A/N: So Klaus is coming, Elijah is back and Rose is alive.

Chapter 8


"Elijah!" Elena shrieked, breathlessly.

"Hello Elena, nice to see you again."


"No! Not happening!" Elena yelled.

"Elena, just let him talk. Trust me, okay? He has a lot to say." Stefan pleaded.

Elena looked at Stefan for a long time and she tried to compose her thoughts. She couldn't be selfish. She got stabbed, sure, but this was about Damon and Stefan. This wasn't about her. She would hear what Elijah had to say and then she would make a very hard decision.

"Fine. Come in." She choked out.

"Thank you, my dear." Elijah walked gracefully into her home. Stefan followed him and Elena hesitantly looked at Damon who merely shrugged and followed his brother. The four seated themselves in Elena's family room.

"So what's the deal Elijah?" Elena asked.

"The deal is I've put up with Klaus for a long time, I know everything about him and he must be stopped."

"Yet you waited till the last minute. Great job."

"I'm sure you'd be hesitant if you had to kill your brother too, Damon."

Damon's expression changed drastically as did Elena's.

"What?" Elena asked. The trio stared aimlessly at Elijah.

"I believe the term your looking for is, 'omg,'" Elijah stated.

"Let's be real Elijah; I would never actually kill my little brother, although I've thought about it." Damon smirked.

"Maybe if you had no other choice." Elijah snapped.

"Elijah, what's going on?" Elena asked.

So Elijah went into detail explaining how Klaus came to be and what he was, half werewolf and half vampire. He explained the details about the sun and the moon curse. He explained Katherine.

"So Klaus seems like a selfish bastard." Damon stated.

"He is also many other things." Elijah frowned.

"So before Katherine, there was another doppelganger?" Elena asked.

"Yes. She was just like you at one time, and well you know the rest." Elijah said.

"You had feelings for her?" Elena asked, both Damon and Stefan looked uncomfortable.

"Her human side was, much different." He clears his throat, "So onto Alice. Here's story is quite simple."

He pauses, "She met Klaus randomly and he charmed her, love was there. They got married. When she discovered of you two being alive she knew Klaus had known and was furious with him. He then compelled her to come here, make you two vulnerable and betray you."

"So she's under compulsion?" Stefan said, "That's it? So if we give her revain she should be okay."

"One he compelled her not too and two just in case he as a bodyguard on the lookout. His name is Roy, I know is game, he's good."

Elena's head was spinning, "I can't do this, no."

"Elena what?" Stefan spat.

"This has nothing to do with me, this is about you and Damon. I don't want any part in this!"

"You're a doppelganger darling, you are involved." Elijah said.

Curiosity would kill her. She pondered of the what if of the situation. If she hadn't gone snooping in the graveyard then maybe things would be normal. Better.

Damon ignored Elena; she was pissing him off, "How long till Klaus arrives?"

"I'm working on it." Elijah stated, "Sooner than later."

"That narrows it down." Damon rolled his eyes.

Elijah then parted the trio and everything blew up.

"I don't like this." Elena shook her head.

"Well honey you gotta suck it up and get over it." Damon snapped.

"Oh your back to being a dick again I see?" Elena questioned running her fingers through her long brown hair.

"Never stopped."

"Damon back off." Stefan warned.

"Giving up again Elena? Oh wow there's a shock. You always give up. Your involved Elena and you can't not be so for once think of someone other than yourself."

"Did you really just say Damon? Really? Because me sacrificing myself for everyone I love is self centered?"

"You're giving up, Elena."

"No I'm not Damon. I don't want to be involved anymore I want everything back to normal!"

"What's normal? When has it ever been normal?" Damon shouted.

"When my parents were alive! When you two never knew I existed! My life before my parent's car was on that bridge! That's what normal is!"

Damon was silenced and Stefan turned away.

"I'm done. Leave now." Elena crossed her arms holding a steady gaze at Damon.

Damon walked out the door and slammed it behind him. Stefan hesitated, "Elena."

"I want to be alone Stefan, please."

Stefan left without another word.