Description: Calvin and Hobbes crossover with Harry Potter. Slight AU. Calvin's experiences at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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"I'm bored."

Hobbes had previously been enjoying the tranquility of the creek and the feel of the cold water running past his feet. At Calvin's comment, he considered carefully an appropriate response. After a brief contemplation he decided to simply pass up the opportunity to make any sarcastic remark and keep the peace. He was, after all, quite content.

"Hobbes! I'm bored!" Calvin's words became drawn out as he complained. Hobbes could tell he'd better respond or this would just go on.

"Story of your life, isn't it?"

At this, Calvin hung his head down, unable to quickly think of a retort. It was true though, nothing ever happened, ever. During the school year the days just droned on and on while he got achieved his straight Cs. There were little redeeming factors to be found, though Calvin did find one in his fellow classmate Susie Derkins. Since meeting her at the age of six, Calvin acknowledged a love-hate relationship between the two. Still, despite their many feuds she was a good friend when Hobbes wasn't around.

And when school wasn't in session, it was of course summer break. What was once looked at as pure heaven Calvin now realized was simply going to be a long period of time in which he would be bored and dread the school year starting up once more.

"Wish something would happen." was all Calvin could say. He, on the other hand, wasn't so much enjoying the cold water running in between his toes.

"Well then maybe you should make something happen. Take some initiative." Hobbes said, sick of Calvin's constant observations of his own boredom.

"Okay, I'm going to close my eyes, and when I open them, something is going to happen."

"That's not really what I meant..."

"Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Go!"

A silence filled the air for a short time. Nothing.

"Well, if it's any condolence, I did blink."

Calvin scowled and began to walk off. With bare wet feet trudging through the woods, Calvin's feet were filthy. Almost out of the woods, he stepped hard down on a pinecone. Instead of roaring in pain as most would, Calvin only winced and picked up the pinecone, intending to chuck in forward at full force.

"I hope you're not planning to throw that at me."

Calvin stopped his arm just in time and gripped down on the pinecone hard. Ouch. There was Susie Derkins, giving Calvin a stern stare.

"Oh, um, hi Susie." Calvin damned his cheeks as they began to blush.

"I thought we had a deal. You stop throwing stuff at me and I stop making fun of you for still playing with Hobbes." Susie's hands were now on her hips, but she was smiling none the less.

"No!" Calvin said far too quickly. "I mean, this is a misunderstanding! I just stepped on in by accident, so I was going to throw it because I was angry and I didn't see you and then you thought it was aimed at you and-" Susie cut him off here.

"Calvin! Relax!" She was now giggling. "It's not a big deal, I was just teasing."

"Right... sorry." Calvin looked down to try and hide his now scarlet face. When he finally looked up again, Susie was nearly next to him.

"So what's up? What are you doing in the forest stepping on pine cones?"

The two were now sitting down side by side at the forests egg. Susie looked completely relaxed, like she was merely catching up with an old friend. Calvin, on the other hand, couldn't for the life of him make his heart stop beating at a mile a minute.

"Oh, well um... I was hanging out at the creek with Hobbes, we were bored."

"So that must be why your feet are soaking wet." Calvin nodded sheepishly. "Where's Hobbes now?" Calvin quickly looked 360 degrees around him, but Hobbes was nowhere to be found.

"I guess... still at the creek?" At this Susie looked shocked.

"You didn't bring him along? I thought you two were inseparable!" She chuckled lightly.

"Well he didn't follow me; I guess he just didn't want to."

"And what, you just expected him to get up and walk after you?" Susie was now laughing hard. Calvin looked forward glumly. Susie never understood Hobbes, no one ever did, all they ever saw was dumb toy meant for someone much younger than himself. But Hobbes was more then that, he was a living, breathing tiger. By the time he had finished this thought process, he could hear Susie's laughter finally die down with a sigh. Moments later a shiver ran down his spine as her head rested on his shoulder. Calvin hadn't even realized they were near that close to each other.

They were now sitting in silence. Though he didn't dare look down, Calvin could tell Susie's eyes were closed and she was giving off a warm smile. What was he supposed to do? Should he break the silence? Should he put his arm around her shoulder? How was he supposed to know these things? Was it all just instinct?

With all this racing through his mind, Calvin's brain had subconsciously already made his decision for him. The next thing he knew, his arm was draped over her shoulder.

"Calvin?" Susie's melodic voice began, "How come I haven't seen you all summer?"

"I dunno." Pathetic, Calvin thought to himself. All you can say is 'I dunno'?

"I've been pretty bored all summer. We should spend more time together."

"Y-yeah." Did she mean in the way he thought she did? Calvin gave a quick flinch, and prayed Susie wouldn't notice. If she did, she made no comment, perhaps because she was too set on what she would say next.

"I really like you Calvin." Boom. She said it. The L-Word. Well, not that L word, but one of them. Calvin's mind was racing faster than it had all day for the correct response. He had thought about this moment for ages, but now that it occurred he still found himself dumbstruck. It seemed like hours before he finally responded, though it could have just of easily been seconds.

"I... I like you too, Susie." Was that it? Did that seal the deal? And they lived happily ever after? Was he supposed to say more? Suddenly he felt Susie's body grow cold. Her eyes shot open and her smile faded.

"Oh crap." She stood up frantically, whipping Calvin's arm off simultaneously. "I'm so sorry Calvin, really."

"Wha?" Calvin didn't understand. Did he say something wrong? Was this all some kind of joke? Maybe Susie lost a bet, maybe she got dared. He should've known this couldn't of been real. Or was it?

"I'm reeeaaallly sorry! I have to go like, right now. It's super important. I'll talk to you later, okay?" Susie looked absolutely flustered. Calvin could see she was upset; maybe she did have something important to do. As if in response to his doubt, Susie approached him and gave a quick hug before running off.

What just happened?

"I am ever so sorry about that, young master Cappit."

Calvin, now standing upright, swung around. There before him was a tall, strange looking man. He wore great blue robes that reached his feet and a pointy cap covered in crescent moons. He sported a long white beard and had a calm demeanor. Despite this pleasant description however, Calvin was terrified.

"Who are you!"

"Calm yourself, master Cappit. There is no need to be afraid. I simply wish to discuss some things with you and your family."

"How do you know my last name? Are you from Dad's office or something?" At this the man chuckled.

"No, am I am not. Now, if you please, let us go address your parents. Follow me."

"I know where I live... hey wait a moment, why do you know where I live!"

"Once again, Calvin, I must ask you to calm yourself."

"Wait! I need to grab something!" Calvin exclaimed, remembering Hobbes still at the creek.

"Very well." the man agreed, much to Calvin's surprise. "Please do be quick about it, I am on a schedule."

Calvin raced back towards the creek, past when he and Susie had sat not five minutes ago. It had all happened so suddenly, one moment Calvin was grumbling about being bored and the next he and Susie were sharing their feelings for each other. Six year old Calvin wouldn't be happy about this, not at all. This went against every rule in the G.R.O.S.S manual. Oh well. He was still confused as to why Susie needed to leave so suddenly, but the strange man's appearance was overshadowing that matter. He ran through the forest, once again regretting not wearing any shoes. Finally he came across Hobbes, lying asleep with a smile plastered on his face.

"C'mon Hobbes, time to go home." Hobbes gave a grunt as he was awakened, but submitted to the return trip. Upon reaching home, Calvin discovered that the man who had approached him earlier was now inside the living room, conversing with his parents.

"Ah, Calvin, do come in." the man wore a warm smile. "I've just finished introducing myself to your parents and I realized I was not courteous enough to do so to you. My apologies go to you once more. I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School."

"School? Wait a second, I don't want to go to some fancy school, I'm suffering enough in my current one."

Dumbledore gave a brief chuckle. "Well yes, Hogwarts is indeed a school. I assure you however it's unlike any school you have ever heard of."

Calvin was growing uneasy, but decided he wanted to hear more. "What makes you say that?"

Dumbledore smile now turned mischievous. "Tell me Calvin. Is there anything in you have experienced in life, any ability you have perhaps, which no one seems to understand?"

Calvin didn't even have to think about his answer. "Hobbes." He spoke quickly, "He's... he's my pet tiger." Calvin motioned towards Hobbes, who looked nearly as confused as Calvin's parents.

"Ah yes, I noticed him. Hobbes, did he say? It is very nice to meet you Hobbes." Dumbledore held out a hand which Hobbes took and shook, amazed.

"We're sorry for his behavior," Calvin's father spoke up, "he's so convinced Hobbes is... well... real."

"On the contrary, his belief is what proves my point." Calvin's eyes started to go wide as realization struck. "I too would defend the point that Hobbes here is quite alive."

Calvin's father's expression went from confusion to irritation. "I'm sorry, but I don't want anyone encouraging our son's behavior."

"It appears you do not understand. Let me cut to the point, you're son Calvin is a wizard."

Now Calvin's father stood up from his chair. "Now see here! I don't buy for a second any of what you're saying. You barge into my house; tell me my son's imaginary friend is real and that he's a wizard! I won't have any of this!"

Dumbledore only kept his smile as Calvin's father continued to rant. Finally, when he had finished, Dumbledore spoke.

"I have dealt with any a muggle-"

"What did you just call me?"

"My apologies, muggle is merely a word for one who has no magic. Anyway, I understand fully your apprehension. It is indeed natural, but allow me to provide some proof." Dumbledore pointed a long, smooth stick at a vase resting on the coffee table.


At that, the vase shattered into many pieces. Calvin's mom gasped loudly.

"Not to worry, not to worry."


The pieces realigned themselves perfectly and stayed in place, no cracks visible. It was as if it had never been broken at all. At this, everyone's eyes, save for Dumbledore's, were bulging out of their sockets.

"Unfortunately, I must take my leave; I am on a tight schedule you know. This is a letter explaining the school in further detail and included are instructions for meeting a contact in London who will aid you in gathering supplies and preparations for the upcoming year. Now, I really must go-"

"Wait one moment." Calvin finally spoke up. Dumbledore looked at Calvin expectantly. "If this school is near London... why am I going there? Isn't there an American school?"

"Well yes," Dumbledore began. "There are two in fact. The first one however is in Salem, and is a Witches Only academy. The second is located in Washington, but it has adopted a recent policy of not adopting muggle-born witches and wizards, a shame really."

"So there'll be other Americans there?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Canadian and Australian academies are also offering their services to some students. Now I truly must leave, be sure to read the letter I handed you."

And with that, and a soft pop, the man was gone. Calvin wasn't sure whether to be overcome with confusion or joy. He was a wizard. He would be able to go to school with other people who could see Hobbes and wouldn't think he was so weird. He would be able to learn things no one he had ever met, save Dumbledore, had ever heard of. Best of all, he would leave everything he hated about this place behind. Moe, Rosalyn, those annoying kids in his class, Susie-

Calvin grimaced. He would be leaving behind Susie as well if he left. He would need to have a chat with her.

"Well, Calvin." His mother finally broke the silence with an unsure tone. "Let's open that letter."

"Hu? Oh, yeah, let's." Calvin's fingers trembled as he opened the envelope and pulled out the first of a few pieces of old, crinkly paper inside. He looked over quickly before beginning to read aloud.

"Dear Mr. Calvin Cappit,

We are pleased to inform you that have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

As a muggle-born, we understand the need for you and your family to be walked through the process of sending a student off to Hogwarts. Rather than send an owl to confirm your attendance, you may send a response to the P.O Box Number at the bottom of this letter. This will be expected to arrive by July 31st. Term begins September 1st.

Enclosed you will also find instructions for how to reach a contact in London, England. This contact will guide you through the process of acquiring needed items for your first term at Hogwarts. In addition, money will be supplied to buy these items from a fund. Muggle currency will not be necessary."

Calvin put down the paper and looked up at his parents. Today was July 26th, so they would have to write that letter back soon.

It was another beautiful day, the first of August. Calvin decided that he would confront Susie today and tell her the news. He couldn't, of course, tell her he was a wizard. There were reasons muggles didn't know about magic, and Calvin, despite not even understanding why, decided that this was one rule he'd better follow. Still, he had to tell her that he'd be going to boarding school in England, which meant they wouldn't see each other in school ever again. Calvin hoped she would take it well.

"WHAT!" Susie screamed, looking more furious than Calvin had ever seen her.

"I'm... I'm sorry Susie, it came as pretty sudden news for me as well..."

"You mean to tell me that you didn't even KNOW you were going to English boarding school until now! How could you not know!"

"It's a long story..." Calvin trailed off.

"Calvin, you should know by now that I always have time for you. Go on, do tell." Susie wore an spiteful grin.

"I... I'm not allowed to tell. Susie, I'm reeaaaallly sorry-"

"So this is it, you're just going to up and leave? Go off to England and find some cute British girl and live happily ever after."

"I'll still be here during the summers." Calvin did not like where this was going, not at all.

"Oh, great. Come back during the summers to throw more pinecones at me. Bring a camera to England, show me some pictures of you and your girl friends!"

"Susie please! Why can't you just be happy for me?" At this, Susie's eyebrows curved down and her fists clenched. Clearly, Calvin had chosen the wrong words.

"When did my opinion EVER matter to you! As far as I can tell, NEVER. So you can go of to your stupid school in stupid England-"

"Scotland." Calvin corrected, instantly regretting it.

"WHATEVER. Stupid Scotland and make all sorts of stupid friends because I don't give a damn! I never want to see you again!" And with that, Susie stomped off.

Calvin wanted to chase after her, he wanted to tell her to stop and listen to reason, but he knew it would only do more harm than good. So he just watched as the only thing he would miss from home while overseas walked away.

August 20th rolled around much faster than Calvin expected. And when he woke up that day to catch an early flight to London, he could honestly say it was the most excited he ever was to wake up at 3 in the morning on a Monday. After much coaxing he had finally packed late the night before. It didn't long, as there wasn't much he needed to take. Some clothes, but not too many since apparently there was a school uniform, some comics to entertain him during the plane ride, and of course, Hobbes would be coming too.

Calvin could hardly wait to arrive. Once they arrived, they would be meeting with someone in the airport who would be taking them to a place call Diagon Alley, where apparently there were all sorts of wizard shops. Calvin wasn't quite sure what to expect, but he has bouncing in his seat the entire plane ride all the same.

The plane got in right on time, and just as planned Calvin and his parents quickly spotted a man at the gate with a large sign reading 'Cappit.' Calvin, still bursting with enthusiasm about the entire thing, reached the man first.

The man had long brown hair which flew in every direction, besides that however he seemed very well kept. He, unlike Dumbledore, the only other wizard he had met, fit in very well with the crowd.

"Hello there, you must be Calvin. Good to finally meet you. And you two," at this point Calvin's parents had caught up, "must be Mr. and Mrs. Cappit. A pleasure. My name is Jack by the way."

His accent, Calvin noticed, did not however fit in with the whole 'British' thing. He could tell this guy was American, perhaps that's why he was assigned to him.

"Well let's go then. You must have luggage to pick 's parents gave a simultaneous nod. "Thank god you're muggles. You have no idea how hard it is to explain airports to wizards, they're clueless!"

"Why do wizards need airplanes? Can't they just... teleport?" Calvin asked, hoping he wasn't saying something incredibly stupid.

"It's called apparating, and under most circumstances, yes. But there are of course some situations in which wizards need to use airplanes, that's where I come in."

"So you're job is to explain airports to wizards?"

"No, god no image how dull that would be. Well, yes, sort of. I'm a Ministry agent called a Ghost."

"A Ghost?" Calvin's head shot up at the words 'agent' and 'Ghost'.

"Not as cool as it sounds I'm afraid, or at least not at my level. It's a relatively new position in the ministry in which a wizard gets placed in a muggle setting. In my case, guide wizards and muggle-borns around so they don't bumble around once they go from one world to the next."

"One world to the next? What the heck does that mean?"

"From the wizarding world to the muggle world. One assumes that the wizards have a notch up, but they're almost all completely ignorant on the subject of technology. That's where Ghosts come in, we guide people when they travel between worlds, help them keep their cover."

The four had now arrived at the baggage claim. Since they only had two bags to claim, one for Calvin and one for his parents, it didn't take long. Still, Calvin got a lot more information out of Jack.

"So if you're guiding people around in airports, what do the others do?"

"All sorts of things. There's a bunch involved in politics, no world leaders mind you, we don't want that high a profile, but I believe there is one man in parliament. I know for a fact there's three or four house representatives. Then there are the Ghosts that work with the Obliviators and keep tabs on people who've had their minds modified."

"Modified memories? You can do that!" Calvin's eyes went wide once more.

"Oh yeah. Highly illegal if it's unjustified, but yes, that's the obliviator's job. They modify the memory of muggles who see things they shouldn't. There are other Ghosts too, like the ambassadors."


"Oh yeah. Most world leaders know about the existence of wizards, and it's ghosts who kept them up to date with what they need to know, or if not a ghost the wizard leader of that country. But the coolest Ghosts are the Rapid Response Ghosts. Those are the guys that battle with Dark Wizards when they're trying to kill muggles out in the open."

"That happens? I've never heard about it."

"Well of course! All the witnesses get a date with the obliviators, and then if there's any casualties, we make it look like a tragic accident."

"So have you ever done that? Fought Dark Wizards?"

"No, thankfully there's been no need. Not that I'm at that rank anyway. The only way I'd ever be called to do that is if there was an attack at a location I was already nearby. But like I said, there's no need. You hardly see Dark Wizards since You-Know-Who died."

"Uh, no I don't know who."

As he spoke this, Calvin grabbed his suitcase and the four set off. Jack lead them to a car and began to drive them to what he described as 'an ambiguous location.'

"So who is You-Know-Who?"

"He's the Darkest Wizard the world ever saw. Dead now, thankfully, but he caused a real fuss back in the 70s during the First Wizard War. It's actually because of him that the Ghost department exists."

"If he was so bad, what killed him?"

"Tell the truth, no one's really sure. He was in the process of murdering an entire family when he suddenly disappeared. He killed the Mom and Dad, but the baby survived the killing curse, first person to ever survive. They say it rebounded right onto Vold- I mean You-Know-Who."

"Vold what? What's his real name, why can't you say it?"

"It's just discouraged, that's all, especially for a Ministry employee. His name carries a lot of... evil."

"So what is it? Come on, you can say it, pleeaassee?" Calvin pleaded.

"Fine, it's 'Voldemort'... anyway, here we are."

The four exited the car and walked a short distance to a small courtyard.

"Here we are. Exciting, isn't it?" Jack said as if this courtyard was the greatest thing ever.

"Okay... so really, where is Diagon Alley?" Calvin said, anxious to finally see all the awesome wizard shops and such.

"Fine, fine, I guess youth these days can't appreciate a nice courtyard..." Jack said, pulling out his wand. He strained his eyes at a brick wall for a moment, much to Calvin's confusion, and finally tapped one brick.

"Hu... that's weird... usually something happens when I do that... wait a moment..." Calvin rolled his eyes. "Right! Three up and two across, not three across and two up. Silly me!" And he tapped another brick. Suddenly, the bricks began to move away to reveal a large hole in the wall large enough to walk through.

"Welcome, Calvin, to the Wizarding World."

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