It's been a while since I last uploaded. But this story came from an idea from TeamSwitzerland93. So here you are dear, I hope you enjoy it. It's based on the song Indian Summer from Brooks and Dunn. But for winter break I decided to finish and upload this. It's Non-cannon Bella and Jasper coupled and it's rated M for the next chapter and chapter three.

Thanks to ace1219 for her awesome betaing.

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Football. It's America's greatest past time. It's a life for some, a passion for others, and it changed my life forever.

Growing up in good old Forks, Washington has its ups and downs, but mostly it's unchanging. All the kids in my graduating class grew up together, as did our parents and grandparents. It always stays the same.

Walking down the halls of Forks you notice that this school isn't really different or unique in any way. We have cliques just like other schools; the popular kids, the nerds, the normal kids, we could go on and on.

I am what we consider normal. I'm an A+ student and in the top five percent of my graduating class. I'm not valedictorian or anything mainly because I don't want to be. I never liked the spotlight. My best friend Angela Weber on the other hand is. We grew up together, but then again as I said before, who hasn't? Angela is dating Ben Cheney and they do the off and on thing well. I'm wondering when they'll figure out how perfect they are together. Mike Newton's parents own the only sporting goods store in town and his on again girlfriend Jessica Stanley is Forks' very own gossip girl.

Now, just like in every high school we also have the popular kids like our quarterback James Maverick, who's a real jerk, and Laurent Jones his best friend and the Spartans' star running back. James' girlfriend Victoria Laurence is the head cheerleader here in Forks high and she loves to put the itch in bitch. Her minion is none other than Lauren Mallory. She does whatever Victoria says and I would love to be there when bitch-toria tells her to jump off a cliff. The other person in their "crew" is Tyler Crowley. He isn't as bad as the others when you have one on one time with him, but when he's with the rest of them he can be a pain in the ass.

Anyway it's our senior year and honestly I'm ready to graduate. Only problem is its September and I still have eight months to go. Oh I miss the times Alice was here, she would make my sentence much more bearable.

Alice Brandon is my cousin. She used to be a student here, but her parents moved a little down highway 101 and into Sequim where she now goes to school. We're playing the Sequim Wolves tonight as our final game. Being a small town, we don't really have many teams to play against in our league, so our season doesn't last long.

My phone vibrated and I fished it out of my pocket. Speak of the devil and she shall answer. I selected the text:

Hey my love, so you better be going to the game tonight. We gotta hang asap. I miss my B.

I laughed a little. Alice and I have always been more like sisters than cousins. We were completely devastated when she was relocated.

Ok, fine I'll come, but I'm not sitting on my side. Meet you out front on the wolves side?

For sure. 7 pm. We'll hang after.

K, love you Aly, see ya later

You too lovely.

Alice was considered the black sheep in the family, because she had different views on things. I just thought she was special.

I got to my locker and used the combination. It wouldn't open at first so just like I always did, I slammed it with my fist and open she did. I stuffed all my crap in and closed her up tight before continuing my walk down the hall to salvation.

I felt a tug on my hair and glanced around my shoulder to see Angela's smiling face. "Hi Bella."

"Hey Angela. What's up?"

"Oh nothing much. Did Alice text you?"

"Yeah why?"

"Well she texted me to go to the game tonight. Are you going?"

"Yeah I am. I wanna spend some time with her. It's been too long. Are you gonna come?"

She sighed. "I would love to, but it's date night with Ben. We're going to a movie."

"Oh, well have fun."

We walked outside and I saw my beautiful beast. The thing is sturdy and also indestructible. I loved it.

"You too. Oh and tell Aly I said 'hi' okay?"

I nodded and unlocked the door. "Talk to you later Ang."

She waved as I jumped in the truck and turned the ignition, my beast roaring to life. I left the school grounds as fast as I could and picked up dinner for myself and dear old dad. He was working late so he wouldn't be home till after I was gone for the game, in other words he'd want to know the plan for the evening.

"Hey Dad." I said as I walked through the doors of the police office.

"Hey Bella. Ooh is that dinner?" Charlie is the chief of police and obviously he isn't spoiled. If I'm not cooking I'm bringing him dinner. Just taking care of him the way I can.

"Nope, it's a figment of your imagination." I said handing him the bag of food.

"Funny. So what's the plan for tonight Bells?"

"Well Dad since I haven't seen Alice in ages I was gonna go to the game tonight and hang out with her. Maybe do a little sleep over after."

He nodded. "Okay have fun. So I'll be seeing you tomorrow?"

"Yep tomorrow."

"Alright. Remind Alice that she's always welcome, I miss her too ya know."

"Will do."

"Thanks for the food." He leaned over and kissed my temple.

"You're welcome."

After I was done with my alibi (cop daughter humor) I had a little time to kill waiting until seven so I read some of Wuthering Heights again. Finally time to leave I jumped in the beast and headed for the football stadium.

I walked up to the Wolves side and could see my little pixie of a cousin waving. I waved a little back and watched as she came charging towards me. Alice was a little shorter than me with short spiky black hair and real pretty grey eyes compared to my long wavy brown locks and dark brown eyes.

When she reached me she launched herself in a hug. "Oh B I've missed you!"

"I missed you too."

She released me and placed something in my hand. "There's your ticket. Now we just have to find some seats."

We walked in and found a couple relatively good seats up front and sat down. A couple minutes before the game started I looked around and noticed that no one was coming to sit with Alice and myself.

"Um Aly? Why are we sitting alone? Where are your friends?"

"You'll meet them later." She smiled and then pointed to the field. "Do you see the blonde head cheerleader? That's Rosalie Hale. And if you look out in the field number twenty three, do you see him?"

I nodded.

"That's Emmett McCarty, Rose's boyfriend. He's awesome, you'll love him."

"What does he play?"

"Em is the left tackle. Jasper Whitlock, number fifteen, is the quarter back and my boyfriend, Edward Mason, is number nine. He's the running back."

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend Alice, thanks for telling me."

She giggled. "I know, sorry."

"So do you like him?" Alice had a habit of dating guys she didn't really like. She hated turning a guy down, but the relationships never lasted past a couple weeks.

She nodded. "Very much. He's the one thing that made moving away from you bearable."

I hugged her. "Well I'm glad you found him."

She smiled. "You'll like him, I know you will."

"If you like him then so will I. Oh and Dad said to tell you that you're always welcome to the house and that he misses you."

"I'll have to make a plan to see Uncle Charlie soon. I miss him too."

Normally football isn't that interesting to me, but watching the Wolves play was intense. That and I loved watching James get a taste of his own medicine. We barely sat down the whole game and we were cheering constantly. Edward, Jasper and Emmett alone were amazing. It was a close game. Spartans and Wolves were tied 21 to 21 in the last quarter with the ball at the 35 yard line. Thirty seconds on the clock for the Wolves to possibly win. That or we go into over time.

Jasper had the ball and was looking for someone open who could run those thirty five yards. He suddenly threw it but when I looked to where the ball would be no one was there to catch it. Suddenly Edward came out of nowhere, caught it and scored a touchdown. The Wolves won 28-21 and the crowd was going crazy, Alice and me included.

I followed Alice out to our cars when she told me about the after party we were going to on La Push beach. She followed me home to drop off my truck and I wrote a note to Charlie explaining that Alice was driving. Note in place, Alice and I headed out to La Push.

We arrived around the time the football players and cheerleaders did. Alice and I settled on an old piece of driftwood.

"This is where they said they'll meet us."

Not too long after the blonde, Rosalie came walking over, her hand enveloped in a larger hand that was attached to a really big guy. Emmett I was assuming. He had dark curly hair and light gray blue eyes. He could be scary if his carefree grin wasn't plastered on his face.

"Emmett, Rosalie, this is my cousin Bella. Bella, Em and Rose."

I smiled tentatively. "Hi."

"This is the infamous Bella we have heard so much about," Emmett boomed. "Well it's nice to finally meet you."

"You too."

Rosalie gave me a tight smile which I returned.

"Babe!" a voice behind us yelled.

Alice and I turned around at the same time to see two boys walking up. One had bronze hair and as he got closer I noticed his green eyes. The other was a very handsome with curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

"Edward!" Alice squealed jumping up from where we were sitting and launching into his arms.

So the green eyes were Edward's, which would make the blue eyes Jasper.

"Guys this is my cousin Bella. Bella, Edward and Jasper."

They nodded hello and I followed suit.

"So Alice here tells us you go to Forks high." Emmett said.

"That's right, I do."

"How did you like your team losing?"

"Emmett!" Alice chastised.

"No it's okay. Actually I didn't mind it. I mostly liked watching James get his ass handed to him."

Emmett laughed. "Ah no shit? We got a feisty one here."

"Do you actually know that tool?" Edward asked, wrapping his arms around Alice's waist.

"Not on a friendly level, no. He pretty much hits on anything with breasts."

"Aw hell yeah. Aly? Your cousin? She's a keeper. Me and Rose are gonna get a drink but hey," he said turning back to me, "we'll talk later. You're one of us now Bella."

I laughed watching them leave. "Is he always like this?"

Alice and Edward nodded.

"Believe it or not, he can judge your character in less than a minute and see if you're worth keeping around," Jasper said next to me. I hadn't noticed him come to sit beside me and I didn't mind. Jasper was extremely attractive to say the least.

I was so focused on him I barely noticed Alice and Edward leave us.

I smiled. "Guess I passed."

"Looks like it." He sat staring at my eyes for a second, like he was trying to find something. Suddenly he shook his head and looked down at his hand. "So, uh, do you like football?"

"Not really."

He glanced back up to my eyes.

"I mean I know enough to get by, but sports isn't really my forte."

"What is your forte?"

I opened my mouth to answer when another voice called my name. I turned and saw the five familiar figures walking up to me.

"Jacob! Hey."

He picked me up off the driftwood and gave me a hug. Emily and Sam were right behind him followed by Quil and Embry. They went to the high school here in La Push and ever since I was little Charlie would come out to hunt or fish with Billy, Jacob's dad, and I would hang out with Jake and his friends.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Please like we wouldn't crash the party near our rez."

"Who's your friend?" Emily asked, nodding to Jasper.

"Guys this is Jasper. And this is Jacob, Sam, his girlfriend Emily, Quil and Embry," I said pointing each one out.

"Nice to meet you," he said shaking hands.

The guys nodded in return and Emily smiled.

"Well I'll leave you to talk. Bella I'll see you later?"

I smiled and nodded. I was a bit put out that he left me to talk with my friends because I wanted to talk to him so I was excited that I would see him again.

"He's cute Bella," Emily whispered to me.

I nodded watching him walk away.

"So this isn't a Forks party, I don't see anyone familiar," Sam said.

"No, it's Sequim. They beat Forks. Jasper is an amazing quarterback."

"I thought you didn't like football, Bella," Quil said.

"I don't but the game was awesome. You should've seen James' face when he lost, it was priceless."

"Bummer we missed it," Embry said.

The guys started talking about something I tuned out and I looked over my shoulder to find Jasper.

I suddenly felt someone grab my arm and lead me away from the group.

"We're gonna go have girl talk," Emily told the guys. "Don't mind us."

The guys groaned and rolled their eyes. They once followed us after we said that so we talked about really gross feminine things. They never followed again once that was said.

She pulled me several feet away and turned to face me. I glanced over my shoulder at the guys then I looked toward my right. My eyes met Jasper's and I smiled. He returned it before turning back to Edward and Alice.

"So, how long have you known him?" Emily asked.

I turned to look at her. "Actually, I just met him."

"Wow really?"

I nodded.

"Well he must really like you. He keeps looking over at you."

"He does?"

She nodded. "He does it a lot. He's cute Bella, just be careful."

"I will, promise."

"Jake!" Alice squealed.

I turned to see her running straight into Jake's open arms, Edward and Jasper following behind her. I laughed and Emily and I walked back to the group.

"How have you been you little pixie?" Jake asked.

"Oh I've been pretty good even though I moved away. I haven't seen you in forever, I really missed you."

"I've missed you too."

Alice turned to Edward. "This is Jake; he's like a little brother. Jake this is my boyfriend Edward and I think you've already met Jasper. Anyway, babe, these are some of the guys I grew up with…"

I glanced over and saw Jasper staring at me again and for whatever reason I couldn't look away.

I faintly heard Alice and Jake talk about old times when Jasper smiled and tilted his head, hinting for an exit.

I nodded and told everyone I'd see them later before Jasper and I left the group, walking down the beach.

"So, Mr. Quarterback, where are you leading me?"

He laughed. "Some place where there's privacy to talk."

"You're gonna miss your party."

"It's not my party, it's the teams, and I don't really care about that."

"The star quarterback doesn't want to mingle?"

He shook his head. "No you just hear the same things over and over. 'That was an amazing throw', 'you're awesome' 'make out with me'."

I laughed.

He smiled. "I was jokin' about that last one but the rest are all the same. I'd rather talk to you."

"Well not to sound like your other groupies, but that was an amazing throw. I mean without it, who knows what would've happened."

"You mean you're only talkin' to me because I threw that last touchdown?"


He looked at me and I laughed.

"I'm kidding! I would have talked to you even if you lost."

He laughed. "Oh, thanks."

"Anytime. But you are awesome and amazingly enough, you're grounded. You don't see that in star football players."

"Is this where you suggest making out?"

I laughed and hit his arm. "No. It's a compliment. Star players at my school are just looking to score and living on short lived fame."

His hand slid down my arm and laced his fingers through mine. "Well I'm not like them."

He led me up the stairs to a lake house off the beach.

"I hope you're not gonna break into this place."

He laughed and shook his head. "This is my parent's lake house. They gave me the keys to it so I could crash here and not drink and drive."

"That was thoughtful."

"Yep. Emmett, Edward and Rosalie's parents bought the houses next to ours. We've been together about as long as you, Alice and your friends have been."


He nodded. "Since babies." He unlocked the door and let me in, closing and locking it behind us. "Our parents grew up together."

"Just like everybody in Forks," I murmured sitting on the couch.

"Yeah. Are you thirsty?"


"What'll it be?"

"Whatever you have."

"Alright hang on a sec." He disappeared into the kitchen and I stood up to look at the pictures on the mantel of the fireplace. They were all of Jasper growing up there was one of him and his parents. I noticed he looked so much like his dad; curly hair and blue eyes but his smile was his mom's. It was very pretty.

There were a couple of him, Rosalie, Edward and Emmett. One when they were younger and one of them going into high school and another of them in their football gear and cheerleader uniform. They looked like a big family and they reminded me of my friends and myself.

"So I found some wine. How about that?" Jasper asked walking back into the room.

"Wine's good." I turned and walked back to the couch.

He brought it over to the coffee table along with two glasses. I pulled the blanket from the side of the couch over to my lap.

He poured and handed me a glass before sitting beside me.

"So," he started.

"So," I said taking a sip.

He smiled. "You start."

"Okay. What are you going to do after graduation?"

"I have a full ride to Georgetown with football. I'll go to get a degree in business and music."


He nodded.

"Wow. That's impressive. What do you play?"

"Guitar mostly."

"Nice. Could I hear you play sometime?"

"Sure. If you wanted."

"I would love it. So is it a back up plan or something?"

"Yeah, if football falls through then I can do somethin' with my other passion."

"Very cool. I'm envious."

He smiled. "So what are your plans Bella?"

"I haven't really decided yet. I want to go to the University of Arizona, live with my mom. That or go to Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. Those are the big English major schools. I'm just waiting on the acceptance letters to decide exactly where."

"Very impressive. What are your plans with the degree?"

"I haven't decided yet. Maybe write a book or teach. Maybe both."

I set my almost empty glass on the table and looked at him. We were silently watching each other.

His eyes were beautiful close up. They were a deep blue with a couple flecks of gold in them. He had a curly lock in front of one eye that I so badly wanted to brush back he opened his mouth to speak and my eyes instantly shot there.

"Bella, are you with anybody?"

I shook my head.

"I don't get it."


"Why nobody is with you. You're so beautiful. What kind of idiot wouldn't jump at the chance?"

I shrugged my shoulder. "I don't know. I grew up with all these people. I'm not attracted to them and they never asked."

"Lucky me. I've wanted to do this all night." He leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't long, just a very short chaste kiss but I felt it warm me. He pulled back to see how I'd react and I did what felt right. I brushed back the hair from his eye and kissed him back.