This is the first chapter of the original version of the Ultimate Gathering of the DigiDestined. I've finally posted them, but they are unaltered from when I had originally written with so they are riddled with spelling errors and mistakes. There are only 6 of these chapters and most of the story line is the same. The only significant difference in these chapter is that the Adventure 01 cast is in it. I hope that you enjoy these bonus chapters.


Chapter 1: August 1

Within the last thirty years alone technology has surpassed itself at an amazing rate. The computer alone has advanced far beyond its original capabilities. Now people all over the world are plugged into it's system as its technologies continue to advance. This story takes place in this world of ours, but in four different realities. Japan is known for their technological scientists so it only seems fitting to be the beginning setting for this story. The story of the ultimate gathering of DigiDestined…

Digimon Adventure

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya was lying down on the couch looking at a small handheld gizmo called a digivice. It was a small white device that was a square with rounded sides curved in at the corners with a mini square screen within a circle in the center of the device. There was a short antenna in the top curved in left corner, two blue buttons to the right of the screen and one on the left. It was this small gadget that marked her as one of eight special children known as the DigiDestined.

She was listening to her older brother shuffle through their bedroom looking for his goggles. Because he'd been in a fowl mood last night after losing a soccer game he had thrown his goggles in a fit. Now he was desperately looking for them before leaving to meet up with their friends, the other six DigiDestined.

Last summer Kari's brother, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, and six others went to summer camp and ended up in another world, the Digital world. The Digital world is where Digital Monsters, more commonly known as Digimon, live and where all seven of them met a Digimon that became their best friends and partners. Later, when they returned to their own world, they searched for the final DigiDestined, the eighth child. Kari Kamiya herself turned out to be the one they were looking for. The reason why she hadn't been with them when the others went to the Digital world for the first time was because she had had a cold and couldn't go to summer camp with Tai.

An evil Digimon, Myotismon, had come to their world and wanted to destroy her and the other DigiDestined so that there would be no one in the way of his domination of both the Digital world and the human world. She joined her brother and the other children with her own Digimon partner and together the DigiDestined saved both worlds. It just so happened that today was the anniversary of the very day Kari became a DigiDestined and they defeated Myotismon, but it was also the day they lost a good ally and friend, Wizardmon.

"Tai!" Kari sighed. "We're gonna be late!"

"In a – ah!" –crash– "minute!" Tai cried.

"Oh brother," Kari thought. "Of all days to lose those stupid goggles it had to be today!"

There was another loud crash from their room before Tai came out triumphantly snapping his goggles on over his blue headband with a hectic smile; his brown eyes flashing and his thick brown hair was mussed up pointedly and crazily. He was wearing his usual blue T-shirt that had a yellow collar and an orange star on each short sleeve, brown knee length shorts and white gloves.

"Ok lets go!" he cried as he rushed to the front entry to put on his blue and white shoes.

Kari sighed again as she rolled off the couch and followed her brother out the door. She had the same brown eyes as her brother, but her hair was a lighter shade. She wore a yellow sleeve-less shirt, pink shorts, pink and white shoes, and a light pink bandana around her neck.

It took them fifteen minutes to reach the park where they were meeting everyone else. Waiting there for them were only two others: Joe Kido and Koushiro "Izzi" Izumi.

Joe was a tall lanky blue haired boy with brown-framed glasses. He wore a white polo shirt under a creamy sweater vest, grayish tan knee length shorts, tall blue socks, red and white sneakers, a yellow sweat band on his right wrist and a green watch on his left.

Izzi was a small boy with puffy spiked reddish-brown hair. He was wearing an orange button-up shirt, olive green shorts, creamy yellow gloves, and purple and dark gray sneakers with lightening bolds on the sides.

"Ha! See Kari, we're not late!" Tai laughed with relief. "Hey Izzi! Joe!"

The two boys turned around.

"Hey Tai!" Joe called.

Izzi waved, but looked away for a moment.

"Here come Mimi and Sora," he said.

Coming from the opposite side of the park clearing two girls were hurriedly approaching. Mimi Tachikawa, a rather pretty girl with light brown eyes and hair, was wearing her trademark salmon pink cowgirl dress with the brown belt and golden buckle, brown gloves, pink cowboy hat, pink socks, and creamy colored shoes with brown straps. The other girl, Sora Takenouchi, was a redhead tomboy with short hair wearing a sleeve-less yellow shirt, jeans, blue hat, pink gloves, and grey and hot pink sneakers.

"Sorry we're late!" Mimi gasped as she and Sora came to a stop.

"Great," said Tai. "Now all we're missing is Matt and T.K."

"We're right here Tai!" called a voice.

Tai and Kari turned around to face the way they'd come.

Two boys, brothers, were jogging to join the others. Yamato "Matt" Ishida was a blond haired, blue-eyed boy with his hair styled with gel in a cool spiked fashion. He wore a green sleeve-less shirt, jeans, brown boots and gloves. Takeru "T.K." Ishida, also blue-eyed and blond, wore a green long-sleeved shirt and vest, tan shorts, yellow socks, green and white sneakers, and a green hat with a blue gem on the front.

The gang was finally together again. No one could believe that it had only been one year ago that they were pulled into the digital world and told that they were destined to save it an its inhabitants. Yet here they were, once strangers, now the best of friends bonded by something no one else in the world could possibly understand… or so they thought…

Digimon Adventure 02

It just so happens that the same Kari Kamiya and T.K. Ishida were waiting in the same park three years into the future waiting for the same group of friends to join them for the same reason. Only in this time there were four others who were now part of the group. Within the past year in this time new troubles had risen in the Digiworld, therefore needing the DigiDestined once again.

To help defeat these new evils three new children were chosen with a new model of Digivice they came to call a D3 and a gained a new manner of Digivolving. T.K. and Kari were the only two of the original DigiDestined to have a new upgraded digivice and able to continue on with the new current DigiDestined. The other six original children helped behind the scenes supplying alibis and excuses for the others so that they could perform their duties within the Digital world without their families knowing.

The first foe that these new DigiDestined faced was a boy known in the Digital world as the Digimon Emperor, but he turned out to be the boy genius Ken Ichijoji. Ken was under the influence of a virus called a dark spore that had entered his body the first time he'd gone to the Digital world as a little boy. It consumed him with darkness but when Ken finally realized what he was doing was wrong and that the Digimon were real living beings he cast aside his alter ego. It took a while but he finally joined the DigiDestined after a lot of prodding from the new leader of the DigiDestined, Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya, who was the only one willing to give him a second chance after all that Ken had done. Now there were twelve DigiDestined in their group and many others all over the world. Now after all they'd been through, the DigiDestined of Japan were gathering for a reunion.

Kari was wearing a pink and white top, yellow shorts, and long pink fingerless gloves, tall white socks pink zip up shoes and wore a camera around her neck.

T.K. now wore a green shirt and tan vest, greenish gray shorts and turquoise shoes with grey socks. He still wore a hat, but now he preferred a plain cream colored one to what he used to wear as a kid.

The two of them had run into each other on the way to the park and decided to wait together. They were awfully close to each other these days much to the dislike of Davis who had a crush on Kari and didn't bother hiding that fact.

"T.K! Kari!" called a girl's voice.

The two turned in unison to see a lavender haired girl with large round glasses come bounding toward them with a small boy with short brown hair. This was Miyako "Yolei" Inoue and Iori "Cody" Hida. They lived in the same apartment building as T.K. and his mother. Yolei was wearing jeans, and a green shirt. Cody wore a cream colored shirt and brown shorts and shoes.

"Hey guys!" Kari smiled.

"Why didn't you wait for us T.K?" Cody asked.

T.K. shrugged. "I went out for a walk and ran into Kari."

Cody didn't need any further explanation. He wasn't one to prod.

"Hey there!"

This time it was Sora. She no longer wore her lucky blue hat, letting her red hair flare out around her head like a halo. She was wearing a pink shirt and red skirt.

"Where's Matt?" T.K. called.

Sora gave an exaggerated sigh. "Where else? Band practice. He said he'd catch up in a few."

"You're too easy on him Sora," Kari scoffed teasingly. "If he was my boyfriend, he'd be with me and not his stupid band."

Sora laughed. "He means well."

Matt and Sora had started going out sometime after Christmas that past year.

"How is the flower shop?" Yolei asked to change the topic.

"It's the same as ever," Sora smiled. "Mom said she could handle it by herself today. That way I could come and join you guys."

"That's good to hear," a voice said as two arms suddenly held Sora from behind in an embrace.

Matt had joined them unobserved while they were all talking. His hair was styled differently then it had been three years ago and instead of it spiked up, it was cut short in the back with long sweeping bangs. He was wearing a black button up shirt, slacks and shoes. He gave Sora a quick peck on the cheek before releasing her.

"Common Matt!" Tai's voice sounded out from behind T.K, Kari, Yolei and Cody. "I just ate!"

Izzi was with him. Tai was the same as ever minus the goggles and blue headband. He wore a navy blue T and tan shorts. Izzi had had his hair cut short and kept it that way when he had entered high school. Now he wore tan pants, a orange shirt with blue horizontal stripes and a green shirt left unbuttoned over it.

Matt and Sora just ignored Tai and gave each other another quick kiss.

"Where are the others?" Tai asked, ignoring them right back.

"Well I know Joe had a test this morning and will pick up Mimi from the airport when he's done," Sora mused.

Mimi had moved to New York shortly after their first DigiDestined reunion three years ago, but she had always made the long flight back just for this day. She had gone through many fashion changes in the last year alone, but currently she was keeping her hair in its natural manner and wearing less pink. Last time anyone had seen her it was during Christmas and she had been wearing green.

Joe was going to medical school to become a doctor and his knowledge in the subject had been more then useful within the past year when he had been available. He had grown out his dark blue hair to shoulder length, but other than that he was still good old reliable Joe; tall, lanky, and as cautious as ever.

"How about Davis and Ken?" Izzi asked.

T.K. shrugged.

"Who knows? Davis probably slept in again and Ken does live all the way in Tamachi. He's probably on the train right now."

"Correction," said a soft voice. "He's right here."

Ken Ichijoji smiled as he joined the group. It was hard for everyone to believe that not even a year ago he had been the evil Digimon Emperor. Ken was wearing tan slacks, a cream colored shirt, and his usual black shoes. His eyes were indigo and his hair was raven colored and cut in a similar fashion to Kari's.

"Hey! Don't start without me!" called a loud voice.

Davis Motomiya. Who else?

"It's about time Davis!" Tai called out. "We were about to send out a search party!"

Davis was wearing a navy blue shirt that had a single white stripe with a blue vest over it, brown shorts, and on his head sat the pair of goggles that Tai had given him on his first time to the Digital world after his had broken.

"Really?" he said incredulously.

"No silly," Kari laughed. "You're not that late. Ken just arrived as well."

"Great! Hey wait, where's Mimi and Joe?"

Before anyone could reply Mimi's shrill voice called out over to them.

"Sorry we're late! I ran into some good friends and asked them to join us!"

Mimi was wearing her long brown hair un-died and pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing stylish jeans, a green and pink patterned tank top, and dark navy blue flats. Joe was right behind her, his dark blue hair long stopping just above his shoulders. He was wearing tan slacks, a navy blue button up shirt and black shoes. Two others were following them; both blond and blue eyed, but didn't look as if they were related. Davis was the first to recognize them.

"Hey! It's Michael and Willace!"

Michael was Mimi's friend from New York. Everyone had met Michael in passing, but only Davis and Mimi knew that he was the son of a famous western movie star. His hair was long like Joe's but was a little curly at its ends. He wore a green and yellow shirt, jeans and a pair of red and brown sneakers.

Willace lived in New York as well, but he was originally from Colorado. He is the only DigiDestined that they know of that was given twin Digimon partners. He was wearing a white long sleeved shirt under a maroon shirt he wore unbuttoned, grey shorts, and maroon and grey tennis shoes.

"Willace?" Ken repeated puzzled. Unlike the other DigiDestined he'd never heard of Willace.

"Oh! Sorry Ken," Yolei gasped. "You don't know about him do you? We met him back when you were still the Digimon Emperor."

Kari picked up the story from there.

"T.K. and I were in New York visiting Mimi when I sensed a crying Digimon nearby. We found Willace in the middle of a fight between two of his own Digimon. He ran when he saw us so we called Davis telling him to come to America with Cody and Yolei. They met Willace hitchhiking while we where taking the train. I'm sure he'll tell you the full story later."

"Yeah," Davis smiled. "We've become good friends. He did say he'd get in touch if he ever came to Japan. Looks like Mimi took him up on his offer."

When the four newcomers finally join the others, introductions were made for Willace who had only ever met Kari, T.K, Davis, Cody and Yolei. Now everyone was accounted for. Davis had a feeling that this was going to be an eventful reunion.

Digimon Tamers

This next reality is a little different then the worlds of the other DigiDestined. Digimon had been nothing but a TV show, trading card game and a video game series until a few months ago when they became real and found a way to enter the human world. The few Digimon that found human partners referred to them as their Tamers, not DigiDestined.

One Tamer, Takato Matsuki, was hurriedly changing into his usual blue pull over and grey slacks. He was a special kid. He had created his own Digimon and somehow his creation had come to life. After meeting other children who had Digimon partners of their own they fought together to save their world from rouge Digimon and a computer program that had gone out of control. In the end the Digimon had to return to their own world, but Takato had found a portal last week where his Digimon used to stay.

He had taken too long helping his parents in their bakery and now he was going to pay for it. He was supposed to be joining his fellow Tamers at the park where his Digimon partner had once stayed since he was too big to stay at his parent's house and bakery. Today was the day the Tamers were going to attempt to return to the Digital World to see their Digimon partners.

"Oh man! Rika is gonna kill me!" Takato said as he snapped his round yellow goggles on over his messy brown hair.

He pulled his bike out of the side yard and peddled as fast as he could. He could only imagine Rika Nonaka's scowl. The redhead didn't take too lightly to waiting. Sure enough, when he finally arrived Rika was already in a fowl mood. She wore her usual yellow collared, light blue-sleeved, white shirt with a blue heart on the front. It once was a broken heart, but her mother had bought her a new T-shirt that matched hers with a whole heart. She wore jeans, red sweatbands on her wrists, red shoes and a metal studded brown belt. She was famously known as the Digimon Queen in the trading card game tournament world. She had never lost a game to anyone but one person.

Ryo Akiyama.

If Rika was the Digimon Queen, he was the infamous Digimon King. Ryo had won every card game tournament that had earned him the title of King before his disappearance one year ago. He was the first of the Tamers to gain a Digimon partner and had gone to the Digital world but no one, not even Ryo himself, knew how it happened. He had disappeared the day he defeated Rika in her first tournament but no one had seen him until Takato, Rika and the other Tamers had made it to the Digital world themselves almost one year later.

Ryo waved as Takato pulled up to where everyone else's bikes were. He was wearing his Tamers outfit. Takato had always thought he was really cool. He was wearing brown pants with a dark grey cover apron with zipper and snap pockets, a grey long sleeved shirt with the left sleeve cut off at the elbow, shoulder armor on his right, tan gloves and a red bandana around his neck. He had blue eyes and his brown hair was spiked up in a wavy fashion.

"You're late goggle head!" Rika growled.

"Give him a break Rika," a raven-haired boy with blue eyes sighed.

This was Henry Wong. He wore brown pants, a navy shirt, orange vest, grey sweatbands on his wrists, and grey and yellow shoes. He was holding his 5-year old sister, Suzie, by the hand. She had brown hair and eyes and wore a pink Chinese collared shirt over a white T, deep red shorts and yellow sneakers.

"It's about time!" one of Takato's oldest friends sighed.

Kazu Shioda had spiked up brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a dark blue visor, dark blue shirt with a yellow cross on the front, brown sweatbands on his wrists, tan slacks and grey-blue sneakers. He was standing next to another old friend of Takato's, a boy with black hair and grey eyes. Kenta Kitagawa wore glasses, an orange T-shirt under a brown unbuttoned shirt, brown slacks, and grey shoes.

"Hey Takato!"

Takato blushed. He hadn't seen Jeri Katou standing behind Rika. She had dark red hair, lavender eyes, and wore a simple green dress over a creamy yellow polo. For once she was without her sock puppet, but Takato didn't really notice. She probably had it in her bag anyway.

"Hen-wee," Suzie pouted. "Let's go! I wanna see Lopmon!"

"Yeah!" two voices chorused.

Two little kids around Suzie's age were sitting just out of Takato's sight behind Jeri. One was a little boy, Mako, around five with brown hair and eyes. He wore an orange zip up jacket and blue jeans. His sister, Ai, was a year older with the same brown eyes and her hair was pulled into two pigtails. She wore a pink zip up jacket and a red skirt.

"Oh hey Mako. Ai," Takato greeted. "Is Jeri babysitting you?"

The brother and sister nodded. They were the only ones who shared a Digimon partner.

Out of the corner of his eye, Takato noticed Henry frown. Henry had been greatly distressed when Suzie had become a Tamer and now kids her age had also been given a Digimon partner and wanted to go the Digital world. It was dangerous enough without having little kids to look after. Jeri had lost her own Digimon partner the last time they were there, but she still had her digivice.

"Well everyone is accounted for," Rika huffed. "Now show us where you found this portal Takato!"

"Now wait a minute!" Henry said. "Say we go through this portal, how are we going to get back?"

Rika paused. Henry had a point. As much as she wanted to see her Digimon partner she didn't want to be stuck in the Digital world. Ryo had been stuck there for an entire year before they had come along and brought him back with them. If he hadn't found a way back without outside help how could they hope do so now? They had told none of their parents what they were up to and Henry's dad had been key to their return.

So now the question on everyone's mind was "What now?"

Digimon Frontier

In this final reality there is no knowledge of Digimon. No one other then six special kids and a bunch of confused others who had hopped on a special train that somehow took them to the Digital world. Most of the children were sent right back and hardly knew that Digimon even existed and simply marked off their trip as a strange dream. The six that did stay didn't have a Digimon partner like the other children from the other realities. That is because they didn't need a Digimon partner. They themselves became part Digimon. Or at least they had been when they were infused with six of the ten legendary Digimon warriors' spirits. Now that they were back in their own world where they were fully human again. It had been almost one year since all these children had received a mysterious call from the Digital world telling them to go the Shibuya train station and board the Trailmon that took them to the Digital world. It was these six who had been chosen by the legendary warriors and chose to stay and fight the battle against the evil that threatened to take over the Digital world.

One of these six DigiDestined, Takuya Kanbara, was looking uneasily at the clock on the wall. He was sitting in his doctor's office with his mother waiting to hear the results of some medical tests they had run over the previous two weeks. His mother was fidgeting in her seat, worrying. Takuya's mind was elsewhere. Today was his friend and fellow DigiDestined, Tomoki "Tommy" Himi's, birthday and because of this appointment he was going to be late to the party. The other four DigiDestined were going to be there too.

Finally the doctor came in but his face was grim.

'Uh-oh,' thought Takuya. 'No good news comes from a doctor making that kind of face.'

His mother's head shot up and despair immediately set in.

"Well?" she asked breathlessly.

"I'm sorry ma'am," he sighed. "Our tests came back positive. Your son has lung cancer and… I'm afraid it's terminal. If we had found out about it sooner something might have been done, but the tumor is just too large now and spread out. We can go ahead and give him chemotherapy and see if it helps, but I'm afraid that there isn't much hope."

Takuya was shocked. He'd always been perfectly healthy until a few months ago when he'd started have chest pains and some trouble breathing after playing soccer, but he'd never have thought it would have to do with cancer. It just didn't seem possible. How could he have an advanced case of cancer when he'd shown no signs until now?

"I don't care," his mother said gruffly. "I'll take what I can. Little hope is better then no hope at all. What are the symptoms?"

The doctor sighed and began rattling off a list of conditions.

"Shortness of breath, chronic coughing, coughing up blood, wheezing, chest pain, weight loss, hoarse voice, and difficulty swallowing.

Takuya felt numb. Within the last week he had had all those symptoms except for the coughing up blood part, but it was probably only a matter of time before that started too.

"How long?" he asked. "You said it was terminal. How long to I have to live?"

The doctor gave him a long calculated glance.

"…At the rate your tumor has been growing? …Two years max. And that's without the chemo."

Takuya nodded. He felt numb. His mother squeezed his hand and then returned to the doctor.

"How soon can we begin the chemotherapy?"

The doctor sighed before turning to his computer.

"At least a week. I'll make the arrangements for the next weekend and you can bring Takuya to the main hospital in Shibuya," he said, handing her the folder that held Takuya's records and test results.

"Thank you doctor," she smiled sadly, taking the folder and handing it to Takuya.

Takuya nodded his thanks before following his mother out of the hospital. When they got back to the car he reached in the back, grabbed his bag, stuffed the medical folder in it and took off down the street.

"Takuya?" his mother yelled after him. "Where are you going?"

"To Tommy's birthday party!" he yelled over his shoulder. "I'm late!"

"Takuya! Please come back! We need to talk about your-!"

"I'll be fine Mom! See you later!"

That was the last thing he wanted. Takuya didn't want to think about the cancer right now. He just couldn't wrap his mind around it. A part of him had already accepted that he might not live to see his high school years, but the other half of him was determined to live that remaining time to the fullest. And right now he needed to be with his friends. This terminal lung cancer thing was too depressing.

As he raced for the park his chest began to hurt so he stopped to breath. His eye caught his reflection in one of the corner mirrors that were placed on specific corners to help drivers see if there was any traffic or pedestrians coming around one of their blind spots on the corner.

Takuya was wearing his yellow shirt with the black spiked swirl design on the front under a red short sleeved button up, grey cargo pants, red and yellow sneakers, and square goggles over his favorite olive green hat that was worn backwards like all the cool kids. But despite the colorful clothes and tan skin he saw how pale and sick he looked. How could he face his friends like this when he looked like such a wreck?

Tommy Himi was worried. In his big orange hat, he looked even smaller then he really was. He wore white T-shirt, white sneakers with green laces, heels and tips, and yellow/tan pants with their suspenders hanging limp around his legs. His party had started an hour ago and everyone he had invited was here but Takuya. Takuya was like an older brother to Tommy.

He looked around at the other party guests and saw them all having fun, but he wasn't. How could he when one of his closest friends wasn't there? Tommy wasn't the only one who was worried though.

Koji Minamoto, a boy with blue eyes and long raven hair tied back in a ponytail under a navy blue bandana with grey slash stripes, was constantly looking towards the park entrance. He wore a yellow T under a blue sweatshirt, grey pants and white shoes with blue stripes.

Koji's twin brother, Koichi Kimura, could feel his anxiety coming off of him in waves. Koichi had shorter hair then his brother, but they had the same face, eyes and hair color. He wore a red long sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved green button-up one, tan pants and green sneakers. He didn't know Takuya as well as his twin, but he knew Takuya enough to know that he'd never been this late to anything before. He could see how worried little Tommy was too.

A pretty blond Italian girl with blue eyes approached them. She wore a blue and white striped shirt that stopped above her naval under a purple vest, a matching purple hat with two points that made it look like she had cat ears, a matching purple skirt, and tall purple socks in white and purple shoes.

The twins eyed her nervously. She looked ticked.

"Where is that stupid Takuya?" she huffed. "Poor Tommy has been waiting for this party and isn't having any fun all because he isn't here."

"Chill Zoe," said a big slightly overweight boy with brown hair and eyes in a blue jumpsuit with yellow cuffs and pockets. "This is Takuya we're talking about. He probably lost track of time and is on his way right now."

These were the last two DigiDestined: Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto and Junpei "J.P." Shibayama.

"I'm sure J.P. is right," Koichi said gently. "He wouldn't want to disappoint Tommy. They're practically brothers."

Koji nodded.

"He'll be here," Tommy's little voice said.

Tommy had come up to them while they had been talking. He had seen them gather while the other partygoers played and laughed oblivious to the serious conversation. The four looked away from him guiltily. Even though Tommy was one of them, he was the youngest and still just a little kid. He was nine years old today and everyone else in their group was twelve except for J.P. who was thirteen.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late!" they heard a voice call out.

Tommy's face lit up at once.


Takuya was hurrying towards the group while shrugging his bang off his shoulder.

"Hey buddy! Sorry I'm so late. I had trouble wrapping your present and then I missed my train and the next one was delayed and yada yada yada… Happy birthday!"

Takuya handed Tommy a rather sloppily wrapped present with rather lumpy sides, but Tommy didn't seem to care. He tore apart the wrappings and gasped. Inside was a whistle, a cool pair of gloves and matching sweatshirt, and a soccer ball with his favorite player, Kazuyoshi Miura's autograph on it. He was speechless.

"Oh wow," he gasped, unable to come up with anything else.

Takuya grinned. The whistle and clothes were something his mom had thought would make a good gift and he'd gotten lucky when he had won that soccer ball for Tommy. Takuya had entered a soccer camp competition and worked hard to win that for his friend because he knew how big of a Miura fan Tommy was. If Takuya was good at anything it was soccer. It was his favorite sport… that he may never be able to play again because of the cancer…

The depressing thought had entered his mind before Takuya could stop it. His chest hurt just thinking about it.

"Thanks Takuya!" Tommy beamed.

Takuya quickly snapped out of his depressing mood, but not before Koji noticed. Something wasn't right.

"Are you alright Takuya?" Koji asked.

Everyone looked at him, confused by his question.

"Yeah," Takuya shrugged. "Just a little tired from running all the way over here." It wasn't a complete lie, Takuya reasoned, but it wasn't the complete truth either.

Koji eyed him suspiciously, but let the matter drop. If Takuya wanted to talk about it, he'd tell Koji when he was ready. Until then, Koji decided to keep and eye on his best friend.

"So what does the little man wanna do?" Takuya asked Tommy, ignoring Koji's critical gaze.

"How about soccer!" Tommy asked enthusiastically, setting aside his new prized ball and picking up his old beat up one.

"Sound good to me!" Takuya grinned.

"But I'm wearing a skirt!" Zoe complained.

"And I hate running," J.P. sighed.

"That's never stopped you guys before," Koji lightly pointed out, a small smile spreading across his face.

That seemed to settle the matter. All the other kids joined in and soon they had an epic soccer game in the works with cones set up as the goal posts.

Tommy grinned. Despite Takuya being late, he was having an awesome birthday.