would not do him any good if his coffers had been bared.

Thinking back to what had happened to him in the past 10 days, Naruto, Konoha's Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, was at least glad he had met all his friends now. He had missed them all during the nearly three years he had been away on the training trip with Jiraiya, but now that he was back, he would definitely work hard to be the best shinobi he could be and show everyone what he was capable of.

A yawn unexpectedly escaped his mouth, prompting the Genin shinobi to put away the juice bottle and head toward his bedroom after turning off the kitchen lights. "I feel like I could sleep for an entire day," he murmured, thinking of the soft mattress of his bed. It was close to 9 PM, and despite the fact that he had yet to unpack from the mission, he just wanted to change into his sleepwear and hit the sack. He would unpack tomorrow.

Walking past his backpack into his bedroom, Naruto was about to unzip his black/orange jacket, when something caught his eyes. A small cylindrical object with a green cap was on top of his dresser. Curious, the teen strolled over and picked it up in his hand.

"Sage Deodorant?" he spoke out what he read in bafflement. He certainly had not bought this, that was for sure. Yet finding a letter attached, he began reading and realized immediately who was responsible for leaving the item.

Hi there, gaki!

While you were away rescuing Gaara from the Akatsuki (I hope to hear you came out of this okay! Kami, help me, if you were captured!), I managed to get my hands on an experimental product I've been working on with a potential business partner.

What you have is a deodorant I hope to put on the market one day. Use it, and when I come back, tell me what you think. I'm predicting it will make a great hit, especially with the ladies. (giggle)

I'll see you the next time I'm in the village. Take care of yourself, gaki!


Folding up the letter, Naruto grinned and shook his head. "Ero-sennin, I hope you're not up to something with this." He placed down the letter on the dresser and proceeded to change into his pajamas.

Once he was ready for bed, he turned off his bedroom lights before scurrying under the bed covers. Right now, he was just too tired to think about what his Sannin sensei was up to with this deodorant. He would find out eventually anyway, like he always did regarding the so-called Super Pervert.

As he closed his blue eyes, Naruto was glad he has the next two days off. The mission, to meet Sasori's spy, would not start until three days from now, especially since they had yet to find a third teammate. This would give him plenty of time to unpack and use his free time to train.

With his plan for tomorrow all set, the golden-haired boy fell asleep, enjoying the soft mattress and pillow as he dreamed of ramen, being Hokage, ramen, being Hokage, ramen…

The sounds of steel meeting wood were heard in the forest, and anyone close-by could tell that the sounds were actually made by kunai hitting the hardwood of either training posts or trees. It would come to no surprise to anyone in Konoha to hear such things, for after all, if one ventured out to one of the dozens of trainings areas around the village, one would expect to hear the various sounds of shinobi training to keep their skills sharp or to learning something new.

This was precisely what a brown-haired kunoichi was doing as she flung dozens of kunai and shuriken at the many bull's-eye targets situated on trees and posts in the forest her team mostly used for training. Her brown eyes were sharp and focused, guiding her hands to throw the weapons with amazing precision that she ended up hitting the very center of the bull's-eyes without flaws.

Her name was Takehashi Tenten, 17-year-old kunoichi of Team Gai and known throughout the village as the Weapons Mistress of Konoha. When it came to any hand-held steel weapon, this young woman knew how to use them all with deadly accuracy.

Currently, she was alone while training, and this suited her just fine. After being with her team for many days on two back-to-back missions, with the last one being an A-rank to rescue Suna's Kazekage, the teenage girl needed some alone time. Despite the fact that she cared for her team very much, it would drive her crazy to see them even on her days off. Kami, she truly needed to get away from Gai-sensei and Lee's 'Flames of Youth,' or else she would go insane.

Grinning in knowing Gai and Lee were training elsewhere while Neji had some business with his clan, Tenten felt satisfy that she was definitely all alone now and her day would go smoothly without problems.

After flinging more sharp weapons at her targets, her trained sixth sense felt a presence behind her, and judging from it, it was not any of her male colleagues from Team Gai despite the fact that the individual was definitely a guy. He felt familiar, but she couldn't place it. Nevertheless, she was not going to let the person think she was not aware of him.

With quick reflexes, Tenten pulled out a kunai from one of her storage scrolls and twisted around to throw the knife in the direction of the guy. It imbedded into the tree he was standing next to, startling him in the process. "Whoa! Easy, Tenten! I'm not an enemy!"

Tenten blinked upon recognizing him. "Naruto? What are you doing here?"

Naruto came forward with a small grin. "To train," he answered. "This training field provides a lot of targets for kunai & shuriken practicing. Not to mention trees to use my ninjutsu against."

Allowing a grin to form on her face, Tenten chastised herself for not figuring out the obvious. Even before he left on his training trip with Jiraiya, Naruto had been known to be quite a hard worker when it came to training, much like Lee. "Well, you're welcome to train with me, if you want."

"Thanks, Tenten," he replied.

"You're welcome," she spoke back. "It's not like I have a monopoly on this training field. Any registered shinobi from the village is welcome to train here." They softly laughed at this.

With her laughter dying off, the brunette kunoichi excitedly spoke up. "So how was your training trip with Jiraiya-sama? The Suna mission didn't give much time for social interactions, especially with that race Gai-sensei made us do yesterday. I bet you learned a lot, right?"

The blond boy gave a huge grin. "You bet I learned a lot!" he exclaimed, before he frowned a bit. "That is, when we weren't constantly on the move. I learned early on that I couldn't get much training done, since we never stayed in one place for long."

Tenten frowned as well, but for a different reason. "Are you saying that you spent most of your time on the move? How can you learn anything while mostly on the move?"

"That's what I asked Ero-sennin! Just he needs to be on the move in order to stay in contact with his spy network. I learned many things, but not as much as I want."

This time, the bun-haired girl placed her hands on her hips. "Are you saying you didn't learn much at all, Naruto? Sounds like your training trip was for nothing, if you have not advanced."

Naruto felt offended. "Hey! I said I learned many things!" he thumbed his chest, before a challenging grin appeared on his face. "How about I show you what I can do?"

At first Team Gai's kunoichi raised an eyebrow, before her lips curled up to match his challenging grin. "You're on, Naruto. You better hope you can keep up with me. I'm not going to go easy on you. Remember, I'm very good in hitting my mark, so you better be on your toes, much like Lee, or else you'll end up like a pincushion."

"Just bring it on, Tenten! I'm going to win! Datteboyo!" he finished with a raised fist.

Konoha's Weapons Mistress laughed at her colleague's spirit. Despite him having grown taller and no doubt built up muscles, Naruto still had that same spirit he had three years ago. A drive to not ever give up, no matter the odds. Now that she could examine him fully, the teenage girl had to admit he looked cute.

Walking up to stand in front of her challenger, Tenten couldn't help but parry his declaration. "Did you know that you're the only genin left in our entire group of the Konoha 11?" she teased. "I outrank you, Naruto."

"Yeah, so I heard," Naruto frowned a bit but immediately perked up. "That just means I have to train harder and get that promotion! After all, I'm going to be Hokage one day, and I'm not going to be Hokage if I stay stuck as a genin!"

That was another thing Tenten saw that had not changed. Naruto was not a quitter, and she couldn't help but admire him for taking things in stride and not let his rank get him down.

"Good," she replied before taking several steps back, where her hands swiftly produced eight shuriken, one between each finger space. Her wicked grin made Naruto realize the game was about to begin. "Now show me what you can do, Naruto!" she cried out before tossing the sharp projectiles at the blond boy, who speedily jumped into the trees.

From that point onward, the game was afoot.

As the 'battle' raged, Tenten have to admit that Naruto certainly knew how to use his Kage Bunshin better than the time he had fought Neji in the Chuuin Exams. He was not just wildly tossing the clones at her. They were at times coordinated, with some distracting her, while others tryed to attack her. Even his combo use of Kawamri with Kage Bunshin made him unpredictable, not to mention at times she couldn't tell who was the real Naruto and who was a Kage Bunshin.

After dispatching a dozen clones at the same time with a small rain of kunai, the Mistress of Weapons realized that she was having fun. Far more fun that she had with her own team. Naruto's Kage Bunshin made for the ideal training technique for her, since she didn't have to worry about harming anyone. With no fear of hurting or killing the real Naruto, Tenten knew she could go full out on the blond.

Naruto too was having fun. Only once had he ever seen Tenten fought, and that was during the Chuunin Exams against Temari. Yet now that he was viewing her skills first hand, he admitted that Tenten was skilled and knowledgeable in her profession. Heck, from the amazing speeds in which she could conjure up weapons, it was clear she definitely had improved since fighting Temari. For this, the whisker-faced boy felt admiration for the young kunoichi, thus he was determined more than before to show Tenten what he was capable of.

Many minutes passed, and the battlefield was looking quite worn with broken trees, smoking wood, and a few small craters on the ground. Tenten was a bit winded, but she was still standing with her scrolls splayed out before her, as she faced two-dozen Kage Bunshin Narutos surrounding her. Her expression was a mix of defiance, challenge, and laughter. "Don't think I'm giving up yet, Naruto!"

"I don't expect you to give up," one Naruto smirked, matching those of his 'brothers'.

"Yeah," another spoke out. "Just we're not going to give up either!"

"Then meet your doom!" hollered out the brunette before leaping into the air. From there, her scrolls produced a large rain of steel weapons in all direction around her, taking out many of the Bunshins. Yet once she landed next to a tree, several clones pounced on her, but not before she whipped out a katana and began defending herself, especially when the clones began throwing kunai and shuriken back at her.

However, being so focused on the attacking Kage Bunshins, she was not aware one of the imbedded kunai on the tree that happened to be the real Naruto using a Henge. By the time Naruto undid the Henge and came into existence in a puff of smoke, Tenten was right below him for him to drop down and grab her. She barely had time to turn around before her wrists were made immobile by his clenching hands, and soon after, a few of the remaining Bunshins took hold of her legs with similar strength.

Unable to move her arms and legs or throw off her captors, Tenten knew the game was now over.

"So…" Naruto smugly began, looking into brown defiant eyes. "Are you going to surrender?"

Tenten tried once more to twist her hands free but to no avail. Only then did she give a small defeated chuckle. "To be honest, Naruto, I don't think I can go any further." With a nod toward the winner, she accepted the outcome. "I surrender."

With a proud grin, the blond genin released his prisoner followed by his clones. "I gotta say, that was the most fun I ever had out of a training fight. You've improved greatly, Tenten."

"Thank you," Tenten proudly replied with a small blush as she sealed away her katana in her weapons scroll. "You've improved greatly yourself, Naruto. You're better coordinated with your Kage Bunshin compared to the time you fought Neji in the Chuunin Exams."

This time it was Naruto's turn to blush a bit as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Thanks, Tenten." With that said, he ordered his remaining clones to pick up all the weapons lying on the field to pile them up for Tenten, who was grateful for the help.

It was just then that Tenten's nose picked up a strong scent. It was musky, sweaty, and definitely male, and upon taking a few more whiffs, she realized it was coming from the blond boy right in front of her. Her breath hitched a bit, when Naruto unzipped his black/orange jacket, allowing her brown eyes to feast on the toned, muscular chest he has under a tight black t-shirt.

"I need to cool off," Naruto explained with a small grin, not aware of his companion's change in breathing rate. "It's a little hot today."

"You bet it's hot today," the Weapons Mistress proclaimed sultry in her mind. "You grew up quite well, Naruto. Nice toned chest, dashing face, beautiful blue eyes. Kami, you're handsome!"

Tenten mentally shook her head as she turned away from the male visitor. "What am I SAYING? This is Naruto I'm talking about here! A goofball, who shouts, jokes, and so naïve at times that it makes him look like an idiot!"

Picking up his scent again, Tenten couldn't help but to take a long sniff, the smell so heady that it was making her head a bit dizzy. "But I can't deny he has grown up,"she admitted just before she turned her head enough to look at Naruto from the sides.

At that moment, the brunette realized another reaction her body was producing. An ache between her legs was growing stronger, and as it grew, the more her mind was focus on Naruto, especially since it was giving her visual images of him naked and sweaty next to her own unclothed body.

Once more pulling her gaze away from Naruto, Tenten just couldn't believe what was happening to her. "Kami, I've become horny! How could I be so turned on all of a sudden for Naruto?" The moment his name was mentally mentioned, mental images of him having sex with her made the heat within her rise even higher.

She was startled with a yelp out of her thoughts upon feeling a hand on her right shoulder, and quickly seeing it was Naruto, she tried to calm herself. "What's wrong, Tenten? Is something a matter?"

Trying not to show her situation, Team Gai's kunoichi shook her head and gave a reassuring grin. "I'm fine, Naruto. Just tired, that's all." Seeing his Bunshins had now gathered a large pile of weapons, Tenten broke from from his touch and walked toward the cache of steel. "I better get started sealing away these weapons," she spoke over her shoulder at her sparring partner.

As the older girl began sealing away her weapons, Naruto threw a confused and concerned look at a few of his passing clones, whom were just as confused as their Boss. The Kage Bunshins shrugged and continued delivering the retrieved weapons until they were all done. Only then did they all dispel, leaving a still confused real Naruto on why Tenten was acting so strangely.

Meanwhile, Tenten was doing her best to stay focused on sealing away her arsenal and not think about Naruto or even sex in particular. The sooner she was finished, the sooner she could get away from here and return home. Only then she could focus on relieving her sexual thirst in private with a few toys she had. Maybe she could take a very cold shower as well.

However, as the last weapon disappeared in a small cloud of smoke into her weapons scroll, her nostrils picked up that musky scent again while at the same time her ears heard footsteps approaching her from behind. Hanging her head, Tenten knew right there that she would not be going back home, for his scent was too strong for her to pull away. Her loins were aching for him, and only he could put out the fire.

As she knelt on the ground, she knew what she needed to do, and after she rolled up her scroll and secured it, Tenten rose and turned around to gaze directly at Naruto. She allowed her lips to form a small grin upon seeing his concern for her. Before he had left on his training trip, the blond boy had shown many times he cared deeply for all his friends and people he considered close to him, and now, his expression displayed that same devotion. The brunette knew she could trust him, especially knowing she was considered one of his friends.

Naruto took a few steps closer. "Tenten… Are you really alright? If there's a problem, is there anything I can do to help?"

Tenten smiled a bit sheepishly as she chuckled. Leave it to Naruto to give her the opening she needed. "Yeah, you can say I have a problem, Naruto. Something you caused, and I hope you can resolve it."

Now his expression showed he was really troubled yet at the same time confused. "What? What did I do?"

Taking a few steps to stand close to him, Tenten did her best to ignore the severe smell that was increasing her desire. "To be honest, you have a strong scent that is turning me on. It's driving me crazy."

"Strong scent? Turning you on?" repeated a baffled Naruto.

"I'm horny, Naruto," the bun-haired girl further explained.

Blue eyes went wide in understanding, and now that he thought about it, only one thing he did in the morning could explain this 'scent' Tenten was talking about. "Damn you, Ero-sennin! I'm going to kick your pervy ass for this!"

Giving a reassuring smile, Tenten reached over and took his left hand in her right. "I see you now understand the situation. I need you to have sex with me, Naruto. I'm so horny now that I just can't wait."

Naruto was at a loss for words, not to mention scared. Here was Tenten, needing him to have sex with her, but he just didn't know whether he could go through with it. What about Sakura-chan? Would he jeopardize any chances he had with her? "I… I don't know —"

"Please, Naruto," pleaded Tenten as she gazed into his eyes.

Hearing that 'please' and seeing those deep pleading brown eyes were all he needed to make a decision. Tenten needed him, and he was not the type to ever turn away any of his friends who needed help. With a small shy grin, Nartuo nodded his consent. "Alright, Tenten, just tell me what you want me to do."

Smiling warmly that her friend was going to lend a hand in reducing her sexual desire, the teenage kunoichi picked up her huge scroll with her left hand before taking his left hand in her right. She guided her soon-to-be lover away from the training area, deeper into the forest.

Several minutes later, the pair found a soft patch of grass next to a wide tree with sunlight streaming through the leaves from overhead. Tenten apparently thought this was a perfect spot, for she tossed her scroll on the ground to the left of the tree before facing Naruto with lust in her eyes. Despite her wearing high-heeled kunoichi sandals, he was just slightly taller than her, yet she couldn't care less.

Tenten pulled her partner forward to plant a firm kiss on his lips. At first, he didn't return it, but after a few moments, Tenten felt his arms wrap around her back and the next thing she knew, Naruto was kissing back eagerly. She nearly swooned at how good Naruto was at this, especially when she opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. Where did he learn how to kiss like this? Liquid tongue touching hers and his breath entering her mouth were making her dizzy, therefore she couldn't help but to moan in approval.

Breaking the lip-lock out of need for air, Tenten panted a bit as she stared at him, but a moment later, she grinned sultry at her whisker-faced male friend. "I'm guessing this is not the first time you kissed a girl. Right, Naruto?"

Naruto softly chuckled, his cheeks pinking to match hers. "Yeah, you can say that, Tenten."

"Good," Tenten purred in approval as she rubbed her hands over his t-shirt covered chest just before reaching up to push off his jacket. Only then did the turned-on girl once more pulled Naruto's head forward to latch her mouth over his in a searing kiss, and when she felt his hand behind her neck to pull her more onto his mouth, the brunette moaned in endorsement of his actions.

As the kiss deepened and tongues came into play, Tenten knew it was but a taste compared to what was to come, and it was going to be good.

(Lemon starts here)

After a minute or two, the pair broke for air. Yet the brunette began immediately kissing and licking along her partner's cheek, and when she felt his body trembled after she gave a slow lick along one whisker-mark, Tenten smiled wickedly, knowing she already found one of his pleasure spots. She ground her pelvis against his, purring at the feel of his manhood hardening against her body.

Naruto softly growled, not only from her touch but from her scent as well, now he was close enough to pick up the smell of her hair, sweat, and the faint trace of her arousal. He latched his mouth over her exposed neck, causing her to moan. He smirked upon hearing her. "I'm not going to be the only one moaning," he softly said against her skin before he renewed his assault with kisses, licks, small nips and bits along her neck and jaw.

Moaning from that wonderful skilled mouth on her neck, Tenten undid his hitai-ate, and moment later, she felt his hand untie hers. "Show me what you got, Whisker Boy," she nearly purred as they tossed away their headbands. The teenage girl groaned when that same masculine hand groped one of her breasts, kneading the tit though her clothes.

"'Whisker Boy', eh?" Naruto chuckled before his mouth molded over hers for a deep kiss. A minute later, he broke to the kiss much to her mewing displeasure. "I just need a nickname for you," he said with a smirk, his cerulean orbs locked on lustful chocolate eyes. His hand pinched her hardened nipple through her clothes, making her yelp in pleasure. "How about 'Weapons Girl'?" With that said, he reengaged the deep, tongue tying kiss, making her moan in welcoming his mouth on hers.

Having enough of him dominating her for the moment, the horny kunoichi boldly palmed his crotch, making her softly laughed in his mouth upon hearing and feeling his groan. When she grabbed his manhood through his pants, she was awarded with a loud moan as he pulled his mouth away from hers.

Even though his pants was in the way, just by feeling it through the material was enough for Tenten to tell that Naruto's sword was no small fry. "You have one Hell of a weapon here, lover," she said erotically. "I'm going to enjoy riding you hard."

Growling at how wonderful her hand was stroking him with his pants on, Naruto fought back and plunged his hand pass the elastic of her red pants and cupped her wet panties. The surprised move made her shriek in ecstasy as she tossed her head back. She moaned loudly afterward, when his fingers began molding over the lips of her wet vagina.

As her brain currently was focused on the fingering her femininity was receiving, Tenten barely noticed her lover's other hand was undoing the clasps of her Chinese blouse. Her own hands assisted his efforts, and it was not long before her blouse fell to the ground, making her quiver a bit from the slight chill of her heated skin meeting cool air.

Pausing his work on her soaked sex, Naruto examined her exposed chest, making the year-and-half-older girl smirked lustfully at him. "Enjoying the view, Whisker Boy?" she asked while her hands cupped and kneaded her breasts.

The blond could only nodded to answer. Her breasts were held up by a black kunoichi bra, which has a single strap going diagonally from one shoulder to her chest's opposite side. The strap was fixed to a metal ring, which held the bra up in place. Yet what really caught his attention was that her two tits were nice and full, being on par close to Temari's from what he saw of the Suna kunoichi.

Loving seeing those blue eyes so mesmerized on her, Team Gai's female warrior felt a huge sense of power and deep gratification to know her body spellbound Naruto. It made her feel more lovely and feminine in the process, and after she sexily crossed her arms in order to pull off her bra over her head, Tenten licked her lips when he did the same upon seeing her chest totally naked.

Naruto did not hesitate as he began to kiss, lick, and suckled on one bosom, causing his lovely partner to coo and moan. He paid attention to the nipple and areola, thinking their pretty pink color matched well with the coloring of the surrounding skin. Her sounds of pleasure were music to his ears, especially after he plunged his other hand underneath her panties and fingered her heat directly causing her to admit a shout that boosted his pride.

Tenten once more couldn't believe how skilled Naruto was in this. Those fingers were wonderfully touching her sheath in a way that was making her mind go numb, and combined that with his mouth on her tit, she was sent rocketing toward the sky. With one hand behind her lover's head to encourage him to continue lavishing her, the brunette was about to think it was time to reciprocate him when she felt two of his fingers trusted hard into her womanhood, making her cry out loudly again. Unable to do anything, she clutched the blond to her, moaning as his fingers rapidly moved in-and-out of her.

Eyes closed while panting, the young woman moaned again when she felt another spark go up her spine. "Kami… Oooooo… I'm going to die! I'm so close!" Her sex-induced brain could not think of anything but those two digits touching the inner walls of her wet and hot vagina. The pressure was building and she knew it was only a matter of time before it burst. When his thumb suddenly rubbed hard against her clitoris, she arched her back and felt the dam break.

Letting out the most primal scream she ever produced, Tenten rode the waves of ecstasy that rocked over her, She moaned long as her sex kept pulsing and releasing into that wonderful hand. For the first time in her life, she had not ever came so hard, and when she finally came down from the peak, the lithe female ninja slumped forward, her left cheek resting on the top of her lover's head as she panted and enjoyed the softness of this golden mane.

Meantime, Naruto's own heart rate has accelerated upon seeing and hearing Tenten shuddered through an intense orgasm. Despite that he had first agreed to do this to help her as a friend in need, his own sex tool was now aching badly for the woman resting against his body. His instincts were shouting for him to rip their remaining clothes off and mate with her forcefully. Yet he stood still, knowing better to ever do that, for he waited for his friend to calm down before he would try anything.

Upon feeling her breathing has slowed back to a normal pace, Naruto gently pulled slightly away from her, causing Tenten to raise her head in the process. Brown eyes watched as he removed his hand from her soaked crotch and licked the liquid off his fingers. The site was quite erotic to the young woman as she softly moaned.

"You taste good, Tenten," Naruto admitted, his smoldering eyes never leaving hers.

Unable to help herself, Tenten pulled his dirty hand toward her before sucking a couple of fingers into her mouth. Her lustful orbs still locked on his blue ones, she moaned at the divine taste of her essence. She was very pleased upon seeing his breath hitched. With one final long suck, the aroused girl removed the fingers from her mouth before licking around the edges. "You're right. It tastes sooo good," she purred.

Her actions and words were the finally straw for Konoha's Jinchuuriki, for he definitely must have her. He powerfully pulled her body flushed against his and ravished her open mouth in a deep heated kiss that made both moaned and groaned.

As she welcomed the liquid fire of his tongue dueling with hers, Tenten knew she couldn't wait for the final act. Her core was still burning hotly despite her recent release, and she knew there was only one way to put out the fire.

Reluctantly breaking the lip-lock, much to his displeasure as well, the Weapons Mistress kept her eyes locked with his to make certain she get her point across. "I need you now, Naruto," she said, her voice horsed with desire.

Getting the message, Naruto stepped back to quickly eliminate the rest of his clothes at the same time he watched Tenten did the same while watching him, which included the wraps around her thighs and hips. By the time both were fully naked, as the day they were born, the male genin couldn't help but to admire the womanly form that stood before him.

Being a kunoichi, the hard work and training had given Tenten a well-toned body, especially noticeable in her abs and nicely flat stomach. Her chest, curves, and shapely legs displayed her femininity beautifully. Her slanted brown eyes and angular face were exotic to match well with her hair buns, which were the same color as the small, trimmed patch above her sex. Overall, Naruto had not ever noticed her beauty, until now.

Seeing Naruto like this, the brunette couldn't help but to admire how much he had grown. His face was sharp, having lost his baby look. His eyes were a mesmerizing blue to match superbly with those golden locks, which matched with the hair between his legs. Arms and legs were nicely toned with muscles, and his chest and stomach were hard with no fat in sight. Tenten saw a handsome and dashing young man that most women in the village would drool over.

Without even thinking about, Naruto spoke out what was on top of his mind. "You're beautiful," he spoke with admiration.

Despite her body being taunt with sexual desire, Tenten felt her heart skipped upon hearing the compliment. With a genuine warm smile, she took the few steps to mold her body against his before kissing him in gratitude for making her feel very attractive.

Gently pushing him down onto the soft grass without disengaging their lips, the aroused brown-haired woman straddled her lover, moaning and loving the feel of his hard stick rubbing against her moist womanhood. As she grinded down, she was aware he was grinding back, sending new sparks of pleasure through their beings.

Breaking the kiss with a smooch, Tenten sat up with her hands on his abs as she smiled seductively. "Ready for the main event, Naruto? I know we're both going to enjoy this." She raised herself enough for her to grab his manhood, and after giving his dick several wonderful strokes, causing him to moan a bit, the brunette kunoichi lodged his tip against her wet entrance. Both quivered at the contact prior to her closing her eyes and began to slowly descend.

Once more, both moaned and shuddered, as his thick stick spread her inner walls, until he was all the way inside when his hands latched onto her waist. Only then did both savor the union between them. For him, it was incredible to feel hot wetness surrounding him with a soft grip. For her, she had not ever felt so full to the brim with thickness and length stretching her insides wonderfully. It was a moment of utopia for the pair.

Opening her lust-filled eyes, Tenten stared down at Naruto as her hips began to move. It was a slow pace, allowing her to relish the feel of this sword leaving her before entering again. The sparks of pleasure radiating from her core made her moan and groan, and when she saw him opened his eyes, the lovely brunette moaned even louder upon seeing those gorgeous blues filled with desire and longing… for her. Wanting and needing more, she picked up the speed, loving and moaning in desire as the pleasure increased.

Unable to stay inactive, not with this exquisite woman driving him crazy, Naruto gripped her waist and began rapidly moving his hips. Tenten's cries of ecstasy told him she was thrilled with his actions, watching her closed her eyes and toss her head around as she matched his strokes. It was an erotic sight to see her moan, pant, and move like she was possessed, and it was enough to make him equally fixate on her.

Leaning down a bit to better use her hips, the lovely brunette groaned as her lover's dick hit her special spot as it continued to plunge in-and-out of her wet, hot core. The intense sexual bliss was driving her toward new heights that she had not ever experienced before, and she loved it.

When he had hit her spot again, the electrical shock coursed through her body, causing Tenten to moan loudly once more and made her mouth speak words her partner had not ever heard her utter before. "OOOOOOOO…. FUCK… ME! GIVE ME…. MORE! COME ON… OOOOO… NARUTO! FUCK ME! FUCK ME GOOOOOOOD!"

Those sexy, dirty words were the final straw for the blond young man, for he sat up, wrapped his arms around his beautiful partner, and increased the assault on her womanhood, while he latched his mouth over one pink nipple. Naruto watched with extreme lust as she flung her head backward and screamed at the double attack on her body, as her arms immediately wrapped strongly around his shoulders and head. When she brought her head back up, he raised his head for his mouth to hungrily devoured hers, swallowing her moans while their tongues dueled heatedly.

Pulling her mouth away, Tenten moaned loudly once more before opening her brown orbs to look deeply in blue eyes burning with fire. She was turned on by the sight of Naruto covered in sweat and his blond locks quite disheveled, not to mention the feel of his body against her as his manhood still chugged away inside her. Feeling the tension in her core drawing ever tighter, the girl knew the explosion was coming and it was going to be huge.

Naruto couldn't help but feel even more stir up on the gorgeous vision before him. The sweat covering Tenten's toned body gave a soft sheen. Strands of hair were flying loose from her buns, giving her a wild, attractive look. Yet most importantly were those twin chocolate eyes filled with blazing passion for him. The erotic feminine picture made him groan, feeling the pressure between his legs was nearing a breaking point. He knew he was going to erupt explosively.

Crying out as Naruto's mouth covered her neck with kisses, licks, and nips, Tenten closed her eyes and tilted her head for him to gain better access. She felt him grunt as his arms tightened around her and his penis felt like it grew a bit more, widening her channel in the process. His hoarse words verified to her what was happening to him. "TENTEN… I'M… GOING… TO… CUM! WHERE…"

"IT'S OKAY!" the brunette called out, her arms and hands gripping him strongly. "FILL ME!" She paused to cry out again in passion. "CUM IN ME!" She moaned loudly. "CUM WITH MEEEEEE!"

Her words were the final straw for the blond teenage boy. With one final plunge of his dick to the roots within her, Naruto closed his eyes, buried his faced in the juncture of her neck, and hollered out his release as stream after stream of hot semen shot into Tenten. His brain couldn't focus on anything else but the intense pleasure pulsating from his manhood as he felt her walls clamped around him and his ears picked up her scream of pleasure. He just wanted the powerful feeling to go on without end.

The moment she felt the first jets of his essence hit her walls and flowed into her womb, the dam burst for Tenten as she was sent rocketing skyward. With a long scream filling the air, her wet sheath compressed around his rod as her own severe explosion radiated outward from her core to her entire being. Her mind was turned to mush, not thinking on anything but the most blissful and forceful orgasm she had ever had, and as her inner fluids kept merging with her lover's, the teenage girl desired the feeling to just continue onward for eternity.

Yet all things eventually must come to an end, and after what felt like forever for the two lovers, their orgasms died out, causing them to slump against each other, his face still on her neck and her head lying on his shoulder. They panted heavily, twitching occasionally upon feeling his sex jerked a bit inside her and her vagina responded in kind by momentarily clamping around him.

With her tongue partly sticking out as she panted, Tenten felt like a female dog in heat. "Kami…" she managed to softly speak between breaths. "I… have not… ever come… so hard… before." She gently mewed upon feeling his fingers traveling up her spine.

"You're… not the only… one," gasped Naruto. It had felt like all his energy blasted out of his body through his dick with that eruption.

As they sat together, enjoying the touch of one another and the feel of their cooling sweat, their breathing rate gradually returned to normal, and only then did each relaxed to relish the afterglow. Small blissful grins graced their faces as fingers softly traced over each other's skin.

"Tenten?" Naruto spoke after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"Yeah?" she replied, her right index finger ghosting down his left side.

Raising his head back to look at her, prompting her to do the same, the blond boy frowned in curiosity. "Well… When I first entered you, I was expecting something. Some sort of 'barrier' that I read all women have."

Understanding dawned to the brunette weapons expert. "You're referring to my hymen," she grinned gently. "I broke it during my first year as a genin under Gai-sensei's intensive training. I'm glad though or else I would have found it painful during sex."

"That's good," Naruto grinned in relief, before his frown reappeared. "What about… Well, I did shoot into you. I just hope—"

Tenten tenderly laughed, shaking her head at his apprehension. He looked kind of cute like this. "Don't worry, Naruto, I'm not going to get pregnant. Knowing you, you perhaps are not aware that all active-duty kunoichi, doing missions outside the village, are required to take special contraceptives to prevent pregnancy." Her lips curled into a half frown. "Just in case we're captured by the 'enemy'."

Instead of appearing like a student who first learned something new, Naruto sheepish rubbed the back of head as he chuckled, like he knew what she had told him. "Well, I knew about that, Tenten. Just, I didn't know whether you had taken it."

Letting out a breath through her nose, Tenten amusedly shook her head at him. Given how naïve he was at times, she expected him not to know about the kunoichi birth control. Then again, it was possible Sakura told him, since they were on the same team, or he actually did learn about it on his own. This came to remind her once more that when it came to Naruto, you just couldn't predict him some of the time.

Quickly hugging him as she returned her head to rest on his left shoulder, causing her lover to warmly do the same, Konoha's Weapons Mistress bathed in the pleasant intimacy of the moment. It certainly was tranquil.

After purring a bit from the soft kisses Naruto were placing on the back of her neck, Tenten heard him asked two questions that brought her back to the situation that had started this lovemaking session with him. "Are you okay now? You're not horny anymore?"

Now that she was thinking about it, her nose took a whiff of his scent, and surely enough, that 'smell' was still there. Not as potent as it was before, but the traces were sufficient to make her head spin and her crotch melt anew. She softly chuckled. "I'm afraid I'm not entirely satisfied yet, Naruto."

The blond jinchuuriki sighed with a small grin. Not that he didn't enjoyed the sex, just he was hoping Tenten's horniness would have been resolved, especially after that fiery climax they had experienced minutes ago. Yet he was not going to give up, until she was completely gratified.

Watching her raise her head to look at him; Naruto saw her sly expression. "So… Ready for Round Two, Whisker Boy?" she asked seductively.

He answered not with words but with action, as the whiskered young man swiftly pulled her head forward and mashed his mouth over hers. His female partner moaned deeply in approval of the feel of his lips warmly molding over hers and their hot tongues slithering together. Yet just as fast as he initiated the searing kiss, Naruto ended it harshly, leaving her breathless. "Does that answer your question, Weapons Girl?" he teased with a smiling expression that told Tenten he was going to give it to her.

Liking very much her lover's aggressiveness, Tenten matched his expression before giving a quick nip on his chin. Then she disengaged her body from his prior to lying down in front of him onto the soft grass, propping up on her forearms. With her smoldering brown eyes lock on his blue ones, the brunette licked her lips and raised her shapely legs in the air as she spread them. Naruto's breath hitched at the provocative picture before him.

Knowing she caught him in her spell, the Weapons Mistress just needed to reel him in. "Like what you see, lover?" she asked sexily. She reached down for her fingers of one hand to spread her labia apart, showing her wet sex, which was oozing out the combination of their juices. "As you can see, I'm ready for you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me long and hard. Just pound me silly with that steel sword of yours and make me explode."

Unable to just take her dirty talk lightly, due to how much it was turning him on, Naruto pounced on Tenten, and before she knew it, his mouth was covering hers in yet another toe-curling kiss that made her moan and her arms swiftly circling around his body. Yet, as before, he quickly ended the lip-lock, leaving her breathless. His smoldering eyes and big grin made her shiver, especially after feeling the tip of his penis touching her entrance as he aligned the organ. "You want it that badly, Weapons Girl? You got it!" With that said, he slammed his hips against hers, filling her flaming sheath to the brim with solid hard man-meat.

Eyelids clutching closed, Tenten couldn't help but to toss her head back and let out a scream as a huge shock of intense pleasure coursed through her body from the brisk intrusion and her core fluttered welcomingly around his stick. Yet before she could get a chance to recover, the 17-year-old girl felt her lover's body fall on top of hers, molding his skin to hers, prior to his hips began to slap vigorously against hers, his rod speedily weaving in and out of her in the process.

"YES! YEEEEEES!" the brunette kunoichi yelled as bolts of electricity shot through her system. She tightened her arms around her partner, while her legs wrapped around his hips ending with her feet crossed over his rump. "FUCK ME! OOOOOOOOOOOOHH! FUCK ME GOOOOOOD!" A gasp escaped her mouth as her special spot was stimulated, sending a shock up her spine. "NARUTOOOOOOO!"

Spurn on by her words, Naruto continued the assault, motivated to drive the beautiful woman underneath him to the ultimate high. Yet by doing so, he was increasing his own pleasure as well, loving the feel of her body and her liquefied womanhood. It was heavenly.

With minds thinking about nothing but each other, the two teenagers drove on, and when Naruto silenced Tenten with his mouth over hers, she clutched her arms even tighter around his body with one hand on the back of his head. They moaned and groaned into each other's mouths, tongues lovingly tangling together as they carried on the breakneck merging of their sexes.

The sex fest between them went on for a very long time afterward, and it was something neither would ever forget.

(Lemon Ends)

Blinking open, chocolate-colored eyes saw the ceiling and then the walls and finally the window besides the bed. At first, their owner thought this was not her room, but memories of yesterday made her realize whose bedroom this was.

Stretching her naked, lithe body under the bed sheets, Tenten allowed a yawn to escape her being, and only then did she turned to her right to view the teenage boy still asleep besides her. Propping her head on her right hand and arm, she gave a warm grin at the sight of Naruto looking so peaceful and cute as he slept, not to mention dashing with his body naked and hair all messed up from not only sleep but from their sexual workout as well.

Reaching over, her left index finger traced one whisker mark on his left cheek, causing Naruto to giggle a bit in his sleep before turning his head away. Tenten giggled at his reaction. "You're so cute like this, Naruto," admitted the brunette.

As her left fingers combed through her rumpled shoulder-blade-length tresses, Konoha's Weapons Mistress remembered everything that had transpired yesterday. Naruto and she had spent nearly several hours in sexual bliss in the forest, and it had been quite intense, judging from her body's reaction. Yet even after the hard workout, she still had felt not totally relieved, thus after temporary putting their clothes back on, Naruto led her back to his apartment, where they spent the remainder of the afternoon and the entire evening continuing having the hottest sex she had ever experienced

A giggle escaped her lips. "Well, there was a brief respite to get some food in our stomachs," she mentally said as her eyes watched Naruto sleep. "That's the first time I have ever seen anyone have two kitchen cabinets full of nothing but instant ramen. Least it was better than nothing though. Naruto definitely needs to have more food than just ramen."

Just then the subject of her thoughts blinked his eyes open, before his mouth admitted a long yawn. Only then did blue eyes focused on the woman lying on his bed next to him. "Morning, Tenten," Naruto greeted with a grin.

"Good morning to you, Naruto," she replied with equal feelings. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah," the blond admitted as he stretched his arms up in the air in front of him. "That's one of best nights I have ever slept." As his arms dropped back down, his face became a bit uneasy as he eyed her. "Are you okay now? You're not still horny after everything we done yesterday, right?"

Tenten softly laughed. "I'm fine now, thanks to you. I'm not horny anymore." She watched amusedly as he let go a breath of relief, and she did not blame him, for she had been so aroused that it had taken a great effort on his part to satisfy her.

Speaking of Naruto's 'efforts'… "Naruto?" Seeing she had gained his attention again, the weapons-loving girl continued. "I'm only guessing here, but due to how well you had satisfied me…" She paused in enjoying seeing him blushed with pride. "You're not a virgin, right?"

Naruto paused in thought in whether to answer her, but given how intimate they had been in the past day, he figured it was best to be honest. "Yeah, I'm not a virgin," he smiled knowingly. "I lost it a year ago during my training trip with Ero-sennin."

A frown formed on the brunette's face. "You lost your virginity to a prostitute." Tenten had heard of Jiraiya's perverted tendencies from most of the older kunoichi, especially Tsunade-sama. It was hard to believe one of the Legendary Sannin was a pervert, but once she was told the man was the author of the Icha Icha series of books, it was much easier to believe it.

"What?" Naruto blinked, before he softly laughed and shook his head. "No, no, I did not loose it to a prostitute. I'm guessing you believe that it was due to Ero-sennin, right?" A nod from Tenten told him he was correct. "Well, I lost it to Koyuki-hime of Spring Country."

Feminine brown eyes went wide. "Kazahana Koyuki? Daimyo of Spring Country, formerly Snow Country?" Naruto chuckled and nodded, but it was still hard to believe he managed to loose his virginity to the one of the most beautiful rulers in the world, not to mention a movie-screen starlet. "How?"

So the blond jinchuuriki told the tale of his visit to Spring Country, where Jiraiya attended the premiere of his Icha Icha movie, starring Koyuki. While the Super Perv was busy with the premiere, Koyuki had invited Naruto to a private dinner in her palace. She had wanted to thank her young savior for everything he had done during Team 7's mission a year or so back when they had saved her life and rescued her kingdom. Thus that night, not only did Naruto had a wonderful dinner, he was seduced by the gorgeous older woman, who made the first bold move on him. Naruto had quite an 'education' for three nights and two days, and the boy made certain his Sannin teacher did not hear a word of it.

After he finished his story, Team Gai's weapons expert shook her head while smiling. "If that story ever get out, you'll be envied by all the guys in the village, if not the world, Naruto."

Naruto shrugged, grinning at the truth she told. "Well, Yuki-chan and I made a promise not to tell anyone, and her servants admire her so much that they wouldn't dare say a word either. I'm not going to have my 'first time' end up in Ero-sennin's books."

"I don't blame you," agreed Tenten, for she too would not like the idea of her sex life being written in a book and being read by so many people throughout the world. It would be so embarrassing.

"What about you?" asked a curious Naruto. "You said yesterday you lost your hymen during extensive training, but your actions did not look like you were a virgin."

Lying back down as she grinned sheepishly with slight pinking cheeks, Tenten answered his question. Even though she didn't have to answer him, she thought it was a fair exchange for him telling her his story. "Well… Neji and I had sex a couple of times in the past year."

"Oh," said Naruto solemnly, feeling guilty. "I guess I ruined your relationship with him, if you two love each other."

Tenten blinked in confusion at the younger boy, until she chuckled in understanding. "We're not in that kind of relationship, Naruto." Seeing his bewilderment, she clarified. "We're still friends, no more than that. We have a 'friends with benefits' type of relationship."

"'Friends with benefits?'" asked a still confused blond shinobi.

The weapons-loving girl half frowned and half smirked at her bedmate's lack of knowledge. "Yes, 'friends with benefits.' Are you and Koyuki boyfriend & girlfriend after you had sex with her?"

"Well, no," he replied. "I care for her as a friend, and I admit I was a fan of her movies. After our time together, even she said she just wanted to stay friends with me, given she and I lived so far apart from each other."

"Precisely," Tenten grinned knowingly. "Just because a man and a woman had sex, does not mean they're in love with each other. It depends on the individual. Some people see sex as 'making love', thus they will not ever have casual sex without having deeper feelings for their partners. Others can easily have one-night stands due to seeing sex as physical pleasure with no deeper feelings involved. 'Friends with benefits' is precisely what it entitles - friends who can have sex for pleasure without having deeper feelings for one another."

"Oh," Naruto blinked now in comprehension, before a small smile spread across his face. "Does this mean we're 'friends with benefits'?"

Tenten sighed with a tiny grin. "I don't know whether this is just a one-time deal, Naruto. I confess that you're a great lover, and I trust you will not tell anyone else." After seeing him nod that told her he would do as she said, the brunette sighed again in relief. "You're definitely a friend, but whether we've become 'friends with benefits', I'm not sure."

"That's okay, Tenten," replied Naruto with a sincere, friendly grin. "I'm just glad to be there to help a friend in need. I will not ever let down a friend who needs help."

Matching his expression, the 17-year-old kunoichi was grateful for his unselfishness and friendship. "Thank you, Naruto," she said meaningfully. His grin went wide in that bashful expression of his as he chuckled a bit.

After a few minutes of warm silence between them as they lay there, Tenten frowned before she sat up to face her blond lover. She was not shameful of him seeing her nakedness, especially not after what they done intimately together. "Naruto… Can you tell me what in Kami you did to drive me sexually insane yesterday? You had a strong scent, and now that I think about it, you must have placed some powerful pheromones on your body to get me to that state." Her arms crossed over her chest to show her seriousness. "Start explaining."

Naruto sighed as he frowned. He knew pretty soon or later she would bring up the subject. "It's pretty much Ero-sennin's fault, Tenten," he began prior to getting out of bed to walk to the dresser to pick up something and then coming back to present the item to his female friend.

Getting her slight blush under control after seeing his toned unclad form, Tenten took the item and stared at it puzzlingly. "Sage Deodorant?"

"Yeah, I found that here the day we came back from Suna. Ero-sennin left me a note, telling me this deodorant was from him. Knowing him, I had a nagging feeling he was up to something, but I didn't listen to my guts. I used it for the first time yesterday."

Realization came to Tenten. "So this was what I smelled from you?" she asked, looking from the deodorant up into unwavering blue orbs, whose owner nodded once in earnest. "Did you meet any other women before me?"

"No, I didn't," the blond answered. "I slept in late yesterday, and when I went to Ichiraku's for lunch, Teuchi-jiisan and another guy were there but not Ayame-neechan. You were the first girl I ran across yesterday."

Team Gai's female member looked back down at the canned product with narrowed eyes. "So this is the culprit. Knowing your teacher, Naruto, I'm not surprise."

"Me either," admitted Naruto. "I'm just glad I didn't run into Ayame-neechan yesterday or any other girl."

Naruto was surprised, when Tenten giggled before looking at him teasingly. "You're right. You might have ended up with horde of women wanting a piece of you."

The mental image of such a scenario made the blond shinobi quivered in fear. "That's not funny," he softly said, his mind remembering how Sasuke's fangirls were like.

Giggling again at his fearful expression, Tenten looked back down at the deodorant in her hand before becoming serious once more. Despite seeing the humorous side of him being mob by crowd of women, Naruto was right that truthfully it was not a really a laughing matter. She was thankful Naruto was not the type to take advantage of such a female-controlling substance, but it did not mean other men might.

Without thinking about it, the brunette kunoichi placed her hand over the cap. Seeing what she about the do, Naruto's eyes went wide as he swiftly slapped his hand over hers, startling her in the process but preventing her from removing the cap. "What are you doing?" Naruto nearly shouted. "Do you want to end up being horny crazy again?"

Realizing her mistake, Tenten rubbed the back of her head with her left hand as she chuckled sheepishly. "Oops, I was not thinking there for a moment. Sorry." She adorably stuck out her tongue as she chuckled again.

Naruto let go a breath in relief prior to taking the deodorant from her. "I'm placing this away. When Ero-sennin comes back, I'm going to have word with him. Knowing him, he was thinking I would get gang-raped by women in order to get a story for his perverted books." Tenten nodded in total agreement.

Turning slightly to put the deodorant away, Naruto stepped on his discarded boxers, and the smooth material of the underwear caused him to slip, not enough to make him fall but enough for him to let go of the deodorant. Blue and brown eyes watched in horror as the can fall to the floor, making them see it as if it was in slow motion upon what it did next.

The plastic top-cap hit the wooden floor, acting like a spring to bounce the can up again while at the same time dislodged the cap. The can did a 360-degree loop in flight before landing, with the nozzle facing down, onto the floor again. The impact caused the nozzle to release a short spray of deodorant just before the recoil released it. The can finally rolled on the floor to a rest. The whole event took less than second.

Looking down at the can, Naruto laughed a bit nervously. "It only released a bit of it. Not as much as I used yesterday though. It shouldn't cause any affect. Right, Tenten?" he asked as he looked at the older girl. His grin vanished upon seeing her head down with her hair hiding her face as her body trembled slightly.

"Oh, Kami, please," Naruto said in worry, before he grabbed his hair and raised his voice. "You can not possibly be infected by that!"

Tenten very softly laughed, and when she raised her head, the whisker-faced boy saw her sexual-hungry face, telling him she was indeed infected "Sorry, Naruto. I'm going to be needing your help again."

Closing his eyes, Naruto sighed. "I'm going to kill Ero-sennin for this."

"Wait in line," Tenten admitted a bit darkly, thinking of various ways she was going to maim the legendary Toad Sannin. Yet her expression changed to a sly one upon seeing mesmerizing blue orbs open to gaze at her. She licked her lips, feeling the heat aroused her highly on the thoughts of what she was about to do next. "In the meantime, you're going to pound me silly again, Whisker Boy."

Sighing again but this time out of humor, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki knew he had no choice. "I guess we're not going to be leaving the apartment today either, eh, Weapons Girl?" Since she had mentioned the nickname she gave him yesterday while they had been screwing each other silly in the forest, he might as well call her by her nickname he had bestowed on her.

"Nope," agreed the Weapons Mistress, before she quickly grabbed her lover and pulled him down onto the bed on top of her. She hungrily mashed her mouth onto his, and when he returned the fierce kiss, forcing his tongue pass her lips to duel with hers, the brunette moaned approvingly at his actions.

For most of the day, Naruto did his best to satisfy the sexual-infected Tenten and vice-versa. Like yesterday, they helped each other achieve the ultimate peak of pleasure as best as possible, and each found it fun and very stimulating in doing so.

Luckily for Naruto, the affects of the deodorant were not as severe this time around, or else he would have resorted to using chakra to keep up with the horny female in his arms. Despite his stamina, there was a limit to how many times he could shoot a load, and for a guy, it was draining to not having time between reloads, jinchuuriki or no jinchuuriki.

To Be Continued (End of Chapter 1)


1) The idea for this fic came off of DeviantArt's MattWilson83's erotic, yet funny, art of Naruto using Sage Deodorant and ending up with Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari, and Tenten screwing his brains out. I'd asked him for a follow-up with Tenten alone screwing Naruto, and then someone else asked for Ino to have her turn. XD

So I'd decided to write this fic with Tenten being the sole 'victim' prior to Naruto figuring out the deodorant was the cause of Tenten becoming horny. I know I could have easily made this into a harem fic, yet despite that I enjoy reading Naruto harem fics, I just do not have the drive and style to write harems.

And before anyone ask me, yes, the art, I'm referring, are hentai, but I'm not going to post any links directly to such art. You have to find them yourself by checking out MattWilson83's 'friendly' art on his DeviantArt page and then figure out where his adult art are being posted. ;p

2) Before anyone asks me, no, this story in no way or form is connected with "Unexpected Love." Totally different story and circumstances on how Naruto and Tenten gotten together, not to mention I'll be making Tenten's background different.

3) Do not think I'll be making a simple story where Naruto and Tenten become something more than friends without some drama. It will not be as simple as having sex several more times and they fall in love. Nope. Not going to be that simple.

4) I want to be on record that I think the wraps around Tenten's thighs and hips served no purpose, as far as I see. They're there just because Kishimoto wanted to use that style pants with the exposed sides.

While I was writing the lemon, I realized that those wraps either covered her entire crotch area as well, or ends at the thighs and a second wrap just go across the hips. Given I'm sure Tenten have to go to the bathroom occasionally on missions, she has to have her crotch area free, thus I had written that she still wears panties due to the crotch area being free of the wraps.

It's a good thing I had Tenten wear regular pants in "Unexpected Love". It would have been so troublesome to write her wearing those wraps on her thighs and hips. I think I might consider writing in a future chapter of "The Smell of Love" where she ditches the stupid side-exposing pants and just go with a regular one. (Sighs)

5) Last, I want to say something to all those who do not know me from my "Unexpected Love" and "The Matriarch of Destiny" fics. I'm quite aware that I have likely grammar and spelling mistakes in my stories. The problem is that I do not have a betareader to read and correct these mistakes. I used to have one, but due to school and other Real Life stuff, he 'vanished' and I have not heard from him since July 2010.

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