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The locker room was darker than usual, he hadn't bothered to turn the lights on but he could see okay. Fucking Hummel. This was all his fault, that faggot just had to come traipsing back into his life. It wasn't like he was waiting for him... no, he didn't care about seeing that homo. Dave was straight. When he saw a nervous looking Hummel pulling into the near deserted parking lot of McKinley, he retreated back inside the school. Waiting, watching for him. He hadn't intended to really do anything, he was just pissed, that little bitch thought he could just come back here with no consequences. He had watched him, his heart jumping underneath his jacket. Not my type Dave balled his hands into fists, what the fuck did he care if he wasn't Hummel's type? He was a fag.

He had been wearing what Dave guessed was his new uniform, from that school he transferred to. He could hear the Glee Club singing in the distance, probably from the auditorium, that must have been why Hummel was braving the return, to go see them. The lithe boy's head was held high, like usual. So cocky. Dave couldn't help but notice a jumpier demeanor, which he knew was due to the fact that the brunette was praying not to run into him. The jock followed behind him, his jaw set, until the boy moved close enough to the locker room on his own. When he finally did he moved quicker, clasping a strong hand over his mouth and dragging him into the darkened and deserted room.

Here he was, watching Hummel trying to get up off the ground while Dave pushed his foot back down on the soprano. Getting the boy to the ground had been easy, towering over him now he felt heat go straight to his crotch. God, he looked like a dream, his lip bleeding and his face flustered. He looked down at him, grinning a little. "Let me up," his voice wavered and Dave could hear him trying to sound defiant. He kicked him in the side, watching as the boy screamed. Dave cursed and climbed over the boy, pressing his hand over his mouth and ripping at the white dress shirt with the other. It didn't take much force to get it open, some buttons had popped off. He removed his hand, staring down at him as if he had never seen anything so wonderful in his life. A flicker of anger and Dave punched him.

Hummel gasped, sounding like such a fucking girl. He was spluttering and trying desperately to breathe. The jock above him narrowed his eyes. "You made me like this, you fucking fag," the sneer was evident in his voice. God so perfect, just so fucking perfect, his gaze took in every part of exposed pale skin greedily. The small framed boy's hand were on his own within seconds, trying desperately to free himself. He was screaming again and the bigger male socked him in the mouth, hoping to silence the youth. Fingers trembled just a bit while unbuttoning Humm-Kurt's pants. He would call him Kurt for now... just now while he had him. His heart was racing, the idea of owning this beauty was exciting him beyond measure. His pants were tight, so painfully tight. Kurt was mumbling loudly, trying to curse him through battered bloody breaths.

"No, God, please Karofsky... not this... please," words were lost in the hurried sounds of his zipper being yanked down. Dave moaned softly as he yanked down his pants, perfect. How was it fair? Kurt made him feel like this, it was all his fault, wearing tight pants, looking so beautiful that he could barely stand it most days. No, he was his now. He would become a part of him that Kurt would never be able to forget or erase. Running a large hand up his small, milky thighs he exhaled, the boy was struggling and Dave was suddenly aware that they weren't exactly alone in the school. He needed to do this, just once and then he would never have to feel this way again.

"Shut the fuck up," he snarled and yanked down the boy's boxer briefs. He fumbled with his own jeans, getting them down and pulling his aching erection from his boxers. Kurt was sobbing now, a stream of 'no's were echoing in the deserted locker room. Karofsky grabbed him by the throat, squeezing, the boy's voice drowned out. Pushing into him was perfect, he was so fucking tight and the bigger boy moaned. Kurt was digging his nails into the hand that was enclosed around his neck, strange, barely audible whimpers surpassing his pink lips. Dave released his grip and leaned down pressing a kiss with bruising force to those lips. Electricity was surging through him, everything about Hummel felt so good.

No Kurt. "So goddamn beautiful," his voice a husky whisper. Tears were streaming down from green eyes, once filled with so much defiance and cockiness were drowning in grief and shame. Why? He was getting what he wanted wasn't he? He was a slut, a fucking faggy slut. Dave fell into a harsh pace, pushing deeper each time, Kurt was choking on soft sobs. His breathing was coming heavier now, holding Kurt's wrists above his head as he pounded into him. "Fuck, I lov-" he gasped, getting closer to release. He didn't mean that... no, he couldn't actually love Hummel. He didn't love Hummel. Grunting once more, he climaxed, spilling his seed inside the perfect little doll of a boy.

Looking back down at the bleeding, bruised angel he cursed. He got his own pants back on, casting a look to Hummel. "You fucking tell anyone..." he spat, not sure what to say, "I really will make good on my promise. See ya fag." He left him. He left him completely alone and bleeding in the darkness. It was supposed to help, it was supposed to make the feelings go away. It didn't. It just made him hurt more.

Next chapter will be from Kurt's POV