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"I heard screaming and yelling and then two guns going off. I didn't know what to do, so I called the police. They came as fast as they could, but... I think it was too late," Mrs. Pammy Dorward stated.

"Thank you, Mrs. Dorward"-the newslady turned towards the camera and again spoke into her thin microphone-"Back to you, Robert."

Robert Browne looked at his fellow anchorwoman, Barbara Williams, and he shook his head. He pressed a tiny, silver earpiece farther into his ear to overcome the static that was being sent to his ear. "Can you believe it, Barb? I mean, what parent would not want her kid to fall in love, y'know? It's like, you need your kid to go through that to see what happiness is."

Barbara nodded, her eyes still bright with the tears that welled up into her eyes. "Folks, if you've just tuned in now, local story is the death of two seventeen-year-olds who were just about to leave their current situation. One of them, who shall stay anonymous, but is amber-eyed and has auburn hair, was the daughter of local mom, Kendra Block.

"She stated, with a wild and defensive attitude, that she was only trying to save her daughter from making a mistake. She abrasively smacked one of the policemen on the cheek, which counts as a penalty of three months in jail, and said that she had no fault in the death of the two teens. However, as caught on video tape, it is seen here that she came home to her daughter leaving with her boyfriend, one who is blue and green eyed and with black hair. She proceeded to grab a gun from her purse and pointed it towards the boy.

"He then shoved the girl behind him and calmly tried to persuade Kendra Block that their was no use of violence in their manner of doing. It is then shown that the daughter as well tries to convince her mother not to do anything drastic. Kendra Block continues to shove the gun towards the victims and more yelling is exchanged. You then continue on to see that Kendra, after several attempts of trying to push the boy victim off the girl and out of the house, she shoots the boy in the chest and then again in the stomach.

"What tears me up the most, though, Robert, is, see what happens next."

Robert nods, tears springing into his eyes. "The girl seizes the gun from her mother, lays down next to her loved one and kisses his forehead, continuing to shoot herself in the chest and in the stomach, the exact same locations that the boy was shot."

Barbara wipes the fallen tears down her cheeks. She shakes her head in disbelief and grabs a tissue from the staff that hands to her. "What sort of a parent would do that to her kid? I mean, to have abused your own child and then to kill her significant other?"

Robert nods once again and looks out to the camera. "If you, or a loved one is getting hurt, please dial the number that is flashing on your screen. This sort of love just isn't found anywhere. Please, save yourself and save everyone around you."

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