EDITOR'S NOTE: I feel that I should warn that this fic contains a few somewhat mature themes and stronger language than Ori's usual work. Nothing to warrant an M-rating but I felt I should warn the reader. And do not worry, despite the warning this fic does not contain any "Blasphemous Rumors-like" content, just harsher language and some implied themes (mostly about Ryou).

-Taiki Matsuki

They Called Upon A Midnight Buzzed
Call I: The Matsudas

Takato left for his friends' party hours ago, he said he'd call if he was going to be late and it's almost ten o'clock. I'm not too worried, though. He's in high school now, he's with all of his friends. He probably lost track of time.

Takehiro and I are spending Christmas Eve watching some of our favorite movies, just the two of us in the living room in the dark. Except for the lights of our Christmas tree...We haven't done this in so long. I'm sort of glad Takato got out of the house for Ruki's party, not that I don't want to spend Christmas with my son. It's just nice to have some time to ourselves, especially at Christmas.

"...Think we should give Takato a call?" Takehiro looks to me, pausing the movie. "It's getting really late. And it is Christmas Eve."

"He'll probably be annoyed that we're checking up on him," I say.

"Yeah, well, let him be annoyed. He promised he'd call," Takehiro says.

"I thought I was the one who was supposed to worry like that," I smile. "Just a quick call, okay?" I reach for my cell phone and get Takato from my contacts.

This is Takato's cell phone. I can't take your call, sorry. Please leave a message at the beep. It went straight to his voice mail.

"...Takato, it's Mom. Just wanted to check in. Did you sit on your phone and turn it off again? Call when you get this, have fun at the party." I say. "Merry Christmas." I hang up.

"His phone's off?"

I nod. That does worry me a little. "I'm sure it went off by accident." Takato's infamous for sitting on his phone while it's in his pocket and either turning it off and on or, I think the term is, 'butt-dialing' someone. It's probably that.

"...We'll try again in twenty minutes or so," Takehiro says, wearily turning back to the television.

Just as Takehiro plays the movie again, my phone goes off. "See? He's calling right now." I look to my phone, Takehiro pauses the movie. ...Wait...The caller ID isn't displaying Takato's name and I don't recognize this number. I answer. "...Hello?"

"Mrs. Matsuda?" ...Juri? She...sounds strange.

"Juri? Is everything okay?"

"No, nothing's okay...Not anymore, not ever again!" What? Juri's voice is slurred. And she sounds like she's been crying. Or still is. "Nothing's okay at all! Takato...I'm so mad at him! I-I hate him! I hate him so much!" ...Is Juri...drunk?

"Juri, calm down. What...What happened?" I say. Takehiro is looming over me with his eyes wide. I wave my hand so he'll give me some space, he's practically on top of me. "Is Takato okay?" Juri and Takato are so close, what could have possibly happened?

"No! He...He's...I-I wanted him...I thought...We could be together! I-I can't believe this...! He...He...How could he do this to me?"

"Juri, you're not making any sense...What's going on? ...Are you drunk?"

"Th-There...might have...been something in the punch..." Wonderful, spiked punch. Takato's in high school, all right... Takehiro and I were kids, too, we've...been there. I just hope Takato doesn't get sick if he didn't know about it.

I'm not too worried about alcohol at the party, actually. Takato's made it clear to us he avoids alcohol because it "makes him stupid." He's been to more than one of Hirokazu's parties and, well, we'd be surprised if alcohol wasn't served at one of those. We don't object, we trust our son.

...Ryou Akiyama's parties on the other hand... ...Ryou had a few 'problems' after D-Reaper, let's say.

"Tell me what happened. Please, Juri." I say.

Juri's voice is slurred, she's also crying a little. "Takato...I-I thought he liked me. Before, when he saved...me from D-Reaper and...Everything after that...I-I thought...He loved me. We...We've been friends so long and... ...I...I can't believe him! He was leading me on, I know it! He was leading me on! H-How could he? ...I...I was so sure he...loved me..." ...What? T-Takato would never do that. He cares a lot about Juri, I know that. Takehiro and I always thought they'd end up together...Looks like something happened to prevent that, but...Takato would never 'lead her on.' He's not like that.

"Juri, please, calm down. Did you and Takato have a fight? Please, just tell me what happened. Calmly."

"...W-We...were...at the party...I-I told him about...before and...I thought he liked me...H-He was even under some fucking mistletoe!" ...Juri is definitely drunk, I have never heard her use 'that word' before, or even any of 'those kinds' of words. I don't think she even realized that she used it. "H-He told me...He didn't like me that way! I asked...if he liked Ruki...He said Ruki and I weren't his type. I-I...I asked what his 'type' was! Do you know what he said? Do you? Y-You should! Even if he didn't tell you, you sure as hell should know who his type is!" She's starting to cry.

Juri, I've never seen this side of you before. I don't like it. At all.

"No...I don't know. Juri, please, calm down. What-"

Juri interrupts me, screaming and sobbing. "JEN! JEN IS HIS TYPE!" ...Jen?

Jenrya is...Takato's 'type?'

...I-I see...

"...Juri, is that what Takato said?" If Takato really did say this...I'm guessing Takato was drunk, too. If he didn't, then...I-I can't believe Juri would spread a rumor like this, especially about Takato. They...were so close as friends and I know she cared about Takato. Takato, even if this is true, cared so much about her...

"Y-Yes. He told me...Jenrya...was his type! Takato's...Takato's gay! He made me think he liked me, but-"

"Juri, you have no right telling me this," I say, sternly, like I'm talking to a child. The fact she's acting like this makes it easy. I'm going to make this as crystal clear as possible for her. "You're emotional right now and obviously drunk, but...Juri, this is Takato's business. Not yours. I'm sorry if...you feel that he's been 'leading you on' for so long but...Don't call back until you've calmed down and sobered up. I-In fact, how dare you even think to call me like this! I'm upset with you, Juri. Not Takato. Not in the slightest. Good night, Juri." I hang up. I can't believe she did this, I really can't! What's gotten into her? She's always been so nice!

"...Wow...What...What was that about?" Takehiro looks to me, his eyes wide. "A-And is...Takato okay? Answer that first, actually."

"...Someone spiked the punch at the party. Juri...I-I guess Juri just drunk dialed me," I can't believe I just said that. I look to Takehiro. "Um...I-I don't quite know how to tell you this Takehiro-"

"Just tell me if Takato's okay or not." Takehiro says, quickly. "He didn't get hurt or sick, did he?"

"I think he's okay. He and Juri...just had a falling out. Juri confessed to him and he didn't return her feelings."

"He didn't? Really? I-I always thought they'd be together..." Takehiro says.

"So did she, but..." I-I don't know how to tell Takehiro what Juri said. Something tells me I'm not the first person she's told...

...If I'm right, I'm so sorry, Takato. I know how difficult this must be for you. I can only imagine how you're taking this.

"But she...drunk dialed you to tell us Takato didn't like her?" Takehiro laughs a little. "I can't imagine Takato turning her down so badly. He was nice about it, right?"

"I think so, but it's not that he turned her down. It's why he turned her down."

"What do you mean?"

I take a deep breath. I don't quite know how he'll take this. "Takehiro...Our son is gay."

"...What?" The look on Takehiro's face, he's mostly confused. That's better than what I was expecting.

"That's what she told me, Takato told her that Ruki and Juri aren't his type. Jenrya is."

"...Oh..." Takehiro leans back into the couch's back cushion, his eyes wide. "I-I...I didn't expect that."

"I'm so upset with Juri...She called me to rant about that. She sounded really drunk, I-I just hope Takato isn't sick from the punch," I sigh.

"We were kids once, too," Takehiro chuckles. "I-I remember I'd be the one who spiked the punch, usually. And ended up the sickest, too." He laughs.

"...Does this bother you?" I'm amazed by how he took the news, he didn't even ask if it was a joke or if I heard her wrong.

"A-Actually...I'm surprised to say it...isn't that much of a shock," Takehiro looks to me with a shrug. "I mean, Takato...How do I put this...?"

"There's just 'something' about him?" I ask.

"Y-Yeah...I mean, he was...always really emotional as a kid and even now, I know that's...sort of a stereotype, but, he was just...'different' that way. We thought he liked Juri, but...He never asked her out even though it was obvious she was hinting at that for a long time, even in front of us a few times. And... ...If he said Jenrya was his type, well...How often are those two not together?" Takehiro sighs. "I mean, if you look at all that...It's not that big of a surprise."

"He's...going to be scared if he finds out Juri called us. You know how shy Takato is, especially about things like this. And that's without the fact that, well, I'm sure this is the last thing he wants people knowing. Especially us. Especially this way," I say. "We...We should call Jenrya or one of his friends...Do you have any of their numbers?"

"Um...Hold on...I think we have one or two of them written down, in case of an emergency." Takehiro gets up and goes to the other room.

He has a point about Takato. I wasn't very surprised when I heard Juri say Takato was gay and I probably should have been. It doesn't upset me, I'm more upset by how I found out...Juri, she's so nice and... ...I guess a lot of it was the alcohol and I'm sure she was upset that he turned her down but that's no excuse. She has no right to do this to Takato. Especially after all he's done for her. He may not love her, but I know he cares a lot about her. They were close friends, Takato always did his best to make her happy. ...That's probably where she got the idea he liked her back, but I doubt that was his intention.

I sort of suspected this, actually. I kept it to myself, I wasn't sure how Takehiro would take to even the suggestion of our son as gay. I just noticed that if I told him Juri or Ruki were on the phone or showed up at the bakery, his expression wouldn't really change. If I said Jenrya called or was at the bakery, Takato would smile. Always. After I noticed that, I started think that maybe Takato didn't like girls...And, maybe, liked Jenrya.

Takehiro comes back into the room with a piece of note paper. "Here, it's the Shiotas' cell and home numbers. From when they were out of town last month. Hirokazu's is on it. ...Do you want to call him?"

I nod. "If you don't mind."

"I-I don't even...know what to say, so...Go ahead," Takehiro nods, passing me the paper.

"Thank you," I take the note paper and dial Hirokazu's cell phone number.


"Hirokazu, this is Takato's Mother..."

"O-Oh, um... Hey...What's the occasion? You...wishing me a Merry Christmas? Ha ha! Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too! And a Happy New Year!" From how nervous he sounds, I think he might have an idea of why I'm calling him.

"...Is Juri telling everyone?" I ask.

"D-Depends...What's Juri telling everyone?" Hirokazu, even on the phone you have a terrible poker face. He definitely knows what's going on.

"...That my son is gay."

"...Yeah, she's...She's telling everyone, kinda." Hirokazu sighs. "L-Look, um...I-I don't know how you took the news but-"

"We're not upset, Hirokazu. Not at Takato at least. Juri is another story...Is Takato there? Is he okay?"

"He's not here but he's...more or less okay. In a physical sense, at least...Emotionally, well...He's Takato, you know?"

"I know, I can imagine how upset he is," I say. "Just tell me what happened, please."

"Uh, well...Wh-What happened was, um...F-First thing, we don't know who did it and I SWEAR we didn't know about it but someone spiked the punch. It was something strong but...I couldn't taste it, no-one could. I swear, we didn't throw that kind of party!"

"I understand, we were young once, too. Where's Takato right now?"

"Jen took him over to his apartment, we didn't know what happened at the time. We heard a scream, Juri's, and came into the room. She was gone and Takato was...I-I haven't seen him cry like that ever, Mrs. Matsuda. Jen's taking care of him, I know that, he kind of insisted on it. Don't worry, but...Well, Juri called Kenta a little bit before you called me and... ...Look, we're so mad at her right now. She's...a really evil drunk, let's just say that." I hear talking in the background. "H-Hold on, um, Kenta...Kenta wants to talk to you."

I hear Hirokazu pass the phone. "Mrs. Matsuda?"


"M-Mrs. Matsuda, um, you two...don't have a problem with Takato? I-I mean, he's...going to be so scared when he finds out Juri called you. He's not going to take it well. Even with full support, this is...a total nightmare."

"Neither of us have a problem in the slightest. It...wasn't that big of a shock, actually. I'm more mad at Juri, I really am. She had no right to do this. Especially to Takato."

"Thank the Gods...I-I don't know how to say this but...I can answer any questions you two...might have."

"About what happened?" I ask.

"That and... ...About... ...Um...Takato's 'preference.'" About Takato's...? ...K-Kenta?

"Kenta, you're...?" Th-This is a surprise, actually. But...

...Well, at least...I know Takato might have someone after this.

"Yeah, I-I am. No use hiding it after this, I-I let it...slip in front of Hirokazu while I was screaming at Juri when she called me. I-I'm going to tell Takato later, when he's feeling better. It'll help him, I know that." Kenta sighs. "S-So, any...questions?"

"How scary is it? Just what's happening."

"Scarrier than you can possibly imagine. I've had nightmares about this sort of thing happening and, the fact she called you...Like I said, even with your complete support, Takato is going to be really, really scared and emotional. I would be, anyone would be. Please, be...as cautious as you can approaching this with him."

"And, about that punch. We're not upset about that, but any idea who spiked it?"

"I swear to the Gods it wasn't Hirokazu or me, we think it's Ryou but we don't know for sure," If it was Ryou, I'm not surprised in the slightest. He's better now, but he had...a lot of problems. As much as we trust Takato we were a little worried whenever he was around him, for a long time. Now, he's...not as bad, but we still have our concerns. "And, yeah, Takato had a bit but...We swear, no-one knew! Takato...had to have had a lot for him to say what he said to Juri. Everyone's...a little out of it right now."

"I understand, we were kids once, too," I laugh. I look to Takehiro, "Hold on, one second."


I hold the phone to my shoulder. "...Kenta's volunteering information on the subject of Takato's 'preference.' Do you want to talk to him?"

"Y-Yeah-Wait...Kenta's...giving information...?" I have a little laugh at the surprised look on my husband's face.

"He's gay, too," I smile, it's good to know Takato will have someone to talk to about this. I'm also happy that Kenta is willing to help us understand what Takato is going through. Kenta's such a good friend to him usually, but especially now. I'm sure he didn't want to tell us he had the 'same preference' as Takato. "Takato is at Jenrya's apartment, Jenrya is helping him calm down. He's going to be really scared that we know. Even for Takato, he's going to be scared and upset."

Takehiro nods. "Right. I'll...be careful when the subject comes up." He holds out his hand for the phone.

I put the phone to my ear. "Kenta, Takato's Dad has a few questions. Also, can I have Jenrya's phone number? I-I want to call him later. I think it would be best if he passed a message to Takato for us and we let Takato approach us with the subject. Please, don't tell Jenrya that Juri called us, okay?" I'll call Jenrya in a little bit, he'll need time to help Takato and I don't want to interrupt him in any way. Takato is going to need him...

...Though, if Jenrya is my son's 'type'... ...I wonder if Jenrya knows. And if Takato might be his 'type.' I...I just want Takato to be happy. That's why I'm thinking about the possibility. And, after this, Takato needs to be happy.

...We'll make a special Christmas Cake and some Guilmon bread for him, for when he comes home. Just...so he knows that nothing's changed. That we love him. Always.

"That...would be a good idea. Takato...might not be all that coherent right now if you called him." Kenta says. I reach for a pen and paper on the end table next to the couch. He gives me Jenrya's cell phone and apartment number.

"Thank you, Kenta. Hold on." I pass the phone to Takehiro.

Takehiro clears his throat. "...Kenta? ...No, I'm not upset at all. I sort of...had a feeling this was a possibility. ...Yeah, exactly, just 'something about him.' ...Really, I'm mad at Juri, not Takato. Takato's my son, I won't let this change anything. I'm always proud of him. ...Thanks, Kenta. I...I just want to know a few things..."

I look down at Jenrya's cell and home numbers. ...Takato, we love you. No matter what. I'm so sorry Juri is doing this to you. She has no right and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be afraid of.

...Please, try to have a Merry Christmas, Takato.

Original Author's (AKA Ori's) Notes:
Eh...This started as something else and turned into a Multi-POV fic surrounding the same event. The title is, obviously, a parody of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear," the word "buzzed" referring to the fact everyone's at varying levels of drunkenness. I don't know, I wanna do a lot of Christmas fics this year and, well, I gotta Christmas Leekato.

Part of why Taiki got his present (Family Dinner) a little early was because of this fic, since his gift was "special" for the Matsudas being accepting of Takato...And if this went up first, I thought it'd kinda take away from the specialness, so Taiki got his present. So, Taiki, I hope you like this one, too-Wait, what am I saying? It's a Leekato. I can send Taiki something like this...

Tkatwo: U r so kewt! I luvs you Jin!
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For the record, this is not meant to be a Juri-bashing fic, though some strong words will be said because of what she's doing (next chapter especially - major language warning! From Kenta of all people). I admit that I'm not a big Juri fan but I don't like pointless character bashing...

...Digimon Frontier and everything it stands for aside. And I said pointless character bashing, not season bashing! And Frontier bashing is definitely not pointless!

We'll see where this goes, though... I'm making this up as I go, so I don't know what's gonna happen!

Taiki's Notes:

Ori, let me edit that mini-fic for you:

"You're so cute. I love you, Jen-chan," Takato said.
Jenrya smiled lovingly as he said, "You're my one true love, Takato-chan!"
The two lovers kissed passionately.

There you go, Ori! It just needs a title, now. I have to say, that mini-fic was in much better shape than what you usually send me to edit.

(I am joking, of course! Sorry, Ori, I couldn't resist it!)

For this fic: Juri, how could you? I-I can't believe this, Ori! She'd better have a damned good reason for this! And I don't count 'I was drunk' as an excuse! That excuse may work for you, Ori, but NOT Juri!

It's amazing that Takato's parents accept him without any problems, given Ori's other fics, save for my Christmas present! Thank you again, Twisted Bastard-Sempai! I loved Family Dinner! And this doesn't make it any less special, I'm happy for Takato having such accepting parents. Though I admit that Takehiro's reaction had me a bit worried.

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