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Intertwining Fate


The Fourth Kazekage was known over Suna to be a hard and ruthless man. Even his wife, Karura, lived in fear and, when she got pregnant with their first child, that fear extended for her first born. The Kazekage demanded that his heir be the strongest in the nation. Needless to say it had to be a male. Knowing this, Karura devised a plan that would protect her child no matter what.

The Kazekage had to visit Konoha on the eight month of his wife's pregnancy. Karura felt relieved but that was only because she thought she would be left behind in Suna. The Kazekage, however, ordered her to come with him. In the end the three day travel had left the expectant mother tired and anxious. Upon arrival in Konoha, her health deteriorated somewhat.

The Kazekage had left his wife's care in the capable hands of the Konoha's medic, Lady Tsunade, while he met with the third Hokage. The Kazekage observed the Jounin tournament and was surprised that a shadow wielder had joined the tournament in his twenties. The Kazekage had dismissed the person as too old and was astonished when the person's shadow lifted from the ground to strangle his opponent. The opponent had, too, underestimated the shadow wielder, much to his dismay.

The shadow wielder was called Shikaku and his bloodline limit had amazed the Kazekage. After all the shadows provide absolute control of the prey and the Kazekage coveted that control.

The next fight of Shikaku was an awaited event but it never happened. The shadow wielder was nowhere to be found and the next time the Kazekage saw Shikaku was in the hospital. Shikaku wasn't injured but his wife Yoshino was in labor.

The Kazekage's wife was also in labor. Their baby was three weeks ahead of schedule and Lady Tsunade had assured them that it was time. The child was beautiful and blonde but female. The Kazekage was furious. The medic in Suna had reassured him that his firstborn would be male.

When Karura woke up, Lady Tsunade presented to her a beautiful, dark haired, male child. Karura had seen for the first time her first born and sighed in relief. After all she knew that a female child would have been killed.


A/N: This is an AU. Shikatema shares the same birthdate in this.

And yep the shadow jutsu differs greatly from canon…it having a bloodline limit.



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