Hi all! Welcome to another Maximum Ride fanfic. This story takes place after my first story, Iggy. I will include a prologue here to set the story up for those who have not read Iggy. However, I recommend reading it because I won't be able to do my new characters justice in a summary. And they are very important to the story. If you have read Iggy, you can skip down to chapter one. Lucky you. If not, read on (please)

This story takes place approximately two and a half years after Fang. Here's what happened (in my head) in that time.

One year after Fang left the flock, Max finally decided to give Dylan a chance. Their relationship was sweet and comfortable (and chaste), but short-lived when Fang came back into the picture. Meeting in secret, Fang told Max all about the new flock he and Jeb found, and that Fang was training them in order to join the original flock. The goal was to defeat Dr. Gunther-Hagen once and for all. They were originally cloned at the same time as Dylan and meant as counterparts for the old flock.

The new flock consists of :

Miranda: A Max clone with red hair and just as bad an attitude, a bit on the cold side, she was created for Fang. One of her special talents is her ability to project her pheromones on others to attract them. Didn't work on Fang, but worked on Dylan.

Dani: African American beauty, very bold personality, not the least bit shy. Very curious about Iggy (for whom she was created btw) and how he gets around so well being blind, she finds herself attracted to him-and the feeling is very mutual.

Jump: Nudge's intended, he can feel what others are feeling and sometimes takes on their emotions. He can also transfer his emotions through touch if they're strong enough. Gets him into a bit of trouble :) Nudge hates him in the beginning as he's not very likable, but really, he's just misunderstood.

John: A telepath like Angel, he's more easy going than some of them. Unfortunately, his character took a back seat in Iggy, so I will try to develop him a little further here.

Birdie/Sunny: The most abused of the new kids, she is shy and untrusting at first. Like Fang, her appearance is very dark. Finally opens up to her new "sisters". Though she was created for Gazzy, they very rarely interact in Iggy. Again, too much going on to explore this character fully.

The new flock joined the old and eventually became one group, but one of them was a traitor who almost gave them up for a normal life. Dani was in cahoots with Dr. G-H, but when it came down to it, she saved them all from his evil clutches.

But, oops, she turns up eight months later with a special surprise for Iggy, due in about a month. The first natural born bird-kid is born amidst chaos and kidnapping attempts by a new scientist. Meanwhile, Max almost dies, prompting her and Fang to get married quick. Coming back from their honeymoon, Max discovers that Dani and her baby have been kidnapped. The flock springs into action to rescue them, inadvertently reuniting Dr. M. and Ella's allegedly dead dad. More heart stopping action later, the flock heads to the Middle East to get rid of Itex permanently. The plan goes off with only one hitch-Dylan dies saving Max and Iggy.

One to Chapter One . . .

"I had an ultrasound today. So far everything is fine. My mom said it's a girl. I can't believe in a month I'm going to be somebody's mom. I know I've been like a mom to Nudge, Gazzy, and especially Angel. You know, she was practically a baby when we left the School and I helped raise her, even though I was only ten. I'm so nervous. What if I really stink at being a mom? What if she doesn't like me? Dani says not to worry. She says it comes naturally." I laughed. "The only thing that comes naturally to me is fighting. Oh God, if she's anything like me, we'll be at each other's throats constantly." I laughed again. Not that it was that funny. 'Cause it was a real possibility.

"Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. And, if it's okay, we're going to name her after you. Dylan Valencia Ride. How does that sound? It may not be a traditional girl's name, but then neither is mine." I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I lay a small bunch of wildflowers on the grave.

"I really miss you. I wish . . . it doesn't matter what I wish, I guess. I just really miss you," I sighed. I got up from my kneeling spot. It was getter harder to spring up like I used to. Flying was strange, too. It felt like an invisible force was gently trying to tug me back down.

"By the way, Jeb finally got the rest of the flock's paperwork. You know, birth certificates and stuff. There was a lot of red tape to get past. So both flocks are now officially people. Including you." I closed my eyes, hoping to quell the tears. My voice continued in a whisper, "So now Jeb is working on a death certificate."

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and turned to see a watery looking Fang next to me. I blinked a few times to clear my vision.

"You shouldn't do this to yourself. You're an emotional wreck as it is."

"I know. But I wanted to tell him a few things."

Fang frowned and gave me the same worried look he'd been giving me for the past six months.

"I know he can't really hear me, Fang. But I feel better talking to him anyway. I don't want us all to forget him."

"That won't happen. I thought that was why we're naming her Dylan." Fang put his hand on my wide belly. "Come on, it's too cold out here. Are you okay to fly or should I call Jeb to pick you up?"

"I'll fly. Mom said I can't come back until after the baby's born. She's pretty much grounding me from now on because Dani went early. So this is my last chance to fly for a while."

"I'll be right beside you," Fang smiled and squeezed my hand. But the worried look never truly went away.