Chapter 25

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The week went by quickly and soon enough it was the day of Chairman's infamous birthday party. Magnus was in his bedroom freaking out. He had an hour before Alec was coming to pick him up (Alec was the designated driver) and he was still trying to decide what to wear. Laid out on his bed like deflated human-shaped balloons were two possible outfits. One of them included silver, pinstripe pants and a ruffled black shirt with black converse and lots of jewelery. The other was a little more subtle, with skinny jeans that had holes in the knees and a dark purple shirt that was also ripped strategically, accompanied by a skinny purple tie.

"Magnus, are you almost ready to go?" Chloe called up the stairs, "Alec's going to be here in an hour or so."

Magnus whirled around, "Yeah, I know that! And no I'm not ready!" He must have sounded pretty stressed and sassy, because Chloe appeared in his bedroom doorway and gave him a look.

"Okay, what's wrong?" She asked, looking him over. He was wearing his bathrobe from when he had gotten out of the shower and still hadn't changed. Magnus gestured to his state of un-fabulousness.

"I have no idea what to wear!" He exclaimed, turning around and pointing at the bed. "Now, I know you know nothing about fashion, but please just tell me which outfit I should go with!"

Chloe stepped into the room and looked at the articles of clothing. "Um...I'm not sure, Magnus." When he rolled his eyes, she suggested hopefully, "What is Alec wearing?"

Magnus thought hard. "Well, I'm not sure. Probably black or grey...he's kind of limited when it comes to colour. I'm trying to get him to open up a bit."

Chloe nodded, treating him like he was a lighted dynamite stick. "So, wear the grey one? To match him?"

Whirling around dramatically once again, Magnus gave her a look, "I can't match him! That would look rediculous! This isn't prom, Chloe! It's a party!"

"Okay, then...the purple one?"

Tapping his bottom lip with a shimmering fingernail, Magnus thought it over. "Yes," He said finally, "The purple one will do." He rushed over and gave his aunt a kiss on the cheek, then pushed her out of his bedroom. "Now leave; I have to change!"

1 Hour Later...

About an hour later, Magnus was putting the finishing touches on his makeup when he heard a knock on the door. He glanced at the electric alarm-clock. Yep, Alec was right on time. The tall boy was about to get up and meet his boyfriend when he heard Chloe answer the door and immediatly start a conversation. Well, his aunt could keep Alec occupied for a little while. His eyes could use some more glitter...

7 Minutes Later...

"Magnus! Get your sparkly butt down here and see your boyfriend!" Chloe called up the stairs.

"Coming!" Magnus glanced at himself in the mirror one more time. Yes, he looked hot. He grabbed Chairman's wrapped present from on top of his oak dresser and ran down the stairs to the living room.

Alec, sitting on an armchair and speaking politely to Chloe, looked up as Magnus entered the room. Magnus noticed how the other boy's blue eyes looked him up and down, taking in the buckled boots, tight jeans, and the rips in his shirt that showed patches of honey-coloured skin. He watched Alec's adams apple move as he swallowed. "You look great." He said finally, and Magnus smirked.

"So do you, darling." He said smoothly, and he wasn't just saying it to respond. Alec was wearing straight-legged dark-wash jeans, a silk, grey button-up shirt with a collar, and a loose black tie. He pulled his boyfriend up by the hand and then left the room as quickly as possible, shouting goodbye to his aunt as they left.

15 Minutes Later...

"I can't believe we got lost!" Alec exclaimed as they finally pulled in front of Chairman's huge house.

Magnus chuckled as the engine was turned off and they both got out of Alec's car. "It only cost us about fifteen minutes, darling, it's not that bad."

Alec took his boyfriend's hand and Magnus couldn't suppress a smile. Alec pointed to a really-expensive-looking car that was parked near the house. "There's Clary's car, so Jace must be here already," He gestured a little to the right. "And there's Simon's car, so Isabelle made it as well."

Magnus was curious. "Isabelle came with Simon?" He asked as they made their way to the huge house.

"Yeah," Alec said, "He asked her out the other day."

"I'm sure you gave him the scariest protective-big-brother talk ever."

Alec grinned as he rang the doorbell. "Of course."

The large door opened to reveal a familiar face. "Hey, Church!" Magnus said enthusiastically.

The intimidating teenager gave them a little smile. "Glad you guys made it. We were getting worried. Come on in."

He led the couple through a large and lavish hall filled with paintings and expensive decor. There were a couple people with plastic cups in their hands chatting to the side of them. Magnus was staring in awe at the crystal chandelier when they arrived at their destination. It was a huge room that had all the furniture pushed to the sides to form a dance-floor of sorts. There was a DJ booth that was blasting mindless but stimulating music and multi-coloured lights flashed throughout the scene.

Magnus saw Simon standing beside Alec's sister at the refreshment table. He was eating a carrot stick and making wild gestures with his hands. He recognized many of the people from school and many others that he didn't know. Obviously, Chairman was a popular person. "Hey, where is Chairman?" Magnus asked Church.

The brown-haired boy pointed to the other side of the room where Magnus saw the small birthday boy chatting with a short boy who had curly hair. "Great, thanks!" Church nodded and left them to go get something to eat.

Magnus grabbed Alec by the hand and started to lead him towards his small friend. "This place is amazing!" Alec said, still looking around.

As they got closer, they could hear a little snippet of the conversation Chairman was having with the curly-haired teen. "I'm just saying, honey, it looks so much better without the gel, honestly...Oh, Magnus! Alec! There you are!" The small teen noticed them and gave them a wave as they got closer. Magnus grinned and waved back. Their host was wearing a party hat and a white shirt with a faux fur collar, and white jeans.

"Magnus, you look fantabulous tonight." Chairman said, giving him a hug. "You too, Alec!" He proceeded to fuss over Alec's unruly hair and Magnus zoned out of the conversation for a bit.

He looked over at the boy Chairman had been talking to before they got there. The shorter guy was staring at Magnus and his glittery-ness with raised triangular eyebrows. Magnus noticed that he had a polka-dotted bowtie on. "See something you like?" Magnus asked, raising his own trimmed eyebrows in response.

The other boy blushed, looking down at his red capri-pants. "No, um, sorry for staring. You're just very glittery."

Magnus shrugged, "Well, I do try."

The guy stammered and turned to Chairman, "I'd better head off. Happy Birthday, Chairman!" He said, then left with a little wave at the group.

Chairman turned to Magnus, teasing him fondly, "What did you say to him, Magnus? You scared him off." Alec looked after the guy with a little frown, as if judging whether he should get jealous and possesive of the exchange or not.

"Nothing!" Magnus said. "He was staring, that's all." Alec, not liking this prospect, wrapped a strong arm around Magnus' waist.

Chairman rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on guys. He's harmless. He has a boyfriend. They both go to a school out of town. I met them at a Gap store once."

"" Alec said, and the awkward silence caused Magnus to remember something.

"Oh yeah! Chairman, I have your birthday present here!" He handed the wrapped gift to the small boy, who took it with a smile.

Alec chimed in, "I couldn't figure out what to get you, so the card is from me." The card had a picture of a cat on it that said 'Have a Purrfect Birthday!' and there was a twenty dollar bill inside it.

"Thanks, Alec." Chairman said, then moved on to open the gift from Magnus. He reached in and pulled out a flat object: a calendar. "Oh my goodness, Magnus, this is fantastic!" Held in his pale hands was a calendar, exactly like the couples' calendar that Rachel Berry had given Finn Hudson in Glee season one. It included a picture of two cats with their faces cut out and pictures of Chairman and Church's faces pasted in, instead. "I love you, Magnus Bane!" the small boy exclaimed, throwing his arms around Magnus' waist, as he couldn't reach his neck. "I have to show Church!" He ran off excitedly, leaving Malec standing alone near the edge of the dance-floor.

"Does Church watch Glee?" Alec asked.

Magnus threw an arm around his boyfriend and steered him towards the refreshment table. "He forced Church to watch it...much like I made you watch all 2 and a half seasons with me over the span of 4 weekends."

1 Hour Later...

"Magnus, you're drunk." Alec looked up at his boyfriend from where he sat on a plush chair.

"No I'm not! I'm a Starship Ranger!" Magnus said, sitting himself on Alec's lap happily. Alec rolled his eyes, but allowed himself to become a human chair. Magnus leaned over and started playing with Alec's tousled hair. "Dance with me?" He asked, pouting his lips.

"Magnus, I don't know..."

Magnus kissed him on the lips, then looked into his eyes. "Please?" He whispered.

Alec sighed. Whether he was drunk or not, Alec couldn't resist when Magnus begged like that. "Fine."

There was a slow song playing, one Alec couldn't quite recognize. Magnus loved slow songs. He wound his arms around Alec's waist and Alec reached up to put his arms around Magnus' neck. He was at about eye-level with Magnus' nose, so it wasn't that much of a stretch for him. He looked over and saw Chairman and Church dancing; with their hight differences, it was kind of adorable, Alec had to admit. The top of the smaller boy's head reached Church's shoulder. Alec had never seen Church look at anything or anyone with that much tenderness before, and he had to look away because he felt that he was intruding on an intimate moment.

Alec got lost in the music, the lights, and the feeling of Magnus in his arms, and before he knew it the song was over. Magnus kissed him once again and Alec almost forgot where they were. Magnus tasted like a mixture of punch and alcohol and he smelled like strawberries. However, the moment was ruined by the starting of yet another LMFAO song starting up. "I hate this music." Magnus grumbled, pulling Alec away from the mass of moving bodies. They made it back to the side of the room and Magnus picked up his cup of pink liquid once again.

Suddenly, Magnus was shoved violently forward and he stumbled into Alec, who steadied him automatically, not caring that his silk shirt was drenched by his drink. He looked over his boyfriend's shoulder, expecting to see someone who was drunk and apologetic, but looked instead into the cold, dark eyes of Jonathan Morgenstern.


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