Title: A Lifetime Apart, An Eternity Together

Rating: PG 13 for now

Author: Specks

Disclamer: Mutant Enemy, Fox and all those network honchos and writers own all, I own nothing, don't sue.

Synopsis: Buffy/ Dark Angel crossover with Highlander elements. Buffy is immortal, and she travels with Methos to Seattle to investigate a head hunter. The same case of mysterious bodies turning up without heads and Logan asks Max to investigate. Just a routine job for both parties, right?

Pairings: M/L and B/A with implied B/S

Spoilers: Not much of Dark Angel, up to first season finale I guess. Spoilers up to mid season six I guess.

Author's Notes: I would like to thank my beta readers Cynamin and Chocolate dream. Cynamin, your pointers really helped, and thanks so much for cheaking my grammer. I know I didn't change everything, but I did the best I could. Chocolate Dream, your encouragement helped me write on, thanks for the help.

Feedback: Yes! I crave feedback, should I continue? Any ideas would be welcome as well. Pleas email me at Logan Cale muttered as he violently punched the keys of his computer. It was a state of the art system, expensive and well maintained, but even the best systems in the world faltered. The flickering of his monitor and the constant error alert windows that popped up every now and then were a testament to that. Giving up and growling in frustration, he opted for the low tech solution.Squeezing himself into the confined space beneath his desk, he began hitting the PC. Stupid Computer

On the other side of the penthouse, leaning against Logan's 300,000 dollar italian marble coutnertop, Max rolled her eyes. With a fresh carrot dangling between her fingers, she cocked her head to the side, smirking at the groans she could hear emnating from the study.

He was at it again, will the man ever just relax? Her grin grew bigger, as she heard a particularly loud bang and something that sounded like "I'm begging you here, just work."

'When you start talking to your computer, you know you need a break.' she thought to herself as she tossed the carrot back into the fridge and moved stealthily toward Logan's voice: crawling and using the feline DNA in her system to her full advantage. It was always great fun to startle the man.

His fickle and utterly infuriating computer hummed twice and burped once before dying on him again. Grumbling some more, he sighed giving up. It looked like he'd have to call in some favors to get a comp tech to come by and fix the damn thing.


Logan raised his head automatically in the direction of the voice, forgetting about his surroundings. A loud bang resounded throughout the room as his head connected solidly with the underside of his cherry wood desk. Another bout of swearing occurred as he extracted himself from underneath the desk, rubbing his suddenly throbbing head as he stood.

Squinting, he took in dark curly hair, amused hazelnut eyes, and husky complexion the color of Egyptian sand saturated by the Nile. A patented smirk adorned pouty beestung lips.

"Max." he said, suprise and delight rolled together in a single utterance. "What are you doing here?"

"You rang?" she flashed him a wry look, holding up her pager.

"Ah yeah um..." His reason for paging her suddenly deserted him as he stared down at the woman who'd been haunting his dreams more often than a spectre hand any right. Besides the fact that it was of course a doomed line of thought, they weren't even like that...in any way.

'Sure keep telling yourself that', a tiny voice inside his head taunted. Logan rifled through his papers as he tried not to look flustered as he firmly closed the door on all thougths running in that direction.

Looking through papers he was too blind to see,Logan tried to get use to the silence of Max's presense. In all the years they had worked together, he still hadn't gotten completely use to her stealthy entrances. It was like Batman, except Max looked way sexier in tights.. Yeah, gorgeous, beautiful, hot... NO NO NO! Bad thoughts, bad! We're not like that. He insisted to his errant imagination, which proceeded to ignore him, conjuring up memories of stolen kisses, and heated looks.

"Logan! Page! Urgent! hello?" Max waved her hands in front of his face. When that produced no results, she gave him a hard nudge bringing him back to reality.

She noticed he did that a lot. Every once in a while, his beautiful cerulean blue eyes would get that dreamy look that told her he was some place else. You could get lost in those eyes. She always wondered where he was at those times, wishing she could go with him. Inwardly she sighed, they could never be together, it was just not worth losing his friendship over.

Logan seemed to shake himself out of his reverie and proceeded to deal with the matter at hand.

"Right!" he nodded his head as if confirming something mentally. Max stood leaning against his desk, arms crossed waiting impatiently for his explanation for a page that had sent her blazing over to his house in the middle of work.


Logan took a yellow manila folder from is desk and handed it to Max. "Take a look"

Curious she opened it and withdrew the pictures within.The first shot was the body of a middle aged Caucasian male, or at least that's what it looked like. You couldn't really tell since it's head had been severed. The rest of the 4 pictures all followed a similar theme, no head.

Max's first reaction was that of a person, her eyes widened in surprise and horror. The murders were so brutal, so cold. Then she visibly shifted gears, and looked at the murder through the eyes of a soldier, registering the type weapon used, and the style of the cut.

"What's curious is that all of the bodies contained practically no blood in them." said Logan pointing to where the head should have been. There was no blood visible near the wound, or anywhere for that matter. "You think this could have been done by one of the Manticore escapees?"

"No, that's not possible" said Max with a shake of her head, "As soldiers we were trained to kill, but we were never told to decapitated our opponents. If it had been a Manticore job, the subject's throat would have been slit, clean and simple. We may have been genetically engineered killing machines, but we always kept a low profile, I don't see why that would change"

Logan grimaced at the detail of her explanation, it was at times like these that he was reminded exactly what kind of life Max had lived before she escaped. He could never presume to understand what she went through; Whatever it was, it allowed her to speak casually of murder. It made Logan shudder to think of Max going through something like that. He could only console himself knowing her life was better now. There was no use dwelling on the past, it was the present that counted.

"So if you don't think it's Manticore, what do you think did this?" he asked, hoping to distract himself from his less than happy thoughts.

Max picked up one of the photos and studied it again, "I can tell you one thing, it's definitely not fully human."

"What do you mean" Logan asked, his curiosity pricked

Holding up the picture Max indicated the neck, "See that?"


"It was done with a sword, but the bone is cut too cleanly. No human could have taken the head in one slice and leave nothing. Not enough strength."

"How do you know it was done in one slice?" asked Logan clearly baffled by the deduction.

"Because," Max replied; As though explaining to a four year old (that is if four year olds talked about decapitation). "The edge of the bone isn't ragged, if the killer sawed or shifted even a tiny fraction during the swing, there would be some trace of it in the grains of bone. All I see here is a clean, fast cut. No ragged bone edges. Nothing"

"Hmm" was Logans only reply as he pondered this new discovery.

This would take some more research, yes, it was much more prudent to know more about this.

A comfortable silence stretched out between the two, as each contemplated the recent developments.

Just then shrill beep sounded, Max took out her pager and checked the number, the she faced Logan

"Listen, I gotta blaze that was Normal at work. Page me when you've got something k?" with that Max was out the door before Logan could say another word. Shaking his head Logan turned back to his suddenly stable computer, and began searching for other similar cases. There were definintly some possiblities.He remembered reading something like this in college, something about a game and immortals. He shook his head; He was being ridiculous, there was a logical and rational explaination for this. What he had read in college was just an overimaginative individual's ramblings. Nothing but a myth...right?