"Kiss me."

Oishi stared incredulously at the redheaded tennis player.

"Say what?"

"I said, kiss me," repeated Eiji firmly. "Now."

Oishi backed away slightly. "Okay… other than the fact that we're at practice and that you've never shown much interest in doing anything other than hugging to girls or guys before… uh, why?"

"Just do it."

Taking advantage of Oishi's hesitation, Eiji gently placed his hand onto Oishi's neck then practically flung himself at the other player, kissing him wildly for what seemed like hours.

The two finally separated, both of them out of breath.

"Thanks," Eiji breathed into Oishi's ear. "Sorry, but I-"

"Hey, you two!" boomed the voice of Tezuka. "Do that kind of stuff in your own time, not in a practice session that I've scheduled."

"Yes, Captain," muttered Eiji as he shuffled away from Oishi and back to his singles practise partner, Fuji.

Oishi blinked.

"What just happened…?"

"Alright, Seigaku!" shouted Tezuka. "Well done. You're dismissed!"

The team dispersed quickly, leaving Tezuka and Fuji standing alone on the court.

Fuji smiled, "You don't have to be so jealous, you know."

Tezuka said nothing.

Fuji persisted, "He's not in love with Oishi. He may hug him every day, and – uh, lick his face sometimes, but that's nothing."

The captain remarked, "Really now, Fuji?"

"Yes," Fuji replied, eyes sparkling. "Don't worry about them. They were just, ah…"


"Well, yes. But there's nothing to worry about. He's just practising."

Tezuka's expression softened slightly. "As long as they practise tennis properly, then that's just… fine."

Fuji asked casually, "So who is it?"

Tezuka glared at Fuji, as if blaming him for being deductive enough to figure out that he loved someone. "Be quiet."

"So who?"

After a minute of what looked like agonized decision-making, in a rush Tezuka confessed, "He… it… it's Oishi. How the hell do I love him when he's busy being the golden boy with his golden partner?"

A smile crept over Fuji's face. "You just… love."

The captain frowned, unimpressed.

"Don't worry about what happened at practise, Tezuka. He was just, ah, practising for someone. And I'm sure Oishi appreciated the practice too. He needs it for a special someone."

With that and a wink, Fuji turned to leave.

Practice? thought Tezuka. For someone… Wait, what?

"Tezuka!" called a voice. "I didn't think you were still here."

The captain turned to see Oishi striding towards him hurriedly.

"Listen, about today's practice… I'm sorry. It wasn't-"

Oishi's voice disappeared as Tezuka embraced him.

"Don't say sorry," he said in a low voice. "Just… kiss me."

The vice-captain smiled. "Have I ever told you how much I've wanted to do that?"

From a distance, Fuji watched with a calm, knowing smile while the two began to kiss passionately. Satisfied, the genius walked away, only to trip… straight into Eiji's arms.

"Eiji?" Fuji asked.

"Nya?" the catlike boy replied, his eyes closed. Suddenly, he felt the other boy's warm mouth against his cheek, moving closer and closer towards his lips.

Fuji closed his own eyes, feeling his and Eiji's hearts beat faster and faster as one.

Eiji couldn't feel anything but heat, couldn't hear anything but Fuji's breath and the heartbeats that their joined hearts gave. But then the brown-haired boy breathed:

"Kiss me."