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Angel – Fallen

He claimed to be a despicable creature, but Yuki knew better. Besides which, finding himself undeserving was simply part of his nature, as she had learned over the years. But no, Zero wasn't a vampire. At least, he wasn't one to start out. Instead she knew him for a heavenly being, an angel. A fallen angel.

Yuki could see how it would have played out. God having brought this being to heaven and given him wings. This creature refusing his share of happiness in Paradise. Him flinging himself down from on high, in an effort to atone for what he saw as sins. And somehow landing with her, bloodied and broken. Yuki welcomed this angel with open arms, and did her best to heal him. But too often she would look around, and realize how she had just hurt Zero more.

How Yuki deserved to be with this being she would never know. All she knew was that she was going to keep her fallen angel from descending even farther, no matter what it took. And so she smiled for him, and held him, and comforted him, in hopes the fallen angel could one day allow himself to make the ascension to heaven again.

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