Grim's Duties

Chapter 1: Booted Out of Billy's House

Grim couldn't believe it was nearly a week since Billy and Mandy were gone out of town, still on their vacation, the house really belonged to Gladys who really wanted to get rid of Grim for good, and it was that time of the week where Grim had to do his typical laundry.

"Reaper, what are you still doing, that's not meant for you" said Gladys to Grim as Grim was folding his robes and was about to put them in the washer.

"Oh come on now, I don't have that much stuff to wear, I'm mostly bones" replied Grim.

"I don't care, but you're presence is driving me mad" replied Gladys.

"Oh that's just great, Billy's mom is in one of her moods" sighed Grim.

"Out of the house, now!" roared Gladys.

"Just what are you going to do about it if I don't move?" asked Grim.

The scene changes to Grim literally being thrown out of the house with a laundry basket of his clothes along with his scythe also being tossed out as well, Grim couldn't believe that Gladys had gone off the deep end.

"Boy I hope those two rotten brats return home soon, I am just going to have to go to Mandy's place" said Grim.

As Grim headed to Mandy's house, Mandy's parents were literally building a security system to keep Mandy out.

"Sorry Grim" said Phillip as he was installing some hi-tech hardware, "but while our daughter's away, we'll be working on a system to keep her at bay."

"I don't understand, you two are free to look into my trunk if you want to find such a system to stop Mandy" replied Grim, "I don't say this normally toward everyone, but I was wondering if I can use your washer and dryer for me clothes?"

"Look Reaper, we're busy here" continued Claire.

"Hey, I gave you two a chance to look in me trunk to save yourselves from your daughter, don't come crying to me" said Grim.

As Grim was running out of options, he thought of Irwin's place, but felt a bit awkward because Dracula was there, often quite annoying for Grim to listen to him. The Grim Reaper then tried to use regular laundry places, even he had enough money for the coin operated dryer and washer machines there. But as soon as each of the managers recognized him, they immediately associated poor Grim with Billy's past actions.

"No way pal" said one of the managers, "your big nosed friend flooded my place last week."

"Ha, like I am going to have you scare my customers away" said another manager of another laundry operating store to Grim.

Grim literally tried out all the other laundry mats that were operating in Endsville and none of them would take him.

"Bah, this is discrimination I tell you!" cried Grim, "How humiliating is it for all the townspeople of Endsville to be discriminating against you because of Billy's stupid actions?"

Then Grim thought of another idea, what if he could go to another town which didn't recognize his deeds as much, he immediately then used his scythe and used its powers to create a map of the country.

"Ha, anyone of these places would be happy to accept me to do my duties" laughed Grim, "I should have thought about this before."

Grim then decided to blind fold himself and take a dart to choose the targeted city or town. As he aimed carefully at the map, he fired the dart, hitting one of the towns on the map. As Grim opened up his eyes, the town of Danville came up.

"Well, I bet no one in Danville has heard about Billy, unless if Billy was dumb enough to use the Internet to spread his stupidity about" said Grim, "to Danville I shall go do me laundry."

As Grim was literally going to use his scythe to teleport himself to Dansville and be temporary away from Endsville. Yet while Grim was about to head to Dansville, someone was also having trouble just trying to do typical chores, a certain Heinz Doofenshmirtz was also having quite a bit of some trouble as the townspeople of Dansville hardly seemed to admire someone as insane as him.

"I don't believe it, you cut in line!" roared Heinz to a larger man as he was waiting at the grocery store.

"Yeah, so what are you going to do about it pal?" asked the larger man.

"Never mind, carry on" replied Heinz who was quite afraid of the larger man.

It was just then that outside the grocery store that Heinz Doofenshmirtz was in, that the Grim Reaper appeared with his laundry basket ready.

"Bah, how humiliating for someone like me to travel away from Endsville to get some decent service" said Grim.

As Grim turned around to inspect the businesses in the small shopping center, he noticed a laundry mat was operating there.

"Oh I hope the manager of the laundry mat doesn't know I am forced to be friends with Billy" said Grim as he headed to the laundry mat.

"Well, there is something you don't see everyday" said the manager as he noticed the Grim Reaper, "in town doing your typical Reaping business?"

"Not really" replied Grim, "this is kind of embarrassing for me, you see the town I come from won't even let me use any of the laundry mats, so I had to pick and choose another place, namely coming here."

"You poor thing" said the manager, "there is just one policy I will only have, and that's no weapons, your scythe is a weapon, isn't it? You will have to leave it outside while you wait."

"You mean that's the only catch, well, I hope you people in Dansville are more trustworthy" said Grim as he headed outside, the Reaper wanted to find someone he could trust to watch over his scythe and not misuse its powers.

As the Reaper continue to search among the crowd, he noticed an Indian boy who looked trustworthy to him.

"You there boy" said Grim, "I am enthroning you to hold me scythe for the time being."

"You're the Grim Reaper" said the Indian boy.

"Relax child, I'm not here to do my typical Reaping business, I need someone to watch over me scythe while I wait for me laundry, the laundry mat won't let anything like me scythe in the laundry mat" replied Grim.

"Don't worry, you can count on me, my parents will be here all day shopping anyway" replied the Indian boy.

"Great, btw, what's your name kid?" asked Grim.

"Baljeet" replied Baljeet.

"Well then Baljeet, you're the first nice face I came across since being stuck up in Endsville, I tell ya some really crazy stories, but for now I have to wait for me clothes to be finished" sighed Grim as he headed back to the laundry mat.

Yet as Baljeet was going to help out Grim, he was unaware that someone else might also stumble upon the same very scythe.