Well here is chapter 2 enjoy !


Well he didn't even say bye.

Grrrrrr! Stupid me! It must have been the nose! That's it I MUST become a nun now. So bored.

Still bored.

Guess what!

I'm...Bored, nice guess!

11:10 am

Dave the so called (really, really, really fit) laugh said he loved me! Again W.O.W

Well being a hot babe magnet like me is really hard so I'm just going to sit on this swing in the park. I bet I look like an idiot with no friends (which I am)


Yes I'm still here on this swing that might have been peed on by some idiot kid that was swinging to high.


Oh look I see Dave and Emma, and they are having a fight. Hehe wait. What?


Oh no! I see Masmio I guess that is so crapio. Oh no he has seen me and he's coming my way um there's nowhere to hide!


Ok well my "great plan" was to just lie down on the floor. Well done Georgia! Ok he just called my name!


Everyone's looking my way dam! Ok just get up... I'm up and he is standing next to me just looking at me then turning to look at Dave. Dam!


Well... this is fun... not.

Finally the dude speaks "you like Dave don't you?"

My vair stupid reply was "of course"

"Ok well you must ummm pick me or him?"


I just stood there like a lemon, why should I "pick" err!

That's when I noticed I had a very small tear in my eye. I look up at him and he just looked back at me. Then my stupid lips said what my heart felt! "My friendship with Dave means a lot to me and I can't stay away from him I would miss him way too much.

Then I saw a whole new Masmio "really you pick this Dave? Well then I pick Lindsay well I don't have to pick as she all ready is mine and is very good at it"

A huge smile began to spread across his face. I felt sick to my core but what more I was angry real angry.

I felt it boil in me then I just burst.

"You slept with that tart whilst with me?" BY now I was shouting and I was full on with tears. Everyone was looking now

"I can't believe you! I climb hill to hill for you and the least you could do was at lease keep your hand to yourself!"

He just stood there and smiled "she is a lot um how you say ... lets me do stuff"

I just stood there with a goldfish expression and slapped him across the face and shouted at him "tell you what go back to that prize tart and go sleep with her because I don't want to see you ever, ever again!"

Whilst running off I called back "you deserve each other you're both slags"


Ok... well I've got no boyfriend and my makeup is in a complete and utter state.

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