Leon: Shouldn't you be working on something you're already working on if you're gonna write these things?

D: Be quiet, Detective. If she has inspiration she should act on it before said inspiration runs out.

Yoruko: Exactly, D. I could type up something for a fanfic I'm already working on or already have the first chapter written out in a notebook but I figured that I should get this typed up while I was still inspired and know where I want to go with this.

Disclaimer: Yoruko doesn't own Inuyasha, Petshop of Horrors, or anything else you recognize.

Summary: The quest was long over with, and Kagome didn't know what to do with herself now that she was finished with college. So Kagome needed to get away from the shrine and to figure things out. As a result she moves to LA. One day a chance meeting with D ends up landing her a job- in the pet shop. Now that not only are both 'Count' D and Kagome, former 'miko and reincarnation of Kikyo' are in town, LA will most likely never be the same again- Leon certainly won't be. How will this one little change affect the story?

Pairing: Kagome/D/Leon threesome or just Kagome/D

Ch.1: The Fateful Meeting

Kagome sighed. She was starting to wonder if this was a wise decision. But… then again. Staying in Tokyo or specifically at the shrine… even staying in Japan… would have been worse. Things could be annoying, and Kagome couldn't believe how rude some Americans were. (AN: I agree, and I AM an American. People are so rude nowadays! Is it weird that my parents taught me and use manners?) But things weren't as bad for her here. She didn't have the quest to worry about anymore, anyways.

The quest for the Jewel… now there was a semi-depressing thought. Miroku and Kaede had been two of few truly decent and unclouded by hate and prejudice humans she knew of back then- even Sango had no matter how much time had passed been wary all demons- except Kirara. How things had changed by the time the quest had ended. By the time a year had past, Kagome had long since given up on Inuyasha. She was over her crush- she blamed that it ever existed on lingering feelings on her body housing Kikyo's soul as well as her own. She knew that how different they obviously were by the time the quest was over, he would always look at her and see Kikyo. Miroku had been sucked up by the wind tunnel a while before they faced Naraku. He never even got his dream of being more than just friends with Sango. Sango… left with her brother, seemingly not caring any more once Naraku was dead.

Kagome shook herself of those thoughts. The quest was over and the well had (perhaps fortunately) sealed itself once she returned after having finished the quest. Not that it mattered. She didn't have anyone there for her over there anymore.

Things weren't much better with her family, either. Her grandfather was dead, her father had passed away years before she fell down the well, and Souta… Souta was still bitter about Inuyasha. As far as Kagome could tell, he was upset with her that he would never get to see his hero again. At least he didn't hate her. No, all she truly had in Tokyo- in Japan- was her mother, and memories that would have slowly eaten away at her.

Plus all of her so-called friends from school all abandoned her when she said that she 'has no intention of ever dating Hojo because he just isn't her type so since they seem to like him so much maybe one of them could give it a shot' to quote herself, Yuka and Eri abandoned her, dragging Ayumi along even though she was clearly confused and unsure. In the end, she stayed away from Kagome- just like they wanted her too. Hojo avoided her too after she said that she just didn't like him as more than a friend and never would. Not that she cared. None of them were real friends anyways. She didn't care about them. Not that she was lonely or friendless. No, she had…

Just then, she noticed that she was at the new café she liked to go to for breakfast and snapped herself out of her thoughts. She went up to the counter and ordered her breakfast- a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese, a large soda, and a strawberry cheesecake. However, there was a problem when she was getting herself coca cola from the fountain.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm afraid that we already sold the last strawberry cheesecake we had, and we won't have more until this afternoon." the woman at the counter said.

Kagome turned and saw a man with black hair just above his shoulders and wearing a Chinese robe. She noticed that he had a strange aura… "Excuse me… if you'd like, we can share. I can't exactly eat a whole cheesecake by myself without it taking a few days, after all."

"Oh, that would be marvelous! Thank you very much Miss…" said the man, eyes shining.

'He must really like sweets.' Kagome thought, 'Or just cheesecake.' "Kagome Higurashi. But you can just call me Kagome."

"Very nice to meet you, Kagome-san. I'm D." said the man.

"Kyu!" Kagome suddenly noticed the creature flying around D. It was a rabbit with horns, a rodent's tail, and bat wings.

"And this is Q-chan." D introduced.

"How cute!" Kagome said.

Just then both of their orders were ready- at the same time somehow.

"Why don't we sit down?" D suggested, "It would certainly be easier and more comfortable than eating standing up."

Kagome giggled. "Of course, D-san."

Kagome could tell that he was Chinese, but he appeared comfortable with Japanese name suffixes. They sat down at a booth and started eating.

"So, Kagome-san. Tell me, what brings you to LA?" D asked.

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. "I've been through a lot since my fifteenth birthday… the kind of things that if I told anybody most people would throw me in a mental institution. I've graduated college, and staying on the shrine… or even in Tokyo or Japan in general wasn't doing me much good. I didn't have anything besides my mother anchoring me there, so I felt like it was time to get away."

"You grew up at a Shinto shrine?"

Kagome nodded. "My grandfather ran it right up until he died. My dad helped him when he was alive, but there was an accident when I was ten so I was all the help Jii-chan had since Kaa-san was all keeping me there since things became strained between my otouto and me."

"It must be really hard." D said.

Kagome shook her head. "Not really. I felt like I didn't really belong anymore. And I didn't, really. Not after what I've been through."

"Would it have anything to do with the aura I sense from you? It's different, and very refreshing compared to what one normally comes across." D said.

Normally, one might find it strange that D was so blunt. It wasn't really what one would normally do or say in this situation. But D wasn't most people, and he could tell that neither was Kagome. He was intrigued, so he chose to be blunt. It would be silly to dance around it if she was an abnormal human or actually inhuman anyway. Though D was vouching for inhuman- not a vampire, though.

"So you sensed me too then?"

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"There's obviously something different about Q-chan and on top of that I can feel a strange aura from you."

"Tell me, Kagome-san… what do you see when you see animals?"

"It started as a flicker around my seventeenth birthday… but now I can see either form of inhuman creatures at will."

"Inhuman creatures?"

"It would be rude to call demons, supernatural creatures and beings, and the creatures of myths and legends beasts or monsters, now wouldn't it?"

"Demons? Creatures of legends?"

"I haven't come across all of them, by any means, but I've seen far too much since my fifteenth birthday to keep my old belief that such things aren't real." Kagome said.

"You mention your fifteenth birthday… did something happen?" D asked.

Kagome could tell that she could trust him. "Do you believe in things like magic and time travel, D-san?"

"Time travel?"

"Exactly. On my fifteenth birthday, I was pulled down a well located on the shrine I lived on with my family by a demon called Mistress Centipede. Instead of being eaten or ending up at the bottom of the well, I escaped her and when I landed at the bottom then got out I discovered that I ended up in the Feudal Era of Japan. I also discovered that a magical jewel called the Shikon no Tama had been in my side. I later ended up shattering it retrieving it from a crow demon. As a result, I ended up travelling throughout Feudal Japan gathering the shards with a foul-tempered half dog demon named Inuyasha, an orphaned kitsune named Shippo, a perverted monk named Miroku, a demon slayer named Sango, her companion the nekomatta Kirara, and eventually Inuyasha's full demon brother Sesshomaru. We even wound with an arch nemesis- a human bandit turned evil half-demon named Naraku. I won't bore you with the details, but Onigumo the bandit was badly burnt and had been in love with the miko named Kikyo, who protected the jewel and was caring for him. But she was in love with Inuyasha. They agreed to use the jewel to turn him full human but Naraku made them think they betrayed each other and Kikyo died and Inuyasha wound up pinned to a tree. They kept mistaking me for her reincarnation- I wound up fifty years after she'd died."


"Everyone thought for some reason that I looked like Kikyo when we looked completely different. The jewel did not help matters."

"My. And after all of that, no doubt you have trouble adjusting to a normal life." D said.

Kagome nodded. "I came here to get away- there were just too many memories in Japan- and to figure out what to do with myself. I went to college but I'm still not sure what I want to do. I'm thinking of writing, though. I've always loved both writing and drawing- I can write novels and write and draw manga… Though first I need a steady job."

D rested his chin on his hands, and was obviously thinking about something. (Or, in hindsight, thinking something over.) "Hm… You have had quite a life. No doubt even if you'd gotten the happily ever after humans appear to be so obsessed over, you probably would have never been allowed to stay in the past, and after all that you've been through a normal, mundane life would no doubt be unsuited for you, even boring."

Kagome smiled, somewhat bitterly, though D doubted many would have noticed. "It's so strange… not even my mother or the person from the past that I was closest to truly understood me- not completely at any rate, yet you, a complete stranger who at the moment doesn't know me at all understand my reasoning perfectly even without elaboration. My words were pretty vague, yet you knew exactly what I meant."

"Hm… well, I see many things, and my grandfather has spoken of more besides. Also, perhaps no one has really tried to understand you before?"

"You're right, really. I haven't had anyone who actually understood me completely since way before my disastrous fifteenth birthday…"

"Kagome-san, I'm wondering… perhaps you would like to visit my shop sometimes? I would like to get to know you, and perhaps a little time at my shop is just what you need."

Kagome smiled. "I'd like that."

Three days later, she visited the shop for the first time. She started visiting the shop at least three or four times a week. One day, around a month into D and Kagome's friendship and Kagome starting frequenting the shop without being a customer, Kagome entered the shop only to find D not in the main part of the store. Feeling a pull at her pant leg, she looked down. She saw what most people would see as a European badger but mistake for a raccoon, but she saw as a curly-haired blonde little girl.

"Pon-chan. Where's D?" D and Kagome had already decided to forgo the formalities, neither being one for them with people they are close to.

"He's in the back. Follow me." Pon-chan said.

Pon-chan led Kagome into a room that looked like a cross between a lavish, far from stark white and overly sterile infirmary and a nursery. D was holding a crying infant, and for a rarity looked quite frazzled.

"What's wrong D?" Kagome asked.

"One of our cats is sick, a dog hurt his leg, and two different wolves gave birth to a litter all at the same time."

Kagome chuckled, taking the upset infant proceeding to rock it gently, calming her down. She let the infant suck on her finger as she slowly fell asleep, lulled by the lullaby Kagome was humming almost without realizing what she was doing. She replaced her finger with a binky provided by D and carefully placed her in a crib with what was clearly her brother, the only male of the litter. She then turned to an occupant of the shop (she was elderly, and appeared to be some form of deer- Kagome wasn't really sure at the moment) and asked for a few herbs.

"I do appreciate your help, Kagome. Absolutely nothing was calming her down for some reason and I've just been so busy these last few days. However, I'm curious as to what the herbs you've requested are for."

"For me to prepare a couple of remedies. One to help speed up the recovery process for the cat, another to help the dog with any pain that sometimes has a slightly increased healing rate for a side effect."

D smiled. "I thank you. Kagome-chan, I've noticed that you do remarkably well with animals and even in spite of things interact quite well with people unless you're in a bad mood or something of the sort. So I was thinking- how would you like to work her in the shop? You yourself said that you had already left your job before the trial period to see if it worked out was up."

Kagome smiled. She could think of no better way to spend her time. "I would love to."

In an alternate universe, one where Kagome Higurashi and the grandson of Count D never cross paths, D unexpectedly, and once everything is in the past as far as what was said and done in LA where D ended up befriending the very detective trying to arrest him, things were the same as always for D. To top it all off, D knew that even if Leon followed, they would probably never meet again. But that's a different universe. In this one, Kagome befriended D before he even met the detective, and D gave her a job at the pet shop. Little did anyone, even those who might be aware of the turn of events that were set in motion once Leon Orcot met one Count D, know that one extra character would alter the course and therefore change the outcome of the story.


Next time on Count D's Petshop: A girl just becoming a woman asks for a bird and ends up with one that is everything she asked for yet at the same time so much more than she'd probably ever even dreamed, let alone expected, of receiving. Then Detective Leon Orcot shows up at the petshop asking about the recently deceased Robin Hendrich. How will the detective react to D and Kagome?