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Angel was in her room, she knew this, and she was alone. Not just physically, but for the first time in weeks, she was alone in her head. She had spent hours walking her mind, making sure there was no hint of her doppelganger. Now, she opened her eyes and sat up, looking around her room. It was cleaner than she would have kept it, but that was just a sign of what she had gone through. Angel drew her legs in and tucked them under her as she wrapped her arms around her waist.

There was only one thing she could do, and Angel shivered at the necessity. She had to go home, she had to see her grandfather and find out if he sanctioned Lothor's actions. Then she had to send Elek an apology, she had been horrible to him, forcing him to take part in Lothor's schemes.

Finally, Angel made herself stand up and get dressed, pulling on her favorite dark gray pants and long sleeve, purple shirt. After sliding on her ship boots, Angel grabbed a small mesh bag and packed some clothes and the few things she couldn't leave behind in it. She wasn't sure she would be coming back here, and as she slipped the holocube with images of her mom into the bag, she knew she couldn't leave it behind. That done, she popped open the floor level ventilation shaft. With practiced ease, she crawled in and pulled the grate closed behind her. She had been using the ventilation shaft to move around and spy on the rest of the ship for Shane. She felt a twinge of regret that she couldn't stay and keep watch, but she couldn't support Lothor if her grandfather said otherwise.

The lower hanger bay was empty when she there, leaving her free to wiggle out and run for the small personal craft she had bought before Lothor's spell had stolen her love of flying. She scrambled up the craft's side and popped open the storage bay to drop her bag inside for the journey. Sealing that, Angel slid back down the side of the craft and moved around it, running the preflight check. That done, she scrambled up the side again and popped the hatch to let herself into the cockpit where she continued the preflight.

She was bringing up the engines, ready to go, when she faced her final problem. She didn't have the codes to open the great doors, and she couldn't activate them manually without risking her own life. Angel laughed ruefully, a memory she'd buried from Raven surfacing. "Thank you KO-35," she muttered and let herself out of the cockpit. The manual controls for the door had to be brought up on the terminal by the door and then a button had to be pushed. She brought up the controls, and then ran back to the ship. Half hanging out the hatch, Angel focused on the wrench in her hand, telekinetically sending it across the room to hit the button. As the klaxon began and the hanger doors groaned prior to opening, Angel sealed the hatch and strapped herself in to the cockpit.

She turned off her comm as the doors opened all the way and headed out into space, activating her shield and cloak as she eased out of the Hyperwave's shield and headed out of the system. In moments, she had slipped into hyperspace, heading home.

Entering the Ialandian Sector was easy; she simply dropped from hyper, gave her id to the security net and turned off the cloak. Landing on Ilan was even easier, all she really had to do was give her ID to the space port computer and she was given a priority landing dock near the palace. By the time she'd finished preflight and collected her gear, her grandfather had arrived, dressed in his casual robes and surrounded by guards.

"Angel Raven," he said as she approached.

"Grandfather," Angel replied and hugged him.

"What brings you here?" Keoni asked as he stepped back, "I thought you would be with your father."

"I was," Angel said, "I had to leave." She glanced at the guards, "To come see you."

Keoni nodded at the warning in her glance, "Come up to the palace, little one. I'm sure you have a great many stories about life outside our sector."

"More than you know," Angel said, hefting her bag on her shoulder.

They took a hover craft to the palace, and Angel couldn't help but be delighted at the numerous familiar sites, and the latest fashions. "You're going to spend your allowance on clothes, aren't you," Keoni said, watching her study the people.

"Probably," Angel replied, giving him a wink and a grin, "it's better than buying another gun."

They laughed at the tagline to the old joke, but soon fell silent. That silence surrounded them until they were ensconced in Keoni's private study, on the couch. "My dear," Keoni said, "what happened?"

"What you know about Father,"Angel asked, "I mean, about why he left Earth."

"Lothor was framed by his brother," Keoni said, "for practicing dark magic."

Angel shook her head, "I've learned a few things on Earth, Grandfather; not the least of which is that he is a practitioner of dark magic."

"Can you prove this?" Keoni asked softly.

"He used it on me," Angel replied, "and to others, a threefold spell." She looked down, "He wanted people he could be utterly sure of, who would be loyal and not betray him as his brother did. It was broken by a stone known as the Gem of Souls, which siphoned the strength of the spell from the other two when they touched it. Lothor attempted to attack them and I- I threw myself between him and the attack. When I woke up, the spell was gone."

"I had known something wasn't right," Keoni said, "when I gave Lothor leave to seek out his brother and deal with him. I should have suspected it when he promoted Zurgane to his second."

"How did that happen?" Angel asked, "I mean, I knew Choobo was an idiot, but how did Zurgane get caught up in things?"

"He saved Lothor's life," Keoni replied, "and it spiraled from there. Angel, are you sure about your father."

"One hundred percent," Angel agreed.

Keoni bowed his head, "Then the law is quite clear, my granddaughter."

Angel let Keoni take her hands, "I know," she whispered.

Keoni summoned his advisors, all of whom gave her a speculative glance before focusing on their King. "As I speak," Keoni said, "Lothor is no longer of my house; the title of Warlord is stripped of him. There shall be no welcome for him in my sector. For the vile practice of Dark Magic, Lothor is banished." Angel struggled not to cry, to keep herself emotionless. "For using vile Dark Magic on our granddaughter," Keoni continued, "Lothor is banished. For using the name of the Ialandian Sector to engage in unlawful conquest, Lothor is banished. May his name be stricken from the annuals and his good deeds buried in the mists of history."

Angel felt an inner relief that none of the advisors let more than relief and shock show. They had all be uneasy about their Lady marrying a Human although none of them had spoken in front of her on the matter. "What of Angel Raven?" Akuma asked, giving her a long look.

"Lady Angel Raven is Katanya's daughter of soul," Keoni replied, "and my granddaughter of soul; she will always be welcome in my home. Her father's treachery will cast no shadow upon her."

"But she is also Human," Demaya said.

Angel couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out of her, "Meshkula," she said, "don't you ever pay attention? I'm Eltarean, with a little bit of Human thrown in. We did those tests when I was eleven." It was always thrilling to see Demaya left speechless. "Grandfather," Angel continued, standing and approaching, "Lothor continues to attack Earth, and he will not stop. I do not know the entirety of his plan, but his monster maker spoke of 'feeding the Abyss of Evil'. I would go back to Earth to aid the Power Rangers who stand against him, with your permission."

Keoni stared at her for a long moment, then nodded, "Granted," he said simply. "Gather what you need, I will prepare a writ authorizing it, and offering our aid through you to the Earthian Power Rangers."