SOUL 3#; The Painful Truth - Part 1.


As a red headed idiot came barreling towards you, you couldn't help but sigh.

This, of course, was the second time someone thought it'd be a good idea to scream at you today.

Only, this time you weren't entirely sure why nor were you entirely aware of who or what this "Maka!" was. . .

The red head that proceeded in charging towards you quickly met his demise, when Ipswich's handle collided with his handsome face.

And man, at this moment more than ever, did you love that broom.

"M-Maka? Why must you treat daddy so - so cruelly. . .?" The unidentified idiot wept, sinking to the floor in undisputed defeat as you casually rested Ipswhich against your shoulder.

"What the fuck was that?" You cried, fervently trying to keep calm.

It was not a very well known fact that in most situations, whereas you appeared to be reserved, your teenaged emotions were often running rampant.

"SALEM!" Sid gasped out in immediate response, utterly appalled by your language.

Before anything else could be said, the red headed male slowly crawled towards you.

"Y-You're not, you can't be my Maka! She would never use such foul language. . .!" He muttered, reaching a shaky hand out in close proximatey to your ankle.

"This is my current weapon, Spirit." Lord Death introduced just in time for your heel to make painful contact with the red head's hand, crushing it into the floor.

"That's the most recent Death Scythe. . .? For your sake, Shinigami-san, I hope his moronic tendencies are just a charade. . .~" You offered, chewing on your lip a bit in thought.

From across the room, Sid couldn't help but wince, presumably because Spirit's hand was still being sharply pinned to the cold floor.

"Give him some credit, Salem. You do look an awful lot like his daughter, you know." Lord Death stated, chuckling slightly at the entire ordeal.

Curious about this random piece of information, you couldn't help but raise a slim, black brow.

"Really?" You ventured.

At this, a bead of comical sweat rolled down Lord Death's mask.

"Well, no." Your father retorted bluntly.

"But she's got her hair in pig tails. . .!" Sid offered, causing your father to nod.

"That is true-" Lord Death agreed, nodding slightly.

"But unlike my darling Maka, this wretched demon's hair is black." Spirit mumbled, causing you to dig your heel further into his poor palm.

In a desperate attempt to remain cool, you resisted the urge to faceplant.

And perhaps, the only thing allowing you to do this, was focusing on the fact that at least now you knew who this Maka girl was.

Inwardly, you hoped that she, at the very least, was like you in the fact that she didn't take after her moronic old man.

Much to your chagrin, it took awhile for the four of you to get past the thorough discussion of the similarities in the appearance of a young miss Maka Albarn and yourself.

But, when the three males around you were finally able to conclude that your were not at all identical enough for Spirit to have confused you in the first place, you found that the cheerful atmosphere had dissolved much to quickly for your taste.

"Salem. . ." Your father was quick to break the awkward, eiry silence that was left in it's place.

Out of respect for him, if nothing else, you turned your full attention to Lord Death.

"Shinigami-san, I'm extremely curious as to why you've brought me here." You replied, quickly cutting to the chase.

Without further ado, the three male occupants of the room shared a secretive glance.

"So, she's the other child of Lord Death. . ." You distinctly heard Spirit mumble to himself.

If the situation hadn't appeared to be oddly serious, you would've smirked and muttered something along the lines of, "Tch. I see my name proceeds me. . .~"

"I see my name proceeds me. . .~"

"Of course it does, Salem. You are a Grim Reaper, after all!"

Oh - had you accidentally said that aloud. . .?

"Oh - uh, yeah. . ." You said meekly in agreement.

A light blush began to creep up your neck in unwanted embarrassment.

Thankfully, your father spoke again, creating a diversion from your pink tinted form.

"Well, Salem. Recently we've had some trouble in the Shibusen. . ." Lord Death began, his tone gravely serious.

Your curiosity only grew at this.

"What sort of trouble. . .?" You inquired, pursing your lips.

Lord Death's response was simple, "Witches."

Followed by a comical exclamation of, "AND THE KISHIN HAS BEEN REBORN!" from Spirit.

". . .nani?" You spat, your right eye twitching as you slowly removed your foot from Spirit's hand.

Had you just heard correctly? Had that idiot Death Scythe really just said the freakin' Kishin had been reborn? Furthermore, just what did your father mean by witches?

After all, the DWMA and Witches were like water and oil - they'd never mix well.

So why now of all things was that a problem large enough for you to have to leave Oceania patrol with Marie, just to return to the place of your birth. . .?

"Salem, I know this may be a bit overwhelming, but - " Your father began in reply, reaching out a large, alabaster hand to you.

"But what, father? How did you let this happen, and furthermore, considering all this. . .why am I here?" You questioned further, your voice nearly cracking from just how ultimately "overwhelmed" you possibly could have been at that moment.

After all, the Kishin was a force to be reckoned with.

And you? Just what could you possibly be able to do about this whole thing? After all, you may have been Lord Death's daughter - but you sure as Hell were not a Meister.