Chapter 1

Author's Note: Okay, I know that this has been done before many different times and in many different ways, but I just couldn't resist trying my version! It's way too much fun. Enjoy!

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Magnus Bane strutted through the front doors of Bone City High School and made his way to the front desk. The small room smelled of cinnamon, Magnus noticed with distain. He casually leaned against the reception desk, impatiently drumming his painted finger-nails on the wood, as he waited for the secretary to finish her call.

"No, Thursday won't do...It's not possible..." An annoying habit of the woman's was to click her teeth together whenever there was a tense pause. Magnus found himself grating his in irritation. "School is not in session on Sundays, sir, that won't work either." Click click click. "Yes, Tuesday might work..." The petite woman held up a long finger at Magnus without looking up. She flipped through a calendar by the desk. "Tuesday is fine...right...I'll see you then. Goodbye." Finally, the woman hung up the phone with a snap and raised her eyes to the impatient and irritated teen before her.

Her eyebrows dissapeared in her hairline, but that was all. 'How dissapointing,' Magnus thought. He had been hoping for a much more interesting reaction than that to his appearance. Oh well. Flipping his spiked hair out of his eyes, the boy said smoothly, "I'm the new student, Magnus Bane."

The secretary cleared her throat. "Right." She reached under the desk and rummaged through a filing cabinet until she pulled out an unappealing puke-green folder. "You may sit down. I will call you when I'm ready for you." She said briskly, gesturing to a few uncomfortable-looking chairs in front of the principal's office.

Magnus walked over and sat down without a word. The woman busied herself on her computer. Even though she occasionally refered to the contents in the folder, Magnus was pretty sure she was only playing solitair. The teenager sighed in frustrated boredom. He had been told to come early to school and no students had arrived yet, so he couldn't even people-watch to pass the time. With another sigh, Magnus reached into his messanger bag for his Emergency Boredom Kit. It was really an old makeup bag containing a nintendo DS, a notebook and pen, his iPod, and a rubics cube. He pulled out the cube. Magnus had been working on this cube for almost two years now. He was convinced that he was nearing the completion of it...but he had thought that six months ago, also.

Magnus lost himself in the complex order of coloured squares and, before he knew it, the early students-teacher's kids, over-acheivers, people with homework they needed to copy from their friends-started to trickle in. Magnus looked up through his glitter-layered eyelashes to see the secretary was staring intently at the computer screen, making that annoying sound with her teeth that made Magnus want to throw his rubics cube at her...but that would probably ruin his two years of hard work, so he resisted the impulse.

Pocketing the cube, Magnus rose out of the uncomfortable chair gracefully and slunk across the room like a cat. Trying to be as stealthy as possible, he stole a glance at her work. What he saw made him lose all pretense of stealth. "You are playing solitair!" He exclaimed angrily.

The secretary jumped in alarm and guilt; she was caught in the act. She looked up at the seething boy and seemed to realize that she had completely forgotten about him waiting there. "Oh, I'm so sorry dear, I forgot you were there!" She seemed embarrased and flustered as Magnus angrily stared her down. He knew that he must look very frightening; he had recently splurged on a couple pairs of exotic contact lenses and he had worn the cat-eyed, slit-pupiled ones to intimidate people on his first day. He had gotten them on-sale because it was a month after Hallowe'en.

The woman gulped nervously under Magnus' intense gaze, then she cleared her throat. "I'm terribly sorry..." She started to say, but Magnus cut her off.

"I have been sitting in that stiff, shapeless chair for a full 15 minutes working on a rubics cube. It is my first day and I would rather like to spend time getting ready for it, rather than sitting in this revolting, cinnamon-scented room watching you play solitair! And you forgot about me?" He crossed his arms delicatly. "I didn't think I was very forgettable," He said while examining a manicured nail, "How dissapointing."

The woman looked over this tall young man with a rainbow goth look and a sinisterly charming smile. When he smiled like that, she wouldn't be surprised if he had sharp teeth to match his feline eyes. "No. You're very memorable." When the boy looked pleased at this comment, the secretary realized that flattery might help her. "Yes, you're...exotic. I won't forget you anytime soon."

Magnus smiled a little. "Well..." Glance at the name plate on the desk. "Barbera. See that it doesn't happen again, hm?"

Barbera nodded her head quickly, then handed the fashionable teen a bag. "Here are the things you'll need. I hope you have a good day, Magnus." She wondered if she had made up for her solitair mishap.

Magnus took the bag and smiled softly at her. "You too Barbera." He blew her a kiss over his shoulder as he sauntered off. "I'll see you around."

Author's Second Note: Okay there it is! What do you guys think? Are you interested? This was sort of a prologue. I have many things planned for this fic, so tell me what you think!

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