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America didn't show up for the rest of the meeting but England's glare prevented anyone from leaving to go check on him. They quickly went through everything they were to discuss, a gloom hanging about the room. England's words had hurt even those who didn't like America that much. They quickly dispersed afterwards, some looking for America, others just wanting to get out of the room. No one could find him and they resigned themselves to their rooms for the night, promising a full out search if he didn't show up tomorrow.

They were all surprised when he did show up the next day. It was a rather sombre entrance compared to his normal, flashy banging the door open and exclaiming that the hero had arrived. He just came in with a small smile and took his seat. Everyone shot him a glance and a few of the people closer to America seemed like they wanted to go over and talk to him, see if he was okay, but England had just entered and taken his seat so there was no chance of that now. England shot America a cold look but he looked unaffected by it. Germany coughed slightly, drawing everyone's attention, and started the meeting.

No one really paid attention to the meeting as they were all too concerned with America. He didn't say a thing the entire time. All he did was sit with his head down, a small smile aimed at the table.


The general chaos and disarray that is usually associated lunch break was gone, replaced with a sort of heaviness of no one wanting to leave. But gradually they all filed out until only England and America were left. England stood and stiffly walked over to America. His mind raced. He had gone way too far, past any unspoken boundaries. He wanted to make things right, but he had no clue how to go about it.


England's heart sunk when said man flinched and looked up, a subtle fear lacing through his features, smile still stuck in place. He waited for a response but when none came, he swallowed his pride and started.

"Yesterday, well...I was a little harsh. It was totally uncalled for and you definitely didn't deserve it. I just wanted to apologise for the way I acted and for the words I said."

He swore he heard crickets as he ended his apology. America just looked at him blankly for a few minutes. England honestly didn't think he was going to respond and turned to leave when a faint, definitely un-America like voice caught his ear. It was almost too soft to hear.

"No, England. You were right. I'm sorry."

England left the room with a heavy feeling in his chest.

England could break hearts too.