Gilbert Weilschmidt was a genius. Not simply a self-proclaimed genius, but an actual genius. And he was not afraid to tell anyone.

Of course upon entering the college scene though, with all the people from his tight-knit community gone and only his immature, irresponsible front to show for it, no one took him seriously. They just thought he was a conceited and vain man. Which he was, but he knew he was a genius though, and infuriated by the lack of belief from his peers, he decided he would only consort with people of the same mental capacity as himself.

When he began look around his advanced classes though, he was sorely disappointed from the lack of what he deemed "awesomeness." He didn't allow himself to be disappointed by this fact though, and he continued his search, settling with what he deemed subpar company while he looked.

He didn't have to look long though.

A/N:Sorry that I haven't uploaded a new story in a while. So here.

I got this an idea from something similar on the kink meme, but it was completely different. Where this is an au it was very still cannon mostly, and it had to do with a secret society and UGH it was so good. Too bad I can't find it again. )': But I took the idea of genius though and came up with my own plot; so have fun with Gilbert as he finds a group of people a lot different from what he expected.

Words: 154

Preview of chapter one:

It was pretty uneventful through most of the night. He danced, he flirted, he ate and he drank, but it was all with a feigned enthusiasm. The drunks danced off beat, the girls were droll, and the beer was cheap; all these things he normally found some sort of enjoyment in, but it lacked a certain element that he could not place. Nothing was going his way no matter how he tried to make it a fun experience…