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Ninja Ops was trashed. That was Shane's first impression when the doors came open, there were books everywhere, the things on the table were broken or on the floor, and Sensei's motorized cart was upside down. Cam was sitting on the table, cradling his arm. "What happened?" Dustin asked, looking around.

"The Thunders happened," Cam replied, looking up at them. He looked as if he'd been through a battle all on his own, one eye was blackened and beginning to swell, his lip was split and he kept his head tilted a little out of respect for the large bruise purpling on the side of his neck.

"Are you ok?" Tori asked, kneeling beside him.

"That Crimson bastard broke my arm," Cam said bitterly, holding it up a little, "and unlike you three, it doesn't heal instantly."

"We have to take you to the hospital," Tori said, glancing from Cam to Shane and back again.

"No," Cam replied. He tried to straighten up, and was forced to hiss and curl up around his arm again. "I'll be fine."

"Cam, your arm is broken," Shane said. "We aren't doctors."

"Yeah," Tori agreed, "I may be certified in first aid, but that doesn't include broken bones."

"Dude, where's Sensei?" Dustin asked from where he was setting the motorized habitat right side up.

Shane felt his gut tighten, "The Thunders have him," Cam said with his eyes fixed on the floor. "Crimson attacked me as a distraction and Navy kidnapped Dad."

For a long moment, Shane's mind froze, then it kicked into gear, "Cam, do you have a way of tracking your dad?"

"As long as they don't get out of range," Cam replied, "or I can hack a military satellite of some sort." He jerked his head carefully to the super computer, "I can follow the energy in his aura with the computer. It's always been unique, and ever since the accident it's been even more distinct than before."

"Maybe I can help?"

Shane whirled, hands lifting to a defensive motion, then relaxed, "Elek," he said.

Elek nodded, the yellow ranger toyed with the jewel around his neck as he looked from Tori to Dustin and finally to Shane. Shane frowned when Elek couldn't meet his eyes, "This is my fault. I want to make it right."

"How is it your fault?" Dustin asked, coming up to stand close to Shane. He spoke calmly and soothingly to Elek, but the hand on Shane's arm was firm, a silent warning to Shane.

"I didn't come to Earth alone," Elek said softly, "the Red Amaranth Ranger came with me, he wanted to have words with you, Shane, about threatening our Silver. When we got here, we were accosted by Angel Raven. She said the Warlord wanted to meet us, and that he needed help, and from the number of drones with her, saying no wasn't an option. So, we boarded the Hyperwave."

"The what?" Tori asked as she came up on Shane's other side, blocking Elek's path to Cam.

"Lothor's ship," Elek replied, "it's called the Hyperwave. As I said, we boarded and were ambushed by the Thunder Rangers; Angel Raven and Lothor forced me to come down and call you three out, to 'finish the mission'. If I didn't, they would kill Kendarian, my Red. If I in any way indicated I was being coerced, they'd kill him. When I couldn't stall you, Angel Raven did. I got Kendarian back, he's waiting for me on our ship."

Shane closed his eyes for a long moment, "Go," he said finally, "leave Earth." He opened his eyes to a haze of red as anger closed his throat, "I never want to see any of your people on my planet again."

"Before I leave," Elek said, "there is something I can do to help."

"What?" Shane snapped.

"I'm a Yellow Amaranth Ranger," Elek replied, "that means I'm a healer. I can heal that broken arm much faster than it would heal naturally."

"Do it," Cam said.

"Cam," Shane said, glancing over his shoulder at the other man.

"I can't help you like this," Cam replied bitterly, "I can barely think straight from the pain. If he can heal me, we can find my father that much faster."

Shane looked at Tori, who nodded slightly, then Dustin, who shrugged a little. "Fine," Shane said, "but this doesn't mean we'll ever welcome you back with open arms." He stepped back and out of Elek's way.

Elek nodded and knelt in front of Cam, "Let me see it," he said, reaching out gently.

Cam held out his arm and hissed when Elek put his hand over it, "Hurry," he muttered.

"This is going to feel strange," Elek replied. Yellow light began to flow out of his hand and around Cam's arm, where it turned a verdant green. Then the yellow light began to crawl up Elek's arm while the green began to surround Cam. Finally, Shane had to turn away as the two became too bright to look at, one sheathed in verdant green, the other in vibrant yellow. Then the light was gone and Shane could look at them again.

"There," Elek said, tiredly. "I gave you extra energy, you should be able to keep going until you've saved your father, but you're going to fall asleep in the next seven to twelve hours either way. Healing uses both our energy any way I do it. When you feel tired, don't fight it, just go to sleep. Remember, you broke both bones in your forearm, and even if they're healed, they're still weak. Go easy on the arm for a while. My recommendation is to do nothing more than typing or basic use until you stop feeling tired, and then give it another few days before you start training again or heavy lifting." He stood up, "I know that this is a very poor way to make up for what I helped bring about, but it is what I can give. I hope that you can rescue your father, and that things go well in your war with Lothor."

"Thank you," Cam said quietly.

Elek smiled tightly and pulled a small device from his pocket and pressed a button, he vanished in a flash of yellow light.

"You ok?" Shane asked.

"Fine," Cam replied. "We're going to need the mobile command center, Crimson said something about the Mountain of Lost Ninjas."