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A/N: I always felt the story of Hunter and Blake's parents could be better, so I made it happen. FYI, ages. Cam is 23, Hunter is 22, Blake, Tori and Shane are 20 and Dustin is 18. Angel is 16. Hunter was ten, Blake was eight when their parents died. Angel wasn't adopted by Lothor and his wife until four years after the Bradley's death.

"How can you find the academies so easily?" Hunter asked as he looked over her shoulder.

"I downloaded it from the mainframe of Lothor's ship," Angel replied, "I couldn't erase the data, but I buried it. That's why we had to use such elaborate plans to find the portal." She brought up her HUD and pointed, "Besides, their EM field is designed to be undetectable to humans. Any decent scout ship can detect the field by the absence of data. A battle ship like Lothor has can just scan through it." She hovered near the academy, "It's one of the things that I can fix, if they'll let me. Hold on, I need to contact them."

This time, she used information she'd downloaded from Elek's scout ship to make contact with Cameron Watanabe. "Hello," the young man said, sounding confused and irritated.

"Cameron Watanabe," Angel said, "this is Angel Raven of Ialandian, I have with me Hunter and Blake Bradley. We are requesting permission to land on the academy grounds for a meeting of allies."

There was silence for a moment, and Angel wished she could activate the visual component on Cameron's side on her own. "Permission granted," Cameron said, "I'll send you coordinates."

Her computer beeped a moment later, "Thank you," Angel said, "we'll be landing in five minutes." She boosted her shields and cloak before slipping through the EM shield. The landing site Cameron was sending them to was not far from the doors to an underground bunker. "You'd think they'd close that," Angel mused.

"I know," Hunter said, "we just waltzed right in."

For a brief moment, Angel pictured the brothers dancing a waltz into the bunker, "Who led?" She asked.

"I'm sorry," Hunter asked.

"You said you 'waltzed right in'," Angel replied as she set down gently, "who led the dance?"

"It's a metaphor," Blake said, "for walked in without resistance."

Angel began her shut down procedures, "Someone left their sense of humor behind." She muttered, loud enough to be heard by the brothers. As she stood, three figures exited the bunker and Angel paused at her first sight of Shane since she'd been freed.

"Angel, how do you open the door?" Hunter asked.

"Coming," Angel said and hurried to the back of the ship to open the door.

They walked out and Angel set the door to close before heading for the bunker, "We need to get inside," she told the Wind Rangers, "I'm too noticeable if Lothor scans the planet."

They exchanged glances, but led the Thunders and Angel underground. Shane maneuvered things so that he was walking beside Angel, to her inner amusement, "Are you ok?" Shane asked.

"I'm free," Anna replied, "that's enough for me."

They entered a large room that clearly served as the Rangers' base; waiting for them was the Asian man Angel had seen on Elek's computer screen. "Cam," Shane said, "Tori, Dustin, this is Angel. Angel, this is Cam, our tech guru, Tori, blue Wind and Dustin, yellow Wind."

"Nice to meet you," Angel said, "I am Angel Raven of Ialandian, but you may call me Angel."

"Cam," Hunter said, with a slight nod, "Dustin."

"Tori," Blake added.

Angel tucked her arms behind her back, "First, I feel I must apologize for my actions on behalf of Lothor. Even before the spell, given the way I was raised, I would have been a part of the invasion."

"How were you raised?"

Angel blinked and gave the small rodent staring up at her from beside Cam a long look, "I was adopted and raised by Lothor," she said. "I assume that you are Kanoi Watanabe."

"I am," the rodent replied.

"My father told me that you were the one who was a true practitioner of dark magic, and you framed my father when he discovered the truth. According to Lothor, you are an evil man who hides beneath a veneer of goodness." Angel lifted her chin slightly, "Given my experiences at Lothor's hands in terms of dark magic, I find myself willing to question whether you arranged for the death of Lothor's wife, my mother."

"I assure you," Kanoi Watanabe said, "I have never sent anyone to attack Lothor's family. Working with Sensei Omino of the Thunder Academy, I have sent ninjas to find and observe Lothor. Two of whom, the Bradleys, were discovered and killed."

"Actually," Angel said, "I did some checking on that. That was another of Lothor's lies, one I didn't know the truth of because I was not yet on Ilan when it happened. I'm sorry, Hunter, Blake, I meant to tell you the truth before we got here, but it slipped my mind." She turned to look at the Bradleys full on, "Your parents were a part of my grandfather's personal guard. That year, there was an insurrection attempt by a group of young radicals. Dominic and Regina, as I knew them, protected my grandfather with their lives when the insurrectionists attempted to assassinate him. In going through the information we have on Ilan about Lothor, we discovered that he was behind the insurrection. As far as the Ialandian Sector is concerned, your parents are heroes who saved my grandfather. No one there knows that they came from Earth, or that they were there to spy on Lothor. I told my grandfather the truth when I discovered it, and he has determined that they will be honored with their true names. When we have dealt with Lothor, Keoni would be honored for you to come to the Ialandian Sector for the ceremony."

She smiled at the looks the brothers exchanged. It was worth it to have waited at home to find out what information could be uncovered about Lothor just to see the pride and amazement on their faces.

"I'm sorry," Cam said, "but who is your grandfather?"

Angel smiled, "The word we use, Edar, doesn't have a direct translation into English. However, if you translate it to Eltarean before translating to English, the closest word would be King."