Chapter Three - The Pink Haired Hussie.

"Ginta. . .is it just my imagination, or are we free-falling?" I questioned, glancing downwards at the far away ground.

Ginta merely glanced at me before nodding, "Yeah."




'That's what I thought. . .'


When we landed in a heap on the soft, grassy ground, I was absolutely terrified.

"Natsumi. . .?" Ginta asked catiously after a moment or two.

"That was - That was fun!" I exclaimed with a shaky breath.

At this, Ginta glanced at me smugly.

"Oh yeah? Then why are you clinging to me. . .?" He questioned coyly.

Immediately my face lit up.

"U-Urasai!" I ordered, releasing him from my grasp.

In response, he simply laughed.

"Jerk. . ." I muttered, looking away from him in embarrassment.

My gaze swept across our lush surroundings.

"Sugoi. . . this pace is kind of pretty." I announced.

Ginta blinked at me curiously.

"Really? I can't see a thing, I think my glasses are dirty. . ." He muttered, reaching to remove the aforementioned item.

However, once the glasses had left his face, his pretty blue eyes grew wide.

"I - I can see without them. Man, this place is great!"

And before I could bother to stop him, Ginta was well on his way to frolicking around the trees.

"What a geek. . ." I observed in amusment, not bothering to get up from the grass and join him.

"I just ran and ran, but I'm still not tired!" Ginta declared after awhile.

Lazily, I looked from the cloudless blue sky to his cheerful face.

"Oh, are you finally done?" I scoffed.

"Yeah, you should've joined me, though. It's in - in - in. . ." Ginta began in reply, his eyes suddenly doubling in size.

"What's wrong with you, Ginta-chan?" I teased, getting to my feet.

Before he could grace me with a response, a suit of armor came charging at him from out of nowhere.

I expected it to cream my friend into the ground, but that wasn't the result at all.

Ginta pushed it away.

Like, with strength.

"Ginta! You're amazing!" I cheered before I could stop myself.

"That thing came out of nowhere, are you okay, Natsumi-chan?" Ginta replied with a sigh.

I couldn't help but be delighted that he was worried for me.

And then it dawned on me - Koyuki's not here = I get Ginta all to myself.

Clap, Clap, Clap. . .

Or maybe not. -_-

It's ridiculous how many things come out of nowhere here.

First a suit of armor, then a pink haired hussie.

"You did well, little boy. ~" Cooed a pink haired woman in a purple-ish blue dress.

If her appearance wasn't odd enough, the fact that she was sitting atop a rock pillar definitely was.

"That was one of my weakest Gaurdian ARMs, but still. . ." The girl continued, leaping from the pillar in order to land gracefully in front of Ginta.

Without further ado, the defeated suit of armor morphed into a tiny ring that returned itself to the woman's awaiting hand.

"Luckily, it's not broken." She remarked, smiling cheekily.

Glancing over at Ginta, I could tell his interest was peaked.

And hopefully it was due to her cool stuff, rather than her good looks.

"Hey who are you? Do that again!" He ordered childishly.

The woman gave him an incredilous glance before smiling.

"Why, I'm Dorothy of course."

She even has a cute name, darn it.

"Dorothy what was that - thing you just did?" Ginta cried out curiously, shaking her roughly by the shoulders.

"Okay - Okay, it's just an ARM, kid. . ." Dorothy replied with a roll of her eyes.

At this, Ginta blinked.

"What's an ARM?"

"You don't even know what an ARM is. . .?" She muttered, acting as if Ginta were stupid.

"Is it magic?" I questioned, drawing attention to myself for once.

In response, Dorothy and Ginta turned to glance at me.

"Uh - I guess you could say it's magic. . ." Dorothy mumbled.

"Actually, ARMS are accessories that are engraved with magic, things that possess special powers."

"Accessory? Do you have any more? Show me!" Ginta proclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

At this, Dorothy simply stared.

"You don't have any ARMs. . ." She muttered before turning to glance at me.

"And neither do you. . ."

After awhile, Dorothy revealed to us a "weapons ARM" called a ring dagger.

Ginta went crazy for it.

"Do you want this, little boy?" She questioned innocently.

When Ginta shook his head, nodding like a crazy person, she smirked.

"Then follow me - and I'll give it to you."

"Ginta, you don't even know that lady-" I piped up in immediate protest.

Even if this wasn't Earth, I'm pretty sure the same rules apply.

As in - don't go anywhere with a stranger.

Still enticed by the shiny ARM, Ginta ignored my rational statement.

"Sure I do, Natsumi. She's Dorothy!"

And that makes it so much safer, doesn't it? Tch.

In the end, if Ginta was going to get himself kidnapped - I'd have to tag along for the rescue. ~