M i t s u k u n i - - x

"Kon-ban-wa, minna ~"

Once the small, cheerful statement had soared past the small blond's lips, he was immediately bombarded with excess amounts of attention from members of the opposite sex.

"HONEY-KUN !" Cooed one particularly unimportant female, her proclamation was of course followed by that of another.

More and more girls seemed to want to display how they too were stoked to find that once again fate had succeeded in allowing them to be in the same class as the famed Loli-Shota Type.

"Hi-chan, Jun-chan, Aya-chan, Yuu-chan. . ." The fun sized Senior began with a calculating grin, listing off each particular classmate off on his pudgy little fingers.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka was never one to forget a name and face no matter how insignificant, but the women in his life never bothered to see past his adorable charade long enough to realize that this wasn't because they were "special" to him. On the contrary, he really didn't love a single solitary one of them, and if their constant attention and patronage to the Host Club hadn't resulted in all the free cakey he could stomach. . .well, he probably wouldn't have bothered sparing them a glance in the first place.

Nevertheless, though - he was more than happy to pretend.

"Usa-chan and I have missed you all so much!" Mitsukuni trilled, the corners of his lips tugging upwards even further if that were possible.

Although this specific statement was something routine for the small blonde to say, just as he did at the beginning of every new school year since joining Tamaki's little club, his audience ate it up.

"Mitsukuni. . ." The soft call of his true name, accompanied by a hand clasped upon the shoulder of his blue uniform jacket, immediately tour the tiny seventeen year old's attention away from the childish nature he was portraying.

"Ah. . ." He murmured in thought, glancing from his beloved stuffed rabbit to his adoring fans, before finally allowing his peripheral vision to catch sight of his dear cousin.

"Sorry, Takashi. . ." Mitsukuni apologized curtly, although his words had a double meaning to them.

"Usa-chan and I didn't mean to exclude you. ~" He assured the stoic, ebony haired skyscraper of a person.

Although his conclusion was simple enough, what he really meant to say was - "Sorry for disappointing you again, Takashi."

Whereas not many could decipher the meaning behind Takashi's blank glance cast in his elder relative's direction, Mitsukuni himself certainly did.

And he, being the clever boy that he was, could easily decipher that Morinozuka Takashi was quite unhappy with his use of faux affection.

At this realization, the Loli-Shota too felt a bit irked.

It seemed to him that Takashi was always unhappy with what he did.

When he had cast aside his naturally childish demeanor and love of cute things to impress his father, Takashi had been immediately displeased even when everyone else was overjoyed.

When Tamaki Suoh had subsequently convinced the elder Haninozuka to revert back to his adorable ways, Takashi had been a little more accepting.

This fact meant more to Mitsukuni than the fact that his younger brother now loathed him for choosing sweets over strength.

But in the end, that period of grace had not lasted long and Mitsukuni now found himself suffocating under the weight of Takashi's displeasure, his unfulfilled expectations.

"It's alright, Mitsukuni." Takashi responded finally, and much to Mitsukuni's relief, it seemed as if the Wild Type earnestly meant it - for once. Thus, Mitsukuni felt at ease enough to regain his optimistic dispositon.

"Yatta! I'm excited!" The almond eyed host exclaimed, completely truthful.

"Alright class, listen up! And Honey dear, do try to calm down just a bit . . ." The sudden call of his Sensei immediately caught everyone's attention, and the particular afterthought she added on Mitsukuni's behalf resulted not only in the giggling of his classmates, but also the appearance of light pink blotches upon his tiny cheeks.

"Ah. . .hai, sensei ~" Mitsukuni muttered meekly, his gaze falling to the desk in front of him. Despite his embarrassment, he secretly still could not contain his sudden excitement. After all, he had numerous reasons to be enthused.

Namely because he was a Senior, Takashi was being much less chiding today, and most importantly, the first class of the day for him was -

"I'd like to welcome you all to Advanced Culinary Class!" Mitsukuni's teacher, Takahashi-sensei, greeted promptly with a wide smile.

To the young Haninozuka heir, that could only mean one thing:


"Now before we begin cooking, I'd like to introduce you to a new student solely to this class-"




Mentally, Mitsukuni couldn't help but to continue to chant the delectible word that was used as a regular part of his everyday vocabulary.

He did this internal chanting so intently, that he failed to pay attention the the petitie brunette standing beside his teacher at the very front of the classroom.

Had he payed her very much attention at all, he would've felt inclined to ask when she had gotten there? And more importantly. . .why in the world was she clad in the Ouran's Junior High female uniform instead of a pompous, lemon colored attrocity like the rest of the girls in the room?

It was not until Takashi let out another low grumble of "Hmm. . ." that Mitsukuni even bothered to really glance at the aforementioned new student.

And even then, the only information he really seemed to gather about her was that her name was Ogawa Miwa and generically speaking, she was very pleased to to meet him. Or them, to be precise.

Mitsukuni was highly prepared to forget all about this new, unfamiliar girl after that. After all, he'd learned her name and remembered her face easily enough. . .so why should he bother to really get to know her?

"Sugoi. . .! Ogawa-chan, you're so cute!"

"Almost as cute as Honey-kun. . .~"

But upon catching the excited whisperes of some of his classmates/regular customers, Mitsukuni couldn't help but falter.

This was strike one for Ogawa Miwa.

"Calm down, minna-san! Now, Ogawa-chan, if you could please take a seat next to Honey?"

Quickly, Mitsukuni's eyes darted to the seats on either side of him.

One was, thankfully enough, occupied by Takashi.

And the other? Well, Takahashi-Sensei didn't mean for the new girl to steal Usa-chan's seat, did she?

"Honey-kun, raise your hand so she knows who you are!" The once serene sensei barked out of impatience for the blond boy.

Mitsukuni hesitantly complied, although when Ogawa Miwa's butt made firm contact with the face of his prized pink plushie, he immediately knew that this had been a mistake.

"U-U-UWAH!" Mitsukuni whined loudly, his bottom lip trembling for effect. He almost couldn't contain his outrage for this girl who had the audacity to sit upon his beloved Usa-chan.

Miwa, looking utterly biwildered, turned to stare at the blubbering boy.

Before she'd even had the chance to question what Mitsukuni's deal was, Takashi came to the rescue and without further ado, reached across the wailing Loli-Shota in order to tug at the lone plushie appendage, sticking out from the edge of Miwa's chair.

"You're sitting on it." was all the Morinozuka really needed to say before Miwa realized her error, and lifted up from the seat.

"Oh, o-oops!" She squeaked, seeming more bemused than sincerely sorry.

The Host Club cousin's thoroughly ignored her statement once Usa-chan had been rescued successfully and Mitsukuni's bitter tears quickly evaporated from his salty cheeks.

"Hmph!" He found himself scoffing in disdain, much to the shock of his classmates.

This was strike two for Ogawa Miwa.

But even so, Mitsukuni was prepared to remain cool and complacent, much to the relief of all the females in the room who weren't exactly prepared to meet "dark" Honey.

"Mou, you guys are sure rambuctious today!" Takahashi-sensei mushroom sighed, bringing a hand to her forehead.

Most of the class looked at her apologetically in return.

"I get it, would it help if we made Cake today. . .?" She offered with an expectant smile.

It didn't take a genius to see that she was directing this statement towards the unhappy Haninozuka.

". . .CAKEY!" Mitsukuni cried out in glee.

His eyes had been replaced with large, comical hearts and drool was already beginning to trail down the corners of his lips.




He found himself chanting internally again, completely forgetting all the misfortune that the new girl had recently brought him and his stuffed bunny.

"Eto - Sensei?"

The sudden query that escaped Miwa's lips caught Mitsukuni's attention, whether he wanted it to or not.

He assured himself that she, being "almost as cute" as he, was probably equally as passionate about sweets.

And thus, he couldn't help but begin to picture how cute she'd look, devouring cakes by his side.

Maybe even at the Host Club with him! Another chummy little customer, wrapped around his little, icing covered fingers. . .

"Yes, Ogawa-chan?" Sensei retorted, blinking.

The statement that came, in response to this, was something that definitely set fire to the Haninozuka's strange "Inner-Mind-Theater!" A particular habit he'd picked up from the Prince Type, no doubt.

"I don't like cake."

. . .Had Mitsukuni thought she was cute before? Because, at strike three he now saw her for what she really was, a hideous, inhumane monster.

Mitsukuni is so cute. :)