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Moments Frozen in Time

1. Broken

A room with solid gray walls. That was the first thing Kate saw when she arose to consciousness that morning, her sapphire eyes flicking open. Another day in this confinement with no noticeable sign of rescue. Her uniform was torn and stiff with dried blood, the material rubbing against her already irritated skin. A quick glance down to her wrist confirmed what she already knew, her styler was cracked, neither sending nor receiving any signals. With a sigh, she slumped against the wall once again, injuries complaining all at once. She shut her eyes in attempt to ward off the dizzying pain.

Ice, her captor, was due to arrive at any moment, his arsenal of torture instruments hanging at his side. Kate hated him with every fiber of her being, a shock to all who knew her. She may have the few people she severely disliked, but never hated. But here she was, seething with rage at the man who had torn her away from those she loved just for revenge.

Keith... The ranger was positive that her redheaded boyfriend would be doing everything that was possible just to find her, his normally goofy nature set aside. If Erma did not assign him he mission of finding her then there'd be hell to pay, or maybe she was being vain... A laugh bubbled in her throat at the thought of Keith throwing a fit in the Operations Center. That was her boyfriend, a loyal ranger who dedicated himself to protecting everything he cared about, no matter the cost.

The door creaked open, the sudden flood of light blinding her. When the spots cleared, an attractive young man with ice blue hair stood in the doorway, a twisted smirk marring his features. "You know," Kate rasped, anger flaring again. "If you keep your face like that any longer, it'll stay like that." His eyes narrowed slightly, his hands tightening around the strip secured over his shoulder.

"You know," he responded calmly. "Your life rests in my hands. And that at any moment, I can snap that string your clinging to." The weak grin of triumph dropped off her face, a blank mask replacing it. He dropped his bag and approached the ranger, a syringe hanging loosely in one hand. He knelt down next to her, jamming the needle into her bicep. "Well, Princess Kate-noob, another day and you're still locked in your tower. Prince Charming is nowhere in sight. What does he not care for you?" He injected the poison in the syringe into her body, sending immediate jolts of pain through her body.

"He'll come," she whispered. "And he'll kick your sorry ass too." He tapped her cheek lightly, a smile curling upwards on his face.

"You keep telling yourself that." The blue haired villain got up and grabbed the bag, rummaging through its contents. She saw a knife flashing in the corner of her eye, fear overtaking her.

"He'll come. I know he will."


Keith stood in front of Chairperson Erma, his exhausted face twisted with shock. "My mission is to do what?" he asked hesitantly.

"A Rhydon is stuck in a well near Vientown," Erma responded, her hands curled around her cane. Sven and Wendy were standing nearby, making quiet bets on how long it took until the redhead exploded. It was common knowledge around the Ranger Union headquarters that the young ranger hadn't slept well in two weeks, ever since Kate vanished. He'd been doing missions obediently but the tension had been riding steadily. Wendy's bet was within five minutes; Sven's was the moment Keith started the mission. The redhead snorted, his arms crossing over his chest.

"Hell no." Erma's eyes popped wide open. "I'm refusing that mission." It was a visible effort for the old woman to pull herself together.

"Well... I'm afraid that a ranger cannot refuse a mission when given one." Keith's brown eyes narrowed.

"Did you hear me? I said no. I'm afraid that I have a more important mission to deal with than a damn Rhydon that stuck its nose where it didn't belong. Area rangers can take that job. No doubt it'll fall right back in again because that was the set up." If Erma's eyes could get any wider, they'd fall out of her head. She was speechless, her gaze fixed on the young man in front of her. His hair was disheveled and dark bags shadowed the bottoms of his eyes. "I know that you've been setting up busy work missions to keep me busy. But I'm not taking it anymore. So no, I'm not doing that mission. Or do you not remember, we have a ranger missing." He paused, taking slow and steady breaths in an attempt to calm himself. It wasn't working. "I'm aware that we have people 'investigating' her case. Frankly, I don't care. I'm the only one who can pull off this mission correctly. So I'm going. I don't care if you decide to take away my top ranger rank. I'm saving Kate. He stormed out, his face flushed with anger.

"Somebody stop him," Erma said, slamming the butt of her cane into the floor. "We need..." She was cut off by Professor Hastings' hand on her shoulder.

"Let him go," the wizened old man said. "This is something he needs to do." The old woman cleared her throat, glancing over at Sven and Wendy. The green haired ranger seemed pleased with herself, counting the money in her hands. Sven was swearing silently, his face fixed in a frown.

"Wendy, I want you to follow Keith. Secretly. Help him only when he desperately needs it." She straightened, hiding the money from view

"Yes ma'am," she said, already on the way to the roof where she'd catch a ride on her Staraptor.

"Sven, you're on the Rhydon mission." Sven's frowned deepened. It seemed that he had rotten luck today.



Keith sprinted down the steps and into the old oil rig hideout. After storming out of the Union, he had stopped by Issac in Altru, knowing that he would have a good idea of Kate's whereabouts. He'd been one of the scientists hired to investigate her mysterious disappearance and being the boy genius he was, Issac would have the best idea of where Kate had been hidden. The young professor had pointed him in the direction of the old Dim Sun base.

His Buziel hung on his coat as he tore through the base; there was no way the small Pokémon would be able to keep up with his speed. The halls were deserted aside from the occasional Pokémon. It seemed that the rig wasn't used anymore, which was odd if the Sinus trio, or what was left of it, was using the place. A bright light caught his eye, a difference from the darkened hallways. Keith pressed himself against the wall and crept forward. If somebody was here, they were up ahead.

He froze upon hearing a voice, hoping the dark hallway would cover his presence. "I am so out of here," a woman said as the hidden ranger dove behind a few nearby crates. Bright pink hair, Lavana's trademark, was reflecting the artificial light. "I just know my makeup's a mess. And what does Ice need me for anyway? He's the only one who's allowed to touch the ranger." Her voice grew in volume as she moved down the hallway and closer to his hiding spot. "And we've been covering our tracks. No one will find us. Ice won't even notice I'm gone." She kept muttering as she continued walking but Keith's attention was focused on the door that the fiery woman had been guarding.

Glancing back to make sure Lavana's attention was elsewhere, he moved forward, his deep brown eyes flicking around. His hand twitched towards his styler. A woman's cry echoed from within the room and anger flared inside the redheaded ranger. His thoughts were obscured and he stormed forward, the automatic door snapping open at his presence.

Ice's hands were soaked in blood, his grip on the knife slipping slightly. Kate was shivering in front of him, many new lacerations extending across her body. Her eyes stared blankly at he ceiling, her consciousness not truly there. The poison was racing through his victim's body, symptoms just beginning to show in a fever. He heard the door open and answered without turning. "What is it Lavana?" he snarled, annoyance seeping into his words. "Can't you see I'm busy?" He expected a whiny complaint as a response. What he didn't expect was a fist colliding with his cheek. He was sent sprawling to the floor, the weapon wrenched from his hand.

Keith stood in front of the man, his eyes narrowed to slits. His hands were curled into fists, trembling with unbound fury. Ice was trying to stem the flow of blood from his nose with his jacket sleeve, swearing under his breath. "You didn't look too busy before," the young ranger said, his voice dangerously soft. "But you're about to be. How dare you take a Top Ranger, especially the one who's so important to so many people."

"Would one of those people be you, Keith-noob?" Ice responded, sounding bored.

"Of course, but that's none of your business, you pathetic excuse for a man." He flung his styler bearing arm in front of him, his other hand bracing the mechanism. The blue haired man picked himself up. Then, after shifting through a pack, a miniremo was activated.

"Well then, since you seem so bent on rescuing your princess, I might as well provide some entertainment. Gallade go! Squash the ranger!" A white and green pokémon skated forward, glowing with psychic energy, and with a flash of blue light, the styler disk unattached itself from the main device. It began circling instantly as if it controlled itself, only stopping when an attack would have stuck the line. Keith's determined face said otherwise. The styler beeped, signifying the capture complete, and the Gallade, freed from hypnosis, ran.

The ranger walked up to Ice again and punched him. "That's for Kate, you jackass." Ice's nose began bleeding anew, red liquid dripping from his chin. Ignoring the swearing in the background, Keith approached the injured ranger. He fell to his knees at her appearance, trying to alienate his feelings from his mental state. Her face was bruised and bloodied, her eyes glazed over. The redhead hovered over her, his eyes searching hers. "Kate?" he asked softly. His voice brought no life to her eyes and that worried him. His head snapped up to glare at the man still sprawled on the floor. "What did you do to her? Why is she not responding while she is clearly conscious?"

"She separated her mind from her body," Ice responded, his clogged nose altering his voice slightly. "It's to avoid pain. To avoid me. Nothing brings her out of it until she wakes up next morning." Keith's eyes narrowed again, his hands clenching once again at his sides.

"You're lucky I'm not breaking your face right now." His brown eyes gazed at his lover, flicking back and forth as his thoughts did. "I'll get her out of it." The blue haired man snickered, the sound like a dying pig. Keith ignored his enemy and lowered his face to Kate's. "Kate," he started, his voice a whisper to keep Ice from eavesdropping. "I love you more than anything. Please come back to me. I promise that nothing will hurt you anymore." The ranger gently pressed his lips to hers, his hand cupping her cheek.

"You won't get her back, you fool. She's broken. I broke her." Keith's lips hardened slightly in anger but soon loosened as Kate emitted a sight groan. He separated from her, locking eyes with the injured girl.

"Keith?" she mumbled, her hand touching his face to assure herself that he was real. "I just had the best dream about you..." She trailed off suddenly, her eyes filling with tears. "I thought you forgot about me." The spiky-haired ranger rubbed her cheek gently with his thumb.

"I could never do that." He kissed her again and her lips responded. It was just the two of them in their own world. A world in which nothing was broken.

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