"David, I didn't bring any condoms. You better stop now or we're gonna make the same mistake we made last week…..DAVID!."

"Fine, ok whatever, I'll stop". Why the hell does he always allow me to get this far into foreplay before he goes into bitch mode about not bringing condoms. He always forgot to bring condoms. He knew that my mom had found my stash and that I couldn't keep them here anymore. God he's so hard I could keep my hands in here all day.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I keep forgetting. They're right on my dressing room counter where they've been for three weeks. Every time I leave the house I forget to grab them. I mean, its not like I don't like barebacking or anything."

On his dressing room counter. That must be nice. I couldn't keep a joint under my carpet in a secret hole, my mom was sure to find it when she was snooping. It was on one of those super bullshit episodes of Oprah. Are you paying attention to your child? Mom had gone totally weird after some dead kids mom started sobbing at the camera, telling gullible parents like my mother how she could have saved her son if she only knew he was a huffer. Pay attention to your children, she blubbered. Are they huffing, are they having sex, safe or not?

That was all it took. I came home from practice the next day to find mom sitting on my bed crying that she had found a box of Trojan under my bed, and that there were only two left. She took the box and told my dad. I could barely keep my room door closed anymore, and she moved my laptop to the living room until I earned her trust again. If I was having sex, then porn was sure to blame.

I shook my head from my thoughts and turned to stare at Kimmo. "Yea, I know. I'm gonna go to the drug store and get a box". I said, getting up not wanting to hear him babble about how he really liked me and that he hoped I wasn't disappointed.

Kimmo was a foreign exchange student from Finland. He was a good three feet taller than me and wore skinny jeans. His hair was thick, long, blonde, and reached the center of his back. He wore scarves from Hermes, and loved Miss Dior by Chanel. I liked that his slender frame, beautiful hair, and penchant for women's perfume was as far as him being a bottom went. He loved sports as much as I did, especially hockey, subscribed to Sports Illustrated and knew about all the major trades and contracts even before me. He was my own personal Fabio. I loved his lips and the way they felt around my penis.

There was only one downside to Kimmo, he was a pleaser. I was constantly having to remind him that I still liked him, and that he was beautiful. Once I spent the entire afternoon kissing his eyelashes and smoothing his golden brows just to reassure him that I wasn't going to end what I'd started. His low self confidence boggled me because Kimmo was uber hot. He was the hottest piece of ass in Lima as far as guys went, and he was European ass at that. I mean, all gay guys wanted one of three things when it came to their crushes, for them to be either: their movie star crush incarnate, their athletic crush incarnate, or, for them to be some random hot European guy.

My athletic crush just so happened to be Cristiano Ronaldo, who was European, but I will definitely take Kimmo Timonen, even with his insecurities. I kissed him on the lips and squeezed what was between his thighs telling him that everything was fine and that he should order pizza for later. He said he was going to run a bath and winked at me as I left the room. We had been talking about bathtub sex for a while. Apparently that's the only way to do it properly as far as the Finnish were concerned.

My mind trailed back to my mother as I approached my car. She was worried about missing condoms and porn. No doubt she thought I was banging a Cheerio. I wonder what she'd say to Oprah when she found out it was a male foreign exchange student who wore women's perfume.

[[[[[First Venture into fanfic. I ship Kurtofsky! DUH! My hope is not to make the obvious choices, and to create new characters. There will be Kurtofsky sooner than later, but I like the process of "getting there" so things will take its time. This will eventually become smutty, and there will be loads of sex scenes-not only with Kurt/Karofsky. ]]]]]