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His clothing. He was bleeding on his dior underwear, he could feel it. He had managed to pull them up at the very least, his body was aching and his breath bated. The pain was immense but he could hardly focus on anything but the fact that his father would have to get him a new uniform for sure. It was ruined. Ripped and stained. His backside was stinging with the pain of being roughing taken, he could see a nasty bruise forming on his own chest. Tears streamed down the boy's face and Kurt choked on a sob. His uniform, the very thing that symbolized his safety was damaged. He was damaged.

This wasn't supposed to happen to him, he was supposed to wait for the right time and lie down with Blaine who would hold Kurt, kiss him, and whisper how beautiful he was. He never thought Karofsky was capable of doing something like this.

He cursed himself silently, the boy had threatened to take his life, why would he care about stealing something so valuable and intimate?

Kurt drew his knees up to his chest, ignoring the intense pain as he did so. Doing his best to suppress the hysterics he could feel rising his throat, the soprano grappled for his cell phone. It was just barely out of reach, it had fallen out of his pants pocket during the... incident. He couldn't even bring himself to think of what had happened, it was all too real. Panic was swelling and he bit his lip, hard. He needed to calm down now, keep his head about him. Thin, effeminate fingers found the plastic of his phone and he managed to get it in his grasp.

His own dull gaze reflected back on the smooth dark surface of his cell phone and he wasn't surprised that he could barely recognize himself. Still, it scared him nonetheless. Kurt was torn, he needed to call someone. The boy couldn't stay here until the janitor or Coach Beiste found him, he knew that much. Still, who to call? His mind immediately latched onto the idea of Blaine but he was at Dalton and it would take him too long to get here. Before he really realized what he was doing, he had dialed Finn. Trembling hands brought the phone to his ear, he was shaking. Why was he shaking so much?

"Hello? Kurt where are you? We thought something-"

Kurt tried to speak but found upon trying that a soft sob racked through his body at the relief of hearing his stepbrother's voice.

"Kurt! Kurt? What's going on? Are you okay?"

The music in the background seemed to stop abruptly at the volume of Finn's voice.

"Finn," he couldn't stop sobbing, barely able to get the other boy's name past his lips. He murmured the name over and over again into the phone, crying louder now.

"Kurt... please. Where are you?"

There was panic in his brother's voice, Kurt never wanted him to worry. Not like this, this was wrong... all wrong. He clasped his other hand over his mouth to try and stop the cries that seemed to be never ending.

"Where are you Kurt? Where are you? I'll come and get you."

Soft, full lips parted and a shaken voice answered, "l-locker room." With that, he dropped his phone, burying his head in his knees.

Kurt wanted to tell him not to bring anyone else with him, he just wanted Finn to come. Knowing his stepbrother he doubted that would happen. The rest of New Directions would surely see him. The thought made him sick. He hadn't realized that his breathing was becoming harder through his bawling and gasps. Choking back his desperate cries, he took in as much air as he could, his chest hurt. Closing his eyes, the brunette tried to level his breathing.

Please don't let him call my dad, that was the last thing he needed. His father had just had a heart attack, he couldn't know about this. Somewhere in the back of his head he knew the thought was foolish but for now he didn't care. He wouldn't be the cause of more stress for the man, he loved him. There was no way he was risking his Burt Hummel's health for something so trivial.

Trivial. He almost wished that Karofsky had made good on his promise. No, he had beaten him sure, he had held him down... and he had raped him.

"Kurt!" The boy barely moved as he heard Finn's panicked voice accompanied by several pairs of feet. "Fuck," Puck let out a low curse. Before Kurt knew it, Finn was beside him, "Kurt, what happened?" his voice was so soft and kind, the boy almost started crying again. A strong hand gently touched his shoulder and the lithe boy looked up.

Some of the glee boys were packed into the entrance of the locker room with Mr. Schuester right behind them, wearing a pained expression. Kurt watched as the man pulled out his cell phone and dialed something before stepping out of the room. Kurt watched him retreat, knowing who he was calling. Kurt didn't want to go to the hospital, his father would know then and it just brought about horrible memories. Couldn't Kurt just go home and shower? It was the only thing he wanted to.

Something was being draped over him and he looked up to see a varsity jacket being draped over his shoulders. Was he shaking that bad? He thought Finn's had gotten torn... had he gotten a new one? Honey eyes caught his as he saw Puck's now bare arms crossed over his chest, he was closer now.

"Oh fuck Kurt, you're bleeding," Finn balled his hands into fists. Kurt watched him, it looked like he was blaming himself.

"Karofsky," Kurt choked the name out, never wanting to hear it again, not on his own lips or anyone elses.

Puck was cursing and Sam, who Kurt only just realized was there kicked a locker. Kurt jumped and Finn gave the blond a look. He noticed now that Mike and Artie weren't with them, he was sure they had remained behind because of the boy in the wheelchair as well as to comfort the girls. Also, the fact that the strongest, most aggressive members of the glee club were the ones that had come. Where they expecting the attacker to still be present. Finn made a move to stand up but stopped, Kurt was surprised to see his own hands clinging to the fabric of the bigger boy's shirt. "Finn," he bit his lip and the other immediately knelt back down, an arm around him.

Kurt knew if they had been in this position a year ago, he would have been delighted at what he would have thought to be a romantic gesture. It only felt comforting now and Kurt wasn't ready to let that go.

"The ambulance is on its way," Mr. Schuester spoke finally and the other boys nodded.

"Finn, my clothing... it's ruined," Kurt bit down on his lip, tears streaming down to his chin. The jock shook his head, "only you would worry about something like that Kurt. It's going to be okay, I'm going to pick you up and take you outside so they can get you in the ambulance easier."

Mr. Schuester looked as if he wanted to stop Finn but if he did he made no move to do so. His stepbrother helped him get his pants up, Kurt whimpering at the pain. Puck's eyes darkened considerably and Sam spoke quickly that he would go tell the others what had happened before leaving. The blood was evident and if the state they had found him in before wasn't a big enough clue, Kurt was sure that they all knew now what had happened.

Puck moved first, his shoulders squared and the Spanish teacher followed after him. Finn carried the soprano with ease, he kept shooting him worried glances and Kurt shivered in his grasp.

The ambulance was there within a few moments of the waiting outside, Finn reluctantly handed his brother over to the paramedics. Kurt was put into the back of the ambulance where people leaned over him, checking him over. A female voice addressed the others, "what happened?"

"He was raped," it was Puck's hardened voice that spoke and Mr. Schue nodded. How could they just say it out loud like that? Kurt made a choked sound.

Finn had argued with them and had eventually won, he sat in the back with Kurt. The others would meet them there at the hospital. Kurt watched the tall boy fidget for a moment before pulling out his cell phone.

"What are you doing?" Kurt's voice had a bit of his normal edge to it.

"I'm calling your dad and don't even say anything because you know he has to know," Finn gave him a look and Kurt bit back his retort. His father was going to freak out.