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"-child actors are another example. One moment they're such good role models, and the next they're all over the news with the headline 'sent to rehab! again! .."

"Your point which I've been waiting half an hour for, being?" Quinn asked as she took a bite of her sandwhich.

Today Quinn was wearing regular clothes since she had already quit the cheerios. She thought it felt liberating. It felt good to not have to worry about her appearance all the time anymore. She was also spending her break with Rachel on the bleachers, just staring at the empty field and talking.

"My point is, I, as the mother, should be able to watch over Gwynn and not just in school or whenever you come to visit us."

Quinn sighed. "Rach, we discussed this, Gwynn's stay here is only temporary."

"I am aware of that.." said Rachel, disappointment evident in the tone of her voice. "But having the chance to take care of her now will be great practice for me and it will prepare me for when she's born!" Rachel insisted.

"Knowing you, you probably read over 50 books about pregnancy and child development and watched over a hundred movies about kids before she was born. Come on, Rachel. This isn't the right time for this." Quinn placed her hand over Rachel's, smiled and gave it a light squeeze. "Yet."

"Fine." said Rachel resignedly. "I guess it wouldn't be prudent to get too attached to her.."

"Right. Especially when she doesn't even know you know, and you can't let her know you know."

"So how long do you think it will be before Gwynn le-"

Rachel stopped talking and stared down at the field. Quinn recognized the tall figure that was making his way to the middle of the field, a football in one hand and an unfamiliar football player behind him. Quinn guessed that he must be new.

The quarterback looked up at them, grinned and gave a small wave which Rachel returned enthusiastically. Finn turned to the much smaller jock and threw the ball. Finn was noticeably throwing the ball harder than he usually did during practice and he made sure he caught it every time. Finn even stopped a few times to flex his muscles. Very subtle indeed.

"Ugh, show off." Quinn rolled her eyes in disdain. "I still can't believe you forgave him by the way."

"Quinn, he apologized remember? And I do believe that he was sincere."

"Rach, seriously? He's only pulling that 'I still want you back as my friend' crap because he wants you back as his girlfriend."

"Quinn, unless you feel threatened by him, there is absolutely no need to be jea-"

"Whoa, stop right there." Quinn scoffed. "Me? Quinn Fabray, feel insecure because of him? No chance." Quinn shook her head. "Nope."

"Really? So you'll be fine with me spending more time with Finn, then?"

"Wait, whoever said anything that?" Quinn furrowed her brows.

"Well I thought you said you're not bothered by it.."

"I'm not! He can do whatever the hell he wants, and I won't get jealous. Never."

"Is that a challenge?" Rachel asked smirking. Quinn didn't respond. She just stared at Rachel as if she's gone crazy.

"I'll see you later, have a good day Quinn." Rachel moved to give her a light peck on the cheek before she left the bleachers, leaving a very confused and nervous Quinn.

Quinn's day had been ANYTHING but good. Rachel suddenly thought it was hilarious and appropriate to spend almost the entire day with one very smug Finn Hudson. Quinn will see them talking in between periods, walking down the hallways together, it was driving Quinn nuts. Finn should have melted into a puddle of goo by now with the amount of glaring Quinn had been doing.

"Due to the fact that everyone who has ever asked you what is wrong whenever you had that look only received endless amounts of screaming, I'm almost scared to, but I am your daughter and you wouldn't dare." Gwynn came up beside her in the hallways. Yet again she was wearing an argyle outfit and Quinn became even more annoyed. Why does she have to be so much like her?

"What's wrong you ask? Oh I don't know, ask Rachel. Oh wait, you can't! Cause she's too busy sticking to Finn like glue!" said Quinn in an incredibly fake happy tone.

"And she's doing this because..?"

"We had a discussion this morning about the mountain troll and she accused me of being insecure of Finn and of course I denied it I mean come on, hello, I'm Quinn Fabray, but I didn't know I unknowingly granted her permission to start flirting with him!"

"I'm quite certain that she's not doing this because she likes him, I see the way she looks at you so that means.."

"What?" Quinn asked impatiently.

"You must know this sooner to avoid about 3% of the fights you will be having in the future. Even if mom denies it, she usually makes you jealous on purpose. Everytime she has a romantic scene with a co-star on stage and you're watching, the scene always becomes more passionate and heated than needed."

"What on earth does she get out of it!" Quinn shouted. "Is she that twisted?"

"I don't remember what she said exactly, but she did say they always lead to hate se-"

"I get it, thanks!" said Quinn, blushing furiously.

"The best way to make her stop is be neutral about it."

"So I'm supposed to act like she doesn't look like a lovesick, giggling idiot around him?"

"Pretty much, yes." Gwynn replied and Quinn groaned loudly.

"Fine, but if she so much as crosses the line, I'm stepping in and punching his face, okay?"

"You have my permission." Gwynn grinned at her. Quinn smiled down at her and stroked her hair.

"Hey Gwynn, could you give me some more of those?" Quinn suddenly asked.

"More what?" Gwynn asked curiously.

"Reminders. Tips. Something like that. Stuff to do, stuff not to do."

Gwynn tapped her chin with her fingers, and hummed silently. "Well I could do that.."Quinn stared at her eagerly, and waited. "But I'd rather not."

"What? Why not?" Quinn asked in annoyance.

"Because I'd rather have you find out those things on your own." Gwynn smiled. "It may be hard for you, but you will surely learn a lot from the mistakes you'll make."

As disappointed as she was, she knew she couldn't argue with the smaller blonde because she was right. "Fine oh wise one, you just better hope I won't screw up too much."

"No, I won't hope, you make sure you don't screw up too much because I only get to help you out this once." Gwynn glared up at her.

"Yes, your highness." Quinn laughed.


Quinn jumped at the sound of another person's voice in the guidance counselor's office. She had gone in without permission and it was empty because Ms. Pillsbury had a sign on it that said she went out.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snoop around, Ms. Pillsbury."

"It's fine" said the redheaded woman in a kind voice. "But uhm.." She looked down at where Quinn was looking. "Quinn you're only meant to look at college applications in your senior year."

Quinn retracted her hands from the desk immediately. "Oh I wasn't, I mean I was..I- I was just..looking."

"Of course." Emma nodded. "I guess It's better to be prepared. Some students end up not going to college because they couldn't decide anymore." Emma bit her lip and stared at Quinn. "Is there something you wish to discuss with me, Quinn?"

"Nothing." said Quinn quickly.

Emma sighed and chuckled. "I know I'm not the best guidance counsellor, but I do have a degree in Psychology and I can tell when a person is lying."

"Oh." Quinn scratched her arm and smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, please take a seat, Quinn." Emma gestured to one of the red chairs in front of her desk. Quinn pulled one of them and sat down. "Now why is it that you were looking at college forms?"

Quinn bit her lip, having a silent debate with herself in her head. Taking a deep breath, she answered the older woman. "Ms. Pillsbury, would you choose a future that was set for you and expected of you or a future that you want?"

"I think the answer's quite easy, Quinn." Emma smiled. Quinn nodded her head, already knowing that the redhead would say the latter. She was surprised when her answer was different. "It depends."

"What do you mean?"

"It depends on which is more important to you."

"But what if I can't decide and both are too important to me?"

"Well, life is full of hard choices. You lose one thing, but you gain another. You just have to figure out which choice you won't regret making." Quinn didn't answer and continued to stare at the redhead. "Is this about Rachel, Quinn? No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. That was none of my business." Emma started to wave her hand frantically as she continued to apologize. Quinn smiled and motioned for her to stop with her hand.

"It's alright, Ms. Pillsbury. I don't know how you learned about that…" Emma blushed at this and cleared her throat. "But yes, she is part of it."

"Oh. Okay then, uhm.. Quinn you should know that you shouldn't make decisions that will affect your future just because of one girl. I mean, I know so many people who followed their high school sweethearts and it ended in disaster. Divorce, unhappy marriages.."

"Ms. Pillsbury.."

"-will then lead to endless arguments.."

"Ms. Pillsbury!"


"Rachel isn't the only reason why I'm not going to OSU. She's a big part of it, yes, but I really want to go to New York and study there."

"Then there's your answer." Emma smiled, clasping her hands together on her desk.

"What?" Quinn asked confusedly.

"Well if you chose to go to New York to study medicine, then you will be able to do what you want and be with Rachel, but if you chose to do what your parents want for you, you won't achieve your full potential and you'll only be miserable." Emma bit her lip and added "But you don't have to listen to me. You don't have to decide. At least, not yet. You still have time."

Quinn nodded her head, but didn't feel any better. Everything was still too complicated for her. "Thank you, Ms. Pillsbury. Uhm..that helped."

"I'd glad to hear that." The older woman smiled. Quinn smiled back and stood up, turning to leave.

Before leaving the glass door, Quinn turned to the redhead again. "Ms. Pillsbury, how do you know I want to take up Medicine?"

"I know everything." Emma smiled at her brightly.

Quinn's eyebrows furrowed and she left quickly, feeling a little creeped out. As soon as she was out of the door, Finn, who had the smuggest grin on his face ever walked past her and said

"Hey Quinn, lost something?"

"What are you talking about Hudson?" Quinn demanded, turning around and looking at him coldly.

"Your girlfriend." He grinned at her. "Oh wait, you didn't. Well…yet." With that, he turned around and started walking again and Quinn wanted nothing more than to throw all of her books at him. But she couldn't risk a trip to the principal's office because her parents were already breathing down her neck. Sighing, she decided to just ignore it.

While walking to her next class, she noticed the sophomore cheerio whom she knew had a crush on her for as long as she could remember was standing at the end of the hallway, smiling and waving at her. She usually ignored her because she freaked her out, but this time she chose to give the brunette a wave back and smiled. She almost laughed when the girl jumped in excitement, grabbed her friend's arm and looked as if she was going to faint.

Quinn walked past her, feeling her ego inflate. She suddenly stopped on her tracks when an idea popped into her head. Grinning widely, she turned around. Two can play at this game, Rachel Berry.

"Hey, Harris!"

"Faster, San." said Brittany.

"I'm..trying, Britt." Santana grunted, sweat sliding down her forehead.

"Almost there..faster…faster!"

"I can't!"

"Yes, you can." Brittany urged. "Go faster!"


"WOOHOOOO!" Gwynn yelled and jumped on the sofa, doing her victory dance as the words 'Player 1 wins' flashed on the screen. "In the words of uncle Puck, WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?"

"This is so not fair!" Santana shouted, throwing her controller on the floor. "Rematch!"

"I told you, you should've made that right.."

"You just wanted to see my car get stuck in the water, Britt." said Santana, crossing her arms and sliding down further in the couch.

"But it is cool when that happens though. Oh come on, cheer up San. It's okay you got beaten by a kid." Brittany smiled at her and rested her head on her shoulder.

"Thanks a lot, Britt. That helps." said Santana sarcastically.

"Oh what would uncle Puck say if he saw you now." said Gwynn, finally jumping down from the couch. "All those lessons for nothing."

"Don't make me call one of your moms." Santana warned. Gwynn just stuck her tongue out at her and continued her victory dance. "Hey how are your moms anyway? We haven't seen them much these past couple of days."

"Oh they're playing the 'who gets more jealous and blows up first' game."

"The what?" Santana asked in bewilderment.

"It's a game they've been playing since..well starting now actually. Basically one of them accidentally or intentionally makes the other jealous, the other one does the same and it soon leads to another fight, but don't worry they make up with each other a day or two later and they-"

"Lalalalalalalala!" Santana started chanting, covering her ears and closing her eyes shut.

"Fine, I'll stop." Gwynn rolled her eyes. "For someone who does it every other day, you're so immature about it."

"I am only immature about it when it's other people doing it." said Santana, removing her hands from her ears.

"Is that why Rachel's always with Finn and Q looks so sad?" Brittany asked with a pout.

"Sad?" Santana guffawed. "I saw her once yesterday, she looked like a serial killer. Finn's lucky his head is still attached to his shoulders."

Gwynn snorted grimly. "Oh she won't be able to get rid of Finn that quickly."

"What are you talking about?" Santana asked the eight-year old

"To do this day, Finn is still mom's number one stalker."

Santana bolted right up from the couch. "What? Jesus Christ are you serious?"

"Wish I wasn't, but yep. It's true."

"Does Quinn know?"

"I'd rather not tell her as I don't want to worry her. Besides, there's no point in telling her if she won't be able to do anything about it."

"That is creepy as hell." Santana cringed.

"I was being stalked once." said Brittany, which made Santana and Gwynn turn to her. "By our neighbour's poodle. I think he has a crush on me." Gwynn facepalmed while Santana just sighed and patted Brittany's lap.

October 14, 2024

"Who can say that I've been changed for the better? Because I knew you! That I have been chaaaaanged for good!"

Four-year old Gwynn and Rachel giggled as they finished the song, while Quinn just shook her head smiling. This always happens after every show of Rachel's that they watch.

"Are you planning on singing all of the songs?" Quinn chuckled, trying to focus on the road.

"I wanna be like mommy!" Gwynn shouted with glee.

"I thought you wanted to be a doctor like me?" Quinn raised an eyebrow at her through the rear view mirror. "Didn't you say that last time you visited me in the hospital?"

"I'll be both!" Gwynn replied, her wide grin still in place. Quinn and Rachel laughed at their daughter's enthusiasm.

"And just last month she said she wanted to be a lawyer like that man from your old GS. Phoenix Wright? was that his name?"

"It's called a 'DS' dear, and yes his name's Phoenix Wright."

"I can be all three!" said Gwynn determinedly from the backseat, and Quinn laughed again.

"When it comes to dreaming big our daughter is certainly giving you a run for your money, Rach."

Rachel smiled and leaned back on her seat, finally glad that she could get some rest. Looking at the rear view mirror, she noticed that Gwynn kept looking at the back of the car. She was growing concerned so she called the small blonde.

"Gwynn? Honey what are you looking at?"

"Gwynn turned her head and answered "The car behind us, mommy. I saw the man driving it before in the theatre."

Quinn and Rachel shared a look and Rachel bit her lip. She leaned towards the back of the car to get a closer look at the man's face. Rachel put a hand to her mouth and gasped.

"What is it? Who's driving it?" Quinn asked Rachel who settled back into her seat worriedly.

"It's Finn." said Rachel, and Quinn cursed under her breath.

"I thought he stopped after that threat from Puck."

"Well he clearly doesn't know when to take a hint." said Rachel darkly.

"Who's Finn, mom?" Gwynn asked Quinn.

Quinn tried to force a smile and talked to her through the rear view mirror. "Remember that story about the dummy I had to save your mommy from, honey? The ugly dinosaur in the picture we drew?"

Gwynn giggled and nodded her head, and Quinn grinned.

"Like your mom said. He clearly.." Quinn reached for the gear. "doesn't know how to take a hint." Quinn smirked and stepped on the pedal and they were suddenly going so fast, Rachel screamed and held onto the car's handle.

"Quinn, for the love of Streisand, what are you doing!" Rachel and Gwynn screamed again as they made a sharp turn, and if it weren't for Quinn's driving skills, they would have surely crashed against a pole or another car.

"I'm trying to lose him, sweetheart!" Quinn grinned, looking back and forth at the road and the rear-view mirrors. She grinned even wider when she realized she was succeeding. Finn's car was way behind now.

"Your daughter is in the car, you idiot! Forget Finn! Think of Gwynn's safety!" Rachel continued to scream at Quinn as she checked on Gwynn who was clutching the edge of the backseat, her seatbelt noticeably tighter.

"He's gaining on us.." Quinn gritted her teeth. "Hold tight." They had gone faster again, and Rachel was now showing just how high her voice really was.

"Mommy, I don't feel so good.." said Gwynn, her head swaying back and forth. Gwynn looked pale. Rachel's eyes widened and glared at Quinn again.


Behind them, Quinn saw that Finn's car had crashed on a mailbox, and she pumped her fist up in victory. "HAH! What now, asshole?"


"Yes, okay dear." Quinn gulped and started to slow down. Rachel sighed in relief and finally let go of the handle.

"Mommy, what's an asshole?" Gwynn asked innocently. A vein popped on the side of Rachel's head, and Quinn gulped again.

"Uhm..I'm sorry?" said Quinn sheepishly.

"Oh you will be. When we get home, you are handing me your keys to our bedroom and you are sleeping on the couch."

"What? But Rach, I did that for our safety!"

"Yes, clearly! Because that near-death experience was totally safe!"

"But-but-..Gwynn, do something!"

"Don't worry, mom. Grandpa Leroy says you get used to it after a while." Gwynn smiled at her, thinking that she was helping Quinn.

"Great." Quinn muttered.

"Quinn Fabray!"

Quinn heard someone shout her name a long way off. She turned to see the brown-haired diva stalking her way towards her and her new friend. Quinn smiled at the other brunette she was previously speaking to. The cheerio had a terrified look and she was already beginning to back away from the short singer.

"Sorry, Harris, but I think we'll just have to continue this conversation in another day." The green-eyed cheerio nodded, and before Rachel can make another step towards them, she was already running down the hallway. "That wasn't nice, Rach. You scared my friend away." Quinn smirked at the fuming Rachel.

"Friend? Really? A friend you've been spending all your time with the past three days? A friend you offer to walk to her next class? Don't even get me started with that stunt you pulled at lunch."

Quinn blinked at Rachel. She was now beginning to see what Gwynn was talking about. Rachel's hard gaze, her laboured breathing, her slightly parted lips, she had no choice but to admit it. Rachel Berry was hot when she was angry.

But Quinn remembered Finn, and all thoughts of dragging Rachel to the nearest restroom went away. She smirked at the diva and crossed her arms.

"Ahh, so when it's you flirting with Finn, it's okay, but when there's another girl hanging all over me, you suddenly blow a gasket. How's that fair?"

"If my memory serves me correctly, that hussy wasn't doing all of the flirting. What were you even doing with her, I thought you hated her!"

"Well you can't deny that she is pretty attractive." Quinn grinned at her slyly, and Rachel glared at her even harder. Quinn sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll stop. I'm sorry."

"Thank you." Rachel smiled. "Your apology, though lacking sincerity, is accepted."

"No way, Rach. I want an apology from you too. You also have to promise me to never do it again."

"Quinn, Finn is-"

"Harmless, I know, but that doesn't erase the fact that you had a history together and he still wants you back. To see you welcome his kinda stings."

Rachel's expression turned to a mixture of guilt and sadness. She moved forward and hugged Quinn by the waist, leaning her head on her shoulder. "Aw, I'm so sorry baby, I didn't know you felt that way."

"First, please stop calling me baby, it's kind of cheesy and weird and funny all at the same time, and second, well at least now you know how it feels."

Quinn felt Rachel nod against her. "I must say, I have never felt that much murderous urges before."

"You deserved it though."

"Perhaps, but don't pretend like you didn't enjoy it." Rachel glared up at her.

"Okay, maybe I did. A little bit." Quinn laughed as she let go of Rachel. She held out a hand for Rachel to take. "No more flirting with other people?"

Rachel smiled and shook the hand firmly. "Deal. No more flirting with other people. This is the last time."

"You know you do look hot when you're angry." said Quinn, giving Rachel a sultry look.

Rachel blushed as Quinn's head leaned towards hers. "S-So do you.."

Before Quinn's lips could touch Rachel's however, they were stopped by a young girl's loud voice.


Quinn and Rachel both turned to see Gwynn walking towards them. Quinn frowned at the interruption but forced a smile at the smaller blonde.

"Hey, I thought it was Ms. Pillsbury's cleaning day? What are you doing out here?" Quinn asked.

"Everyday is Ms. Pillsbury's cleaning day." Gwynn replied, taking Rachel's hand in her left and Quinn's in her right.

"Good point."

"So does this mean you're going to stop flirting with Finn?" Gwynn asked Rachel.

"Hah! See? Even she noticed!" said Quinn smugly.

"Fine, okay? I already said I was sorry and I'm not doing it again. I honestly don't know what I was thinking."

"Good!" said Quinn and she smiled at the brunette. "Come on, Rach. Let's take Gwynn back to Ms. Pillsbury."

The three walked hand-in-hand to the guidance counsellor's office, unaware of the tall quarterback in between the lockers who heard the entire conversation.

"Mom, I'm home!"

Quinn announced as she entered the Fabray mansion. As she was hanging her coat up, she noticed that the house was quiet, and not even sound of the television in the living room which was always on because of her mom who watches when she's drinking can be heard. Walking further into the house, she felt herself becoming more nervous. She finally saw her parents in the living room. They were seated on the expensive red couch, staring at her with unrecognizable expressions. "What's going on here?" Quinn asked them, walking closer to them.

Judy cleared her throat went first. "You father and I were talking..and we have decided…"

"You're transferring to Carmel." Russel finished for her. "Immediately. You don't need to go back to school tomorrow and say your goodbyes and whatnot. We've taken care of everything this morning."

Quinn stood there with her mouth hanging open, shaking her head slowly. "You can't be serious."

"We are." said Russel sternly. "There's nothing else to be discussed. You're transferring and that's it."

"Hey, Q." said a voice from behind her.

Quinn turned to see Sue Sylvester holding glass of her protein shake. Sue grinned at her. "I take it you heard the news?"

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