Chapter 4: The Usual Abuse of the Scythe

Poor Grim was indeed worried that someone else indeed had his scythe, that someone was Heinz Doofenshmirtz who was trying to use it to get rid of Perry the Platypus, Agent P his arch nemesis. Agent P was trying to do his best to out run Doofenshmirtz.

"Come back here Perry the Platypus!" cried Heinz as he was firing the scythe at Agent P.

It was just then, that Grim, along with Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet and Isabella began to start tracking down the scythe.

"Wow, that scythe is moving fast" said Phineas as he and his friends with Grim were running down a road.

"Whoever is using the scythe must be using it now" replied Ferb.

"Oh, I hope not" sighed Grim, "the last time I called Mandy in for such an emergency, she literally made me do more chores for losing me scythe, I don't want to do more chores!"

As the five headed out to find the scythe, Doofenshmirtz used the scythe to create some henchmen out of some garden out, one was obviously an old fashion British guard made out of a garden he came across, and another was a lion.

"Wow, the scythe lets me make things like this come to life?" asked Heinz, "Well, what are you waiting for, get Perry the Platypus!"

Suddenly the two new henchmen for Doofenshmirtz sprouted their veins, as Agent P was trying to escape, the veins managed to grab poor Agent P even as he was trying to struggle free.

"Ha, I finally got you, and now back to my headquarters to see what else I can do with this scythe" said Heinz.

As Heinz created another portal with the scythe, it was just then that Grim and the four others arrived on the scene.

"Quickly, leap into that portal children!" cried Grim.

"You sure that's a safe thing?" asked Phineas.

"Just do it children!" replied Grim as he forced the four into the portal.

As the five leaped into the portal, they emerged from the other side and headed behind some crates in Doofenshmritz's hideout.

"What's going on there?" asked Phineas as he wanted to take a peak, not knowing it was really their pet platypus was also there.

"Aw, Perry the Platypus, I am so glad that you could make it" said Heinz as Agent P was literally tied up, "put him in a cage, while I inspect the scythe."

As poor Agent P was literally placed in a cage, Agent P could feel some presence that his two masters were there, so he quickly turned back to his normal platypus form as Phineas and Ferb took a peak at Doofenshmirtz.

"Hey, look that weird guy has got Perry" said Phineas, "that's strange, maybe Perry was trying to help us find the scythe."

"I believe you're right" added Ferb, "he does know how to find things that are lost from time to time."

Suddenly Heinz and the two garden creatures he had made to live turned around which the two then ducked back down in their hiding place.

"Bah, just continue watching Perry the Platypus" said Heinz as he then was readying the scythe.

"Hold up there for a minute mon!" cried Grim as he appeared before Doofenshmirtz and his two henchmen who immediately used their veins to capture Grim, along with the four others with him, "Did I say hold on a minute?"

"So, the Grim Reaper, you were following me this whole entire time, were you?" asked Heinz.

"Kind of, I had some help" replied Grim to which Heinz grabbed the metal detector from Ferb.

"What the heck is this?" asked Heinz, "Looks like some sort of ordinary metal detector."

"Oh, it's more than that" replied Ferb.

"Really, well, who cares, because you lost!" laughed Heinz.

As Heinz was about to literally unleash the power of the scythe upon the citizens of Danville, Candace had found a photo shop at the very shopping center where poor Grim had left his clothes there. The photo shop itself was right next to the laundry mat.

"How long will these photos take?" asked Candace to the owner.

"About an hour" said the owner.

"Darn it, well, it'd be worth it in busting those two anyway" sighed Candace.

Meanwhile, as poor Candace was waiting for her photos to be developed, it seemed like it was the obvious end for poor Grim and his new friends. They were running out of ideas, except for one idea which Isabella had come up with.

"Mr. Reaper, you mentioned about your friend Mandy, is it?" asked Isabella.

"Oh please child, please don't try to mention her name!" cried Grim.

"Yeah, Mandy, you mentioned she can really stop something like this from happening" added Baljeet.

"Alright, fine, but don't blame me if she decides to make you kids do chores back in me old town" replied Grim as Ferb was reaching through Grim's robe.

As Ferb was doing that, Heinz Doofenshmritz noticed Ferb was reaching something within Grim's own robe.

"Hey, you kid with the green hair, what are you thinking?" asked Heinz as he then reached in Grim's robe himself, "A cell phone, you were going to get a cell phone, and here I thought you'd come up with some other deadly weapon, oh well, time to charge up the scythe."

"Oh that's just great!" cried Grim, "None of us can reach me cell phone!"

As Heinz was charging up the scythe, he wanted to take a peak at the Grim Reaper's cell phone, as he was quite curious who'd be on his contact list.

"So, let's see who does this Grim Reaper have on his contact list, Mandy, who the heck is Mandy?" asked Heinz.

"No, please, you don't want to suffer her wraith!" cried Grim.

"Ha, well, I'm pushing it anyway" replied Heinz to which he then also grabbed the scythe, and "now I will destroy something in the Tri-State Area with this baby!"

But as Heinz immediately used Grim's scythe, there was someone who knocked on the door which one of Heinz's new henchmen decided to answer it. The door itself fell right on top of the henchmen, crushing the garden creature, as the dust settled; a strange blonde girl was there, along with a boy.

"Hi Grim, we got your call!" cried Billy to which he noticed something wasn't obviously right, "Hey Grim, did you let someone steal your scythe without me participating in it?"

"I believe you have stolen from Grim" said Mandy as she spotted Heinz.

"Ha, you're just a little girl, you can't do anything to me" laughed Heinz.

"This is who you were worried about?" whispered Phineas to Grim.

"Yeah, she's really a nightmare mon" replied Grim.

"That scythe is mine!" roared Mandy as she leaped toward Heinz.

Both Heinz and Mandy began to struggle for the scythe, to which the scythe itself began zapping red lasers from it, one of those lasers was heading straight toward the photo shop where Candace was waiting for those photos to be developed.

"Here are your photos ma'am" said the owner.

"Finally, I can bust them!" laughed Candace to which the photos evaporated as the laser hits the photos, "Of course."

The struggle between Heinz and Mandy continued, as another laser from the scythe destroys the other henchman that Heinz had originally created, and a third laser heading for the laundry mat also targeting poor Grim's clothes which was already in a washer.

"He's not going to like that" sighed the manager.

Back with Heinz and Mandy, Mandy had managed to overpower poor Heinz and freed Perry, along with the others including Grim.

"I expect my list of chores to be finished, you can have the others you met here to help you" said Mandy as she gave Grim a long list of chores.

Poor Grim was likely going to cry, as he didn't want to do those chores, yet however Phineas and Ferb knew what they were going to do.

"Ferb, I think I know what else we're going to do to make things fun for Mr. Reaper" added Phineas.

"I think we don't have any choice" added Ferb.

The scene ends as poor Doofenshmirtz ends up pretty much scared of Mandy's presence, as she leaves with Grim and his new friends heading back to Endsville to do some chores with his scythe.