John Lupin was walking back from detention with much on his mind. Not that he'd never had detention before; he had his fair share since he started Hogwarts. He wasn't particularly a troublemaker, he just knew how to enjoy himself. But
this time he received his punishment because he cursed a Slytherin for poking fun at a Muggle-born in their year. He couldn't understand why anyone thought purebloods were automatically better than Muggle-borns. But that was just the way he was raised. His parents had always taught him that blood-status didn't make the wizard, and he believed that whole-heartedly.

The Muggle-born they were picking on was a Ravenclaw he had a slight crush on. She was pretty, with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but she was also an extremely talented witch. She was bright, as most Ravenclaws are, and didn't take any of what those horrid Slytherins said to heart. Shortly after John showed up, one of the Slytherins called her a Mudblood. But she shrugged it off much better than John did because the next thing he knew, his wand was out and the offending Slytherin was hanging up-side down and, after a murmured Expelliarmus, John had the kid's wand in his hand. Just as the rest of the bullies pulled out their wands, the Transfiguration teacher happened to walk by and John had to waste the rest of his afternoon stuck inside the castle.

It was worth every minute spent in detention, he thought.

He was hurried, trying to make back to the Gryffindor common rooms when he turned a corner sharply and ran straight into an unsuspecting girl with arms loaded with books.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't-"

"No, it was my fault. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," she said, cutting him off. They were both kneeling on the ground, gathering the books that were spilled across the floor.

He looked up as he handed her a stack of books. It's her, he realized with a small jump from his heart.

"Oh, hello Katherine. Where were you coming from?" he asked, although he was sure he knew the answer.

"The library, of course," she said with a smile. "And I'm assuming you just got back from detention?"

He merely nodded.

"Nothing too bad, I hope?"

"Nah, Professor Dumbledore just had me clean the cages of the rats he's using for class. He let me off fairly early. I think he knows what they were saying to you," he said, eying her to be sure she was okay.

"There was a reason I didn't hex them myself." He looked up at her. "What?" she said with a laugh. "Don't think I could?"

"Oh, it's not that, it-" he stuttered in embarrassment, and a slight pink spread across his checks. She smiled and cut him off with a raise of her hand.

Her smile faded and her expression turned more serious. She looked him directly in the eye. "They want me to get angry. Or upset. But I won't. That way they don't win." She stood up with her books in her arms. She reached down and helped him up. Her hand lingered a little longer than necessary, John noticed.

"We should get going. See you tomorrow in Herbology." She smiled and started down the corridor after he said good-bye.

"And John?" she called after a few steps. "Thank you."

He couldn't help the smile that graced his lips. It stayed there his entire way back to the Gryffindor dormitories.

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