She stood there, right there. Right over the bridge. But the feet between them seemed as distant as emotion from her face. Her countenance is so frightening, and terrifying that he would rather fight a hundred hellhounds at once, than watch her indifference to his plea. He loves her, he exclaims, and still no response. She folds up her paper, and replies that she loved him too. But now her world had changed. He had fallen for another, and she now was going to join the hunters. He could see the resolve in her eyes, feel it behind the words.

That was over a year ago, and not a day passes by when he doesn't think about her, And if he could just get her to laugh, or smile. If he could get her to break down and cry, cry thick eye-blurring tears. But her composure was immense; it spanned the depth of the ocean, and the height of the mountains. She was unreachable, but that wouldn't stop him from trying to break down that wall she built so sturdily around herself.


Facial expression; composure

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