SOUL 1#; Return to Death City! - Welcome back, Problem Child ~

"It's her, the girl with the golden eyes and heinous smile!"

The incesent clicking of black heels on a paved street suddenly ceased.

"What's she doing back here? That problem child . . ."

Dazedly, you allowed your gaze to flitter to the cloudless blue sky above.

"What's so special about her? Who is she?"

Your rich, yellow orbs narrowed in distaste once you caught sight of what one would call an overgrown, pathetic excuse for a star.

"You can't tell? She's the daughter of Lord Death himself."

Oh, how the people of the Shibusen loathed you, feared you . . .

You would've relished this fact if not for the sun, who, even after all of this time, still continued to stare down at you, mocking you with it's irrational pants and maniacal laughs.

"Oh, I thought she was a witch."

This statement alone was the only one to reach you, beyond the laughter of the sun.

And this was most likely due to the rage of a certain, blue skinned man.

"HEY YOU! Quiet! I don't allow people to speak of Lord Death's daughter that way, because that's the kind of man I was . . ."

In the instant it took you to blink in disbelief, the blue skinned man had pushed you protectively behind of him whilst he adressed the crowd of onlookers that seemed to have gathered in your wake.

"But Sid! I mean, she has a broomstick -"

One of the onlookers tried to protest.

However, your zombie escort would simply not have it.

"That's enough! Now clear out and give Salem and I some space . . ."

The blue skinned man roared, his words possessing an air of definite finality.

The crowd did as he said, albeit relunctantly and soon you found yourself left alone with the blue man, once again.

"Sid . . . " You began, clearing your throat as you reached out to place a hand on his shoulder.

"Relax, Salem. You don't have to thank me, that's just the kind of man I was . . . after all."

The blue skinned man retorted, waving you off before you could even continue your sentence.

In response, you pursed your lips quite exhausted from the number of times the idiot had ended his sentence with "that's just the kind of man I was . . ."

"I wasn't going to thank you, I was going to request that you not make such a big scene next time because that's just the kind of reaper I am."

You stated curtly, before turning and resuming to walk in the direction of your sole destination.

Before begrudgingly following suit, Sid the zombie grumbled something along the lines of, "Obnoxious snot-nosed brat."

The DWMA surpassed your expectations of idiocy.

Seeing it for the first time, you would've expected something a little less childish and a little more professional.

But seeing as how it was your father's school, you really shouldn't be so surprised.

"Lord Death has been eagerly awaiting your arrival, Salem."

For some reason or another, Sid had decided to make nice and attempt polite conversation.

A sneer lit up your pale face as you turned to face him.

"Really? He should've fetched me himself, then." You reasoned blandly.

"But, Salem you know that-"

"Oh wait, that's right. Daddy can't leave this outlandish little school, can he?"

You questioned, resisting the urge to laugh at how useless your father really was.

Sid remained absolutely silent at this, probably due to the fact that he would rather bite his tongue than lash out at you.

"You know what? Just give me a goddamn mirror. . ." You hissed finally, not at all in the mood to walk all the way to his office.

At your proclamation, Sid merely shook his head.

"Lord Death requested to see you - in person." He stated.

At first, you felt a bit defeated.

After all, being Lord Death's daughter usually resulted in you getting your way.

And, you reasoned that if you absolutely had to meet your father again.

. . . you would do it on your terms.

"Well then - we should at least arrive there in style. ~"

The smirk you sent Sid's way caused a shiver to run down his deceased spine.

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