Chapter One - Never say Never.

"So you minus 2x from both sides and-"






My sides shook with laughter as my classmate, Toramizu Ginta, ran out of the classroom at full speed.


"Yessir~" I chirped.

It wasn't long until I was running circles around Ginta.

As skinny as he was, he wasn't exactly the athletic type.

But he was the cute type, hehe ^/^

"Oi~! Ginta-chan. Dreaming about Nee-san again?" I teased, slowing my pace.

"W-what?" He stuttered, obviously caught off guard.

"Kay, let me rephrase that. Have you had another dream that entails saving a princess who looks ridiculously similar to Koyu-" Wham! And just like that, Ginta's hand became formally introduced to my mouth.

"Shhhh!" Ginta exclaimed, a pale pink blush upon his cheeks.

"Ooh. Gotcha ^.~" I replied, giving him a thumbs up.

"HEY! I DON'T SEE ANY RUNNING GOING ON OUT THERE!" Sensei warned, sticking his bald head out the window.

Immediately Ginta and I paled as we picked up the pace.


"Ugh, Kami-sama. That was great !" I exclaimed through heavy breathing, my back leaning against Ginta's.

"Are you crazy?" Ginta exclaimed, craning his next to look at me so fast I feared he might have whiplash.

"Actually. . ." I began, only to be interrupted.

"How pathetic, Gin" interrupted one of the less attractive boys in our class.

He then leaned towards Ginta and decided it'd be fun to patronize him.

"Here's the Sacred Sword: Holy Thunder Force. Go beat Yazawa with this." he suggested, shoving a ruler in Ginta's face.

"Nice sarcasm." Ginta replied in irritation.

The unattractive guy then proceeded to lift poor Ginta up by his shirt collar.

"Oi!" I exclaimed as I fell without the support of my comfy leaning post.

"Let go of me!" Ginta protested pathetically.

"If you want to beat him, you'll have to increase your height twofold!" teased the - well, let's go ahead and admit it - the God Awful, fugly guy.

I brought myself into a sitting position and mushroom sighed.

'Well he could increase his weight twofold, but it looks like you've beat him to that~'

I chuckled evilly at my thoughts and before I could speak my mind-

"Stop that! . " Princess Koyuki Nee-san to the rescue ~

"You guys are always picking on Ginta!" Koyuki scolded.

"We're not really bothering him, Koyuki-chan~" protested another guy.

"We're brothering him!" the guys insisted cheesily whilst one of them was stretching Ginta's mouth into an unwilling grin.

Ginta seemed to get madder and madder, reaching his boiling point until. . .

"Now you've done it!" Ginta exclaimed.

Immediately he chased after the guys with evident blood-lust.

The guys looked petrified but quickly realized that Ginta's happy little fits of rage never lasted longer than two minutes.

When Ginta's frail little body collapsed for the second time that day, I couldn't help but laugh for the second time.

"Honestly. . ." Koyuki muttered in disbelief.

"So what dream did you have today?" Koyuki questioned anxiously.

"Ehh, the same as usual." Ginta replied, shooting a warming look at me.

"A demon appears in the land of Marchen and takes the princess away. I fight the demon, I save the Ko-" I quoted just as Ginta did.

But as soon as the last syllable had passed my lips, Ginta had turned to look at me in panic.

"The what?" Koyuki questioned innocently.

"The Ko-ute(Cute) princess, duhh!" I finished.

"Is that what the princess is like?" Koyuki smiled obliviously as Ginta more or less drooled over her.

"If she's cute, I wonder if she's cuter than me. . ." Koyuki pondered as an afterthought.

"She's a hundred times cuter than you!" Ginta teased before marching off.

"You're so MEAN!" Koyuki wailed as I snickered, the both of us hurrying after our dear friend.

"I've been keeping track of time. So far, I've had the same dream 102 times." Ginta stated.

"The Vegetation, the mountains, the rivers. . .houses that are made of candy, and laughing trees. There's even a bird with three heads!" Ginta began in full storyteller mode.

"Fairies live there as well! I can even remember their color and smell . . ." Ginta continued wistfully.

Koyuki, who was utterly amazed by his story, questioned "Ne, what about the butterflies? Do they speak?"

"Butterflies? They don't speak. The only ones that talk are the flowers." Ginta said in a tone that suggested it should be obvious.

"If a dreamland like that actually exists. . .I want to go there! Even if it's only once!" Ginta exclaimed.

"I'm sure you'll be able to go there someday, Ginta ~" Koyuki agreed, her tone laced with optimism.

"Tch." I scoffed. This of course, caused both of them to turn and look at me.

"You still don't believe me, Natsumi?" Ginta inquired forlornly.

"I've had that dream so many times, it must mean something. . .!" He added firmly.

I stared at him for a minute, before my own dreams played through my head.

"Checkmate." A sinister woman called with a smirk.

"SUMMER!" a painful cry ripped through the air, startling a flock of birds.

I cried too, because there was something so familiar, so heartwrenching about that voice.

"Good work, my knight. Soon we'll have that other brat in our grasps! Nothing shall stop us!"

Blood. I could feel it, dripping from my body as my eyes began to close.

The darkness was overwhelming me. . .

And yet, I fought against it, protesting feverishly.

I couldn't leave her - no I could never leave my darling sister alone and at the hands of that retched woman.

But it was useless now.

I hadn't been able to save her, and my life was in vain. . .

Those eiry alabaster smirks against the ebony sky, like squares on a Chess board, were the last things I would ever see.

Ginta shaking me by the shoulders was what brought me back to reality.

"Hey! Hey! Natsumi, snap out of it. You're scaring Koyuki. . ." he shouted, obviously more concerned for my sister than for me.

"They mean nothing!" I spat suddenly.

"What are you-?" Ginta began as Koyuki looked at me in horror at my outburst.

"There is no such place as MARCHEN, and if there is it's surely not a heaven." I shuddered at the very thought.

Ginta looked to the ground in reply, his fists clenched.

"Natsumi!" Koyuki scolded with a glare that looked out of place on her innocent face.

"No. . .it's alright, Koyuki." Ginta began. Slowly he raised his head to look at me.

"Natsumi-chan, I promise you...! Marchen is real, and I'll prove it to you, no matter what." Ginta proclaimed.

"And just how are you going to do that?" I retorted snidely, not wanting to believe him one bit.

"I'll take you with me~" Ginta smiled.

My heart couldn't help but flutter at that, although my head was in serious disagreement.

'I'll never go to that place.'