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Story rating: M (R)(for adult and sexual themes)
Written: November 2010 -

Summary: Trying Jiraiya's new brand of deodorant, Naruto ends up with lot more than odor protection. NaruTen.

The Smell of Love
Chapter 3: Helping Back
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

They always said that one should expect the unexpected. It was definitely true, when it came to being a shinobi. During a fight, you should not ever underestimate an opponent, for such thinking would likely cost you your life. A few high-ranking nins were known to being overconfident, thus they had ended up dead at the hands of a lower rank warrior, who had an element of surprise.

It was why the ninja population of Konoha knew not to ever look down at Uzumaki Naruto. Time and time again, the blond powerhouse had proved he was unpredictable, thus the title of 'Most Unpredictable Ninja' was well suited for the whiskered boy. No one knew what the Hokage-wannabe would do next.

Therefore, Tenten knew it should not have come as a surprise that Naruto was the containment vessel to the most powerful bijuu on the planet. Yet nevertheless, the revelation was a shocker to the bun-haired girl, when the secret was revealed yesterday.

The day after she had started her elemental training, Tsunade-sama had summoned the Konoha 11 and their jounin teachers to her office. Naruto was already there, but it was the first time anyone had seen him look nervous. The reason for his tense attitude was made clear when he, with the Fifth's encouragement, told everyone about the Akatsuki and why he was being hunted by the S-rank missing nins. The criminal organization wanted the nine bijuu, and Naruto was housing the Kyuubi in him.

With the exception of Sakura and the adults, all of Naruto's friends were indeed taken off guard by this revelation. Him being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki pretty much explained some mysteries regarding the blond – the cold-hard treatment of some villagers toward him, the red-chakra he had manifested during his fight with Neji at the Chuunin Exams, and some other things.

Naruto still had his nervousness after explaining everything, and no wonder he did. It was clear he was expecting his friends to shun him as the villagers had done. Yet Shikamaru lazily made a joke that Naruto was still a ramen-loving knucklehead regardless of the Kyuubi, and that broke the ice for the rest to all speak out in support of their friend. Tenten swore Naruto's eyes were moist with tears as he smiled thankfully for his friends being by his side.

It was not long afterward that the Godaime made a public announcement about Naruto's secret, thus ending the Sandaime's law that it was forbidden to speak about the Kyuubi. A few villagers had spoken out loudly for Naruto's death, but many shinobi quieted them, showing their support for Konoha's Jinchuuriki.

These were the thoughts Tenten were having as she strolled toward the training ground, which Kakashi-sensei had chosen to begin Naruto's elemental affinity training. The huge field was ideal suited for the genin shinobi. After all, given Naruto could produce hundreds of Kage Bunshin without feeling drained, it was apparent he was the only one (as far as anyone knew) capable of using Kage Bunshin as a training tool.

A half frown and half smirk formed on the female weapons expert's face. It had came as a surprise that Naruto had not even knew about the side benefits of requiring the Kage Bunshins' knowledge upon their dispersing. On one hand, it was a quite a sweatdropping moment to think Naruto for years was not aware of using the Kage Bunshin as a training method. On the other hand, it was amusing to see him nearly ripped his hair out, blaming Ero-sennin, aka Jiraiya of the Sannin, for not telling him sooner. However, the golden-haired boy made a self-promise to use the learning technique from that point onward, for he has a lot of catching up to do.

With an amused expression, Team Gai's kunoichi exited the forest into the training field. Her brown eyes made out hundreds of Narutos working on cutting a leaf in their hand palms, using only Wind chakra, Naruto's main affinity. Off one side was Kakashi, reading a Icha Icha book as usual, while standing next to Yamato, who sat and held out a palm facing the Naruto horde. Turning to her right, the brunette spotted the rosette kunoichi of Team Kakashi. "Hi, there, Sakura," she spoke out in greeting.

Sakura's focus turned from the scroll she was reading to her fellow kunoichi. "Hi there, Tenten," she grinned back. "Made any progress with the Fire techniques Kakashi-sensei gave you?"

Removing a redlined scroll off her belt, Tenten stared down at the parchment as she approached Sakura. "It's not like I can master any of them in less than two days, Sakura." She raised her head and smirked. "Neither of us can produce Kage Bunshin as Naruto does."

"True, but least we will not end up extremely exhausted," joked the pinkette, causing the ladies to softly chuckle at the truth. As much as both girls envied Naruto for having the chakra reserves to use the Kage Bunshin Training Technique, it did come with a nasty side-affect of absorbing also the physical exhaustion of the clones. The blond boy nearly had passed out after dispersing his first batch of Bunshins two days ago.

Laughter dying off, Tenten nodded toward the scroll in Sakura's hands. "What about you? Made any progress with any of those Earth jutsu?"

The teenage medic shook her head. "Like you said, it's not like I can master any of them in just two days. Although I'm close to completing one simple D-rank jutsu."

Turning from each other to the group of Narutos, Sakura sighed. "Naruto will obvious master his element at this rate. Did you know he sought out Asuma-sensei yesterday after his secret of being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was revealed?" Tenten shook her head prior to the pinkette continuing. "Well, he did. Given Asuama-sensei is a wind user too, Naruto figured he was the best to get pointers how to manipulate his wind chakra."

Tenten nodded in understanding. "From what I've seen, Asuma-sensei pours his chakra into those knuckle-knifes." Suddenly an idea popped into her head. "Whoa, now that's an idea."

Sakura raised an eyebrow. "What idea?"

The bun-wearing girl giggled. "You'll find out, when I suggest this to Naruto."

Instead of pressing, Tsuande's apprentice simply shrugged. She would find out quite soon anyway.

It was barely two minutes later, when Kakashi called out for Naruto to dispel his clones and acuminate the experience gained thus far. The blond boy did, with him falling onto his needs from the total exhaustion of his Kage Bunshin. Sakura and Tenten rushed toward him out of concern, yet Kakashi and Yamato simply strolled, having gotten use to this scene by now.

Kneeling besides the whisker-faced boy, Sakura looked at her teammate's sweaty face. "Are you okay, Naruto?"

Naruto gave a reassuring grin. "I'm okay, Sakura-chan. I didn't use many clones as I did two days ago. I don't want to fall flat on my face again."

"That's good to hear, Naruto," Tenten said jokingly, making the blond look up and realized she was here. "You'll just end up in the hospital, if you keep exhausting yourself."

After giving a small chuckle, the golden-haired genin again grinned reassuringly, but this time at the new arrival. "Yeah, but I say it will be worth it, Tenten." With a confident grin, he held up a single leaf, which was shown to be three-fourths split.

"Looks like you're almost done, Naruto," Kakashi eye-smiled, as he and Yamato joined the three teens. "I say you'll likely have this done by tomorrow. Then we'll move on to the second phase of your element-manipulation training."

Standing onto his feet with Sakura following, Naruto gave a thumbs-up. "I can't wait." Tenten giggled, while Sakura shook her head slightly with a grin. The two adult men just grinned in amusement.

Laughter dying down, Tenten cleared her throat to gain everyone's attention. "Speaking of your element training, Naruto, I have an idea for your jutsu training once you master your element."

"Really?" asked Naruto.

"Yep," chirped Tenten. "We just need for you to take tomorrow off from your training to come with me. You can continue your training the day after tomorrow."

Now everyone was definitely curious. "What do you have in mind?" enquired Kakashi.

With shining eyes, the female weapons expert explained her idea.

"I don't know, Tenten," complained Naruto, as he leaped off the branch of another tree and sailed through the forest's canopy. "I still do not like the notion of visiting that old man again, especially since what had happened last time."

Flying through the air besides him, Tenten rolled her eyes. "Come on, Naruto. I can't think if any better weapons maker in Konoha than Master Iou. Kakashi-sensei yesterday did say Iou made Asume-sensei's chakra knives. It's likely he might have a chakra weapon suited as a medium for you to make wind jutsu."

The blond boy did not feel reassure. "Yeah, that might be true. He did have a large collection of weapons, and he did make that weapon you used against those rogue shinobi." His face scrunched up in thought. "What did he call it? Jihaya? Jodada?"

"Jidanda," Tenten amusedly corrected her friend prior to releasing a happy sigh. "That weapon was amazing! I wonder if Master Iou have it ready!" She felt the urge to squeal, but she held herself in check.

Seeing the gleeful expression on her face, Naruto smirked. "You are real weapons lover. Do you ever think of anything else besides weapons, Weapons Girl?"

At first, the brunette thought he was being serious, but seeing his playful face and the use of her nickname, Tenten's lips curled up on one side to match his. "Of course, I do, Whisker Boy. Just you know I will not ever refuse having more weapons in my stockpile." She winked at him, making him laughed slightly.

As she chuckled with him, Tenten recalled yesterday it had not taken much to persuade Kakashi-sensei to free Naruto from training to take this one-day trip to see Iou. After all, Naruto should take advantage of his element training by requiring a weapon as a medium. The blond had been thrilled with the idea; yet once he was told about Iou, he became reluctant.

Sakura had been invited to come, but she unfortunately has medical training. Yet Tenten swore it seemed the pinkette had been glaring at her instead of just being disappointment with not been able to come on the trip. It was not like she had done anything wrong with offering to help Naruto. The brunette was puzzled now as then over her fellow kunoichi's behavior.

Putting aside the mystery for now, Tenten returned to looking at her traveling companion, and she noticed he was once again frowning. She sighed, for she knew what has put him in such a mood. "Will you relax, Naruto? You're acting like you're heading toward your funeral."

"Easy for you to say," he grumbled. "You weren't the one strapped to a flying rocket shuriken."

The teenage weapons mistress frowned. "We didn't know then Master Iou was faking things, so we had took those first weapons as legitimate. We know now he stores his real weapons where no one can see them. We're not going to be fooled twice, thus you're not going to be ending up strapped again to a weapon, Naruto."

Seeing he was still not convinced, Tenten frowned some more. It was true that Naruto had a bad experience when he had first met Master Iou, but surely the blond knew it was not likely he would have another bad experience. Naruto rarely ever gotten stressed outside of training or a mission, yet here he was, getting stressed over meeting aged weapons maker again.

Thinking that her whisker-faced friend needed to relax, an idea popped into her head, making her mentally blinked. It would do the trick in calming Naruto down due it was one of many ways to relieve stress. The question was whether she would want to do it with Naruto again. That first time happened because of out-of-control hormones. This time it would truly be consented totally on her own.

With her brown eyes once more eying the Hokage-wannabe, the weapons-loving kunoichi fondly grinned. Naruto really was a great guy. He might be naïve at times and did stupid things, but overall, he was a good person who cared for others, including all his close friends. As one of his friends, Tenten knew he would help her no matter what, or else he would not have bothered helping her before.

With her mind made up, Tenten was willing to do it. This trip was to help him with his training, yet now she was willing to help him on another front. Besides, he was a great lover, as that first time had shown her, and being honest to herself, the brunette wouldn't mind getting some stress relief, knowing just how good Naruto was.

Shaking away the urge to lick her lips, Tenten called out to her partner. "Naruto, stop." She jumped down to the ground to stand besides a tree, and a few moments later, Naruto followed, having had momentarily backtracked for hopping a few trees ahead.

"What is it, Tenten?" asked the bewildered blond genin. "In another hour or so, we'll be there."

"I know," she replied with a reassuring grin, as she removed her backpack and large scroll and placed them on the ground. "Just I think you need to take a break. You're getting yourself stressed over meeting Master Iou again."

Naruto grinned, and immediately Tenten knew it was not a true grin. "I'm not stress, Tenten, honestly."

Tenten crossed her arms and gave her friend an 'I'm not buying that' look. "Uh-huh."

Knowing he was not going to fool her, the golden-haired boy dropped the grin, sighed, and rubbed the back of his head. "Okay, I am a bit stressed. I still am not convinced the old man will do something crazy. Is it any wonder he was placed kilometers away from the village?"

"I know, Naruto," Tenten grinned, again trying to reassure him. "Just, it will not do you any good, if you allow your fears to make you jumpy." She took a few steps to place a hand on his chest. "You need to relax." Her lips curled into the sly grin. "Now remove your backpack. I have a solution to help make you relax."

Blinking, Naruto did as she instructed. That grins of hers was making him a tad nervous. "What do you have in mind, Tenten?"

Instead of responding with words, Konoha's Weapons Mistress replied with action, for she swiftly reached up to pull his head down for her lips to cover his in searing kiss. She felt that he was surprised at first, but a moment or so later, his arms quickly encircled her body and he was kissing her back with equal intensity. She moaned in approval of his actions, loving the feel and taste of his lips.

Breaking the kiss, Tenten saw he was breathing a bit hard, making her grin. "That's what I have in mind, Whisker Boy," she whispered. "What better and fun way to relief stress." She let go of the sultry expression to grin comfortably at her friend. "Let me help you this time, Naruto. You had helped me before, now let me help you."

Naruto knew what she was talking about. Ever since that time he had helped her relief her horniness, he had wondered whether he could ever have sex with her again, and here she was now offering herself to him in order to help him this time around. He could be a gentleman to say "No," but he would be a fool to turn down his friend's offer to help. Besides, she was right that it was a fun way to relieve stress.

Letting a warm grin spread across his face, Naruto pulled Tenten forward to mold their fronts together, and in doing so, he gave her his answer, making her grin wider. "Who am I to turn down such an offer, Weapons Girl?"

With that said, Naruto mashed his open mouth onto Tenten's, making her momentarily swoon at his swift action, for she moaned as arms swiftly wrapped around his neck to prevent her from falling. Soon tongues were touching as male hands began to unclasp her shirt, prompting her hands to come down and unzip his jacket. It was the physical signs that there was no turning back now.

(Start of lemon)

Feeling both their shirts were undone, Tenten gasped as she broke the kiss due to one of his hands boldly fondling her breast through the kunoichi bra. She smiled seductively at her partner. "You're getting bold, Whisker-Boy," she purred in approval of his administrations.

Her blond lover matched her expression. "Well, with a beautiful woman offering herself to me, I might as well play along."

"You'll be a fool not to," teased the brunette prior to swiftly tossing aside her Chinese blouse. Then she did the same for his jacket to allow her hands to snake under his black T-shirt to feel the hard muscles he have.

A low moan came out of Naruto's mouth upon feeling feminine hands teasing his nipples. "Tenten…."

Tenten nipped his chin. "I knew you will like it there," she whispered just before she gasped and moaned upon feeling two hands molding over her tits and stimulating the nipples through the bra.

Naruto chuckled. "I'm not going to be the only one getting pleasure." With that said, his open mouth molded over hers heatedly, prompting both to once more moan into each other as liquid tongues sent sparks through their bodies.

Breaking the wonderful lip-lock, even though she very much wanted to continue devouring those sensational male lips, the bun-wearing kunoichi grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up. Her lover raised his arms to allow her to take it off him, and only then did she swiftly take off her bra. Her mouth came down to take his nipple in her mouth, causing him to groan. "I'm the one giving this time, Naruto."

Blue eyes fluttered close upon feeling warm slickness kiss and nibbling over his chest. He let out a grunt and moan, when he felt a single hand began massaging his manhood through his pants, causing him to grasped her shoulders. Her giggle told him she was pleased with his reaction, and as soon as he felt her mouth was trailing south down his torso, Naruto knew what she was doing. He very much wanted to pull her up and kiss her senseless, but she wanted to give this time around, so he restrained from giving in to his instincts.

Kissing and licking around his toned stomach, Tenten couldn't help but to take in his musky smell, making her a bit heady. She was pleased Naruto was allowing her to do this to him without giving anything in return, even though he had no idea that she was slowly getting aroused in the process. The scent, taste, and feel of him was turning her on, and when she pulled down both his pants and boxers in one go, she was greeted with the sight of his already hardened tool of sex, causing her to lick her lips in anticipation in what she planned to do

Naruto cried out upon feeling a soft hand caressing and stroking his rod, for he immediately placed one hand at the back of the older girl's head in encouragement. His eyelids slid up to gaze down at the devilish grinning Tenten looking up at him. "Kami, are you going to do what I think you're going to do?"

Gleaming chocolate eyes kept steady on lustful ocean blues as she knelt on the ground before purring up a reply. "If it is what you're thinking, then the answer is 'yes'." With that said, she leaned forward to focus on the male organ in her hand, her mouth kissing and licking the sensitive tip before she began giving attention to the rest of the glorious length.

Closing his eyes again, Naruto just let go and gave in to her ministrations. He moaned, groaned, and grunted as the pleasure swamped his being. That soft mouth and liquid tongue were making his balls ache, especially when they kiss, lick, and suck on every portion of his hard manhood. When she suddenly enveloped him into her mouth, the blond couldn't help but to shout out in ecstasy with one hand holding behind her head. With her giving him a fantastic blowjob, he knew it was a matter of time before he blew his load.

With one hand stroking the base while she bobbed up-and-down on him, Tenten was feeling quite exhilarated, remembering the times she gave Naruto head during the one day and two nights with him before The scents of his pubic hair and penis were intoxicating, making her want more, not to mention the taste of him and sounds of his pleasure added to the erotic mix, increasing her desire in the process. The lovely brown-haired young woman couldn't help but to snake her free left hand underneath her pants and panties to finger her growing wet womanhood, enjoying giving her lover so much pleasure as much as he was loving receiving it.

When Naruto registered the dam was near the bursting point, he gritted his teeth. "Tenten… I'm going to cum! If you continue—"

"Cum then," purred Tenten, as she momentarily removed her mouth from his manly sword but kept her hand stroking him. "I want to taste you." With that said, her mouth engulfed his dick again to continue driving him crazy.

Her words and actions were too much for him to bear.

Crying out her name, the blond young man held her head with both hands as he felt his seed streamed out into her mouth. The release was so intense that his brain couldn't think of anything but that wonderful mouth sucking him dry while his penis continued to shoot burst after burst into that warm, wet orifice.

Tenten moaned as she received another stream of his cream into her hungry mouth. She kept swallowing as much as she could, loving the taste of his essence. With one final suck, the girl let go of his rod and allowed the last remaining bursts to spread across her cheeks. She smiled seductively in triumph, feeling her lover and his manhood twitched as her hand stroke the last of his seed out of him.

When she felt him relaxed with one of hands stroking her hair, Tenten finally looked up at him and saw him grinning down at him. "That was amazing, Tenten."

After licking her lips of any male cream, providing him with an erotic display, the weapons-loving kunoichi stood up and proceed to wipe his seed from her face and licking the contents off her fingers. "You taste pretty good, Naruto," she said with a sly smile yet serious at the same time. "It's just as I remember it."

Watching with focused blue marbles, Naruto felt his breath hitch as the beauty before him took one long suck of her finger. Despite having blown a huge geyser a minute or two ago, his rod refused to soften, not with Tenten providing him a stimulating show to feast upon.

Having enough of her teasing, the 15-year-old teenage boy swiftly wrapped his arms around his 17-year-old lover, molded her body to his, and commenced to ravage her mouth with his own. He swallowed her moans as he felt her arms quickly went around his back. He cherished the sounds she was making, not to mention the grinding of her hips and pelvis against his own. It told him how much she wanted him, and the thoughts stroked his ego big time, thinking she wanted no man other than him.

As her tongue dueled sensually with his, Tenten nearly swooned. She just loved how he kissed firmly yet at the same time somewhat softly against her mouth, and when she felt his hard male pole rubbed against her womanhood despite the two layers of clothes in the way, she moaned into his mouth in heat.

Yet despite how wonderful it would be to kiss him forever, the female member of Team Gai knew it would not help her or Naruto achieve the relief they needed now. She could tell how much he desired to be inside her from the way he was rubbing against her, and given the ache between her legs had grown stronger with her panties becoming wetter, Tenten very much wanted to be stuffed with that manly sword of his.

So the brown-haired girl reluctantly broke the lip connection, much to his displeasure as well, but when she stepped back and smiled bewitchingly at him while pushing down her pants and panties in one movement, the blond immediately knew what she was saying without words. He quickly followed her lead by taking off his pants and boxers that had been wrapped around his ankles, leaving him with just his shinobi shoes on, while she only had her sandals and thigh wraps left on her being.

Feeling excited for what was coming, Tenten took a few steps pass Naruto to plant her hands on the tree while spreading her legs and bending down. She hear a low growl from behind her, causing her to grin, knowing, without doubts, that she made a quite breathtaking, erotic image with her nice round butt in the air and shapely legs stretched wide apart. Not to mention she knew Naruto was also seeing her wet femininity drooling out its love juices down her covered thighs.

With a strong sense of power coursing through her, knowing how much she had Naruto in her trance, Tenten looked over her shoulder at her lover. "Well, what are you waiting for, Whisker Boy? You can see how horny I am." She rotated her behind, making his breath hitch. "I need a good fuck. Just fuck me as good as you did the last time."

Unable to take it any more, Naruto hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed her around her thighs, but he did not next do what she was expecting, for the boy knelt down to plant his mouth on her soak womanhood. Snapping her head back, Tenten cried out in surprise and pleasure upon feeling his tongue licking her folds. Soon she was moaning as her ecstasy raised with every lick, suck, and kiss lavished on her molten core. So in the clouds she was that she was not aware of her blond lover ripping her thigh wraps off, exposing her smooth, soft flesh to the elements. When her clit suddenly was gently bitten, the aroused kunoichi came right there as she loudly moaned, feeling the orgasm sparked throughout her trembling body.

Coming down from the peak, the teenage girl softly panted. Kami, when did she lose control? Before she had been dominating him, but now it seemed the tables has turned. Not that she was complaining, given how wonderful a job he had done. It was just she really needed to be fucked, given how much her vagina was aching anew with that talented mouth still working on her

"Please, Naruto," softly moaned Tenten. "I need you to fuck me. I want it, please."

Giving one last lick of her juices, Naruto pulled away from her wet femininity. "Sorry about that, Tenten," he replied huskily with a bit of a tease. "I remembered how good you taste, so I couldn't help but to want some of your nectar."

Looking over her shoulder, the aroused brunette saw the younger boy stood up and positioned himself right behind her. She closed her eyes again upon feeling the head of his sword parting the lips of her sheath, and once he took hold of her hips, the brunette felt him gradually enter her, spreading her delightfully apart inside. A long moan escaped her mouth when he was fully embedded in her, making her internal walls clamp momentarily around his hard flesh in gratification.

When his rod began to weave in-and-out of her, Tenten couldn't help but to push back, moaning in the process. This was what she wanted, the feeling of being stuffed over and over again as he brushed against her walls, and when he accelerated the pace, the bun-haired kunoichi cried out as he began touching her special spot. "YES! YES! FUCK ME!" Another moan was forced out of her. "IT FEELS SO GOOD! YESSSS!"

As the onslaught on her sex continued, her mind began to loose focus as the lust consumes her. She moaned, groaned, and mewled with every penetration of her femininity, and when her lover suddenly grabbed her upper arms and pulled them around toward him, suspending her torso in the air, Tenten cried out in extreme pleasure. This new angle was enabling him to tap her cervix, sending her higher into the clouds of desire. At this rate, the young lady knew it was only a matter of time now before she exploded, and from the feeling in her core, it was going to be tremendous.

Naruto, in the meantime, was also in heaven, for he just couldn't get enough of her. Her beautiful, toned body covered in a fine sheen of sweat to match his sweaty masculine form. Some of her brown locks coming loose from those buns, making her look exotic. The sounds admitting past her lips were arousing music to his ears. Not to mention the equisetic feeling of her wet, hot, and soft sex surrounding his solid man-meat as he continued to pound her senseless. Kami, Tenten was intoxicating to him!

Upon sensing the pressure in his groin was about to blow up, Naruto wrapped one arm around her chest and the other around her pelvis before swiftly pulling her form up and against his front. The move made Tenten cry out in surprise pleasure, for her feet were almost off the ground, thus why she quickly swung her right arm back and around his neck in order to gain her balance in this new position, which was driving her crazy. With her left hand on his hip, she rested her head on his left shoulder and just let him continue to screw her unrelentingly.

"I'M… GOING… TO… CUM… TENTEN!" the blond managed to speak out between pants, his thrusting suddenly became fanatic.

The brunette was vaguely aware of his words, her mind focused on the orgasmic storm that was about to release. "CUM…. THEN! … MAKE… ME…. CUM!"

With one final mighty thrust to the hilt in her, Naruto and Tenten simultaneously and explosively climaxed as they yelled out their releases in joy. He was basking in those soft, wet walls of her squeezing around his manhood, while she was savoring burst after burst of his seed shooting into her womanhood. Both shuddered as their orgasms rocked through their beings, his rod giving tiny jerks within her, indicating his continuing spraying of her insides.

When their orgasms finally faded, after what felt like eternity for the pair, Naruto was just barely aware enough to lower Tenten on her feet before they collapsed onto their knees with his dick staying inside her the whole time. Both panted heavily to match their racing hearts, as they silently knelt there, his arms still around her and her hands now both on his arm around her pelvis.

Tenten just couldn't believe it. With her tongue partly sticking out as her body gradually calmed down, the Weapons Mistress was once more in awe at how great a lover Naruto was to her. This time he rocked her world to an even greater height, and it was achieved without that pheromone-laced deodorant. Kami, she wondered how much more can this guy could do to her.

Finally, after a few minutes, their breathing-rates returned to normal, and that was when the 17-year-old kunoichi felt her 15-year-old lover moved back a bit to leisurely lick up her spine, causing her to gasped at first before mewing in approval of his actions. Once he reached the base of her neck, Tenten, with a warm smile, turned her head to face Naruto as he again placed her back flushed with his front. Seeing his expression matched her own, she initiated a warm kiss, which he returned with equal feelings.

Breaking the kiss with a smooch, Tenten smiled widely. "Kami, Naruto, that was the best one yet. Are you sure you only spent 2 days and 3 nights with Koyuki-sama?"

Naruto chuckled at her joke. "Well, maybe I'm inspired by my beautiful partner. After all, I just can't accept you giving me a gift and not let me give back something in return."

Despite her cheeks were already blushed enough from the sexual workout; Tenten swore her face was becoming redder due to his compliment that she was beautiful. "Flatter," she warmly grinned a bit, liking how he was being so sweet.

"You know what?" the weapons-loving girl began, her grin widening as she speak. "I was entirely myself this time around. No pheromones making me horny or such. It was completely you and I arousing each other. We achieved the best orgasm without that stupid deodorant."

An understanding and pleased expression appeared on Naruto's face. "You're right, and I like it. It makes me think we can achieve even greater pleasure on our own, don't you think?"

"Maybe," admitted Tenten prior to closing her eyes and giving a tiny warm shiver on the thought. The orgasm she had produced was the best she ever had so far, thus the notion of going even higher than that was mindboggling. Kami, she knew it would likely mean passing out from the extreme ecstasy. It was something she definitely would not reject.

Suddenly, she felt a quick jolt of his hips and his manly pole inside her, causing the brown-haired girl to moan at the pleasure it produced. Tenten opened her eyes and smiled wickedly at the mischievous boy with twinkling blue eyes. "I feel you're still hard, Whisker Boy. How about a quick second round to take care of that hard sword of yours?" she purred.

With a smirk, the blond did another quick jab of his cock, making her softly approvingly moan. "Have a position in mind, Weapons Girl? How about I screw you fast with your back against the tree?"

Tenten licked her lips at the mental image. It definitely sounded quite appealing, knowing he could pound her hard against the tree. Yet she knew the rough bark would not be comfortable, making it not an ideal place to achieve orgasm while experiencing pain at the same time.

"Maybe another time, if we get together again" she huskily replied, saving his idea for a better location, like against the wall of her apartment or his.

As he grinded against her butt, making her mew at the sensations he was stirring inside her vagina, the blond jinchuuriki nipped her earlobe. "Then what position you want?" he whispered in her ear.

Pulling her head away, Tenten heatedly latched her mouth over his, making both moan while their tongues touched together for a few electrical brief moments. When she broke the kiss, the girl smiled sultry prior to moving away from his body, causing their sex organs to disengage. She quickly plopped onto the ground on her left side, flick her feet to toss away her high-heel sandals, and raised her right leg high into to the air with her right hand supporting it. The act made Naruto's libido rose at the sight.

Konoha's Weapons Mistress was pleased to see that she still have the sexy touch. Having her toned leg in the air with her womanhood oozing out her juices and his cream was no doubt a picture of erotica for her lover. "Well… What are you waiting for?" she purred. "Come down here and fuck me silly."

Naruto did not waste another second, as he scurried on his left side behind her and got his rod lodged at her entrance. Once his right hand was on her raised right leg, the teenage boy quickly slammed his hips forward, causing him to fill her womanhood to be brim. Tenten couldn't help but to shout out in pleasure as she tossed her head back at the sudden intrusion.

When she felt him started to move, the brown-haired, young woman started to moan and groan, enjoying the sparks emanating from her sexual core, and when her golden-haired lover used his left hand to turn her head toward him as he leaned over and covered her mouth with his, she just let herself go and let him do what he pleased with her. Moaning into that wonderful male mouth, Tenten lowered her right leg to wrap behind his hip. She was not disappointed when he had increased his trusts, while his freed right hand began massaging her right breast.

"Kami, this boy is relentless," she mentally spoke her last coherent words before being swept away by waves of sexual lust and pleasure.

(End of lemon)

Reaching their destination, two Konoha teenagers jumped down from out of the trees and walked casually to the edge of a ravine, where a rope wood-planked bridge spanned the gap. On the other side stood a regular-looking, small house with a chimney. The structure was situated at the bottom of a hill.

Fully dressed and cleaned of any smells and residues of their sexual romp, Naruto and Tenten looked at the house on the other side before eying each other. The blond chuckled. "Well we're here. We could have gotten here sooner, but who am I going to complain." His amused smile turned to a thankful, warm one. "Thanks again, Ten-chan."

Feeling a slight blush forming on her cheeks, Tenten smiled back. "We're friends, as I said, Naruto. What kind of friend would I be, if I didn't help you?" Her lips curled up into a small smirk. "Besides, I enjoyed myself as much as you did."

Indeed, the brunette teenage girl couldn't help but think again how good Naruto was when it came to sex. Top his knowledge and skills with his unselfish attitude to give more than receive, and you end up with a guy who truly wanted to please his partner. It had started with her wanting to please him, yet it has turned around with him pleasuring her, especially when they'd engaged in intercourse. Kami, the man was a stamina freak! No wonder she had ended up getting huge orgasms, leaving her with a very satisfying ache between the legs that told her how great the sex had been.

Besides the sex, Tenten was also blushing due for the first time in her life; someone had added the -chan suffix to her name. No one had ever given her that suffix, not even Neji. It had spoken volumes how much Naruto have now came to trust her. To be considered a very close friend on par with Sakura was quite touching.

Suddenly an elderly male voice shouted from the inside the house. "NINJUTSU IS A CHALLENGE!" followed immediately by an explosion that came out of the chimney top. The two Konoha shinobi were startled by what they heard and saw.

Being the first to recover from the shock, Naruto frowned and chuckled at the same time. "You were saying about the chances of him having changed, Ten-chan?"

Tenten chuckled a bit back. "Well, I guess some things have not changed in the past few years."

After sharing a grin, the two adolescents proceeded to cross the bridge to the other side, and once Tenten knocked on the door, they entered the house, knowing Master Iou and his assistant would be busy inside. Sure enough, poor Shouseki, the glasses-wearing apprentice of Master Iou, was busy trying to get the fire out while the elderly, mustache-wearing weapons smith watched on. The knocking and opening of the front door alerted the old man to the two guests.

"Can I help you with something?" he began, eying the pair. He immediately noticed the Konoha hitai-ates, causing him to frown. "Are you here for more weapons supplies? I gave Konoha a bunch a few months ago."

Seeing how irritated Iou was, Tenten gave a reassuring grin. "We're not here to pick up weapons for the village, Master Iou. Unlike nearly three years ago, we're here to seek a personal purchase."

This caused both Iou and Shouseki, after he finally put out the fire, to look at Tenten closer. It was Shouseki who made the connection. "Ah!" he called out while pointing at the bun-haired girl. "You're that young kunoichi a few years ago who defeated those ninjas by using Jidanda!"

Iou's eyes finally showed recognition in them. "Ah! Now I remember! How could I possibly have forgotten the young girl who easily defeated my traps and wielded Jidanda so beautifully?"

Tenten couldn't help but to blush at the praise, as she rubbed the back of her head and cutely stuck out her tongue as she chuckled.

The weapons smith and his assistant turned their gaze on Naruto. "Who are you?" asked Iou.

Shouseki pushed up the bridge of his glasses as he examined the blonde boy. "I remember he was one of Tenten's teammates. The boy we stuck on the rocket shuriken."

"Ah, yes," Iou replied, before waving away the topic. "No one important."

With a tick mark on his head, Naruto began twitching his left eye, for he very much wanted to plummet the old man into the floor. Luckily for the weapons maker, a nervously, chuckling Tenten latched onto his right arm to hold his fist down.

"This is Naruto, Master Iou," the young woman introduced. "Uzumaki Naruto."

Iou and Shouseki nodded and smiled. "Please to meet you, young man!" the elderly man spoke.

Letting out a huff of air, Naruto trained his gaze at his companion besides him. "They remember you, but they do not remember me."

Once more chuckling cutely, Tenten tried to reassure her friend. "Well, it's not like they meet someone everyday who can handle a giant wrecking ball like Jidanda, Naruto. Besides, they have much in common with me regarding weapons compared to you."

Naruto sighed before nodding. "Still, even they must have heard of what I am, right?"

Tenten immediately felt a bit uncomfortable. Why was he bringing up that subject? It was not really that important, right? Or was he just thinking out loud?

Picking up on the blond's words, Iou blinked out of curiosity. "What you are?"

Naruto did not hesitate. "Yeah, you must have heard from the village about the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, right? Well, he is me."

While Shouseki's eyes went wide in revelation, Iou looked like he was not affected at all as he 'hmmm' while nodding his head. "So you're that boy, eh?

This time, both Tenten and Naruto were blinking in confusion. "You're not afraid of me?" Naruto asked.

With a wave of a hand, the elderly weapons maker dismissed the question. "Bah, you're no demon, for I can see that." He raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you're a demon?"

"No, of course not!" quickly replied Naruto in defense.

"Good!" smiled Iou before laughing a bit. "I met a few jinchuuriki in my travels, and they're all the same. They're just flesh-and-blood people who just have a huge amount of power place inside them. You're no different, boy." Shouseki nodded with a grin to show he agreed.

Relaxing, Naruto let a small grin formed on his face. Growing up, it was rare for him to have met people in the village who did not saw him as the Kyuubi. Those, who did not see him as the Fox, gained his respect. Iou and Shouseki now were on that list. They were still crazy though to him, but they weren't bias.

"Well now…" said the weapons maker, his focus on the bun-haired kunoichi. "Did you say something about making a personal purchase from me?"

Feeling good that Master Iou was not holding a grudge against Naruto for being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Tenten answered the question. "Yes, Naruto is looking for a chakra weapon he can use as a medium for channeling his elemental chakra, which is Wind. Asuma-sensei even recommended you."

Iou fondly smiled at the memories he was thinking. "Ah, Sarutobi's youngest brat. He was a real rebel back then. I'm glad to have heard how much he had grown and still using those chakra knifes I made for him." Eying Naruto again, he took a moment before nodding. "Very well. I have chakra weapons in my stock. You just need to find out which weapon may be suited for you."

With that said the old man went over to one side of the small cabin and opened up a small, secret door that Naruto and Tenten remembered as the entrance to the secret storage and work area underground. He paused before turning to face the two teenagers. "I would like to see how you had gotten pass my security system two years ago, young lady. Care to demonstrate?"

After taking off her backpack and large scroll and placing them on the floor, a confident smug Tenten walked over to the small opening. "I don't mind at all, Master Iou," she said prior to crawling through the entrance. Iou chuckled before following her with Shouseki behind him.

Naruto sighed as he deposited his backpack on the floor, before he too entered into the secret underground passageway leading to the weapon-maker's workshop. The blond wondered whether Tenten had suggested this trip more for her than for him.

After Tenten did a quick demonstration of her impressive skills by disabling the security robots using only kunai to hit the targets, they were all soon inside the workshop and armory of the old weapons smith. Naruto couldn't help but to grin in amusement upon seeing the bun-haired kunoichi go starry-eyed upon seeing the old weapons and even some new additions to the collection. For a few moments, the blue-eyed teen saw the then-14-year-old Tenten who had also ogled all these iron weapons with a nearly drooling mouth.

Hearing her friend chuckled, Konoha's Weapons Mistress turned to raise an eyebrow at him. "What's so funny, Naruto?"

Getting his quiet laughter under control, a grinning Naruto simply pointed at her for a moment. "You. You're acting just like you did nearly three years ago, Ten-chan."

She almost felt like smacking him, but Tenten knew he was just teasing her, so she let it slide. "Well, I love weapons. Can you blame me?" she smirked, seeing him shaking his head and chuckling again. "Besides, I recall you wouldn't call me 'captain'."

The blond genin rolled his eyes but kept his amused expression as he continued to inspect the weapons while casually strolling by them. "I'm not a butt kisser, Ten-chan. The only person, I have ever call by his rank, is Yamato-taichou, and that's because he is a captain."

Tenten crossed her arms and frowned a bit. She remembered, when Gai-sensei had first gave the team the mission to first meet Master Iou, that she had been quite insistent in Naruto calling her 'captain', but the boy just wouldn't budge on the matter. She had given up when it became clear she was making herself look like a fool. Heck, Naruto had not ever-called Tsunade by title either, for he had always had called her 'Baa-chan'. It made sense that if he was not going to call the Godaime by her title, why should he call her 'captain'?

Yet despite Naruto saying that he was not ever a butt kisser, Tenten was aware that technically he was. With her smirk returned to her face, the brunette launched her attack. "I'm not entire sure you're not a butt kisser, Naruto. I recall you didn't mind kissing my butt."

Stopping in his tracks, Naruto turned his head to look at his partner, his cheeks pinking. This was the first time she had ever made such a statement, especially in front of other people. Realizing he was staring, he cleared his throat and grinned a bit sheepishly. "Well… It's a nice shapely butt, that's for sure," he said, causing her to gently laugh.

Unaware by the two teens, Iou had first blinked at what the young kunoichi had said before a crafty grin spread across his face. "Well, well," he lowly said. "What an interesting couple they make."

Shouseki was confused. "'Couple', Master Iou?"

Not wanting to alert the two teenagers, the elderly weapons-maker whispered into his assistant's ear, and when he was finished, the glasses-wearing man's cheeks were turning red. "You mean... They are…?" He held up his pinky, and when his master nodded, he lowered his hand. "Wow," he muttered. "I sure wish to have a pretty girlfriend to kiss her butt."

Knowing he had given Naruto and Tenten enough time for their 'flirting', Iou cleared his throat and then grinned with twinkling eyes, as the two Konoha warriors were startled. "As much as I have come to enjoy hearing how you two don't mind kissing each other's butts, you are here to purchase a weapon, right?"

Tenten, her cheeks turning rosy red, cleared her throat and nodded. How embarrassing! She had totally forgotten that Iou and Shouseki were there. Judging from Shouseki's blushing expression and Iou's comment, it was clear the two weapons smiths knew precisely what she and Naruto were referring. Mentally chastening herself, the brunette swore to make certain not to 'flirt' with Naruto what so ever, unless it was certain they were totally alone with no eyes and ears nearby.

Yet, as she glanced at her equally blushing and embarrassed partner, who was again looking at the rows of iron-steel weapons, the 17-year-old female ninja admitted to herself that it was fun to 'flirt' with Naruto. Not to say that Neji wasn't fun; it was just Naruto was livelier in this game with his personality, which made her want even more to continue. Maybe on the way home she could tease him some more.

"So… See anything you like, Naruto?" asked Tenten, wanting to get back to the reason why they were here and not provide anymore embarrassing ammunition for Master Iou. It seemed the old man was quite observant.

The blond boy shrugged. "I don't think any of these big weapons are made using chakra metal. I thought we came here to find a medium for my wind chakra?"

Nodding in agreement, Tenten gazed around the room. "You're right. None of these are chakra weapons." Her brown eyes rested on the maker of these weapons. "Master Iou, where are you chakra weapons?"

The old man chuckled as his young apprentice smirked. "Do you think we will have those weapons lying around so easily for anyone to pick-up? After you had so easily penetrated my defense system nearly 3 years ago, I made certain to have the best weapons be sealed."

With that said, the two weapons smiths strolled up a flight of stone steps to a platform overlooking the weapons stockpile. After forming a few hand seals, the duo slapped their hands onto the floor at different locations, and a moment later, a cloud of smoke appeared. When it cleared five racks of weapons were seen, and all of them were the easily carried ones, from swords, axes, battle fans, and other variants. It became apparent that they had sealed the weapons in a hidden fuinjutsu seal on the floor.

As the two Konoha shinobi came up the stairs, Tenten once more went starry-eyed at the collection of chakra weapons, while Naruto whistled in approval. These weren't the big bulky weapons, but ones one could carry on your person without breaking your back. Now this was more like it.

Breaking out of her starry-eyed mode, the teenage kunoichi strolled behind her friend as they examined the gleaming, polished weapons. "See anything you like?" she repeated the question from earlier.

The whisker-faced blond shrugged. "They all look good. Just which one will be the best for me?"

Tenten's expression quickly became thoughtful as she hummed. "Well… You are a mid to close-range fighter, and you use mostly ninjutsu in your attacks, especially the Kage Bunshin. You should have a weapon that you can easily use with one hand and be able to use in close quarters, say inside a room in a building." Her mouth let out another long 'Hmmmm'. "This definitely rules out any long weapons, like the katana, bo, and any weapon with a long staff. Maybe the short swords might be ideal for you."

So for many minutes, the golden-haired Hokage-wannabe tried several weapons with his brunette partner giving him advice. Gauntlets were ideal, given they freed his hands to make hand signs. Yet they were made more for taijutsu specialists, especially like Tsunade and Sakura, and they weren't practical, according to Master Iou, to use as mediums for elemental jutsu, like Wind. A ninjato was good due to its short blade, yet the blade was not curved, making it not ideal for slashing, even though in Naruto's case, it may not matter. The list went on-and-on with Naruto getting a bit frustrated on what weapon he could use.

As the teenage boy was thinking of just screwing the whole thing and just pick a weapon for the heck of it, his eyes spotted a large box next to one rack. "What's in here?" he asked before bending down a bit to open the box with Tenten looking over his shoulder in curiosity too. Once the top was open, Naruto saw many of the same bladed weapons inside prior to pulling one out for inspection.

It was a double-sided blade that was wide at the guard yet narrows at its curves up to the sharp tip. The guard was actually part of the blade as the curves of the blade sloped outward to form the guard then sloped inward again into the handle. The handle was wrapped to provide a firm grip. Yet the most noticeable feature of the blade was the Konoha leaf symbol engraved into the center of the guard. It was a nice short sword that looked like a kunai variation.

As Naruto continued to gaze at awe at the blade in his hands, Tenten reached around him to pick up one from box. After take a few steps away from the blond, she began, using only one hand, to whirl the blade and do a few kenjutsu moves. When she was finished, the brunette kunoichi whistled in admiration. "What is this blade, Master Iou?" she asked the weapons-smith.

The aged man couldn't help but to smile in pride. "A few months ago, I came up with this simple yet elegant design for a chakra blade. When you pour chakra into the blade, it will produce affects as any other chakra weapon. You can make an extended blade of chakra, use it for elemental jutsu," this caught Naruto's attention, "and other things, like cutting chakra strings of puppet users. Given it is so simple to use, the Godaime had ordered a few hundred to arm the Konoha Shinobi Force."

"So are these for sale then?" asked the weapons-loving girl. It was clear from her voice and expression how eager she was to get her hands on something new to add to her arsenal.

Iou grinned widely. "Yep, they are. The blades in the box were some extra I made that were not part of the Godaima's order. Yet given chakra metal is hard to make, thus making it rare, these blades are not cheap, young lady."

Just then Naruto caught everyone's attention when he poured chakra into the blade, only to see a blue-blade of chakra extended out with a blue guard extending out from the original guard. The blue-eyed boy smiled widely at the sight. "This is awesome!" Stopping the flow of charka into the blade, the blue extensions dissipated. "How much for one?"

"I'll take one too!" added Tenten, her brown orbs shining. Master Iou laughed at the two young teens' enthusiasm, before he told them the price for one Konoha Chakra Blade.

So after hearing the price, Naruto inwardly cringed a bit, yet he shrugged. "Well, it is a bit expensive, but not overly expensive as I heard for other chakra weapons. I can afford it."

"Same here," admitted Tenten, agreeing with her friend. "Having one will be a good addition to my collection." Her eyes gleamed, when she faced Master Iou again. "Yet I want to know one thing, Master Iou." When the elderly man nodded for her to continue, he was not expecting the brunette to suddenly lean forward with sparkles in her eyes. "Tell me you have Jidanda ready? Is it ready? Can I have it? Pretty please?"

Naruto turned his head away as he placed a hand over his mouth to prevent from laughing out loud. He had seen Tenten's Puppy Dog expression before when she spent those two nights and a day at his apartment, for she had used it on him to get some extra ramen out of him or some other things. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki has to admit that it made the girl look so cute and adorable, especially with her hair in those twin buns. He almost gave her a new nickname of 'Panda-chan' then.

Master Iou blinked at first before softly chuckling. "Can you afford the price, young lady?" The question broke the weapons-loving girl from her Puppy Dog look. Yet before she could utter a word, the elderly man gave the cost.

Tenten's jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing the number. "EEH! I can't afford to pay that amount! I can easily resupply my kunai and shuriken arsenal for that sum of money!"

"Well, we have to make a living too," pointed out Shouseki. "We can't live solely on village resupply funds."

Iou nodded in agreement. "We're weapons developers, not regular blacksmiths! Most of the blacksmiths in the village can easily make the thousands of kunai and shuriken to resupply the shinobi force. Most of our money is made from selling advanced weapons."

Shouseki sheepishly smiled. "Which was why I had sold those two weapons back then. We really had needed the money."

With a tick on his forehead, Master Iou smacked his assistant on the head hard enough for him to meet the floor. "We made a promise not to sell our weapons to any shinobi outside Konoha! That day nearly ended in disaster, if it weren't for this young lady here!"

With a bump on his head, the glasses-wearing man raised his face with tears running down his cheek. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he kept repeating as he bowed his head.

Crossing her arms, Tenten pouted as she stomped one foot. "Oh…. Poo." She very much wanted Jidanha added to her arsenal. Her collection was made of many various regular weapons, nothing special that stands out. It would add prestige to her name, if she could wield a weapon that made people remember you, as it did with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Oh, well. Least the brunette has a new chakra blade added to her weapons cache.

Letting out a breath, Konoha's Weapons Mistress turned her head and noticed her blond friend was looking away from her with a small smirk on his face. "What's so amusing, Naruto?"

Nervously laughing a bit, Naruto, realizing he was caught, faced the curious kunoichi while rubbing the back of his head. "Well, you are in a way." This prompted the Tenten to raise an eyebrow. "You're even cuter when you actually pout."

Tenten couldn't help but to blush pink a bit. To say she was cute was… flattering. "Thanks," she admitted with a tiny grin prior to her lips forming a smirk as she gently pushed his head back with one finger. He chuckled at her actions.

Laughter dying off just as the two weapons-makers were once again paying attention to them, the Leaf's Jinchuuriki patted his female companion's shoulder. "Don't worry. One day, when you save enough money, you can come back and buy Jidanda."

"Easy for you to say," Tenten frowned. "A certain percentage of my pay goes to resupplying my weapons. Since I sometimes expend a huge number of kunai, shuriken, and other weapons, I have to spend the money to resupply them. It's not like I can magically summon them back across the battlefield."

Naruto scratched his head. "Why not? Maybe you can put a seal on them to call them back. I've seen Ero-sennin do fuuinjutsu, and he's very good. Maybe he can help."

"Is that possible?" inquired Tenten, her voice sounding hopeful.

"Anything is possible," cut in Iou, gaining the two teens' attention, while Shouseki was nodding in agreement besides his master. "Fuuinjutsu is a powerful field in the shinobi world. Very few ever study it fully due to the complexities, not to mention the huge dangers if one wrote a seal incorrectly. If a complex fuuinjutsu can keep the Kyuubi imprisoned, it is possible fuuinjutsu can retrieve your weapons."

Mind racing, the female member of Team Gai knew such a fuinjutsu seal definitely would revolutionize her life, not to mention everyone else's. A ninja could easily summon his or her weapons back, thus one would only need to replace weapons that were too dulled to use again or lost totally, like those tagged with explosive notes. There were many possible uses for such a seal.

Bringing herself back to reality, Tenten optimistically sighed with a small grin. "Such a seal would definitely be beneficial." She raised her chocolate eyes to lock onto the ocean blues of her friend. "I only know the basic sealing fuuinjutsu that is used everywhere."

"We'll ask Ero-sennin the next time we see him," Naruto grinned reassuringly, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks, Naruto," Tenten warmly grinned back, before her lips curled up in a smirk. "Only after we kill him."

Naruto smirked back. "Right, after we kill him." They still have to pay the pervert for creating that Sage Deodorant. It was okay to have sex by mutual consent naturally between the partners, not by force using hormones. Yet they had both admitted that they had not ever had such passionate sex before, as they had during those two days. However, their time together today had felt more right and natural between them. Nevertheless, Ero-sennin was still going to pay.

Hearing a throat clearing, the two adolescents turned their heads to see the two weapon-makers grinning cheekily at them. "Do you two want your chakra blades wrapped for your future wedding?" Iou asked with humor.

Realizing what they were doing, Naruto pulled his hand away from her shoulder as Tenten took a couple of steps back. They blushed as Iou laughed and Shouseki chuckled.

"Now, now," Iou said with a raised of his hand. "It's perfectly understandable for a nice couple to be intimate with each other." Shouseki raised his pinky to emphasize the point.

With cheeks turning rosy red, Tenten narrowed her eyes at the two men. She took a few steps toward them to lean down and forward close to their faces. "My relationship with Naruto is none of your business!"

"Right!" both master and apprentice said in unison with those big cheeky grins still spread across their face. The young kuniochi was not amused.

Hoping Tenten would not kill the men, whom would one day sell her Jidanda, Naruto, face flushed, looked away and rubbed the back of his head. Even without saying a word, Master Iou and Shouseki had taken a good guess what was going on between him and Tenten. It made the blond prayed no one else figured it out, if they were to keep their 'friends with benefits' relationship a secret.

Palms flew at lightning speed, hitting various points of the wooden dummy with precision and accuracy. The owner of the hands was satisfied, as he stepped back and entered into a series of taijutsu stances around the small interior courtyard, which was surrounded by the traditional living-quarters of his clan. Veins around his eyes pulsed as his bloodline powered his pearl-colored pupils to see everything around him with more clarity than a normal human could.

Suddenly, he stopped as a small grin graced his features. He heard off one side the opening of the shoji door, which was the exit into the courtyard. "Even after all these years, you still continue to serve me tea, even when it is clear you do not have to do so… Hinata-sama." Deactivating his bloodline, he turned his head toward the teenage girl holding a tray of tea in her purple kunoichi attire.

"It is okay, Neji-niisan," Hinata grinned at her cousin prior to setting the tray down on the wooden walkway under the overhang. "I enjoy making tea, as you know. It's soothing for me."

Neji simply nodded, before he strolled over to sit on the wooden steps next to his cousin. Only then did he pick up a towel to wipe his brow.

Ever since Naruto had won the fight against him in the third round of the Chuunin Exams, Neji had mended fences with his uncle and two female cousins, especially Hinata. It had become clear that his clan's heiress was not weak, as he had first thought. A matter of fact, her kindness and love toward wanting to help, even if it meant making a pot of tea, showed her compassionate side, a tribute that many in the Branch House saw in a leader that would one day unite the Hyuuga clan once more. Even Hinata mentioned she wanted to do away with the Caged Bird seal one day, and ever since then, Neji swore to be by her side.

A comfortable silence reigned for awhile after the older Hyuuga boy thankfully accepted a cup of tea from his cousin. The two sat, each in his/her thoughts.

"Neji-niisan?" spoke Hinata, breaking the quiet. Seeing she have his attention with his eyes locked on hers, the Hyuuga Heiress continued. "Ever since a few weeks ago, I have heard rumors. Rumors that even Hanabi-chan confirmed she had heard."

With his keen eyesight, Neji noticed her eyes held fear, and he already had a good guess what rumors she was referring. Yet, to make certain… "What rumors are you talking about, Hinata-sama?"

Shaking a bit, Hinata pressed on. "Is it true that Naruto-kun and Tenten-san are together as a couple? I keep hearing they even have sex."

The Hyuuga jounin closed his eyes and let out a breath. Yep, as he figured out, it was about Naruto. Once he had repaired his relationship with the eldest of his two cousins, it had not taken long for him to figured out how much Hinata was crushing over the blond shinobi. It pretty much explained why she followed his beliefs, for Naruto's 'I will not give up!' attitude was something to admire for a girl who had once been constantly been beaten down by her father and later her cousin. It was no wonder Hinata-sama was so head-over-heels for the Hokage-wannabe.

Opening his eyes and focusing them on the worrisome ones of his clan's heiress, the Hyuuga prodigy shook his head. "They're just rumors, Hinata-sama. I'd asked Tenten, and she told me she is not having a relationship with Naruto. They're just friends."

"Are you sure?" asked Hinata, her voice sounding hopeful.

"I know Tenten for several years now. She would not lie to me."

A small smile graced the Hyuuga girl's face. "Thank you, Neji-niisan. I'll see you later."

"Good day, Hinata-sama," he said before bowing his head slightly in respect to his cousin's position in the clan. He watched as the 15-year-old girl stood up, walked through the shogi door, and closed it behind her. Only then did Neji return to drinking his tea, focusing on his thoughts.

Yet unknown to the clan's genius, Hinata had dropped her smile the moment she closed the door behind her. She strolled away with her mind wondering. "What if Naruto-kun likes another girl more than me? I know he likes Sakura-san, but it is clear she does not return his feelings. Tenten-san is different. Unlike me, she is not afraid to get anything she wants, and if she decides to have a relationship with Naruto-kun before I can tell him how I feel."

She suddenly gasped at the image in her head, seeing Naruto and Tenten kissing. Her hand reached up to clutch her chest. "No… No… NO!" Hinata straightened up and with a determine face, continued her journey. "I will tell Naruto-kun how I feel! Neji-niisan said Tenten is not having a relationship with Naruto-kun, so I have to believe Naruto-kun is still free for me!" The heiress strolled on, her heart full for the blond boy who gave her so much confidence.

Meanwhile, her thoughts were nearly on a similar plain as her cousin's as he narrowed his eyes. "Tenten stated she is just friends with Naruto, yet I'm 'just friends' with her and we have a sexual relationship. She had not ever trained with Naruto before, so this is a first. Not to mention, she actually volunteered to help Naruto get a chakra weapon, thus why she and Naruto are out of the village for the day." Neji's eyes narrowed even further. "She is alone with Naruto out there. She wouldn't…"

The 17-year-old Hyuuga mentally shook his head at the same time he closed his eyes. "I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. Tenten had spoken her word that she was not having a relationship with Naruto." After opening his eyes, the young jounin took a sip of tea and sighed. "Knowing her, she will not go back on her word."

With his mind made up, Neji finished his tea before returning to his training.

TBC (End of Chapter 3)


1) Well, first off, if you have read my spoiler warning at the very beginning, you obviously would know this chapter is based off Shippuuden Episode 184, where Neji, Tenten, and Naruto met Iou and Shouseki. I loved this filler episode, and since Naruto is seeking a chakra weapon, why not visit Iou, since he is a weapons smith. Not to mention Tenten definitely loves weapons, and we all saw how much she fell in love with the weapons Iou created, especially Jidanda. XD

2) Since I had already gave Naruto a kodachi in my "Unexpected Love" fic, I'd wanted Naruto to have a different chakra weapon of this fic. Over at DeviantArt, I'd asked for people's input to what kind of weapon would suit Naruto. I was disappointed that not many even responded.

Yet after I saw the 4th Shippuuden Movie, The Lost Tower, I was floored with the Konoha Chakra Blade. So I said to myself, "Why not?" So for "The Smell of Love", I gave Naruto the Konoha Chakra Blade. On top of that, I had Iou being the one who created the blade. After all, someone had to invented the blade, so why not Iou? (wink, smirk)

For those who are asking, "Why that weapon?" Well, for starters, Naruto is a close to mid-range fighter, so he needs a weapon he can use with one hand, freeing his other hand for other uses, say one-hand seals for jutsu. The Konoha Chakra Blade is essentially like a short sword anyway, so it's good for enclosed environments, says inside a building. Furthermore, it's a chakra weapon; so I can see it can be use as a medium for his wind chakra, much like Asuma's knuckle knives. So I can see the Konoha Chakra Blade would be ideal suited for Naruto. :)

2a) I want to thank everyone who has participated in my poll over at DeviantArt. You all gave me your thoughts and opinions, and after I had thought about it, I'd decided to go with the Konoha Chakra Blade. I deeply appreciated all who had helped out. Thanks! (big grin)

2b) Oh… For those who have not seen the fourth Shippuuden Movie, if you want to see what the Konoha Chakra Blade looks like, check it out over at Naruto Wiki. Just copy and paste the following URL and remove the spaces. ;)

naruto . wikia . com / wiki / Konoha_Chakra_Blade

3) Some of you obvious are aware that I changed one thing regarding Shippuuden Episode 184, and that is Naruto calling Tenten 'captain'. As a Naruto fan, I know this is totally OOC for him. He had not ever called any of his peers by rank, not even Neji in the 1st Shippuuden Movie. The only person he had ever called by rank is Yamato. So when I heard Naruto calling Tenten 'captain', I knew immediately it just did not feel right for him at all.

So since this is my fic, I call the shots, and in this fic universe, Naruto had not ever called Tenten 'captain.' All the events of the episode did happen, except for this one detail. Besides, as Naruto stated in this fic, he's not a Butt Kisser, although as Tenten stated, he didn't mind literally kissing her butt. LOL! XD

4) Yeah, some of you are saying I'm taking the same route as "Unexpected Love" when it comes to Naruto and Tenten training together. He gets a new weapon for which Tenten helps train him in kenjutsu, while he can help her in ninjutsu. To be honest, I want Naruto to have a weapon anyway, and regular shuriken and kunai just do not cut it. Besides, this is the best way for the pair end up spending more time together. ;)

5) Last, I want everyone to know that I'm thinking of not following canon events. I know it would be easy to just follow the manga, but the way Kishimoto is writing the 4th Great Shinobi War, it makes me want to write things differently. The author of "The Sealed Kunai" is a great writer with not following canon to the letter, making for an interesting story instead of stale when one writes totally off canon.

So I'll be thinking about just tweaking canon. I already had done so with Naruto not calling Tenten 'captain.' Maybe I can do so with other events. :)