This is the final chapter of the original version of the Ultimate Gathering of the DigiDestined. Again, there are only 6 of these chapters and most of the story line is the same. The only significant difference in these chapters is that the Adventure 01 cast is in it. THere will be no more of these. I only posted them because some of you wanted to know what the story would have been like with all four casts. I didn't continue the story this way because it got too confusing with the all the doubles running around and frankly I couldn't come up with a better nickname for Joe and the writers block was horrible until I started over and came up with the story I've been posting up to this point. Enjoy this final bonus chapter. Sorry for all the confusion.


Chapter 6: The New Enemy

The Digital World Location: The Dark Chamber

"Go for it," Koji told his twin before joining J.P. and the others.

"How's he going to fight Duskmon without a Digimon partner?" Rika asked.

"That's the thing about us," J.P. said, looking sidelong at Koji, making sure that they were in agreement about letting the others know. On the other end of Matt's digivice connection, the others were paying strict attention.

"We don't need a partner," Koji said. "We are our own partners."

Koichi held out his black D-Tector in his right hand then held it above his head. Then as if in a trance, he closed his eyes and moved his D-Tector hand down to his side while simultaneously moving his left hand up. Left palm out above his head, he opened his eyes and looked up at his raised hand as a ring of data appeared. Closing his eyes in trance, he switched the orientation of his hands again, only to suddenly open his eyes and bring both hand in front of him. Holding his left hand palm facing his body, his D-Tector hand clashed the D-Tector with the swirling data ring, creating sparks between the two.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!" Koichi cried as he ripped the D-Tector away, dragging the data ring out in a ribbon stream that stretched and circled above his head. He was enveloped in a white light as his body's outline glowed and shadows began to swirl around him. The data ring that had circled above his head cocooned around his body and when he emerged he was Löwemon wielding a spear and shield.

"Go get him," Koji and J.P. whispered.

As if responding to his friend and brother's wish, the newly evolved Koichi spun his spear above his head, having it gain momentum.

"Let's end this!" he said firmly.

"If you wish," Duskmon answered ominously.

"Shadow Lance!" Löwemon cried, dashing forward and brought his spear down in a forward thrust.

"Lunar Plasma," Duskmon rasped as raised his swords then lowering them as he rushed, slicing, at Löwemon.

The two attacks sent up a cloud of dust that could even be seen by the others waiting outside the fog bank. When the dust finally settled the two were clashing swords, shield and spear. Neither seemed to be gaining the upper hand. They split apart and then called out their next attack.

"Deadly Gaze!"

"Shadow Meteor!"

Powerful red and purple blasts of energy flew in all directions, shredding the fog, and reveling the other missing DigiDestined who were hidden in its folds. Ryo, Willace, Ken and their Digimon were looking around confused as if they had just been awoken from a dream. While Davis, Matt, and Rika rushed to their confused friends, J.P. and Koji rejoined the group that had been waiting outside the fog.

Now that all the DigiDestined were together minus Tai, Takato, and Takuya, they looked on and watched the ongoing battle between the two dark Digimon.

"Who are they?" Willace asked.

"The creepy one is Duskmon," Zoe said. "He's bad news."

"The other is my brother," Koji explained. "J.P, Tommy, Zoe, Takuya, Koichi and I all possess one spirit of the legendary warriors from our version of the Digital World that represent one of ten elements. As you can see, my twin holds the spirit of darkness."

A few of the others expressions darkened.

"So is he your evil twin?" older T.K. asked grimly.

"Doubt it," Davis coughed. "You didn't see him in action."

"No he's not evil," Tommy giggled then paused to think over what he said. "Well at least not any more. He was evil when we first met him."

"But he was misguided and being controlled by an evil Digimon back then," Zoe said in Koichi's defense. "When he used to be possessed by the warped spirit of darkness he was Duskmon. Takuya and Koji defeated him eventually and than he became a good guy. He even sacrificed himself to save us in our final battle."

"Is that what Duskmon meant when he said Koichi died?" Davis asked Koji.

"No," Koji sighed, watching as his twin and Duskmon started trading blows at a close range again. "Koichi didn't come to the Digital World in the same way as the rest of us. We rode a Trailmon there. He …fell down the stairs at the Shibuya train station when he tried to follow me. He went into a coma and his consciousness somehow crossed over to the Digital plain. An warped evil Digimon known as Cherubimon twisted the darkness of Koichi's sadness and despair against him, made him forget his past, and gave him the tainted spirits of Darkness that turned him into Duskmon. Like Zoe said, he became good again and fought alongside us all as we took on the next evil Digimon, Lucemon, and his cronies. In the final battle, Koichi sacrificed himself to save us. I thought he had died since it was his spirit and not his body that had crossed into the Digital world. After that battle on our way home, the spirit of Löwemon told me that Koichi was still alive. We rushed to the hospital, but he was unresponsive and he heart had stopped beating."

Koji had to stop for a moment. Even the memory was horrible enough to make his stomach drop and his gut to churn.

"You have no idea how horrible I felt," he choked. "To suddenly find out that I had a brother. A twin! Only to lose him once in the Digital world, receive hope that he was still alive in our world, but only to lose him again anyway. To never get to know who he was. But that was when our D-Tectors came to life. Koichi woke up and the D-Tectors reverted back into cell phones. Koichi and I got a second chance."

"You didn't know each other?" young Matt asked.

"Koji and Kochi's parents divorced soon after they were born," J.P. explained. "They didn't even know that they had a twin living with the other parent."

"My dad got remarried," Koichi said. "Dad told my that Mom was dead. I rebelled and used to be rude to my stepmother. In reality Mom was just really frail and sick. She raised Kochi herself and he worked very hard to keep her healthy. When his – our – grandmother died she told Koichi about me. He did exactly what I would have done. He found me and wanted to meet me."

"We all got messages to go to Shibuya train station to seek out our destinies," Zoe said, staring at her D-Tector.

"I've been wondering that," J.P. mused. "When did our cell phones turn back into D-Tectors?"

"Maybe when we came here. We need our D-Tectors more then our cell phones here, J.P."

"I suppose so."

The older Matt was thinking back to when he'd met Koji. They hadn't introduced themselves yet, but Koji had risked his own life to save T.K. many times in that cylindrical chamber. Was it because he knew what it felt like to lose a brother?

"Koichi!" Koji cried, brining everyone's attention back to the fight raging before them.

Löwemon had just gotten slammed into a wall next to them, but not before sending Duskmon flying in the opposite direction.

Koichi realized that if the battle went on any further, he'd lose whatever equal ground he held against Duskmon. He had to gain the upper hand and there was only one way to do that.

"Slide Evolution!" he cried, surrounded by the cocoon of data again and emerging as a black machine lion with guns embedded in his shoulders, legs and back.

"Alright! He's slid into his beast spirit form, JägerLöwemon," Koji grinned.

"Beast spirit form?" Ken asked.

"All warrior spirits have two forms: a human form and a beast form. Löwemon is the warrior spirit's human form. JägerLöwemon is his beast form."

Koichi readied his guns and took aim.

"Dark Master!" he called out as his cannon launched dark energy bursts at Duskmon before he could get up. When the dust settled, Duskmon was nowhere to be seen. Guardromon's scan no longer showed his life signature, so he was presumed destroyed by JägerLöwemon's strongest attack.

Koichi immediately reverted back to his human self, and slumped against the chamber's wall.

"Koichi!" Koji cried, rushing to his brother's side.

The others followed; older Joe prepared to give any medical assistance if it was necessary.

"I'm alright," Koichi sighed with the hint of a smile. "Just worn out."

Koji let out a relieved sigh, making his twin chuckle.

"Relax Koji. Next time, do feel free to jump in."

"That was amazing!" Davis cried. "I've never seen anything like it."

"None of us has," Izzi corrected him.

"Pretty fancy moves there," Ryo grinned. "Cyberdramon was just itching to join in."

"Who?" many of the other DigiDestined asked in unison.

"My Digimon partner," Ryo grinned, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder to dragon type Digimon with black armor and upper facemask. He had red bat like wings, fierce spikes on his forearms, fangs and claws.

Ken stared at Ryo, noticing him for the first time.

"Ryo?" Ken gasped. "Ryo Akiyama?"

Ryo turned to face Ken and paused. The other boy looked familiar, but he couldn't put a finger on it. He thought hard. If guy were a lot younger and had shorter hair…

"Ken?" Ryo gasped, finally recognizing him. "Ken Ichijoji?"

"Whoa! You guys already know each other?" Davis and Rika cried.

Ryo laughed. "Man! You've grown up! Weren't you just a little squirt a year ago? How is this possible?"

"A year?" Ken laughed. "Ryo, it's been over four for me."

"Wow," Ryo sighed. "Four years huh?"

"Yup!" Ken grinned. "You didn't have a partner the last time I saw you."

"Ah. Yeah," Ryo laughed nervously. "I guess."

"You guess?" Ken asked, frowning slightly.

"The truth is I don't really remember much Ken," Ryo smiled sadly. "I remember you, but that's about it."

"Ryo's lost a part of his memory," Rika explained. "He doesn't remember anything before meeting Cyberdramon in the Digital world or before we rescued him. He'd been missing in our world for over a year."

"No wonder no one could find him," Kazu grinned. "He wasn't even in the same world anymore."

"I guess I can't blame him for forgetting, Ken," Wormmon said, coming into view for the first time. This was Ken's partner, a caterpillar type Digimon with purple pincers and markings.

"What do you mean?" Ryo asked. "What happened?"

Ken looked at Wormmon. He wasn't too clear on that memory either.

"When Ken first came to the Digital world we met you while wandering the desert. You had some Digimon allies Ryo that you said had joined you on your journey but that not one of them was your partner like I was to Ken. You didn't have a Digivice back then either. Then Millenniummon attacked us."

"Millenniummon?" Ryo and Ken repeated.

"Yes. He was particularly bent on fighting you Ryo. He was jabbering about destiny and how you and he were linked in a great thread that would decide the fate of all worlds. He ignored Ken and I for the most part but he was really rude to Ken when he did take notice. The battle was a gruesome one and many of your allies fell, Ryo. In the end Millenniummon was defeated, but the three of us were the only ones left standing. But before he disappeared, he released on final attack at you Ryo, but Ken knocked you out of the way and took the blow himself."

Ken's neck pricked and his hand instinctively reached up.

"The dark spore," Ken said grimly.

Wormmon nodded. "It took three full weeks before you recovered and Ryo helped return you to your world… You vanished after that Ryo.

Ryo's mind whirled.

"I remember," he gasped. "I'd been summoned to the Digital world to fight Millenniummon in the first place. I had raised a resistance force to fight him. I defeated him once, but he opened a rift that spat us out somewhere in the desert. That was when I met Ken. He joined us and together we defeated him once again, but after he returned to his world, I was pulled back into the rift. I met Monodramon in the next place I ended up. He became my partner and I finally got my own digivice. Together we fought in a tournament that was rigged to help us come out on top so we could defeat Millenniummon, but after we fought-!"

Ryo spun around and looked at Cyberdramon.

"Millenniummon said that he was my true partner, but Monodramon fought back, saying that he was my partner now. They somehow became fused together…"

Cyberdramon nodded.

"I am the result of their struggle."

"Is that why you used to be so out of control?" Ryo frowned. "You constantly wanted to battle. Being your Tamer was a great challenge. What mad you change?"

"When we came to your world I was reverted back into Monodramon. The warring interests of Millenniummon and Monodramon were settled and became fused. I am a fusion of them in both body and now in mind as well," Cyberdramon explained.

"Well this is all fascinating and I'm glad Ryo has his memory back and all," Rika interrupted. "But we still have three missing persons right?"

"Oh I wouldn't say they're missing," Davis grinned.

"And why's that?" both Izzi's frowned.

"Because they found us!" Davis laughed, pointing to three approaching figures in the gloom holding blazing torches that lit up the gloom. The light bounded off Takato's and Takuya's goggles.

"Hey!" the older Tai waved as they approached, his Agumon right behind him."

Takuya and Takato simply grinned.

Many of the DigiDestined who didn't know Takato gasped at the giant dinosaur Digimon that was his partner. A fusion of a T-rex and a raptor, Guilmon had a red hide, white underbelly, golden yellow eyes, batwing-like ears and black markings on his face, arms, chest and feet. The one on his chest looked like a hazard-warning symbol. He loomed next to Takato, matching his tamer in height.

"Hey Tai!" Davis called back, rushing to meet the other "Goggle Heads" as Rika put it.

"What happened to your arm Davis?" Tai asked as he eyed the younger boy's sling and the ice pack strapped onto his shoulder.

"Ah well," Davis spluttered, "I kinda dislocated my shoulder. But don't worry! Joe fixed me up."

Tai frowned, but it was a concerned frown. "Are you alright?"

"Sure he is!" Veemon cried, taking his place by Davis's side. "He's got me!"

Tai laughed. "He sure does."

Then the eldest leader looked around and noticed the younger versions of the original eight DigiDestined.

"Whoa Izzi, What'd I miss?"

It took a while to reintroduce, re-explain and retell events of everything before everyone was on the same page and same understanding.

"Well one of the first things we should do," Davis complained. "Is come up with some way to identify the DigiDestined here who have duplicates!"

"It is a little confusing," the older Sora agreed.

"Well we older kids can go by our full first names. So you'd all call me Taichi from now on," the older Tai said, pointing at himself.

"Right," older Matt agreed. "So I'm Yamato."

"Takeru," older T.K. nodded.

"Hikari," older Kari smiled.

"Koushiro," older Izzi sighed.

"Well what about Joe, Mimi and I who have shorter names to begin with?" the older Sora argued.

"Hmm," Taichi hummed. "That is a problem."

"Why don't we come up with nick names for you guys?" Yolei suggested.

"Yeah, we could call Joe 'Doctor.' Doc for short" Davis grinned. "Not very original I know, but it works."

"That's fine with me," older Joe shrugged. "I'd assume you would be talking to me anyway if you called me that. It's simpler that way."

"Ok, so Joe's Doc," Taichi nodded. "Now what about Sora and Mimi?"

"How about Libby for Mimi?" Michael suggested.

"How'd you get Libby out of Mimi?" young Mimi giggled.

"Simple," the American grinned. "We live in New York and when people think of New York most would think of the Statue of Liberty. She's a fine and just lady like Mimi. So Libby – short for liberty – is Mimi."

"I rather like that!" older Mimi giggled. "Alright I'm Libby from now on!"

"Oh brother," Koushiro muttered.

"And for Sora how about Sky?" Willace suggested. "That's what her name means in Japanese right?"

"I can live with that. It's better then Doc!" Sora grinned, elbowing her friend.

"All right, so now that that's settled," Taichi laughed. "Lets focus on getting out of here."

"I agree," Takato nodded. "But how do we go about doing that?"

"Izzi- I mean Koushiro was able to find you all with his computer alongside Guardromon's life scan readings," Taichi stated. "He could use his computer to find a way out as well."

"I'm glade you have such confidence in my abilities Taichi," Koushiro grimaced, "but I'm afraid that isn't as easy as it sounds. This place is enormous. There are so many passageways and caverns that it will take days to get out. When I zoom out of our current position there is even more to this place. It's more than a maze, it's a labyrinth!"

"So what do we do?" the newly named Sky asked.

"I'm not completely sure," he admitted. "But in this situation we should head in one single direction. If there is no exit to the outside then Digmon could just dig us out."

"Sounds like a plan. Which way should we go?" Davis grinned.

"I think we should just continue in this direction," Izzi stated, glancing at his older self. "We've come so far in this direction that it's likely that we've already made plenty of progress to any exit in this portion of the labyrinth."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Then lets get moving," Rika said impatiently.

Everyone wandered for hours following Koushiro's directions. There didn't seem to be any end to the maze and the map on his laptop continued off the screen.

"Takato," Guilmon could have said for the hundredth time in the last hour. "I'm hungry."

"We're all hungry Guilmon," Henry sighed.

"Takato, if he says that one more time, I'm having Renamon skin his hide for new shoes!" Rika said through gritted teeth.

"He is getting rather annoying," J.P. sighed.

"Hey guys!" both Izzi's yelled in unison.

"What is it?" almost everyone cried.

"Is it food?" Guilmon asked. His went comment ignored by everyone.

"We've finally reached an edge of the labyrinth!" Izzi yelled excitedly.

"There's no sign of an exit, but Digmon can handle that," Koushiro added.

"Absolutely!" Armadillomon smiled.

With more determination than before, the DigiDestined hurried in the direction of their possible exit. When they reached the final chamber they stopped short. It was just a smooth wall. Not many had hoped for an obvious exit like a door, but the sight of the blank wall was depressing all the same.

"Well, Armadillomon," Cody sighed. "Looks like we need Digmon after all."

"Gotcha," the Digimon said, stretching.

"Digi-Armor Energize!" Cody cried, holding out his digivice.

The Digivice flashed, but nothing happened.

"What?" Cody gasped. "Digi-Armor Energize!"

Again, nothing happened.

Davis and Yolei tried having their Digimon Armor Digivolve, but nothing happened either. Takeru and Hikari had no luck either.

"What now?" Yolei sighed. "Now none of our Digimon can Digivolve."

"I think I have an idea." Takuya grinned.

"What?" Koji asked.

"I'm gonna need Tommy and J.P. on this one," Takuya continued, ignoring his friends question.

"What for?" Tommy asked as he and J.P. joined him.

"What would happen if we were to alternately heat and cool a section of that wall rapidly?" Takuya asked.

"The rock would become fragile!" Izzi exclaimed, catching on fast. "But how are you going to heat and cool it? Veemon can't Armor Digivolve into Flamedramon and Betamon can't become Seadramon."

"Well yeah. Your Digimon can't Digivolve or Armor Digivolve, but we haven't tried Spirit Evolving. Koichi isn't the only one with a Digimon spirit form."

Takuya, Tommy, and J.P. pulled out their D-Tectors and the same data ring that had appeared on Koichi's hand before he became Löwemon formed around one of their hands. They clashed their D-Tectors into the rings and yelled out in unison.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"

Data cocoons spun around their glowing forms and in their place three Digimon emerged.

Takuya had transformed into a human-like Digimon with red and orange flame-themed chest, shoulder, forearm, thigh, shin and foot armor over black clothing. He had silver gauntlets on his wrists with three holes in each. There were three holes in his knee armor an on the top part of his armored shoes. His facemask had three horns sticking out of the top, holding back the thick mane of golden hair he now had. On his belt there was a strange symbol that Koji told the others was their warrior's symbol for fire.

"Ahh!" Takuya's new form cried. "Agunimon!"

Tommy looked like a tiny white bear that could stand upright with a streak of orange on each cheek. He wore a green head guard with a yellow bear's head on the headband part, metal shoulder guards, his right one with an orange arm guard. He wore a green vest with the Digimon warrior's symbol of 'ice' in a hexagon on the connecting chest piece and green and orange snow boots.

"Whoa!" he cried, sliding just a bit. "Kumamon!"

J.P. emerged in a spark of electric energy. His armor was purple and yellow and had a similar appearance to Agunimon's only with a beetle theme to it. His helmet had a beetle's horn on the forehead band and his warrior's symbol for 'thunder' was marked on his thigh armor plates.

"Yah!" he cried slapping his fist together. "Beetlemon!"

"Whoa!" Everyone cried out as the three newly changed human's charged at the wall that blocked them from the outside.

"Pyro Punch!" Agunimon cried, thrusting out his fists rapidly, heating the wall until it was glowing red.

"Blizzard Blaster!" Kumamon yelled as he pulled out the missal launcher that he carried on his back and shot out rapid bursts of snowballs over Agunimon's heated spot.

The two of them did this over and over again, heating, cooling, heating, and cooling in rapid succession, never giving the rock time to completely adjust. It began to crack in places.

"Now J.P!" Agunimon commanded.

"Thunder Fist!" Beetlemon cried, electric energy crackling around his fist as he thrust it into the center of the section of wall that Agunimon and Kumamon had been working on. The cracks widened and gave way a little.

"Thunder Fist!" he cried again and again until the wall crumbled underneath and let in a true shaft of light from the outside. Together the three Digimon warriors widened the hole until it was large enough for everyone to get out.

"They did it!" Taichi yelled out.

"Cool," Davis awed.

"Let's get out of here already!" Rika sighed exasperated.

The group rushed to the crude hole and scrambled out into the bright sunlight. Many sighed with relief.

"Wow, Taichi gasped as he looked around at everyone after Takuya, J.P, and Tommy de-digivolved. "How many of us are there?"

Koushiro glanced around and counted off each person. "There are thirty-eight of us humans, and thirty-one Digimon."

"Wow," Yamato sighed. "That's a lot of us to keep track of."

Everyone was now looking around at their large group, but one. Takuya was off to the side slightly clutching the front of his shirt. His chest was hurting and he was having a little trouble breathing.

'Did I overdo it?' he wondered.

"Takuya? Are you alright?" Tommy asked, realizing how hard his friend was breathing.

"What?" he grinned, trying to hide his pain as all the attention turned to him. "I'm fine. I must have gone a little overboard, that's all. Why? Even though you had a blaster, aren't you a little tired from all that work?"

"Oh. I guess I am a little," Tommy admitted.

"I'm a little worn out too," J.P. sighed dramatically, teasing Tommy. "Takuya wasn't the only one physically hammering at that wall. You had it easy with that blaster of yours."

Tommy and Takuya rolled their eyes and put their hands on their thigh, but in doing so Takuya elbowed his bag and felt the folder his doctor had given him. He remembered the medical test results for his cancer were in there. He had planed on putting off telling his friends about his terminal cancer, but now that they were in the digital and they had no idea what the flow of time was here in comparison to their own world, he realized that he might not have that luxury.

"Actually guys," Takuya sighed, rubbing the back of his head. "I have something that you need to know."

Koji eyed him suspiciously. His friend was unusually serious and that was never a good sign for Takuya.

"Well, what a large bunch you all are," a woman's voice echoed around the air. "Those senile old fools find the master so threatening that they simply brought everyone now didn't they."

Everyone looked up and saw a woman with silver hair in a red hat, dress and boots, wearing dark sunglasses.

"Arukenimon!" Ken gasped.

"Hello again," the woman sneered. "And how is our emperor?"