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Summary: A little girl appears at Mckinley High one day and claims that she's Quinn's daughter. But Quinn doesn't believe her plus the girl won't even reveal who her father is.

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Sue Sylvester was once again doing her best impersonation of Satan as she mercilessly instructed her cheerios to perfect their routine over and over and over again.

"I think I need to call my dad to prepare my grave. I don't know if I'm gonna survive after this" Quinn rolled her eyes at the Latina's comments as she did a back flip.

"Stop complaining, if she sees you talking, we're all gonna need our own graves"


After practice, the girls headed straight for the showers. Quinn let out a small groan when the hot water hit her bare back.

"God, I can't feel my legs" Santana complained. Quinn glared at her.

"If you didn't put that sleeping pill in her tumbler, we wouldn't have had to suffer a whole day of practice since she got pissed off because she woke up late and her schedule was ruined"

"How was I supposed to know it was going to backfire? I thought I could have spared us the 6AM practice."

"Yeah well look at where your brilliant plan got us"

"Shut up, Fabray"

"Make me, Lopez"

"Hi guys!" Brittany had just finished her shower and was looking cheerful as ever. Quinn frowned.

"How is it that after all that pain we've had to endure, she still manages to put on a happy face?" Quinn asked the Latina. Santana just shrugged.

"Beats me." She let out another groan. Brittany looked at her girlfriend with worry.

"Aww what's wrong, San?"

"Legs, killing me."

"Oh. Want me to kiss them and make them feel better?" Brittany asked with a smile. Quinn's hands immediately flew to her ears.

"Ew, ew, ew! Hey! What was rule number 1!" Santana rolled her eyes.

"Never talk about anything dirty, kinky or anything that's close to either two or will lead to conversations about activities that are related to either two when Quinn Fabray is present."

"Good!" said Quinn as she lowered her hands.

"I like your legs, San. But you know, I think Rachel's are amazing. She was wearing another one of her short skirts earlier" Santana nodded in agreement.

"Berry may be an annoying midget, but she's got legs that seem to go on forever" Quinn almost gagged.

"Rule number 2!"

Santana just smirked.

"You're not going to bail out of Puck's party tonight again, are you?" Santana asked as they walked down the hallway. Quinn looked at her incredulously.

"We have cheerios practice tomorrow at 6!" Santana rolled her eyes.

"Will you get your head out of your ass for a minute and try to enjoy life?"

"San's right, Q. You need to try to have some fun" said Brittany as she played with her duck keychain.

"I'm sorry, was I the only one who was at cheerios practice this afternoon? Nevermind the fact that we might show up with a massive hangover tomorrow, but if we even have the nerve to show up late, we can kiss our cheerios uniforms goodbye"

"Relax, the entire squad will be there, and nationals will be here any day now and she can't kick off an entire squad. What, do you expect her to do cartwheels by herself?" Santana reasoned.

"Well she could.." Quinn muttered under breath.

"Besides, what are you so afraid of? Sue's not gonna kick you off the team. You're the team captain and the second best cheerio."

"I don't even have to ask who you put in the top spot"

"Course you don't. It goes without saying"

"Ugh" Quinn sighed as she placed her books in her locker.

"So you're really not going?"


"Fine. Just text me tonight if you decide to change your mind, come on BrittBritt. Time for Glee"

Santana walked away with Brittany with their pinkies entwined. Quinn rolled her eyes at the cheesy gesture. Quinn returned her attention to her locker then she saw something in the corner of her eye. Quinn leaned her head back from her locker a little and looked to her right to take a look.

A little girl who looked no younger than 8 years old was standing on the far side of the hallway and was staring at her with wide eyes. Quinn was a little bewildered and she closed her locker door immediately and walked away quickly. What on earth was a kid doing in her school? Somebody's little sister perhaps? She tried to ignore the thought of the girl staring at her.

"Alright, guys. Today, we are going to discuss broadway musicals" said Mr. Schuester as he wrote the word 'broadway' on the board. A loud squeal was heard from the front row.

"OH MY GOODNESS! Mr. Schue, I have a list of suggestions for that category, Wicked, Les Miz, Phantom of the Opera-"

"Down, Berry! Let the man talk!" said Santana annoyed. Will smiled at the Latina.

"Thank you, Santana. Now as I was saying.." Rachel leaned back to her chair with a huff of annoyance and pouted. Finn, who was sitting beside her held her hand to comfort his girlfriend. Quinn, who 'just happened' to be staring at the two, pointed a finger to her mouth and pretended to gag. Brittany giggled.

"…so we have a lot of options to choose from and-" Will was cut off when they heard a knock on the door. Through the small window of the choir room's door, you could see blonde hair and a pair of eyes peeking inside.

Will walked to the door to open it while the Glee club members looked at each other in confusion. When Will finally opened it, Quinn raised an eyebrow at what was previously behind it. It was the same little girl who was staring at her in the hallway. Will knelt down until he was eye-level with the girl.

"Well hello there, is there something I can do for you?" The teacher asked with a gentle smile.

The little girl nodded her head and clasped her hands behind her in a very mature manner which was sort of weird for a kid like her.

"I wish to speak to Quinn Fabray, please" said the girl in a ridiculously cute voice. Everybody turned to Quinn who had her eyebrows raised.

"Is she your little sister, Quinn?" Tina asked the confused blonde. Quinn shook her head but stood from her seat.

"No, I only have an older sister. Well, as far as I know anyway." The blonde cheerleader replied as she started to walk over to the girl. Quinn stared down at the girl who was smiling at her then she cleared her throat.

"You wanted to see me?" Quinn asked in a light tone. The girl nodded again.

"There is a serious matter I wish to discuss with you but it should be in more private setting because of certain reasons that I should not reveal yet and-" Quinn's eyes widened at the girl then she calmly put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Whoa, okay. Whoa. Take a deep breath first" The little girl stopped and closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"First, what's your name?"


"Okay, Gwynn, what is so private that you can't say to me now?"

"As I've said earlier, this isn't the proper-"

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, but I have Glee club right now.." They both turned to the Spanish teacher whose eyes were wide as saucers. He also looked a little confused and scared of the young girl. " you mind waiting until it's over?"

Gwynn pondered at this for a moment and shook her head. "It's perfectly fine" Quinn nodded her head but was still weirded out. "Do you want to stay here until it's finished?" Quinn asked. Gwynn nodded enthusiastically. Quinn then held her hand and led her to the seats. She then noticed that everyone was giving her confused looks. She also noticed that Gwynn's grip on her hand tightened when she saw Rachel and Finn, then she frowned when she saw Finn's arm behind Rachel's seat. Quinn figured that the girl had probably developed a crush on the tall dopey boy.

Gwynn sat in the middle of Quinn and Santana. Santana leaned her head towards Quinn.

"Who the hell is this, Q? Why didn't you tell me you had a little sister?" Quinn suddenly covered the girl's ears as if on instincts.

"Language, Santana!" Gwynn calmly pulled Quinn's hands away from her ears.

"It's alright, I'm used to it" Quinn and Santana both raised their eyebrows at this.

"Your parents say inappropriate words around you all the time? And speaking of your parents-"

"No, I just mean that I am used to her by now" Santana furrowed her brows.


"Alright, I guess Quinn's..uhm..well, she's going to sit here for the remainder of the class, so let's get back to our discussion"

Finn and Rachel both turned their heads to the two blondes. Rachel smiled at her.

"Hello there, I'm Rachel. What's your name?" Gwynn just gave her a blank stare and Quinn frowned.

"You probably scared her, Ber-"

"Gwynn. It's a pleasure to meet you m- Rachel" said the girl quickly and smiled. Rachel smiled back. Then Finn spoke, grinning widely.

"And I'm Finn, her boyfriend" Gwynn gave him a glare which surprised Quinn and Rachel. Finn looked a little frightened at the girl's cold stare so he just turned around to listen to Mr. Schuester again. Rachel turned her attention to their coach as well when she heard him say 'solos'

After Glee club, each member took their time to speak to the mini version of Quinn and gushed at how adorable she was. Gwynn seemed to like the attention but Quinn brushed them all off and said that they needed to talk in private. When everyone else had left, Quinn turned to the blonde girl again.

"So can you tell me now? Wait, nevermind that first. Where are your parents? Oh God, I should have asked you that earlier! what if they thought you got lost, or kidnapped, or-"

"That is one of the reasons why I needed to speak to you" said Gwynn. Quinn stopped. Then she motioned for the girl to continue.

The little girl took a deep breath. "My name is Gwynneth Jean Fabray, I am currently 8 years old, I am also in the third grade and-" she paused. "I'm your daughter"

A part of Quinn wanted to laugh at the girl's audacity to create such a story, another part of her felt pity for her because she might have just confused her for her mother who probably left her or something. And another part of her, was scared shitless. Because not only did the girl look so much like her, the same blonde hair, the same hazel eyes, and the same nose, but she was sure that that gold necklace Gwynn was wearing was the exact same necklace her grandmother had given her on her 13th birthday.

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