A/N: Takes place in season two, Elena and Damon still aren't friends and by this point Damon's stopped trying.

Summary: Not only do the Salvatore brothers have daddy issues they have mommy issues too. Past and Present.

Curiosity Kills


Someone was nudging her. She groaned. Slowly Elena made her way out of deep sleep. With her eyes still shut she noticed how uncomfortable she was.

"Elena, wake up." Someone was nudging her shoulder.

She groaned again, recognizing the voice and so she opened her eyes.

"Damon." She said tiredly and annoyed.

"Tombstones aren't comfortable pillows." He stated.

Elena focused on her surroundings and remembered why and how she got here. She was visiting her parents, writing in her diary, she must of fell asleep.

Snatching her diary from the ground next to her feet she spoke, "Following me?"

Damon closed his eyes shaking his head, "I know it's hard to believe princess but it's not just about you." He paused, "I was actually attending to my own business. It's late afternoon and when I saw you asleep, well can't have you sleeping alone in the dark, my little brother wouldn't be happy if I didn't wake you."

Elena put her diary in her bag, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"That's really non of you're concern is it?" He pondered slightly before turning his back on her.

Elena still hadn't moved from her position as she watched him leave. A few minute later she heard the engine of his car.


Curiosity would one day kill her and Elena knew that. She also knew that today wouldn't be that day. With her shoulder bag secure she headed all around the graveyard, looking for any possible lead on what Damon was doing here.

In the far back of the graveyard, near an old maple tree there was a gravestone that was very old. The writing engraved could barely be read but the name Salvatore stood out. Against the stone was a bouquet of white roses, Damon's style.

Elena got down on her knees and tried to decipher the writing.

"Alice Salvatore" She read out loud in a hushed tone, "Beloved wife and mother." The worth mother suddenly was sketched in her brain.

Stefan had mentioned his father but not once had he ever mentioned his mother.

Curiosity might kill her after all.

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