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Chapter 1: Stop and Stare

Lux and Lindsay Cassidy, the Cassidy twins as most referred to them as. Double trouble as kids, now as fifteen almost sixteen years old they have managed to stay together in the foster care system which is a quite hard thing to do. Lux Cassidy the older of the two, she has an unlikely colour of blonde hair seeing that her parents were both brunette. Lindsay Cassidy is the youngest by seven minutes, she is a brunette. Lux and Lindsay look a fair amount alike minus the whole hair colour.

"What do you mean you won't come with me?" Lux asked turning to Lindsay as the two listening to Z100 morning madness with Cate and Ryan.

"Lux, it isn't part of my plan to meet our birth parents" Lindsay explained

"But Lindsay" Lux whined


"How would they believe that I'm there daughter without my twin?"

"I don't know, it's not like we're identical twins"

"We have a different hair colour that's all, please Lindsay" Lux begged

"Lux, let me be blunt I can't miss anymore school" Lindsay tried to tell Lux

"Ever since you changed schools you aren't the same" Lux retorted

"Lux I want to be able to get emancipated just like you"

"But you're not acting like my little sister anymore"

"I still am, its just I think you shouldn't go looking into our parents lives when they gave us up"

"I'm going and I wish you'd come with me Lin"

"I'm not changing my mind, I'll see you later I can't miss the bus to school"

"Whatever Lindsay" Lux said pulling on her hat and walking out the door in the opposite direction of Lindsay.

Lux took the bus to the house of her birth father, she had Z100 playing in her iPod. She heard Cate send a shout out "This is song was requested by Lindsay for her sister Lux. Lindsay wanted to say Lux, don't do what doesn't need to be done they'll find us when they want us. Whatever that means here is Stop and Stare by one republic, I hope this helps Lux." Lindsay cared so much for her sister she didn't want to see her get hurt again, in a way Lindsay was the older sibling in matters that affected both of there lives. "Whatever Linz, I need these signatures to get emancipated unlike you" Lux muttered

Lux stood in front of the address she had stolen from social services, her birth father was so close yet so far. The door opened to a somewhat good looking 30 year old.

"Sorry we don't want any cookies" He said trying to close the door

"I'm not selling cookies" Lux replied

"Cookies?" Lux heard from the background

"What do you want?" he asked

"I'm looking for someone I'm pretty sure your not him" Lux replied

"Who are you looking for?"

"Nathaniel Bazile" Lux says

"That's me, Baze for short" he replies

"Oh great well, I guess you're my daddy" Lux says

"What are you talking about?"

"My birth certificate says you're my father" Lux replies

"How old are you?" Baze asked

"Fifteen but I am sixteen in two days"

"I don't know"

"Baze, she isn't another girl she's your girl" a weird guy with glasses says

"Come inside" Baze said, Lux walks inside

"Could you just sign this and think about all the girls you impregnated and tell me who my mother is" Lux said

"Um…. Cate Cassidy…. Cate with a C" Baze mutters

"Like Morning Madness Star?" Lux asked

"Yeah her" Baze said

"There is no way you slept with Cate Cassidy in High School she had standards" the guy with glasses said

"Math, I did okay don't kill me" Baze said

"Can you give me her number or something?" Lux asked

"I can do better, I'll take you to her work" Baze said

On air at Z100

"What was your High School nickname?" Ryan asked

"Why is it always about High School?" Cate whined

"Okay Lux, you're on the air, what was your high school nick name?" Ryan asked, no answer

"Lux? You there?" Cate asked, still no answer

"Cate" Baze said onto the phone

"You must have gone through some changes" Ryan joked

"Cate, it's Nate Bazile from high school" Baze said

"Okay next caller" Cate said going to push the hang up button

"Wait! You went to high school with Cate? What was she like?" Ryan asked

"Ryan everyone knows I hated high school" Cate whined

"Was she a stoner? Nerd? One of those girls that got knocked up on prom night" Ryan said

Cate glared across the table at him. Ryan looks around "Were you?"

"Technically it was the Winter Formal" Baze said

"Baze!" Cate yelled

"Sorry Cate, I just need you to come see me in the parking lot right now" Baze said. Cate got up and ran out of the station. Leaving Ryan quite confused.

Cate storms out to the parking lot seeing Baze stand there.

"What was such an issue you needed to see me?" Cate yelled


"What Baze, after humiliating me in front of all of Portland"

"Cate meet…. Lux" Baze says moving and revealing a beautiful blonde girl.

"Lux?" Cate asked as she looked at her

"Our daughter Cate" Baze said

"Hi" Lux replies

"Now you speak" Baze said

"How are you? You're so big, well not big. Proportional but bigger from when I saw you last" Cate said

"Thanks, I guess"

"What are you doing here?" Cate asked


"She needs you to sign a form" Baze said

"Yeah" Lux said

"Okay, shouldn't your parents sign this?" Cate asked

"It's for emancipation Cate, from the foster care system she wasn't adopted" Baze said

"What?" Cate asked

"We I mean I was never adopted I had a few issues as a baby" Lux said

"Oh, I'll sign it" Cate replied

"Thanks" Lux hands Cate the form, Cate signs

"Do you need anything else?" Cate asked

"Um, well I have to drop this at social services" Lux said

"I can take you" Cate said

"I can too" Baze said

"Baze, it's not like you care anyways" Cate said

"Excuse me? You're the one working" Baze rebutted

"Ryan can cover" Cate replied

"If you're sure it's alright you leave to take me?" Lux asked Cate

"Of course" Cate said

"Baze, you've probably got better things to do anyways" Lux said

"Well, I guess I do, but since you know where I live your welcome to visit any time you'd like" Baze told Lux

"Thanks" Lux replied

As Lux and Cate walked away, Baze stood there thinking about what had just happened, he had a daughter! Her name is Lux and she was prefect in everyway, there was no way he'd miss that hearing tomorrow. Cate and Lux walked over to Cate small car both getting in. There was silence for a moment to both of them it felt incredibly long.

"So Lux, hows um, you're um…." Cate said pausing

"Lindsay?" Lux asked

"Yeah, did they at least keep the two of you together?" Cate asked

"They did"

"That's good"

"Yeah, she's great"

"So is she also getting emancipated?" Cate asked

"Yeah, her hearing isn't for a few days after mine" Lux stated

"Oh, so why wasn't she with you today?" Cate asked

"She's some genius who hates missing school, ever since she got into Westmont" Lux said

"I went to Westmont" Cate said

"Of course you did" Lux rolled her eyes

"Does that mean she doesn't have to get the signatures?" Cate asked

"No, well she's like the model child. Always did as she's told, got good grades, saved her money, has a job stuff like that" Lux said

"So you need these signatures so you can be emancipated?" Cate asked

"Yes" Lux replied, they arrived in front of social services.

"Do you need me to come inside with you?" Cate asked

"No its okay, you've done enough" Lux said getting out of the car

"Can I at least give you my number to call me if you need anything?" Cate asked quickly getting out of the car and walking over to Lux

"I don't think that's a good idea" Lux said

"I want to help you and your sister" Cate said

"You've already done enough giving us up, bye" Lux said turning and walking into social services.

Cate couldn't even begin to imagine what had just happened. In less than twenty minutes she had met one daughter learned about the other and watched Lux walk away. She wondered if Lindsay had blonde hair too, were they identical or was Lindsay different from Lux. From what Lux had told her they sounded the complete opposite of each other. Cate had to be at that hearing tomorrow for Lux, and to meet her other daughter hopefully she'd be there as well.

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