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A/N: I told you! This takes place two weeks after the last chapter. Mentions parts of the Evil Thunder Rangers episodes...sort of.

Raven was heading to the Bridge to take a shift at the com when heard them. Hunter and Blake, the Thunder Rangers, were standing in a corridor talking. She held herself still and listened. "Yeah, the Amphidor attack was a bust," Blake said, "she dropped me off at a hospital. I thought I had her."

"Then we need a new plan," Hunter replied.

"Yeah, but what?" Blake asked.

Raven grinned, sounded like the Thunder boys were having trouble. She turned away and took a slightly different route up to the Bridge, wondering if she could do anything to make their troubles even worse. When she entered the Bridge, she found Lothor waiting for her, "Father," she said with a warm smile, "I thought you were in the control room."

"Raven," Lothor replied, "I need you to do something for me."

"Anything, Father, you know that," Raven replied.

"The Thunders are having problems finding the holographic portal," Lothor said, "if you think of something that will work, let me know."

"Yes sir," Raven replied and kissed his cheek. "Love you, Dad."

"I love you to," Lothor replied.

Raven took a seat and brought up the long range sensors as her father left, Help the Thunders? Raven mused as she studied the readings, Why?

The sensors beeped an alert at her and Raven blinked, there was a ship approaching. It's transponder identified it as an Amaranth scout ship, not unlike the one Elek had flown a few weeks back. Raven brought up some of the other scanners and quickly confirmed the presence of two people bearing the Power were headed for Earth. She stared at the screen, and the readings for a long moment before she hit the alert button that would bring her father running.

The fact that he showed up in mere minutes told her he hadn't gone all that far, "What is it?" He asked.

Raven smirked, "Visitors," she brought the sensor readings up onto the main screen. "Looks to be that annoying Ranger-elect and a friend." She leaned against the screen and tilted her head, "I was thinking they might be able to do our dirty work for us."

"Oh?" Lothor asked.

"The Thunders need to know where the Academy is. Even if we haven't decoded that transmission the Ranger-elect sent out last time, we know he contacted the Winds. We capture that ship, keep the other as a hostage and send the Elect down to draw the Winds out of their hiding place. If the Thunders follow the Elect, they'll see the portal." Raven said.

"What does the Other say?" Lothor asked.

"Haven't heard a word," Raven said, "not since that, whatever it was." She shuddered a little at the memory of the sudden, agonizing pain that had tore through her two weeks past, the pain that had left her 'original' self in a deep coma.

"Very well then," Lothor said finally, "go get them. I'll be standing by for whatever you need."

Raven grinned at him and headed for her ship, on the way, she stopped a Kelzack and passed on an order for the drone ships to be prepared. Then, she settled herself in the cockpit of her ship. Almost reverently, she trailed a hand over the awakening controls. It had been a while since she'd taken the ship out and she'd missed it.

When the ship was ready, she slipped out of the hanger and brought the drone control online, letting the ships take a formation around her before she headed for the scout ship that was cresting Saturn. "Amaranth Scout," she said over an open comm channel, "this is Aftershock, you have entered our territory, please state your intentions."

"Angel?" A hesitant voice asked, it was the Elect, Elek.

"If you do not state your intentions," Raven said, "you will be fired upon."

"Aftershock," a new voice said, "this is the Ranger scout Haleiwa, and we are looking to make a landing on the third planet, Earth, to consult with the Wind Rangers."

Raven closed her eyes for a moment, a triumphant smirk dancing on her lips, "Haleiwa, the Warlord requests your presence on the Hyperwave."

"In what capacity?" The new voice said.

"I am not aware," Raven said, "I am acting on orders to make the request."

For a long moment, the only sound on the comm was a faint hissing from the planetary radiation. "Aftershock," the new voice said, "we would be honored to assist the Hyperwave in whatever way we can."

"Thank you," Raven said, "I will escort you to the landing bay." As she turned her ship, Raven shook her head at the naivety of Rangers. She closed the ship to ship with the Haleiwa, and contacted the Hyperwave.

"Angel Raven, what are you doing?" Lothor asked.

"Bringing them in," Raven replied, "all I had to do was ask, dad. I figured asking wouldn't hurt and it was the most efficient use of resources. Besides, it actually makes the next step easier."

"What's the next step?" Lothor said.

"I need the Thunders to set up an ambush in the corridor from the forward landing bay to the control room. They'll probably want to do this morphed, but either way, we need to subdue the Rangers. Once the Rangers are properly restrained, I'll make them an offer." Raven replied, "Don't worry, Dad, I'm fine and I won't get hurt."

"I'll tell the Thunders to get in position," Lothor replied after a moment.

The landing bay was empty when she entered, and she watched as the Haleiwa landed to her right, close to the outer doors. As soon as the pressure was equalized, she swung out of the cockpit and ran over to where Elek was disembarking. "Elek!" She cried, smiling, "It's good to see you again, and I didn't have to go to Amarantha to do it."

Elek smiled tightly, "It's good to see you to, Angel," he replied. He turned as a young man in a red tunic came down the ramp, "Angel Raven, may I make known to you Kendarian, the Red Amaranth Ranger. Kendarian, this is Angel Raven, the Warlord's daughter."

Raven smiled and bowed to Kendarian, "It is an honor, Ranger Kendarian."

"The honor is mine, Lady Angel Raven," Kendarian replied, "I have heard about you."

"All good, I hope," Raven said cheerfully. She gestured, "If you'll come with me, the Warlord's waiting." She turned and headed out of the bay.

They were almost halfway there when Raven saw the familiar crimson uniform in a cross corridor waiting for them. She smirked as she passed them, because really, this was too easy. A grunt behind her made her stop and turn, and her smirk slid into a sneer as she found that their guests were already subdued. "Angel," Elek said, betrayed.

"Angel's gone," Raven told him, "if I were you, I wouldn't plan to see her again. Ever."