Kel stars at Yuki in shock. "But- I don't- how did you figure it out?"

Yuki sighs. "You two are so obvious, Keladry- did you really think that your friends would believe that you and Domitan were going to go practice jousting at a quarter past nine? You must think me completely blind."

Kel looks stunned, a little bit like a lemming. "So everyone knows, then?"

Yuki flaps her hand. "Of course not."

"Of course not?" Kel repeats.

"We are talking about my husband, Merric, Faleron, and the Jesslaw boy. Roald and Shinko are quite happy for you, however."

"Wonderful," Kel says, staring down at her knees. "Neal's going to figure it out soon, you know, and then we're really going to be in trouble."

"Very much," Yuki agrees. "It might be best to tell him before he starts thinking. You know how dangerous that can be."