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A/N – this story was written for the "Sensory Overload" Challenge at Iyhedonism on LiveJournal. Our task was to write 5-6 entries in a single series, each 250-500 words long, based on the 5 senses and ESP as an optional bonus. The chapters in this story are therefore themed in the following order:







Series Title: Without Looking Back

Genre: Angst, Romance

Universe: pre-canon

Characters: Inuyasha/OC (this is no one you know, I promise)

Rating: R

Summary: Everyone assumes that Kikyou was Inuyasha's first love, but what if she wasn't?

Warnings: none

The Sight of Her

There she was again, the girl who so enchanted the young hanyou boy. They were about the same age, around thirteen or fourteen. He sighed in relief; his daily ritual of wondering whether she would come was over, at least until tomorrow.

He never grew tired of looking at her, watching her graceful movements from afar as she gathered flowers and herbs in the meadow. She was no longer a girl, but neither was she a woman. She possessed a slim build, the tantalizing swells of her breasts and hips still developing. She wore a simple yellow kimono, decorated in a floral pattern and complimented by a light blue wrap skirt. Her hair was reddish-brown, a highly unusual color for the humans of the area. It matched her eyes, a deep russet color that reminded him of autumn leaves. Occasionally she would wear a brilliant white flower in her hair, as she was today. It only added to her beauty in the hanyou's opinion.

Every smile from her quickened his heartbeat, and when she looked around, he forgot to breathe. Part of him wished that one day she would see him, but his fear of being discovered more than outweighed that desire. He had been rejected by humans his entire life, and had no reason to believe this girl would be any different. Still, he could not help but cling to the hope that maybe she was different from the others. Maybe she could accept him as he was.

His rational mind and memories told him this was a fool's longing, but he held onto it tightly. Nevertheless, his fear of rejection kept him from approaching her. The privilege of watching her was too precious to risk in such rash action. So he remained hidden, observing her from the safety of the forest. After a full lunar cycle of seeing her nearly every day, he still did not know her name. To him, she was a goddess, too heavenly for any mortal moniker. She did not need a name.

She rose and slowly walked off the way she had come. The hanyou boy sighed, gazing longingly at her until she disappeared from view. Then he stood and set out to find something to eat. He would be back the following morning to wait for his goddess to grace him with her presence once more.