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It was depressingly easy to find the Thunder Rangers, Angel Raven discovered, they had returned to the Thunder Academy. One of the few things she'd been able to do before the spell was to download the Ninja Academy locations from the mainframe, even if she'd never been able to erase them. Even with the EM field around the Thunder Academy, she was able to locate and land on a cleared plot. As soon as she cleared the field, however, she adjusted her own cloaks and shields to be visible by the Rangers. By the time she'd landed, they were watching her, fully morphed.

Angel Raven opened the back door of the ship and walked out with her hands raised, "Please," she called, "do not attack."

"How do we know we can trust you," Crimson shouted.

"Because I am no longer spelled," Angel Raven replied.

"Come out of the ship then," Navy said.

"I cannot," Angel Raven said, "even with the EM field, Lothor will detect me. I came here to find you, to offer my help in defeating Lothor."

"Why don't you go see the Winds then?" Crimson asked.

Angel Raven tossed her hair and stared at them, "After what I did, after what I helped Lothor do? They would no more accept me than they would accept Choobo."

The two Rangers exchanged a look, then powered down as they walked closer to the ship, "I'm sorry for what happened," Angel Raven told them. "I didn't know."

"How couldn't you, he's your dad," Navy said.

"No," Angel Raven said, "not anymore. He's been banished from the Ialandian Sector and cast from my Grandfather's house. As I have no blood ties, it is easy to claim our souls incompatible and shed that aspect of our relationship." She glanced upwards, even if she couldn't see the ship, "He'll get the message any minute now," she couldn't keep the dark glee from her face, "I wonder if we can hear his screams of outrage from here."

"What do you mean?" Crimson said.

"First," Angel Raven said, "I'm Angel Raven of Ialandian, you may call me Angel."

"I'm Hunter," Crimson said.

"Blake," Navy added.

"It is an honor to know you in freedom," Angel said, "you should come onto the ship. I don't have half the power Lothor does, and it took me ten minutes to find you. My ship has excellent cloaks and shields."

The two Rangers came aboard cautiously, and Angel wandered back in towards the galley, "So," Hunter said, "what is your story?"

Angel poured herself something to drink, "I don't know my family history," she said, "although I know that I am Eltarean with a small amount of Human blood." She held up a blue and red glass and the Rangers nodded. "My first memories were of a slave compound where pleasure slaves are trained. The Warlord rescued me from there." She handed the drinks over, "I was estimated to be eight years old by the medical staff. The Warlord and his wife, Cateyla, adopted me. I was thirteen when Cateyla was murdered and the Warlord sent me away to school." She looked at them, "That was three years ago, and Lothor has changed beyond all recognition. I think my mother held some of the darkness back, enabling him to be a good man, but once she died, he had nothing to keep him from going dark."

"What's Eltarean?" Blake asked.

"Eltare," Angel stopped, "Eltare is the birthplace of the Power Rangers in a way. The Eltareans were the ones primarily behind the push to create the Universal Morphing Grid, and their expectations have shaped it. Even now, they are the ones who train Rangers and create the majority of the morphers in use. That's why I can't use the Black Thunder Morpher, I don't have enough of the Human genome to channel the elements the way you Earthians do."

"But," Hunter began.

"We saw," Blake added.

Angel snapped her fingers, letting the purple sparkles swirl around her fingers, "I'm Eltarean, I have what you would call magic. Not a lot, I'm no Akar'demare like Zordon, but enough."

"So how can you help us?" Hunter asked.

"Knowledge," Angel said, "technology, the resources of the Sector." She slid past Hunter and opened a storage bin, "My Grandfather wants Lothor dealt with. Since we don't have the authority to openly come into the Sol System, he sent me." She pulled out two small bands and turned, "It is easy to find you if one is inclined to look, these will mask your bio-signatures."

"Bracelets?" Hunter asked as he took one.

"If you slide it under your morpher, the chameleon abilities of the morpher will disguise it," Angel replied, she tilted her head and grinned, "or you can put it around your ankle."

The brothers slid the bracelets under their wrists as they exchanged glance, Blake then asked, "Why did your accent change?"

"What do you mean?" Angel asked.

"It used to be that you had an accent like Lothor, but now, I would almost say you had a French accent." Hunter said.

"Oh," Angel said, "that is because my doppelganger personality had Lothor's knowledge of English. I started learning English two years ago, before that, I spoke Ialandian and Eltarean. Now that the doppelganger has been destroyed, I have retained her knowledge of English as well as her memories, but my vocal cords are my own, and so my accent remains unchanged." She crossed her arms, hugging her stomach lightly.

"I see," Hunter said, exchanging another look with Blake.

"It is growing late," Angel observed, glancing at the clock for a long moment. "With the masking bands, you could go to the town to eat. I would like to stay here."

"Can't you wear a masking band too?" Blake asked.

"No," Angel replied. "I am the only Eltarean on the planet, if Lothor decided to scan for that difference, I would stand out like a, I believe the phrase is, like a sore thumb?"

"I'm sorry about that," Hunter said, he turned to Blake and laid his hand on his brothers arm and whispered something in his ear. Blake nodded when Hunter was done. "Look, why don't I go down to town and get a couple of pizzas. We can all stay up here and eat on the ship."

Angel smiled, "You don't have to Hunter."

"But we want to," Hunter replied firmly.